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巴黎艺术家创作“女兵马俑” -- 00:: 来源: When Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, anticipated his death more than ,000 years ago, he wanted an army of warriors to guard his mausoleum ever and protect him in the afterlife.  So he ordered the creation of some 8,000 terra-cotta soldiers, along with hundreds of terra-cotta horses and chariots, to be buried with him in his tomb. Historians speculate the soldiers were modeled after eight individuals.  When the statues were discovered by workers digging a well in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, in 197, the world was stunned by the spectacular funerary art and the legacy of the powerful emperor. Since then, it's become a major tourist attraction and a World Heritage site.  Now, these soldiers have a counterpart: female terra-cotta warriors.  Prune Nourry, a Paris-born artist based in New York City, has created a small army of them. In "Terracotta Daughters," 6 are featured in an exhibition at the China Institute from September through October . The show's US premiere is presented by theFrench Institute Alliance Francaise and China Institute as part of FIAF's Crossing the Line festival.  The difference is these female terra-cotta warriors are not out to protect any emperor, but were created to bring attention to the plight of girls in China.  "In China, there is a huge imbalance between boys and girls. I wanted to highlight the issue of gender preference," said Nourry. "I needed a strong cultural symbol to base this project on, and a universal one that would speak both to Chinese villagers in the countryside and to citizens abroad."  And, in a striking parallel to the terra-cotta soldiers, the terra-cotta girls will also become an archaeological project. After the exhibition, they will be buried in China until , the year that, according to Chinese sociologists, men will have the hardest time finding a wife because of the skewed gender ratio.  The imbalance of the sexes is a serious problem the Chinese. A census indicates there are at least million more men than women. Due to the one-child policy and traditional preference boys, as well as sex-selective technologies, China will have a huge surplus of men, which presents daunting demographic challenges the world's most populous country.  Perhaps those reasons, Nourry didn't encounter difficulties with the Chinese government in pursuing this project in China. She started working on the terra-cotta statues two years ago after finishing an installation in India that also explored gender bias.  In deciding on the size of the female army, Nourry chose the number eight because of its auspiciousness in Chinese culture. She created the first eight statues modeled after eight girls whom she met through an orphan charity in China.  Then, working with local craftsmen in Xi'an, 1 permutations of statues were made based Nourry's original eight statues by combining the different heads, torsos and legs. " Xian Feng, the main craftsman I worked with in China, my project seemed at first impossible since women 'can't be soldiers.' But after we began the project, he changed his view and even turned one of the 1 combinations into a portrait of his own daughter," said Nourry.  The local craftsmen of Xi'an are used to making copies of the terra-cotta warriors which are sold primarily to tourists. When Nourry asked them to give their artistic interpretation in sculpting the female statues, they were initially tentative. Over time, they lost their hesitancy and gave each statue unique faces. No two statues have the same features.  Each terra-cotta warrior girl stands nearly 5 feet tall and weighs about 60 pounds. Their hairstyles are contemporary, as are their unim, which is modeled after the orphan girls' school attire. Unlike the male warriors, they look approachable, friendly and even charming.  "It was a very enriching collaboration, based on exchange and mutual respect," said Nourry.  Her favorite moment was when the eight girls saw the terra-cotta statues of themselves and were delighted. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the eight original statues will pay the cost of the eight girls' education three years.  "Terracotta Daughters" is impressive in its artistic craftsmanship and social statement. It's a refreshing reinterpretation of one of China's national symbols. With these modern female warriors, Prune raises the pressing issue of gender discrimination without pointing fingers at anyone or anything. One looks at these amazing terra-cotta statues and feel compelled to ask -- why aren't there more of them? And why aren't there more girls in China?00多年前,当中国第一位皇帝秦始皇预见到自己驾崩时,他想要一兵马俑能在阴间永久守护他及他的陵墓所以,他下令建造约8000名兵佣,以及数以百计的马佣和战车作为陪葬历史学家推测这些士兵是模仿八个不同的人建造的197年,陕西西安的农民在打井时发现了这些雕像,这种壮观的丧葬艺术及强大王朝的传奇让世界为之震惊从此以后,那里就成为主要的旅游景点和世界文化遗产现在,这些士兵在性别上有了对应:女兵马俑出生于巴黎的纽约艺术家蒲玉娜·诺赫伊(Prune Nourry)创建了这女兵马俑由6件塑像组成的“女童俑”(TerracottaDaughters)将于9月日至月日在中国研究所展出这次展览的美国首映是由法国文化协会(French Institute Alliance Francaise)和中国研究所(China Institute)共同承办,这也作为法国文化协会越界节活动的一部分不同的是这些女兵马俑不是用来保护皇帝的,而是用来引起对中国男女不平衡状态的关注“在中国,男女之间存在着极大的不平衡我想强调的是性别偏好问题,”诺赫伊称“我需要一个强有力的文化标志融入到这个项目,以及中国农民和海外公民都看得懂的标志”并且和兵马俑类似,这些女童俑也将成为一个考古项目展览结束后,它们会被埋在中国直到年据中国社会学家称,因为中国性别比例失调,那一年将是男性最难找到配偶的时期性别比例失衡对于中国人来说是个严峻的问题年的人口普查表明,男性至少比女性多00万人由于独生子女政策,传统的重男轻女观念以及性别选择技术,中国将出现男性过剩,这也为这个世界人口大国带来严峻挑战也许因为这些原因,诺赫伊在中国推行这个项目并没有遭到中国政府的为难两年前,在结束印度同样探究性别歧视的装置作品展后,她开始建造兵马俑在决定女子军队规模上,诺赫伊选择了数字8,因为在中国文化中8是吉利数字通过中国的一所孤儿院,她选择那里8个女孩为原型创建了头8个雕像然后,根据诺赫伊原始的8个雕像,通过结合不同的头像、躯干和腿,她与西安当地工匠又建造了1个雕像诺赫伊称“在中国和我一起共事的主要工艺师为宪峰(音译),起初我的项目不太可能完成因为女性‘不可能成为士兵’但在我们开始这个项目后,他改变了看法,甚至把其中一个雕塑头像变成了她女儿的”西安当地工艺师过去常制作兵马俑仿品卖给游客当诺赫伊要求他们在塑造女性雕像融入他们的艺术诠释时,他们最初还比较犹豫随着时间的推移,他们不再犹豫,给每个雕像塑造了独一无二的头像没有任何一个雕像重样每个女童兵马俑近5英尺高,约60磅重她们的发型是现代的,他们的穿着也同样现代化,这是仿照孤儿院女孩的学校装不同于男兵马俑,她们看起来更平易近人,友好,并且充满魅力诺赫伊称“这是一次基于交流和相互尊重的十分充实的合作”令她最开心的时刻是,当8个女孩看见自己的兵马俑雕像时的欣喜8个原始雕像所卖收入的一部分将用于付这8个女孩三年学费 “女童俑”的艺术工艺和社会表现令人印象深刻这让中国国家标志焕然一新,给予了新的诠释诺赫伊没有指责任何人或任何事,通过这些现代女兵马俑揭露了性别歧视问题有人看了这些令人惊叹的兵马俑后,不禁问道——为什么这样的雕像不再多点?为什么中国不能有更多的女孩?

迪士尼动画片和真人版,你更爱谁? -- 18::57 来源:sohu 泰山和她的女朋友,珍妮,基本上是跟动画里的一模一样! Tarzan and his boo, Jane, are basically identical to the Disney animated, Tarzan! 到底是迪士尼原装动画片人物形象好看,还是改编而成的真人版电影人物比较好看? 这一直是喜欢迪斯尼动画片的影迷热衷讨论的问题 The oldest debate in the civilized world is whether the cartoon or the live-action Disney movies are better. 「美女和野兽」里的贝儿公主将会由艾玛;沃特森出演,只是看预告片就已经可以发现他们的相似之处! Beauty And The Beast will star Emma Watson, but you can aly see similarities from the trailer! 「爱丽丝梦游仙境」电影版简直是在视觉上向原著和动画版致敬看一下爱丽丝和疯帽子就知道呢! Alice in Wonderland was a visual homage to not only the books but the original animated version too! I mean look at Alice and The Mad Hatter! 玛琳菲森的演绎方式虽跟1959年的原著不一样, 但依然能告诉大家爱洛公主长眠的故事安吉丽娜-朱莉点把这个大反派演得淋漓尽致 Maleficent wasn't a direct live-action interpretation of Disney's Sleeping Beauty from 1959 but it told the same story of Princess Aurora's long nap. Angelina Jolie had the whole villain angle ON POINT. 年的「奇幻森林」电影版比动画版更紧张激烈 The Jungle Book that kids saw in was so much more intense than the animated version.

探访印度这个全亚洲最干净的村庄 --7 :: 来源: 在印度东部村庄Mawlynnong,保持卫生是人人都认真奉行的习惯,无论是蹒跚学步的孩子还是耄耋老人都不例外位于梅加拉亚邦的这个600多人的小村庄以印度最干净的村庄而闻名于世 In eastern India’s Mawlynnong village, tidying up is a ritual that everyone – from tiny toddlers to toothless grannies – takes very seriously. This small, 600-odd person town in the Meghalaya region is renowned as the cleanest village in India.在印度东部村庄Mawlynnong,保持卫生是人人都认真奉行的习惯,无论是蹒跚学步的孩子还是耄耋老人都不例外位于梅加拉亚邦的这个600多人的小村庄以印度最干净的村庄而闻名于世And India, that’s really saying something. Discarded bottles and crumpled food wrappers mixed with cow dung – and worse – are simply part of the topography in most of the country. So much so that prime minister Shri Narendra Modi launched the ambitious “Clean India Mission” (Swachh Bharat Abhiyan) in October with a goal of drastically sprucing up the country’s major cities by Mahatma Gandhi’s 0 birthday in 19.对印度而言,这的确值得大书特书在印度大部分地区,司空见惯的是丢弃的瓶子和皱巴巴的食品包装纸,还有混杂着的牛粪,情况甚至会更糟正因为如此,印度总理莫迪才于年月发起一项雄心勃勃的“清洁印度”计划,旨在到19年甘地0周年诞辰纪念日时,让印度各大城市的面貌焕然一新Mawlynnong is aly way ahead of the curve, though. It was declared the cleanest village in Asia in and the cleanest in India in by Discover India magazine. More recently, Modi acknowledged Mawlynnong as the cleanest village in Meghalaya and a model the rest of the county in a radio address. In May he highlighted it as “Asia’s cleanest village” in a celebration of the government’s successes (including the Clean India programme).而在这次清洁浪潮中,Mawlynnong已经一马当先在印度《发现杂志的评选中,该村庄被评为 年亚洲最干净的村庄和年印度最干净的村庄最近,在年的一次广播讲话中,莫迪将Mawlynnong称为梅加拉亚邦最干净的村庄和全国卫生典范年5月,在一次政府庆祝活动(包括印度清洁计划)中,莫迪强调,Mawlynnong是“亚洲最干净的村庄”This claim to fame stuck, and the village has become a regional legend and source of pride. Walk in, and all the typical rubbish is mysteriously, miraculously absent.走进村庄,所有的常见垃圾都踪迹全无,令人不可思议So how do you get a commy to become a model of cleanliness and sanitation in a country where this has long been a problem? The answer, it seems, is to start them young.那么,在一个长期存在卫生问题的国家,怎样才能让社区成为清洁卫生的典范呢?似乎是,卫生要从娃娃抓起Eleven-year-old Deity Bakordor starts her day around 6:30 am. Her chore, shared with all the village kids, is the beautification of the town. Teasel brooms in hand, the children storm the streets, sweeping up dead leaves and garbage bee school. The children are also responsible emptying the rubbish bins – which are surprisingly pretty, hand-woven, cone-shaped baskets scattered throughout town – and separating organic waste from burnable trash. Leaves and other biodegradable waste are buried (and eventually used as fertilizer); everything else is driven far from the village and burned. There are also dedicated town gardeners who maintain riots of public plants and flowers that line the footpaths, making a walk here incredibly pleasant.岁的Deity Bakordor在每天早晨的6:30开始新的一天与村子里其他孩子一样,美化村庄也是她要从事的日常事务上学前,孩子们会用起绒草做的扫帚清扫街道上的落叶和垃圾孩子们还要负责倒空垃圾箱垃圾箱为手工编织的锥形篮筐,在村庄各处星罗棋布,漂亮得出乎意料孩子们会将有机垃圾与可燃垃圾分开树叶和其他生物可降解垃圾被埋起来(最终作为化肥使用);其他垃圾则被拉到离村庄很远的地方烧掉另外,村子里还有专门的园丁负责维护步道两边的公共花草树木,使得在这里散步令人格外愉悦I asked Bakordor if she was happy to live in such a clean place. She nodded, shyly. And what if a visitor dropped rubbish on the ground, what would she do? She replied that she wouldn’t say anything to the visitor directly. But she’d pick it up.我问Bakordor,她是否愿意生活在这样一个干净的地方她害羞地点头我又问,如果有游客在地上丢垃圾,她会怎么做呢?她回答,她不会直接对游客说什么,但她会将垃圾捡起来Bakordor explained that in Mawlynnong, there’s normal daily cleaning children and adults, then extra on Saturdays when the village leader assigns out “social work” to be completed the good of the town. her, that might mean helping clean her school. It’s an impressive system, but even more impressive is that this is the norm. Cleanliness is deeply ingrained into living a good life here; it’s just what you do.Bakordor说,在Mawlynnong,孩子们和大人都要参加日常清洁工作,每逢周六,村子领导人还要分配为村子公益而完成的“社会工作”对她而言,就是帮助打扫自己的学校这种体系令人印象深刻,尤其是这已成为村里的规范维护清洁卫生在这里的良好生活中深入人心;这里的人们就是这样做的I peeked at the family’s pristine outdoor cooking area to see the fruit of these labours, and Bakordor’s grandmother, Hosana, held aside the curtain that leads to their two-room home. Sure enough, each area was immaculate: the floors freshly swept, the dishware sparkling, bedding folded.我悄悄观察这家人的户外烹饪区,想看看他们的劳动成果,Bakordor的祖母Hosana将通往他们两居室住处的帘子掀开当然,到处都完美无瑕,地板干净,餐具闪闪发光,床铺叠得整整整齐齐So where did this sanitation routine come from? No one knows sure, but, according to my guide Shishir Adhikari, it likely stemmed from an outbreak of cholera more than 0 years ago, and cleanliness was encouraged to control its sp. Early Christian missionaries probably helped implement and encourage the practice too.那么,这种讲究卫生的习惯从何而来呢?没有人确切知道,但据我的向导 Shishir Adhikari 所言,它来自0多年前爆发的霍乱,当时鼓励通过加强卫生控制霍乱的传播早期的基督教传教士可能也帮助实施和鼓励了这种做法The villagers are also of the Khasi people, a traditionally matrilineal society. Perhaps, with women in dominant roles in society, keeping the home and environment orderly also takes on a greater role, Adhikari and I speculated.村民们为卡西族,这是一个传统的母系社会Adhikari和我都推测,也许在女性发挥主导的社会,家庭和环境都会井井有条,这也起到很大的作用“We are Christians from more than 0 years back, and cleaning is learned from our elders,” said housewife Sara Kharrymba. “We pass on these skills, from me to my children, from them to their children.”家庭主妇Sara Kharrymba表示,“0多年前我们的先辈都是基督徒,我们从老人那里学会讲究卫生我们将这种技能传给孩子,从他们再传给下一代”In other words, this isn’t habit, it’s a long-time tradition. Kharrymba’s own day begins by cleaning their entire compound, she said.换言之,讲究卫生并不是一种习惯,而是一种长期传统她说,Kharrymba的一天从打扫整个住所开始While we chatted, she smiled at her six-year-old daughter, Sanjanai, who was swinging gleefully on a swing made of leftover plastic bags. The question of what to do with plastic garbage is still a big one, as burning it is toxic. Often the materials are reused, with containers repurposed as planters and bags turned into swings.在我们聊天时,她笑着望向六岁的女儿Sanjanai——她正在废塑料袋制作的秋千上欢快地荡着塑料垃圾该怎样处理依然是个大问题,因为燃烧塑料袋是有毒的材料往往被重复利用,废旧容器会被用作花盆,废塑料袋会被制成秋千“My kids know it’s different here,” Kharrymba said.Kharrymba 说,“我的孩子知道这里和别处不同”Her children haven’t been outside the village yet, she added, but “sometimes guests stay here, and they talk.” She described how every home in the village has a toilet (another major goal of the Clean India programme), and how good her children are at following the rules hygiene.She paused, staring out at the small pond on her property, whose water looked crystal clear. “I am very proud to live here,” she said.她补充说,她的孩子还没有出过村子,但“有时候到访的客人会讲起外面的情况”她还说,村里家家都有厕所,她的孩子们都有良好的卫生习惯她停下来,凝望着屋外的小池塘,那里的水清澈透明她说,“我为在这里生活感到自豪”

华中华北地区暴雨致人死亡 7人失踪 -- 18::3 来源: 新一轮暴雨致使华中、华北地区大范围受灾,河北、河南两省共因灾遇难人,失踪7人,直接经济损失数十亿元 Rainstorms have caused severe disruptions across north and central China since Wednesday morning, causing casualties, traffic chaos and the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people.从周三早间开始,暴雨在中国北部和中部造成了严重的破坏,导致人员伤亡、交通混乱、数十万人被迫疏散Torrential rain in north China’s Hebei Province since Wednesday morning has left 30 people dead and 68 missing, according to the provincial civil affairs department on Thursday. About 3,900 people have been ced to leave their homes.据河北省民政局在周四公布的数据,该省从周三早间开始迎来暴雨,目前已经造成30人死亡,另有68人失踪大约3900人被迫从家中撤离The department has received reports of floods and landslides damaging more than 7,7 houses and 35,600 hectares of crops, causing traffic chaos, power outages and wreaking havoc with communications.从河北省民政局收到的洪涝、滑坡灾害报告来看,这场暴雨已经损毁了77间房屋和35600公顷的农作物,另外还造成了交通混乱和电力中断,通信线路也被严重破坏As of Thursday noon, direct economic losses from the rain-triggered disaster reached .75 billion yuan(7 million US dollars).截止周四中午,暴雨引发的直接经济损失达到了7.5亿元人民币(约合7.亿美元)Relief supplies including tents, quilts and clothing have been distributed in the worst-hit cities including Handan, Xingtai and the provincial capital of Shijiazhuang.包括帐篷、棉被和衣物在内的救援物资已经被分发给了受灾最严重的一些城市,包括邯郸、邢台和河北省会石家庄In neighboring Henan Province, people were confirmed dead with six uned , the provincial flood control headquarters said. Storms ced the evacuation of 1,000 people, levelled ,1 homes and damaged ,7 hectares of crops.在邻省河南,该省防总表示共有人死亡,另有6人下落不明这场暴雨导致河南省00人撤离,摧毁了1间房屋,损毁了公顷农作物The extreme weather caused two dikes to collapse in the city of Anyang on Wednesday. Soldiers and rescue workers are attempting to close the breach.本周三,这场极端天气导致安阳市两处堤坝决堤士兵和救援人员正在努力堵住缺口The direct economic losses in Henan are estimated at 77 million yuan.河南省的直接经济损失估计达到了.77亿元人民币The National Commission Disaster Relief and the Ministry of Civil Affairs have sent staff to assist the relief work.国家救灾委员会和民政部已经派出工作人员协助工作

肯德基推出能舔的炸鸡味指甲油 -- :7: 来源:chinadaily If you can't seem to kick that awful nail-biting habit, you might as well get some flavor out of it with KFC's new chicken-flavored edible nail polish. It comes in two different flavors – "Original" (beige), and "Hot #38; Spicy" (red), and is quite literally "Finger Lickin' Good"!如果你改不了啃指甲的坏习惯,也会从中尝到一些美味肯德基新推出了炸鸡味可食用指甲油,有两种口味——“原味”(浅褐色)和“香辣味”(红色),这可真的是“吮指”原味鸡了!The product was developed by marketing firm Ogilvy #38; Mather KFC Hong Kong, in collaboration with the company that provides KFC's blend of herbs and spices. "Yes, it's actually a real thing," confirmed Ogilvy #38; Mather employee Anna Mugglestone. "It takes like chicken. It's crazy."这款指甲油是奥美广告公司联合肯德基酱汁调料供应商为香港肯德基推出的新产品奥美广告公司员工安娜bull;马格尔斯通实了这一消息,“是的,真的有这种指甲油味道和鸡肉很像挺疯狂的主意”Each "flavor" of nail polish comes packaged in a "designer bottle and box" (no bucket, sadly). Customers can paint their nails with the product and proceed to lick their fingertips "again and again and again," to enjoy the flavors of KFC anytime, anywhere. And if you're worried about safety, the chain claims that the product is "sourced from natural ingredients".每种“味道”的指甲油都包装在“设计师设计的瓶子和盒子”(可惜没有桶)里,消费者们用这款产品涂了指甲之后,就可以“一遍一遍又一遍”地舔手指,任何时候、任何地点都能享受到肯德基的美味并且,如果你担心安全问题,肯德基已经说了,这款产品“由天然原料制成”"The recipe our edible nail polish is unique and was specifically designed to hold the flavor, but to also dry with a glossy coat similar to normal nail polish," said Ogilvy #38; Mather creative director John Koay. "This campaign is designed to be intriguing and fun to increase excitement around the KFC brand in Hong Kong."奥美创意总监约翰bull;郭说:“我们的可食用指甲油配方独特,是专门为保留鸡肉味道设计的,但干了之后也会像普通指甲油一样形成一层光滑的膜我们旨在策划一场新奇有趣的推广活动,增加香港肯德基品牌带给人的兴奋体验”Not everyone is impressed with the idea, though, going by the comments on social media following the product announcement. "Just when you thought KFC couldn't possibly come up with something more disgusting than the Double Down Dog," a Twitter user wrote.然而,社交媒体上指甲油广告下方的表明,并不是每个人都佩这个想法一位推特用户写道:“就在你还以为肯德基不可能再推出比双降热(见下图)还恶心的产品的时候,它又出了个能舔的指甲油”"That is so disgusting," wrote another, in response to the company's promotional music on YouTube. "Bet it will lead to an outbreak of something. There is so much nastiness on people's hands, esp the nails! People do not wash their hands as often as they should."看了肯德基在YouTube的音乐广告视频后,另一位推特用户写道,“真是太恶心了我打赌它一定会导致某种疫情爆发人们手上的脏东西太多了,特别是指甲!人们本该经常洗手,但没人会洗得那么勤”Vocabularybeige: 浅褐色,米黄色glossy: 光亮的,光滑的intriguing: 有趣的;迷人的肯德基麦当劳还推出过哪些奇葩产品?一起来看看:肯德基粉墨汉堡:近看恶心得一塌糊涂,哪里还会有食欲被戏称为“粉刺堡和黑头堡”麦当劳也推出了同样的一款黑暗料理,包装盒上是可爱的史努比,然而打开包装后,吃客的内心是崩溃的……据说这个汉堡吃起来就像加了洗洁精的干柴肯德基石榴派:血淋淋有木有肯德基方便面汉堡:光看名字就醉了麦当劳“麻麻黑”甜筒冰淇淋:混凝土水泥般的色泽,冷冻汤圆馅一样的味道英文来源:odditycentral译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:丹妮

全球最热--科威特气温飙升至5度 --5 ::3 来源: 进入大暑,全国多地都正式进入高温炼狱状态但是看着科威特5摄氏度的全球最高温度,不由得会感觉凉快很多呢 The record-beating temperature was recorded in Mitribah on Thursday.周四,科威特米特巴哈记录下了这一打破记录的高温It was nearly as hot in Iraq, yesterday, as temperatures reached 53.9C.昨天伊拉克几乎也是同样的炎热,气温达到了53.9摄氏度Temperatures in Kuwait reached 5C this week, making Thursday the hottest day EVER recorded.本周科威特的气温达到了5摄氏度,使得周四那天成为有记录以来最热的一天The blistering temperature was recorded in Mitribah, Kuwait, on Thursday.周四,科威特米特巴哈记录下了这一酷暑高温And yesterday, Iraq was nearly as hot, as the mercury soared to 53.9C (9.0 degrees Fahrenheit).昨天伊拉克几乎也是同样的炎热,气温计水银柱飙升到了53.9摄氏度(9.0华氏度)Weather ecaster Nagham Mohammed expected temperatures Saturday to hover around 9 degrees Celsius (0. Fahrenheit) in Basra and to decline in the coming days. Mohammed added that temperatures in Baghdad are expected to reach 5 degrees Celsius (1 Fahrenheit).天气预报与默罕默德预计,巴士拉周六的气温将在9摄氏度(0.华氏度)左右徘徊,接下来几天将会降温默罕默德补充说道,巴格达的气温预计将达到5摄氏度(1华氏度)And weather historian, Christopher C. Burt said the temperatures made them the hottest "ever reliably measured on Earth".气象历史学家克里斯托弗·C·伯特表示说,这一气温是“全球有可靠记录以来”最热的On Wednesday, temperatures soared up to 51C (3.8 Fahrenheit) in Baghdad and as much as 53C (7. Fahrenheit) in Basra.周三,巴格达的气温飙升到了51摄氏度(3.8华氏度),巴士拉的气温升到了53摄氏度(7.华氏度)

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