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南安人民医院挂号预约5.The companies that are hoping to corner the market on space tourism5.期望垄断太空旅游市场的公司Fasten your seat belts, space tourism is aly a thing – American businessman Dennis Tito flew into space aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket that arrived at the International Space Station on April 30, 01. He was followed by a few others until Space Adventures halted the program in after the International Space Station professional crew of astronauts and cosmonauts increased to six people, leaving no room the tourists.系好你的安全带,空间旅行已经成为现实——美国商人丹尼斯蒂托搭乘俄罗斯联盟号火箭飞向太空,并于01年月30号抵达国际空间站继他之后,也有一些宇航员体验太空旅行一直增加到6人一同旅行,但是该项目在年被停止了Space Adventures was set to resume the program in , but that has yet to occur. (Singer Sarah Brightman is scheduled an assignment in .) In the meantime, several other companies have offered various space tours, various prices with various conditions. Below are a few options the discerning space traveler: XCOR Aerospace - At ,000 per person, the Lynx rocket plane – which can hold a pilot plus one passenger – will take tourists to suborbital space and will make four trips per day. Test flights began in . World View Enterprises – ,000 per seat, a pressurized capsule is hauled up by a space balloon and parafoil to 0,000 feet above earth. The vehicle will float up into suborbital flight and then glide back (this takes about hours). Passengers will not need any anti-gravity training, and can even enjoy refreshing beverages in the cabin.Virgin Galactic – At ,000 a pop, a few celebrities have aly signed up to soar 68 miles above the earth surface including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber. The Mars One Project – It free, but there a catch – “pioneer settlers” will not return to Earth, but will live and work on Mars, making it their permanent new home. Those chosen will undergo 8 years of training, prior to embarking on their journey. The first inhabitants will land in 3, followed by more settlers every two years.传言,太空探险公司将在年恢复该项目,但是到目前为止还未有任何动作(据说歌手莎拉·布莱曼预计将在年体验太空旅行 )与此同时,其他几家航空公司也提供了各种价格和各种配置的太空旅行来抢占市场以下介绍的就是几家航空公司推出的几种太空旅行的方式:XCOR航空公司——太空旅行人均95000美元,提供猞猁火箭飞机-可容纳一名飞行员和一名乘客,可以进行每天次的太空旅行,年开始试飞World View 公司——太空旅行人均75000美元,其提供的是乘客在一个密封舱中体验旅行,这个密封舱是被离地球上方0000英尺的一个翼伞和太空气球吊在太空中的这个飞行器械会浮在亚轨道飞行,然后滑翔(这大概需要个小时)乘客不需要进行任何反重力的训练,甚至可以在客舱内轻松地享受清凉饮料维珍——太空旅行人均50000 美元,一些著名人士已经签署可以从地球表面飙升68英里以上的协议,这些名人包括布拉德皮特,安吉丽娜朱莉,莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥,艾什顿·库奇和贾斯汀·比伯The Mars One Project公司——它提供的太空旅行是免费的,但是有个条件——“移民先驱”不能返回地球,要在火星上生活和工作,将火星当做今后永久的新家这些“移民先驱”将会经历大约8年的训练,才能开始他们的太空旅行该公司预计第一个居民将在3年登陆火星,后续每两年就会新增更多的定居者.The film studio that allows ;flyers; to relive the golden era of air travel.可以重温空中旅行黄金时代的电影工作室Sometimes travel doesnt necessarily require a real destination to evoke a feeling. those of you out there who remember the golden age of air travel (the 60 and 70s), or missed out on it altogether, you can now buy a ticket on a glamorous faux Pan Am flight and pretend you are part of the magic.有时候旅行并不一定需要去一个实在的目的地,而是企图唤起心灵的一种感觉如果你们之中有人还想重拾空中旅行的黄金时代(60和70年代)的记忆,或者是由于完全错过了那个时代而想要体验那个时代的,现在就可以买票去迷人奇妙的泛美航空班机并且假装自己是魔法的一部分去体验空中旅行Air Hollywood, a film studio located in Los Angeles, has created a set that emulates a Pan Am jet of the early 1970s. Known as The Pan Am Experience, this once-a-month event lets anyone with (or 7 “Clipper Class”) climb into Air Hollywood perfect recreation of a 1970s-era 77 and spend a few hours enjoying air travel of a bygone era: ;Your Pan Am experience starts on the main deck with a cocktail and beverage service in the First Class cabin. Each stewardess that greets you will be adorned in her original 1970′s Pan Am unim. Our Pan Am crew will offer various amp; audio selections while you sit back in your Pan Am Sleeperette seat and sip a cocktail.Soon after, youll climb the winding staircase where the crew will set your table a truly memorable dining event. In classic Pan Am style, youll be offered your favorite cocktail and be served a delightful gourmet meal. Everything from the china to the glassware is authentic with careful attention to the exquisite service delivery of the era and offerings of Pan Am.;Dont get to dress up! Air Hollywood requests that passengers don appropriate attire to fly, just like they did in the 1970s.空中好莱坞,是位于洛杉矶的一个电影工作室,已经制造了一架模拟1970年代初的泛美航空公司飞机泛美航空的美妙旅行,一个月开放一次,人均97美元(或者“急速级别”人均197美元),让乘客进入空中好莱坞,体验1970年代乘坐77航空旅行的美妙感觉泛美航空公司将为头等舱的乘客提供鸡尾酒和饮料等,并且77的空都是身穿1970年代的制,让人感到真正回到了那个年代泛美航空的机组人员还会在你乘坐飞机,品尝鸡尾酒的同时让乘客选择想听想看的的各种音频和视频的文件在泛美航空经典的风格中,你会享受到为您提供独特的鸡尾酒和美食大餐泛美航空精致的务是绝对令人称赞的,所用的玻璃器皿均从中国精挑细选,所有的菜单和务都做到细心精致还有一点,千万不要忘记穿着打扮!空中好莱坞要求乘客们不要穿着不合适的装,就像1970年代所做的那样3.The NYC subway show that has spawned a police crackdown3.在镇压中挣扎存在的纽约地铁While subway travel is nothing new or unusual, what can occur during a ride sometimes is.虽然地铁不是什么新颖的或者是独特的旅行方式,但是有时候也会在旅途中有意想不到的收获Irritating to some locals, but loved by tourists, subway dancing is a uniquely New York experience. However, you should catch ;showtime; as soon as you can – the powers that be (city officials) are cracking down as ;permances and other non-transit-related activity are prohibited on subway cars.;在纽约,除了当地人,游客们很喜欢乘坐地铁旅行,在纽约的地铁中跳舞和表演节目也是一种独特的体验然而,在乘坐地铁的过程中你须尽可能地抓住“showtime”,因为政府是禁止在地铁里的所以说纽约地铁的旅行方式是在镇压中挣扎存在的独特体验,尽可能地抓住“showtime”吧,体会一把独特的跳舞之旅.The underwater railway that will link China to the US.连接中国和美国的水下隧道China is taking the audacious, if not impossible, step of building a rail line underwater, which would – in theory – link it to the ed States.中国正在尝试一项大胆的,几乎是不可能实现的工程,在水下建一条铁路这条水下隧道理论上是要连接到美国的Chinese officials are considering a route that would start in the country northeast, th through eastern Siberia and cross the Bering Strait, via a 5-mile long underwater tunnel into Alaska. The ;China-Russia-Canada-America; (doesnt roll easily off the tongue, does it?) would be approximately 8,000 miles long. ( comparison, thats 1,800 miles longer than the Trans-Siberian railroad or four times the length of the English Channel line.)Not surprisingly skeptics abound, but China insists it does have the technology and means to complete a construction project of this scale. Judging by the country rail construction boom of the last few years (tens of thousands of miles of track high-speed lines have aly been laid), China just may be onto something.中国官员正在考虑修建一条路线,将从中国的东北部开始,途经东西伯利亚,穿过白令海峡,再通过一条5英里长的水下隧道抵达阿拉斯加这条“China-Russia-Canada-America”(读起来不容易卷舌头,对吧?)有将近8000英里长相比之下,这条铁路比西伯利亚大铁路长1800英里或者说是英吉利海峡线长度的四倍当然很多人对此都保持怀疑态度,但是中国仍然坚持认为这种规模的建设项目是可以通过高端的技术和必要的措施完成的国家的铁路建设热潮已经过去了一些年(已经铺设好数万英里的高速路线的轨道),毫无疑问,这个项目的建设对中国来说是有重大意义的1.The elevator that will send people (and cargo) into space by 1.在年将会实现输送人或货物进入太空的电梯In , a Japanese construction giant, the Obayashi Corporation, announced it had the means to construct a space elevator and will have it up and running by the year .年,日本建筑业巨头,大林告诉宣布将构造一架太空电梯,并将此项目运行到年The company said that the elevator would reach 96,000km (59,65 miles) into space and use robotic cars powered by magnetic linear motors to ferry cargo – human and otherwise – to a not yet built space station. Obayashi is hoping to cut down on the dangers and cost of space travel via rocket with the elevator, and they are not the only ones doing so – mer NASA contractor Michael Laine launched a Kickstarter to raise funds to research the feasibility of a lunar space elevator.该公司表示,电梯将送达到离地球96000公里(5965英里)远的太空并且使用机器人汽车运送货物-人类和其他—去一个目前尚未建立的空间站大林希望通过火箭带上电梯送入太空来降低太空旅行的危险和成本,当然他们并不是唯一这样做的公司,NASA前承包商迈克尔·莱恩也发起一项kickstater的募捐活动来募集资金研究月球太空电梯的可能性无论这项工程是否能够实现,但是我们都不得不承认这是一个伟大的工程翻译:曹秋会 来源:前十网 1泉州无痛人流手术哪家医院专业5.Paintball5.弹游戏The game of paintball that we know and love was invented in the 1970s by two friends, Charles Gaines and Bill Gurnsey, who found an alternative (and painful) use the paint-pellet guns that until then had only been used by farm workers to mark livestock.我们所知道且喜欢玩的弹游戏是查尔斯·盖恩斯和比尔·格尼赛(二者是朋友)在世纪70年代发明的他们发现当时仅被农民用来标记牲畜的弹还有另一种(很疼的)玩法But, if youd lived in the early 1900s, you might have played an earlier m of paintball known as wax dueling: a sport where men would partake in duels using pistols that fired wax bullets. Competitors were required to wear specialist armor to (ideally) protect them from any serious injury. Indeed, an issue of the Pittsburgh Press (dated August 19) describes how one player had ;the soft piece of flesh connecting the thumb and efinger; of his right hand shot out, and also warned that spectators risked being blinded by ricocheting rounds. Nevertheless, this sport soon became so popular that it even made an appearance at the 19 Olympic Games in London.但是,你如果生活在世纪早期的话,或许有可能玩过一种弹早期形式的游戏,这种游戏叫做蜡弹大战:在比赛中,参加运动的运动员使用可以喷射蜡制子弹的手要求比赛者穿着特殊制以保护他们免受任何重伤其实不然,《匹兹堡新闻(日期为19年8月)的其中一期就描述了一位运动员将自己;连接拇指与食指的肉;甩出去的情景,并且还警示说,观众存在被反弹过来的子弹打瞎的风险即便如此,这项运动很快受到人们的喜爱,甚至还在19年的伦敦奥运会上露了面.Snakes And Ladders.蛇和梯子The only way someone wouldnt know about Snakes and Ladders would be because theyre more familiar with it as Chutes and Ladders.有人不知道《蛇和梯子的唯一原因可能是他们更熟悉叫这款游戏《梯子和滑道But were betting that you didnt know that the game has existed in some m since the th century. Originating in India, the objective players back then was still the same—reach the end of the board by climbing ladders and avoiding snakes—but in this version, the ladders symbolized the virtues of faith, reliability, generosity, knowledge, and asceticism. Meanwhile, the snakes symbolized vices such as vanity, theft, rage, greed, pride, murder, and lust. The game aimed to teach players that in order to reach salvation (the end of the board), they must perm virtuous acts throughout their lives, as opposed to indulging in the aementioned vices. this reason, there are more snakessins on the board than laddersvirtues. The makers wanted to reince the idea that a virtuous life was harder to attain—and theree more worthwhile—than a life of vice.但是,我们敢打赌,你不知道这个游戏在世纪就已经以某种形式出现了这个游戏起源于印度,当时玩家的目标也是一样——爬梯子的同时绕过蛇,最终到达游戏界面的终点端但是,在早期的版本中,梯子象征着信念、可靠、慷慨、智慧和禁欲等美德同时,蛇象征着像虚荣、偷窃、狂怒、贪婪、骄傲、凶杀和淫乱等罪恶游戏的目的是教育玩家,想要得到救赎(游戏界面的终点端),必须终生行善,而不是沉溺于上述所说的各种罪恶鉴于这个原因,游戏界面上的蛇或罪恶要比梯子或美德数量多游戏制造者想要强调这样一个理念:相比于一生行恶,一生行善更难达到,而且也就更有意义3.Cap Guns3.火药帽玩具You might think that cap guns are a relic of the 190-50s. After all, that was the great age of the cowboy movie, when children clamored to relive the adventures of onscreen cowboys such as Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, and Hopalong Cassidy.你可能会觉得火药帽玩具产生于世纪四五十年代要知道,当时是伟大的牛仔电影时代,那时孩子们都抢着要重温荧幕上牛仔的冒险经历,如《罗伊·罗杰斯、《独行侠、《何帕龙·卡赛迪Actually, cap guns have a history that predates the American Civil War. In 1859, the J amp; E Stevens Company—a toy manufacturer that specialized in the production of cast-iron toys—released a firecracker pistol similar in design to the modern-day cap gun. Several years later, and after achieving great success with this product, Stevens began producing novelty cap guns in the 1890s, including a model shaped like a sea serpent (which, on pulling the trigger, detonated a cap placed on its jaw) and another shaped like a monkey, which would trigger the cap by slamming a coconut-shaped hammer into it.事实是,火药帽玩具的历史比美国内战还要早1859年,一家从事玩具制造的公司——J and E史蒂文公司主营铁铸玩具,推出了一款爆竹手这款手在设计方面与当今的火药帽玩具相似几年后,随着这款产品取得了很大成功,史蒂文森在19世纪90年代开始制造新型火药帽玩具,其中有一款模型的形状很像海蛇(扳动扳机,就会引爆放置在海蛇下巴上的火药帽),还有一款模型的形状酷似猴子,用一个椰子形状的锤子敲打,就可引爆火药帽.Monopoly.地产大亨Monopoly, those of you who have actively avoided all ms of popular culture, is the fun, hyper-capitalistic game that been tearing families apart since 19.对于那些主动避开了所有流行文化形式的人来说,地产大亨是唯一的乐趣自19年以来,这款超级资本主义化的游戏不断使得许多家庭破裂However, Monopoly was itself inspired by a 19 board game called The Landlord Game. Created by Elizabeth Magie, The Landlord Game was intended to teach people about how property owners at the time made vast tunes at the expense of tenants like themselves, many of whom were aly a hairs-bth away from poverty. Magie hoped that any children who played the game would recognize the inherent unfairness of this system and be able to protect themselves against it in later life. Magie later sold the patent to the company Parkers Brothers in 19, who obviously abandoned her initial goals. The major company had recently acquired the rights to produce Monopoly and wished to gain ownership of any patents which could prove problematic in the future.然而,地产大亨本身是受到19年的桌游《地主游戏的启发由伊丽莎白·玛吉创造的《地主游戏,意图是想教育人们了解当时的资本拥有者如何从向他们一样的租客身上赚取大量金钱,当时的许多人距赤贫仅有一步之遥玛吉希望所有玩过这款游戏的孩子都能意识到资本主义体制与身俱来的不公平性,并在以后的生活中有能力保护自己不受这种体制的压制19年,玛吉把游戏的专利权出售给了帕克兄弟公司,很明显,这家公司抛却了玛吉最初的目的这家大公司获得制造《地产大亨专利权不久后,就希望获得未来有可能产生问题的所有专利1.Duck Hunt1.猎鸭Duck Hunt is regarded by many as being one of the greatest games ever. Released in 198, it pits players against an army of (admittedly harmless) ducks to shoot—as well as a dog that will taunt you into your grave. Luckily, players were armed with a lightgun: a gun-shaped controller that mimics any real-life movements onscreen and allows wannabe hunters to blast any wayward ducks.《猎鸭被许多人认为是到目前为止最伟大的几款游戏之一这款游戏于198年发布,玩家需要射击一队(得承认,它们是无害的)野鸭,还有一只会疯狂嘲笑你的幸运的是,玩家会拥有一把激光,实际上就是一个形状的控制器,它会把实际生活中的激光发生的任何动作都模仿到游戏机的荧屏上,让想成为猎人的人打中那些不听话的鸭子Incredibly, this wasnt the first time that people had the opporty to shoot fictional ducks with imitation firearms the purposes of entertainment; that honor instead goes to 1936 Ray-O-Lite Rifle. Created as an arcade game, punters were handed a lightbeam-firing rifle and tasked with shooting as many wooden ducks as they could within a given time. To add an extra element of difficulty to the proceedings, the ducks were also able to move around the shooting gallery courtesy of a hidden conveyor belt. The makers, Seeburg, also created several other varieties of this game, where targets included bears, chickens, and—in an edition made in 19—even Adolf Hitler himself.令人意想不到的是,以为目的,让人们有机会用模拟械射击虚拟的鸭子,这款游戏还不是第一款;这个荣誉我们应该颁给1936年的Ray-O-Lite-Rifle这是一款街机游戏,顾客手持激光,任务是在规定的时间内尽可能多的打中木鸭如果要增加这个游戏的难度,借助传送带就能让野鸭在射击场内来回飞动制造商Seeburg公司也创造了这款游戏其他不同的版本,其中靶子包括熊、小鸡,在19年的版本中靶子竟然是阿道夫·希特勒翻译:梦娜 来源:前十网 395泉州新阳光妇科医院怎样

泉州人民医院打胎流产好吗晋江人民医院联系电话xd-]B7%*Fx+~.h,y75l)UhDqc5o1h8~-jwTkPL_小编物语:今年的圣诞节马上就要到了,伴随着喜庆的节日气氛,大家的创意想法也跟着爆棚啦,快来看看今年有什么千奇百怪的圣诞树吧!Book Christmas TreeI%VHho0nZOu5FaFQThis tree would look great on a library!Zy8KvCwnmYzBPk[kL纸质圣诞树MSbP-z3LN^这棵树放在图书馆一定抢眼!xS@9N#MhtyLYI]z1vBK|3n,u^)j|k-urTp)+UW*[Urz|Oh 6While fans have been anxiously awaiting a full ;Friends; reunion, the stars went and had a secret get-together.当粉丝们还在焦急地等待《老友记回归时,该剧的明星们已于日前组织了一次秘密聚会Lisa Kudrow -- who played Phoebe Buffay in the series from 199- — revealed that the stars of the beloved sitcom did recently ree.据在这部从199年到年播放的系列电视剧中饰演菲比的丽莎·库卓透露,这部深受喜爱的情景喜剧中的主演最近举行了一次聚会;We have convened,; the 53-year-old actress said. ;Privately. dinner.;“我们进行了一次合体,”这位53岁的女演员说道,“我们吃了一次秘密的晚餐”Kudrow added that the reunion with Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry was full of joy.库卓还表示,和柯特妮·考克斯、戴维·修蒙、詹妮弗·安妮斯顿、马特·勒布朗及马修·派瑞的再聚首充满了愉快;It was really fun! We had such a good time,; she said. ;It was hilarious. We were laughing nonstop.;“聚会非常有趣,我们那天过得很开心,”她说,“说起来也很滑稽,我们当晚一直大笑不止”The ;Table 19; star admitted that it was a little mean to not let fans know of their meet-up sooner. ;If we dont tell you that one coming, and then it doesnt happen, you have no reason to be disappointed.;这位出演最新电影《婚宴桌牌19号的演员承认,不让粉丝们知道他们最近的聚会似乎有一些吝啬“如果我们提前说了,但是后来又没有执行的话,你们就会很失望,我们不能让你们无端失望”Kudrow also reminisced about playing Phoebe, but wasnt too keen on a ;Friends; revival.库卓还提到了当年扮演菲比的事,但她并不是很希望《老友记回归;I dont see it happening. What would it be about?; she noted. ;The thing we liked about that show is it was like -somethings and they were their own family and now they all have families. So what are we going to watch?;她表示:“我认为这不会发生,新剧要讲些什么呢?我们喜欢这部剧是因为讲的是一群岁左右的青年把彼此当做家人的故事,但是现在他们都有了各自的家庭所以我们看些什么呢?” 75福建省泉州市一院彩超检查好吗自从喜剧明星赵本山饰演的“大忽悠”火了以后,好像大家都不再说“被骗了”,都改说“被忽悠了”那么,“忽悠”在英语里到底应该怎么说呢?其实“忽悠”本来的意思是指“人体或物体的晃动”,比如林区的小孩子们喜欢在平放在地上圆木上来回走着玩,可是圆木是圆的,在上面当然站的不可能很稳当,就会“忽悠”了这个意思英语中可以译为to sway或to flicker,比如:走钢丝的杂技演员在具有一定高度的细钢丝绳上忽悠个不停The tight rope walker continuously swayed on the thin wire at a great height.油灯忽悠忽悠地,一会儿亮,一会儿灭The oil-lamp flickered on and off.“忽悠”现在最流行的意思原为中国东北方言,相当于“愚弄”、“糊弄”或“捉弄”,具有诙谐、生动的意味英语最好不要译为to deceive或to cheat这样普通的动词,而译为 to jerk sb around,to hoodwink,to bamboozle等俚语说法,更能表达出“忽悠”的细微含义和适当的语言感觉,比如:忽悠我!我不会上当Don't jerk me around!I won't be taken in.这个股民被忽悠,买了垃圾股The investor was hoodwinked into buying junk stocks.需要注意的是,不论是中文还是英文,在翻译过程中都要把握好语境在一些较正式的场合中,使用这个说法是不合适的,比如说:我被忽悠,而签了这个不合理的合同I was bamboozled into signing the irrational contract.订立合同属于较正式的行为,这个词在行文中就欠妥了 656泉州治疗妇科病医院哪里好

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