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This new breed of businessman is doing things a different way.这些新型商人的做法不一样的地方Theyre creating products for the masses, while paying their employees a livable wage.他们为广大人民群众生产商品 同时向员工付过得去的工资With safe working conditions and a standard forty-hour work week.提供安全的工作条件以及每周四十小时的工作时长The era of Rockefeller, Carnegie and Morgan looks like it may have come to an end.洛克菲勒 卡内基和根的时代看来已经走到了尽头But Americas three most powerful men are just as relevant as ever before.但这三位美国最有权势的人依然和以往任何时候一样重要Standard Oil gasoline stations appear across the country fueling Henry Fords cars, cars that are built using Carnegies steel in factories powered by J.P. Morgans electricity.标准石油公司加油站遍布全国各地为亨利·福特的汽车加油 这些汽车又是用的卡内基的钢铁 生产厂房的供电又是由根提供的The new breed of businessman may be doing things different from their predecessors but their innovations wouldnt be possible without the groundwork laid by men like Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller.新型商人与前辈的做法可能不一样 但他们的创新离不开科尼利尔斯·范德比尔特 安德鲁·卡内基 J·P·根 约翰·D·洛克菲勒等前辈奠定的基础The result is broad prosperity shared throughout the country and perhaps Americas greatest innovation yet, a thriving and prosperous middle class.其结果就是全国范围内的广泛繁荣 一个繁荣昌盛的中产阶级随之诞生 这或许才是美国最伟大的发明201608/455065TED演讲视频:袖珍卫星展示接近实时地追踪地球的变化卫星成像颠覆了我们对地球的认知,在网上可以看到几乎每个街角的清晰照片。但星球实验室的威尔·马歇尔认为我们可以做得更好,更快--方法是变得是更小。他来介绍他的袖珍卫星--体积10×10×30立方厘米--而当这些卫星集群发射后,它们能够提供地球每日更新的高清图像。201705/509592

Do you want to be a hairdresser when you grow up? Yes.你长大想当理发师吗?是的。Oh, you want to cut hair? Yes. So you have a surprise for me.哦,你长大想给别人剪头发?是的。那今天你为我带来怎样的惊喜啊。A surprise that I get to cut, um, some hair.惊喜就是剪头发。Youre gonna cut some hair? Yes.你想剪头发?是的。What is all...? Wait a minute.这是?等一下。Do you know what that is? No. You dont? I dont. Well...你知道这是什么吗?不知道。不知道吗?不知道。嗯...This is called an Afro pick.这个叫做直梳。An Afro pick? Yeah. Thats what, well, I had a bunch of these.直梳?真的。我有一堆这样的梳子。Mine was black and had a fist only.但我的都是黑的,只有拳头那么大。Okay, let me see what we gonna try to do.好的,接下来看我的。Yeah, let me show you this here. Here.来看看这是什么,这个。Youll never be able to use one of these.你肯定从没使过这东西。See, what I used to do, Id put it in the top of my head and just rock it.我会把它放在头顶然后摇晃脑袋。You understand? Yeah, I left it right there. Yeah, thats amazing, aint it?明白吗?看我把它放在了头上。奇特吧?You cant believe that. Girl, you dont understand.难以置信吧,你还是没能明白,我知道。Thats how, I rocked mine just like... She cant believe it.看我摇晃的样子,她还是不敢相信这是真的。Yeah, thats how I wore it. See, I wore it just like that.看看,我是这么弄的。看好了。See, I took the pick, and then we used to rock it like that.我把发齿插在头发上,然后像这样摇摆。Thats how I rocked this thing. You cant...she cant believe theres nothing that can stay in your hair.就是这么摇摆的。她不相信竟然能在头发上插东西。Yeah! I saw that on your head. You dont understand, girl. That was the thing.耶!我看见你头发上的东西了。孩子,你不明白。就是这么弄的。So, come on. Go ahead and cut it.好了,开始剪吧。Yeah, just go on, give me a nice, little cut. Not towards the eye. Lets go in the back. Lets move around.给我来个漂亮点的。别朝我眼睛剪。朝后面剪,你转过去。Coordination. Lets stay right here, baby, on this side. You just put me drum out, but not my eye.协调一下。你站这里,朝这边。孩子,你让我下岗也就算了,但别朝我眼睛剪。Yeah. Yeah, now, come on. Do this side a little bit.很好,这边也剪一些。Come over here on this side right here so itll be even.来过来这边剪,两边要平衡。Yeah. Okay, just a little bit towards, a little bit towards the eye.哎,你别,别朝我眼睛剪。Now we do this part? Yeah, there you go. Pick it. Ooh.我们现在剪这边?来,把它插在头发上。不错啊。Girl, you can pick! Girl, you picking that Afro. Hows it look?你也学会了!你现在会使这把直梳了。我现在看起来如何?Ladies and gentlemen, the newest hair stylist, the Little Big Shot Hair Salon! Show your love for Ansleigh!女士们先生们,“小小达人秀”的艺术发廊,我们的新任发型设计师!为安思雷鼓掌!201706/513048

原味人文风情:I imagine a world where children would have enough food, enough education. And Im very happy to be part of this amazing project.我想象出一个世界,在那里孩子们会有足够的食物、足够的教育。我十分高兴能参与这项出色的企划。We invited people around the world to lend their voices for children. People from over 140 countries responded.我们邀请世界各地的人们为儿童发声。超过一百四十个国家的人们响应。Our children have the right to equal opportunities—to thrive, to be happy, and healthy, and safe.我们的孩子有机会平等的权利--去成长茁壮、过得幸福、健康,且安全。Imagine theres no heaven想象天堂不存在Its easy if you try这很简单的,如果你尝试去做No hell below us我们底下没有地狱Above us only sky我们顶上只有天空Imagine all the people想象所有的人Living for today...为今天而活...Imagine theres no countries想象没有国家之分It isnt hard to do这不会很难做到Nothing to kill or die for没有杀戮或死亡And no religion, too也没有宗教信仰Imagine all the people想象所有的人Living life in peace...和平地过生活...You may say Im a dreamer你也许会说我在痴人说梦But Im not the only one但我不是唯一的人I hope someday youll join us我希望有一天你会加入我们And the world will be as one然后世界就会团结一心Imagine no possessions想象人们不再占有I wonder if you can我猜想你能否做到No need for greed or hunger没有贪婪或飢饿A brotherhood of man人们情同手足Imagine all the people想象所有的人Sharing all the world...分享整个世界...You may say Im a dreamer你也许会说我在痴人说梦But Im not the only one但我不是唯一的人I hope someday youll join us我希望有一天你会加入我们And the world will live as one然后世界就会团结一心Live as one团结一心Refugee children, migrant children are children.难民孩子、移民孩子,都是孩子。201705/511194

  In fact, you know what?事实上 你知道吗The remains of this paraglider and a bit of breeze that there is out in the lake,降落伞剩下的部分 加上湖面上的徐徐微风theres no reason why I shouldnt make something much cooler to cross this with.我可以弄出点辅助工具 让横渡行动变得轻松些Yeah, lets get this going.Im gonna try to make a kite.说干就干 我要做个大风筝First job is to modify the shape of the chute and attach the control lines.首先要调整一下降落伞的形状 再接上控制方向的丝线Leaves stuffed into each corner create a solid point to secure them.在伞盖的各个角落塞点小东西 用来固定它At the end of this, just put a clove hitch in it one turn, two turns and then in front of themselves.在这头打一个双套结 绕一圈 两圈 然后把它套进去The good thing about this is itll tighten on itself,and that then cant come undone.这种结绳法的优点在于它的两圈之间 可以相互压紧 而不会松开The lines are in place,next I fashion a makeshift control bar to help maneuver the kite.搞定绳子以后接下来要做个简易船舵 用以控制风筝的方向With the kite positioned downwind just off the shoreline,its time to get it airborne.把它安置在顺风方向的海岸线上以后 就是时候乘风而行了Lets see if we can try and get this thing launched from the water.看看能不能让风筝从湖面上飞起The wind is out, and the lines are tight.Give it a good pull.起风的时候 适时拉紧绳子 拉一把试试But the first two attempt dont work,on my third try, it catched just right.前两次尝试都没有成功 第三次它终于迎风而上Success.There we go.Up it goes.成了 好了 扶摇直上啊201608/459256

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/476028。


  So, last year, 249 people died on our roads.所以,去年有249个人因为交通事故去世What do you think would be a more acceptable number?你觉得什么样的数字是比较可以接受的?Um... Acceptable? 70, maybe. Probably 70.额,可以接受的?也许70个吧。大概就是70Can you send 70?你可以送70个人过来吗?Actually, this is what 70 people looks like.事实上,70个人看起来会像这样。Thats my family.那是我的家人。So, now what do you think would be a more acceptable number?那么现在你觉得一个比较可以被接受的数字是多少?Zero. Zero.零。零。Dad! Daddy! Daddy!爸爸!爸爸!爸爸!201703/500763The worlds animal species are dying, and humans are a big reason why.世界上的动物物种正在灭亡,人类是重要的原因。The World Wildlife Funds Living Planet Report shows global populations of wild mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and reptiles declined 58 percent on average between 1970 and 2012.世界野生动物基金会的报告显示,全球的野生哺乳类、鱼类、鸟类、两栖类和爬行类动物的数量在1970到2012年间下降了百分之58。And its not stopping there. If 1970 is our baseline, the world is on track to lose an estimated two-thirds of its wild animal populations by 2020.而且并没有停止。如果1970年是我们的基线,到2020年世界将失去估计三分之二的野生动物。But the extinction rate shouldnt be a surprise. Well-known species like eastern and western Gorillas are both critically endangered. Poaching is decimating elephant populations. And you can count the number of northern white rhinos on one hand.但灭绝率不该是什么意外。众所周知的物种,如东部和西部的大猩猩都极度濒危。偷猎正在减少大象的数量。你可以用一只手数清北方白犀牛的数量。The declines are caused by habitat loss from urban development, over-hunting, pollution, disease and climate change,all of which are tied to humans.数量下降是由于城市发展带来的栖息地丧失、过度狩猎、污染、疾病以及气候变化,所有这些都与人类联系在一起。The point is this: Earth is becoming inhospitable,both to animals and to humans. The plus side? Were getting better at recognizing our negative contributions, and researchers say thats one of the ;first steps; to fixing the problem.关键的一点是:地球正变得不适合居住,对动物和人类都一样。另一方面,我们正更好的认识我们负面的影响,研究人员称,这是解决问题的“第一步”。译文属。201611/476168

  The next day in the Abbey,little Richard had his shirt taken off him behind a golden screen第二天 在教堂 小理查在金色幕帘之后 褪去衣衫and his face, hands and chest touched with the holy oil.额头 双手和胸前被涂上圣油As they listened to him in his little boys voice promise to protect the Church,人们倾听他用稚嫩的童声 宣誓保护教堂do justice and respect the laws and customs of his ancestors,维护公平 遵从祖先遗留的法律和传统 the assembly of nobles and priests must have imagined him growing贵族和牧师们一定想象过 他长大成人to fit the huge throne of his ferocious great great grandfather Edward I.戴上他凶残的曾祖父爱德华一世 留下的那顶巨大的样子Inevitably, as the long ceremony droned on in the darkness,Richard fell asleep.庆典单调乏味地进行到夜晚 理查睡着了As he was carried from the Abbey, his legs dangling,他被带离教堂的时候 双腿在空中悬着one of his oversized slippers fell off,but whod think that an ill omen?一只不合脚的鞋掉落 但谁会认为这是不祥之兆呢He was, after all, only ten.毕竟 他只有十岁How was the child marked by all this? 22 years later,22年后 他还会记得这些吗did he remember this moment of anointing as a kind of apotheosis,他会将这个 被涂圣油的时刻a magical transformation from a little man into a little god?当做自己神化的一次奇妙转变吗Perhaps it was as well that Richard mistook himself for a messiah,也许正因此 理查误以为自己是救世主since only someone with that kind of innate self-confidence因为只有拥有这种 天生自信的人could have faced down, at the tender age of 14,才会在14岁时 就敢于面对 the most violent upheaval in the history of medieval England.中世纪英国史上 最为动荡的剧变 /201611/479796

  栏目简介:Boxing is becoming a trendy sport in town. And its not just men signing up to punch someone in the face. More women are attracted to the sport as a way to get fit and learn how to defend themselves. Wu Ying visits a boxing club and tells us more...201706/513493

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/466638。

  栏目简介:Hundreds of middle school students from both the mainland and overseas compete with their ability in designing and programming robots today in a competition called ;FIRST; China Open. Wu Ying was in the ring and takes a look.201707/515525


  The world says the U.S. is doing pretty well when it comes to its leadership for now.世界各国称,当谈到现在的领导力,美国做得相当不错。According to a Gallup poll released Friday, the 132 countries surveyed landed on a 45 percent median approval rating of U.S. leadership. Thats the same as it was the year before.周五,据盖洛普民意调查公布,132个调查国家中百分之45持美国的领导。这和去年一样。The U.S. global image has been fairly strong since President Barack Obama first took office in .自从奥巴马总统上任以来,美国的全球形象相当强劲。When he was first elected, a whopping 49 percent of those surveyed worldwide approved of American leadership.当奥巴马首次当选,世界上高达百分之49的调查国赞成美国的领导。But the upcoming U.S. presidential election could change that.但即将到来的美国总统大选可能会带来改变。I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall.我将在我们南部边境建造一座伟大的城墙。我要墨西哥为那堵墙付钱。New research from Brand Finance says a Trump presidency would threaten the U.S. global image because of his views on foreign policy.《金融品牌》的新研究称,特朗普竞选总统将威胁美国的全球形象,因为他对外交政策的看法。A survey from the Pew Research Center in June had similar results. But it also found while international confidence in Hillary Clintons ability to lead the country was significantly greater than Trumps, it was still lower than Obamas.六月 皮尤研究中心的一项调查也有类似的结果。它发现国际对希拉里领导美国的信心明显大于特朗普,但仍然低于奥巴马。According to the Gallup poll, the U.S. leadership approval rating only narrowly beat Germanys 43 percent. Leadership in Russia scored the lowest of the top five global powers at 24 percent.根据盖洛普民意调查,美国领导的持率仅以微弱优势击败德国的百分之43。俄罗斯的领导持率为百分之24,全球五强中得分最低。译文属。201610/472900

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