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1. Are you fond of chess?你喜欢下棋吗?还能这样说:Are you keen on playing chess?Do you often play chess?应用:have a game of chess 下一盘象棋;chess tournament 象棋比赛;play (at) chess 下象棋2. I am interested in playing chess.我对下棋很感兴趣。还能这样说:I am fond of playing chess.I am a master in chess.应用:have no interest in 对……不感兴趣;show interest in 对……有兴趣;hold sb.s interest 引起某人的兴趣;interested motives 不纯的动机3. In chess, cool nerves are essential.下棋特别需要头脑冷静。还能这样说:You should keep a cool head when you play chess.Playing chess requires a cool head.应用:keep cool 保持凉爽;保持冷静;leave sb. cool 不能引起兴趣;cool down 凉快起来;渐渐冷却;使冷静;a cool head 冷静的头脑4. It was my first win since I began to learn to play chess.自从我学下国际象棋以来,这是我第一次赢。还能这样说:I won the game for the first time after I learned to play chess.I first got the win since I learned to play chess.应用:win against sb. 胜某人一局have three wins and no defeats 三战全胜;win by chance 偶然获胜;win out 最终获得成功;win over 说;win round 争取过来 /201309/258709

Todd: Now, Christian, youre English is amazing. Perfect actually.Christian,你英语说的真好,简直太棒了。Christian: Thank you.谢谢。Todd: And many people from Norway have excellent English. What is the secret about Norway?很多来自挪威的人英语都很棒。到底是有什么秘诀呢?Christian: I dont know. I actually heard that before that I meet a lot of people and they say,;Oh, youre from Norway. 我不知道。只是之前,我碰到很多人的时候他们都会说,“哦,你来自挪威。”Norwegian people speak such good English. Why is that?; 挪威人能说得一口流利的英文。这是为什么呢?Personally I think its because we get a lot of exposure to English, through TV, music, media, everything, and we dont dub movies and TV programs like they do in many other countries. 我个人觉得是因为我们生长在英语的大环境下,电视,音乐,媒体,一切的一切都是英文的,而且不同于其他国家,电影以及电视节目都是没有配音的。We get subtitles. And the same with music. English music is very, very popular. 我们有字幕。音乐也是一样的。英文歌也是非常流行的。Probably more popular that Norwegian music, and I guess as well the education system provides us with really good, you know, teaching so, I mean all those combined together, you know, creates, how to say.也许更出名的是挪威乐曲,而且我想校方也提供了相当棒的音乐课,所以我的意思是,所有的这些加起来就造就了我们。恩怎么说呢,你知道的。Todd: Super speakers!一流的演说家!Christian: I dont know super speakers. Its a good combination, I guess in term of learning the language, so, you know, and a lot of Norwegians travel as well and they have time to practice as well, which is important if you want to speak English well.我不知道什么一流演说家。但这是个很好的融合,我想,单是从学语言方面考虑,很多挪威人出去旅游,同时会有更多的时间说英语,练习英语。如果你想学好英语这一点是很重要的。Todd: Sure, well, how difficult is it to learn Norwegian?当然,那学习挪威语会有多难呢?Christian: That is probably more difficult that English, Id say, but its interesting I have a private Japanese student at the moment and he went to Norway on exchange from his university here in Japan 我不得不说那可能会比英语更难,但有趣的是我现在有个日本学生,他从他学校来挪威做交换生。and he didnt speak a word of Norwegian before he went but he spent the year there, and he now can have a decent conversation with me in Norwegian. 而且他来之前不会说一句挪威语但他在这儿呆了几年,现在跟很熟练地跟我用挪威语对话了。Thats three years ago since he went there, but still he speaks pretty well.他来这儿才三年,但挪威语仍然讲得很好。 /201308/253352

  爱明星说英语—李小璐,原来她不是爱惹祸的小天使,原来她不是横行霸道的杨晓芸,换个角度看人也许好多东西就不一样了!看看视频中李小璐的英文采访,一起听听她的口语怎么样吧~ /201409/324378



  Student Military Service军训生活You: We had military training in july this summer in Changping. For 15 days we stayed in a barracks and underwent military training. Day in and day out we had to get up at 5 oclock in the morning, and then we went for a run or a walk.今年7月份我们在昌平参加了军训,在军营待了15天。我们每天早晨5点起床,然后是跑步或是行军。David: Did you get to shoot any guns?你们打靶了吗?You: Thats right.是的。David: Thats dangerous.很危险呀。You: No, in fact, military training is interesting. We learned many things. Everyday we would make our beds and clean our rooms by military standards. We also ran, marched, sang songs, and finally shot guns. Milirary training is difficult yet fun.不,其实是很有趣的。在军训期间,我们学会了很多。每天按照军营里的要求整理内务,每天练习队列队形,学唱军歌,打靶等等。总之,军训生活是痛并快乐着。David: Sounds like fun.起来很有意思嘛。You: How about it in Ameriva? Do the students have military training also?在美国呢?美国学生也有军训吗?David: In the ed States, there is no mandatory military training, but many young Americans voluntarily register with the military. Some students register after graduating from high school. The military can give the students leadership training as well as scholarships for college when they leave.美国,没有法定的军训;但是许多年轻人都自愿参军。一些学生在高中毕业后就自愿参军。部队会对这些学生进行领导能力的训练,并且为他们退役之后去上大学提供奖学金。 /201211/208206

  5. Do you know your rights and obligations in this agreement?你知道在这份协议中你的权利和义务吗?还能这样说:Are you clear about your rights and obligations in this agreement?Do you have an idea about what are your rights and obligations?应用:write out the agreement 写契约;tear up the agreement 撕毁协议6. What principle did you conform to in signing the agreement?你们遵循什么原则签署这份协议的?还能这样说:What should we follow when we make the agreement?What should we keep when we enter into this contract?应用:conform (to sth.) 符合或遵守(公认的规则,准则等);conform with/to sth. 与某事物相符合或相一致7. Please show me your proposal of cooperation.请提出你的合作建议。还能这样说:Please give some advice on the cooperation.Please put forward a proposal of cooperation.应用:proposal of marriage 求婚;offer proposals for 提出……建议8. I wonder whether the agreement has the guarantee of law or not.我想知道这份协议是否具有法律效力。还能这样说:I want to know is this agreement valid?Can you tell me whether the agreement has a legal force?应用:stand guarantee for sb. 替某人作保;fulfill a guarantee 履行作出的保;give a guarantee 提供担保 /201410/332578经典句型:This is my ideal career. 这是我的理想职业。A:Do you like this job?甲:你喜欢这份工作吗?B:This is my ideal career.乙:这是我的理想职业。A:I hope you will be competent for the position.甲:希望你能胜任这个职位。B:I think Im qualified enough and Ill try my best to do it.乙:我想我有足够的资格,并且会尽最大努力。A:Im glad to hear that.甲:很高兴听你这样讲。经典句型:Im looking forward to being one of you. 我希望成为你们当中的一员。A:Im looking forward to being one of you.甲:我希望成为你们当中的一员。B:I hope so.I will call you later.乙:我也希望如此。我会给你打电话的。A:Thank you.甲:谢谢。句型讲解:Look forward to表示“期待”,后面接名词或名词短语。如:Im looking forward to receiving your early reply.希望早日收到您的答复。 /201402/276324

  讲笑话 tell/make a jokeIve never known her to make a joke.我从没见过她开玩笑。 /201307/247475

  Whats your status?你现在情况怎么样?Status表示某个时期的状况,情况。主要是问特定时期的状态,比如生病时、毕业时等等。。


  13. Have you stamped the letter with the right postage?你贴邮票的邮资对吗?还能这样说:Has this letter been stamped with correct postage?Have you put correct stamp on the letter?应用:with a stamp of impatience 不耐烦地一跺脚;the stamp of the age 时代的特征;bear the stamp of suffering 带有受苦的痕迹14. I didnt mail the letter to her, because I didnt have her address.我没有把那封信寄出,因为我没有她的地址。还能这样说:I didnt post the letter for lacking of her address.I failed to mail the letter for I didnt know where she lived.应用:letter of recommendation 推荐书;介绍信;letter of reference 调查信;保书;letter of regret 致歉信15. Your letter is 30 grams overweight.你的信超重30克。还能这样说:Your letter weighs over 30 grams in excess of the allowance.The excess weight of your letter is 30 grams.16. What is the postage of this letter, please?请问这封信的邮资是多少?还能这样说:How much should I pay the postage of this letter?How much is the postage of this letter?谚语:Dont put off till tomorrow what should be done today.今日事,今日毕。17. It will take only about 6 days to Beijing.大概6天就能到北京了。还能这样说:Your friend may receive your letter in about 6 days.It needs about 6 days to Beijing.应用:reach ones hand 伸出手;reach sb. sth. 递给某人某物;reach sb. a kick 踢某人;reach toward sth. 伸向某物 /201307/246280

  Bingo是谁?黑头发黄皮肤也能说道地美语?Bingo来了!让Bingo带你轻松拥有舌尖上的美语!每周二:场景的词汇和表达;每周四:美语口语小词;每周六:发音和语调。今天我们来学习和“马”有关的表达。 /201403/278480

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