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阜宁县中西医结合医院官网盐城内分泌失调会引起月经推迟吗sick days病假 CEO: I've your report, and I'm not sure I agree with you. You think you can get attendance inproved by requiring salaried employees to take their all of their sick days? 我已经看了你的报告,我的看法可能跟你有所不同。你觉得所有年薪员工病了就必须休病假可以提高出勤率吗? HR Manager: That's right. I know it must sound crazy to you, but we believe there will be fewer absences this way. 是的。我知道听起来一定有点不可思议,但是这样可以减少缺勤。 CEO: We give them 10 or 15 sick days per year. Surely requiring people to take them couldn't possibly help. It sounds like a counter - productive policy change to me. 员工每年可以休十到十五天的病假。硬性规定有病必须歇假肯定不会提高出勤率,我觉得这像是会产生负面效果的制度修订。 HR Manager: Right now, we have incentives encouraging employees to come to work as often as possible. But employees with colds and the flu are coming to work and infecting their colleagues. 目前,我们的各种奖励制度都是鼓励员工尽可能多地出勤。可患有感冒和流感的员工来上班就会传染别人的。 CEO: I see. So our current policies are encouraing sick people to come to work, resulting in more sick employees. 我明白了。目前的规定鼓励生病的人也来上班,势必会使更多的人生病。 HR Manager: That's right. If sick days were mandatory, sick people would stay home. We wouldn't have these company-wide epidemics. 是的。如果生了病就必须在家休病假的话,公司就不会发生大面积的*疾病。 CEO: Let's give it a shot! 那我们就试试看吧。 attendance出勤率 absence缺勤率 incentives奖励机制 sick days病假 mandatory强制性的 give it a shot进行尝试 /200703/11440盐城/怀孕一个月怎么打掉 Carl下课,看到室友Benny买东西刚回来,好象很兴奋。Benny: Hey Carl! Check this out! I just picked up three brand-new Hollywood movies...they havent even been released in theaters yet!Carl: Um...you mean theyre counterfeit copies?B: Sure! They only cost a couple of bucks each!C: Yeah, but...theyre illegal copies.B: So? Whats the problem?C: I just dont think its right to buy pirated goods. I dont want to sound too judgmental, but I think its wrong.Benny兴奋地叫 Carl,Check this out!快来看。原来,Benny买了三张盗版影碟,都是尚未发行的好莱坞大片。盗版可以说counterfeit goods, 也可以说pirated goods. 盗版碟很便宜,每张只要a couple of bucks两美元。Carl说,I dont want to sound too judgmental, judgmental is spelled j-u-d-g-m-e-n-t-a-l, 意思是对别人妄加,但Carl还是要说,买盗版碟不对。B: But Carl, those Hollywood film companies make millions and millions of dollars! Its not like Im hurting some poor kid in Africa. These guys are billionaires.C: Yes, thats true. But theres a simple rule to find out if something is wrong or not: Ask yourself, ;What would happen if everyone did what you are doing?;B: Well, if everyone bought pirated copies, no one would buy originals.C: And if that happened the movie companies would go bankrupt and youd never be able to enjoy cool new films, right?B: I guess so.Benny觉得,自己买盗版,受损失的只是那些身价数十亿美元的好莱坞制片公司,所以没什么了不起。Carl让 Benny想想,如果大家都象他一样买盗版,会是什么结果。Benny承认,那就没人买正品了。正品叫original, original is spelled o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l, original. 没人买正品,制片公司就会go bankrupt破产,那就没电影看了。Carl还说,C: Also, think about the initial investment. When a drug company makes a new medicine, it takes years to test it before they can sell it. If we buy the fake version, the drug company might not have the money to test some newer medicine. Movies are a big investment, too.B: But the prices they charge are insane! I could buy 35 pirated DVDs for the price of one original!C: Actually, I agree with you there. The movie studios do need to reduce their prices to something more reasonable. But that doesnt change the fact that its still stealing.Carl提醒说,拍电影跟开发新药一样,需要大笔投资,这一点也不能忘。Benny争辩说,可正版影碟实在是太贵了。The prices are insane. Carl在这一点上同意Benny的看法,觉得制片公司需要把价格降低到更合理的价位,to reduce their prices to something more reasonable. 但他坚持说,这改变不了买盗版就是盗取的事实。Carl是否能够说 Benny 以后不再买盗版,我们下次继续听。 /201202/170665盐城/包皮手术那最好

盐城/哪个医院做人流好呢Catherine和Jane谈话,谈到一位同事的工作态度。这位同事不但能力平平,做事潦草,而且听不进任何批评建议,稍有不顺他心意的,他便会大发脾气,恶语相加。Catherine叹口气说:He's a goner。 He's a goner.他是个无可救药的人。goner的表面意思是“已死者”,引申义为“无望的人,落魄的人,无可救药的人(或事)”。所以当某个人的行为一再令你失望时,你就可以说He or she is a goner. Jane:Terry always leaves his files here and there. I can't bear him any more.简:泰瑞总是把文件丢的到处都是,我再也受不了了。Shirley:He's a goner. Leave him alone.雪莉:他是个无可救药的人。别管他。背景音乐:Kiss the Rain◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎盐城宫颈糜烂怎么上药 第一句:What made you leave W Company?是什么让你离开W公司呢?A: What made you leave W Company ?是什么让你离开W公司呢?B: Because I want to work in a big company.因为我想到大公司工作。第二句:The company culture here is a match with my values and per sonality.贵公司的文化与我的价值观和个性更为匹配。A: Why did you want a change?你为什么要换工作呢?B: The company culture here is a match with my values and personality. 贵公司的文化与我的价值观和个性更为匹配。知识扩展:1.面试官还佘这样问:Why did you quit?你为何要辞职呢?Can you tell me the reason for leaving?你能含诉我为何要离职吗?Why have you changed job so frequently?你为何如此频繁地换工作呢?2.请注意背后的意义,那才是面试官的真正目的,离职原因可以反映—个人对人生、工作的态度:Because I consider the company can provide me with high-technical support.因为我认为责分司能够为我提供很高的技术持。I’d like to work in a foreign-invested company so as to make full use of my English.我想在外资企业工作,可以更大程度上发挥我的英语优势。盐城/治疗软下疳哪里好

盐城协和妇科医院无痛人流多少钱hot-ticket item ------- 流行事物(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) Anything that is currently quite popular; something or someone in great demand.例句 Since several movie celebrities began eating there recently, the restaurant has now become a hot-ticket item.由于好几位电影明星不久前去用餐,这家餐厅现在火起来了。 /201502/359318 A: Last month, we only had 40 hits on our site. Our products and prices are good, but the problem is that no one knows about our website.B: If we want to get this internet business off the ground, we've got to do something fast.A: We need to maximize the chances that our site will be at the top of search engine lists, but I'm not sure how to do it.B: We've got to put more buzz words into the page text, so it will pop up when people search about our kind of products.A: Yeah, you're right. We've got to get the most popular phrases there....How else can we boost site traffic?B: I think one of the least costly ways to attract business is to ask some of our neighboring sites to offer links to our page inside of theirs. If they have related services, they may be willing to help us out.A: I guess we could also put out a few advertisements for our website inside of the search engine. I would like to find the most effective way to let people know about our site and our products. /201002/96127盐城白带白色的很浓盐城/那家医院做人流比好



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