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渭南哪家医院治疗淋病专业渭南哪里看男科生殖器官PM Plans To Create 100,000 Jobs Gordon Brown has unveiled plans to create up to 100,00 new jobs in a bid to combat the recession. The PM's pledge comes in an interview for today's Observer magazine. Sky's Niall Paterson reports. People don't want to start the New Year with the bang and Gordan Brown's big idea suddenly grabs the attention, creating new jobs at a time when many are losing theirs, all these are the begining of what looks like being one of the toughest period in modern British history. The Prime Minister told the Observer: I want to show how we will be able to, through public investments and public works, create probably 100,000 additional jobs... schools,hospitals, environmental work and infrastructure, transport... We are not going to stand by and allow nothing to be done when people are facing difficulties. Sooner public money will be used to found public works, providing as many as 30,000 jobs, repairing schools, helping hurted construction firms . There will be farther investments in the environmental and digital industries. Mr. Brown believes the world's economy will double over the next 20 years and Britain needs to take advantage. And further measures are promised to get banks' lending once more. Suddenly the creation of the jobs through the public works has a familiar feel to it's President Roosevelt New Deal in the 30s, was designed to lift the America out of the economic Dow Johns/but many students feel that that plan in fact prolongs the great depresion and with plenty of people who say Gorge Brown's plan will have lilttle or no effect. Unemployment currently stands at an alarming 1.9 million, the highest has been since 1997, experts see it could get as high as 3.1 million in two years time, in those circumstances, 100,000 extra jobs which could drop in the ocean. "I frankly think that the made-works scheme of this kind simplly don't work in the modern age, and I think Gordan Brown is simply desperate to make sure that the figure of 3 million is not reached." That plan's goal is a cautiously ambitious one, but the New Year's resolutions are notorious difficult to stick to, you are on Sky News, Wesminister01/60972渭南性病医院哪家最好 Teenager‘s experiment with alcohol. In many countries and societies, that’s just a fact. And so many parents of teenagers may think that it’s a good idea to teach their kids to drink responsibly by having a few drinks with them. But according to at least one study, drinking with teens is not a good idea. In fact, it’s a very bad idea. The study argues that kids who are allowed to drink under adult supervision are more likely to develop drinking problems than kids whose parents have a hard and fast policy on their not drinking until they turn twenty-one. Now, this might strike you as strange and even unlikely. Will allowing your teenage kids to have a beer or two or a glass of wine with dinner really turn them into alcoholics? No, not in such absolute terms.【生词注释】alcohol n.酒responsibly adv. 有鉴别力地, 能明辨是非地supervision n. 监督; 管理policy n.规定alcoholic n. 酒鬼 在许多国家和社会,青少年喝酒已经是一个不辨的事实。许多青少年的父母也许认为和孩子们一起喝酒并教教孩子们有鉴别力地去喝酒是个很好的注意。但是根据最新的一项研究表明,和青少年一起喝酒并不是一个好注意。事实上,那是个很糟糕的主意。研究说被允许在成年人的监护下喝酒的青少年比直到年满21岁才被允许喝酒的青少年更可能形成许多酗酒问题。这可能让你感到很奇怪并感到不可能。吃饭时允许你的孩子喝一两杯啤酒或是一杯白酒真的让使他们成为酒鬼吗?不是的,不能一概而论。201110/158802Are you turning men off? It may not be how you look, but it may be something that you are totally unaware of. Hi, I'm Marie Forleo, life coach and author. And today I wanna talk to you about the perfect man checklist and why you need to burn that, girl. Most women have something called the perfect man checklist. It's an idea in their head about what the perfect man looks like and unknowingly, every time they meet a new guy, you're kind of scanning around, trying to see whether or not he fits that perfect man checklist. Well, here's what I recommend - burn the perfect man checklist. That's right, lady, set it to fire. Here's why. That perfect man checklist was put together when you were a much younger version of yourself. It's probably put together from people in your family, things that you learned in school, and it may not be appropriate to the beautiful and irresistible woman you are today. When you have a perfect man checklist, it's cutting you off from boatloads of men that are out there that can be single, available, but they may not fit your pictures. I know for me, I used to think that I used to have to be married to some Italian, very strong, masculine-looking guy, and I happened to be from Jersey, so we had that look. You know what happened when I burned my perfect man checklist? I absolutely met the man in my dreams. So ladies, go ahead and burn that perfect man checklist. You're gonna be so surprised at who you meet. You never know, it could be your Mr. Right. For more advice on dating and relationships, check out my new book. Make every man want you, or make yours want you more. How to be so damn irresistible you will barely keep from dating yourself. You can learn more at makeeverymanwantyou.com. Thanks for clicking on imag. For more original lifestyle s, log on to fncimag.com200810/52856渭南治疗前列腺炎多少钱

渭南哪个医院治疗前列腺囊肿好Cola warPepsi and Coca-Cola are branching out to offer healthier alternatives for consumers. CNN's Richard Lui reportsOn this week’s Fortune First, Coke or Pepsi.It is the question that has fueled the rivalry known as the 'cola wars' for decades, but the fight is no longer just about the cola.Americans are drinking less carbonated sodas and they want healthier things. Coca Cola launched Coke Zero, a calorie-free drink sweeter than Diet Coke and recently purchased Vitamin Water. The company also created 'Make every drop count ,'an interactive program which encourages coke drinkers to live healthy and active lifestyles. Pepsi is not missing a beat either.They’ve been buying healthier brands, Naked Juice, Star Foods, one of their key divisions is Quaker Foods which of course makes a variety of healthier alternatives. They had a whole chain of fast food restaurants they don’t own those any more. One of the things that they have done which is kind of innovative is they put together a theatre group. Basically it’s an alternative to the focus group.These plays don’t promote Pepsi so much as healthy lifestyles to the audience of retail Executives and Pepsi sales teams.Coke and Pepsi are not the only companies that are struggling to meet consumer demands. Many fast food giants have added healthier options to their s.Rivalries are ultimately always a good thing for the consumer at least because they spur competitiveness. Notes: Theatre group: 剧组02/62535蒲城县人民医院包皮手术多少钱 Consumer goods消费品The mystery of the Chinese consumer揭秘中国消费者 In the first of a two-part series on Asian consumers, we ask what makes the Middle Kingdom’s shoppers tickJul 7th 2011 | SHANGHAI | from the print edition LILY LI wears a lanyard with a little plastic card around her neck, even at weekends. It is a badge of honour: it shows that she has a white-collar job. (She is a secretary at Access Asia, a retail-research company in Shanghai.) She uses Apple earphones for the cheap Chinese mobile phone in her pocket, so it looks as if she owns an iPhone. And she drives to work, though it takes four times longer than public transport, just to show off her little car.李周末也佩戴者一张小塑料卡片。这是荣耀的象征:白领。(李是通亚公司Access Asia一位秘书,通亚公司是上海一家零售市场调研公司。)李包里装着便宜的国产手机,耳上却戴着苹果的耳机,看起来就像用的是苹果iPhone手机。李驾车上班,尽管耗时是公交车4倍,但是她就是想显摆她的小车。After decades of deprivation and conformism, Chinese consumers regard expensive consumer goods as trophies of success. In public, they show off. In private, they pinch pennies. The owner of a gleaming new BMW will drive around for half an hour to avoid a 50 cent parking fee. And she will hesitate to spend much on interior decoration, because only her family sees the inside of her flat.过了几十年的清苦日子,循规蹈矩。中国消费者们现在觉得昂贵的消费品昭示着成功。在外就炫耀不已,私下,锱铢必较。拥有一辆闪耀的新款宝马车就得四处转悠半个小时避免交那点停车费。购买房屋内部装饰则很犹豫,因为只有家人才看得到房子内。By some forecasts China will be the second-largest consumer market in the world by 2015, not far behind America. Chinese people aly buy more cars than people in any other country: 13.5m last year to Americans’ 11.6m. China is on its way to becoming the biggest luxury-goods market. The central government made an increase in domestic consumption one of the priorities of its latest five-year plan.一些人预测中国会在2015年成为世界第二大消费市场,据美国不远。中国人已经比任何国家买的车都多:去年1350万辆车,美国则为1160万辆车.中国正在成为世界最大奢侈品消费市场。中央政府将加大国内消费作为未来5年计划重点。201107/143932渭南欧亚医院可以看男科的吗

渭南淋病的医院美国总统奥巴马星期四在纽约对华尔街金融部门主管讲话时把美国经济比做建在流沙上的房子,他要求美国金融业持金融改革。奥巴马形容金融改革对避免经济再次崩溃至关重要。Comparing the U.S. economy to a house on shifting sands, President Barack Obama has appealed to the U.S. financial industry to support reforms he describes as vital to avoiding another economic collapse. The president spoke in New York.Aiming his appeal directly at the financial industry and skeptics within it, and at Republican critics in Congress, the president warned of the danger of a repeat of economic collapse.Calling the financial crisis the outcome of a failure of responsibility from Wall Street to Washington, he said the time has come to seize the moment to make fundamental changes in the rules of the financial road."It is essential that we learn the lessons of this crisis, so we do not doom ourselves to repeat it," said the president. "And make no mistake, that is exactly what will happen if we allow this moment to pass. That is an outcome that is unacceptable to me and it is unacceptable to you, the American people."With many, but not all, of the most prominent executives of Wall Street firms present, the president outlined key aspects of legislation the Senate will debate in coming days.These include steps to impose new oversight and controls on hedge funds and complex financial instruments known as derivatives, and protections for consumers of financial products.Of particular importance would be a system to ensure that troubled financial companies could be dismantled in an orderly way without posing the kind of systemic risk they did in 2008. Calling the Senate bill and one the House of Representatives approved last year a significant improvement over flawed rules now in place, he said changes would be advantageous for the industry and the country.The president took aim at the tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of financial industry lobbyists who have descended on Capitol Hill in recent weeks attempting to urge lawmakers to oppose the legislation."I am sure that some of these lobbyists work for you and they are doing what they are being paid to do. But I am here today, specifically when I speak to the titans of industry here, because I want to urge you to join us, instead of fighting us in this effort," he said. ”President Obama also directed attention to an ongoing and enormously sensitive issue for Americans - multi-million dollar salaries, bonuses and other compensation paid to industry executives."Some of the salaries and bonuses we have seen created perverse incentives to take reckless risks that contributed to the crisis. It is what helped lead to a relentless focus on a company's next quarter, to the detriment of its next year or decade," he said. Critics say the Senate measure would amount to an authorization for continuing government bailouts of the financial industry.On Capitol Hill, minority Republicans have softened opposition to Senate legislation, but negotiations continue on provisions. Democrats hope for a vote by next week.201004/102219 Obama Urges Physicians to Support Health Care Reform奥巴马呼吁全国医生持医疗改革U.S. President Barack Obama is continuing his campaign to reform the American health care system. He is urging the nation's doctors to put aside their skepticism and back changes that he says are needed to bring skyrocketing medical costs under control.美国总统奥巴马继续大力推动医疗保健系统的改革。奥巴马总统星期一敦促全国的医生们抛开怀疑,持变革。奥巴马总统说,为了使飞速上涨的医疗费用得到控制,改革是必不可少的。President Obama went before the nation's largest organization of physicians to make the case for health care reform.奥巴马总统在向美国最大的医生组织美国医学协会发表讲话时,阐述了医疗改革的必要性。"The cost of our health care is a threat to our economy," he said. "It is an escalating burden on our families and businesses. It is a ticking time bomb for the federal budget.他说:“巨大的医疗费用对我们的经济构成威胁。它正成为美国家庭和企业不断增加的负担。对于联邦预算而言,过高的医疗费用就像一枚定时炸弹。”In a speech to members of the American Medical Association at their annual meeting in Chicago, the president spoke in stark terms. 在芝加哥举行的美国医学协会年会上,奥巴马总统直言不讳地说明了自己的观点。He talked about big corporations like General Motors that are in trouble in part because of the high cost of providing health insurance to employees.他指出,通用汽车这样的大企业之所以陷入困境,部分原因就在于员工的医疗保险费用太高。"If we do not fix our health care system, America may go the way of GM - paying more, getting less and going broke," said Mr. Obama. 奥巴马说:“如果我们不去修复医疗保健系统,美国就可能重蹈通用汽车的复辙,那便是花费的更多,获得的更少,最后走向破产。”The president faced a tough audience. There is consensus in the medical community about the need for reform to improve the affordability and accessibility of quality care. But there is no unity on the best medicine to heal the ailing system.奥巴马总统所面对的听众也不好对付。医学界虽然普遍认为,需要通过改革来使更多的人负担得起高质量的医疗保健。但是,对于问题成堆的医疗系统,却至今没有一个公认的灵丹妙药。The president went out of his way to assure them that he does not support a government take-over. But he said there needs to be a way to provide health insurance to those of modest means. And he took on a major concern for doctors: the fear of a malpractice lawsuit.奥巴马总统尽力向他们保,他并不赞成政府接管医保系统。但他也说,需要找到一条为低收入者提供医疗保险的途径。同时,他也对医生们最担心的一个问题表达了意见,那就是医疗失误引起的法律诉讼。President Obama said he does not favor limits on the amount of money juries can award in malpractice lawsuits. But he said he is open to other options, and he pledged to work with the medical community.奥巴马总统说,他并不赞成对陪审团能够为医疗事故判定多少赔偿金设立上限。但他也表示愿意考虑其他方案,并保与医学界合作。"I need your help, doctors, because to most Americans, you are the health care system," he said.他说:“医生们,我需要你们的帮助。对绝大多数美国人而言,你们就代表着医疗保健系统!”Republican leaders in the U.S. Congress responded to the president's remarks by charging once again that he wants a health care system run by bureaucrats in Washington.美国国会的共和党领袖们对总统的讲话做出反应时,再次批评奥巴马总统想把医疗保健系统置于华盛顿官僚们的掌管之下。06/74596渭南生殖科哪个医院比较好渭南市第一人民医院泌尿系统在线咨询



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