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4 索赔据3句英文任你选Do you have any evidence/proofs?你有什么据吗?Here is the survey report issued by the China Commodity Inspection Bureau. You may it.这是中国商品检验局的检验报告,您可以看看。Heres a survey report by a well-known lab in Singapore, whose testimony is absolutely reliable.这是由新加坡的一个著名实验室提供的一份检查报告,据是绝对可靠的。半个句型要记牢a survey report by (由……提供的一份检查报告)Tip:如今社会,所有的诉讼都讲究据。在提供据时,这个句式十分管用。 /201605/434154McCain Surges in Polls as Obama Challenges Him on Change麦凯恩民调持度攀升超过奥巴马  New public opinion polls show Republican John McCain surging in the U.S. presidential race over Democrat Barack Obama. Both candidates campaigned Monday on the issues of change and the economy. 新的民意调查显示,美国共和党总统候选人麦凯恩的持度迅速攀升,超越了民主党候选人奥巴马。两位候选人在星期一的竞选活动中都强调改变和经济问题。Senator McCain appears to have gotten a sizable boost from last week's Republican convention. McCain now leads in two Gallup polls, and is tied with Senator Obama in two other national surveys. 参议员麦凯恩的持率显然从上星期的共和党大会中得到大幅提升。现在他在两个盖洛普民调中都领先,在另外两个全国民调中,则与奥巴马平分秋色。Most polls had Obama ahead prior to both party conventions. 在两党全国代表大会前,奥巴马在许多民调中都保持领先。McCain's campaign seems to enjoy new life thanks in large part to the addition of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as the Republican candidate for vice president. 麦凯恩阵营对这个新变化非常兴奋,一般认为,麦凯恩民调升高是由于阿拉斯加州州长佩林成为共和党副总统候选人。Palin introduced McCain Monday at a rally in Missouri.  佩林星期一在密苏里州的竞选活动中介绍麦凯恩出场说:"In politics, there are candidates who use change to promote their careers, and then there are those like John McCain who use their careers to promote change," she said. “在政治圈里,有候选人以改变为口号来推动个人政治生涯,但也有像麦凯恩参议员这样的人,投入自己的政治生涯来推动改变。”McCain has shifted his emphasis in recent days to making the argument that he and Palin are the true candidates of change, and that their reputations as political mavericks will bring reform to Washington. 麦凯恩近来改变他的竞选焦点,强调他和佩林才是能带来改变的候选人,只有像他们这样政治独立的人才能改革华盛顿。"We don't work for a party and we don't work for a special interest. We don't work for ourselves. We are going to work for you and we are going to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. and we are going to take on the special interests," he said. 麦凯恩说:“我们不为单一政党或特别利益工作,我们也不为自己工作,我们要为你们做事,我们要清除华盛顿的政治污泥,我们要挑战特殊利益。”Senator Obama also focused on the economy Monday during a campaign event in Michigan, which has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. 参议员奥巴马星期一在密西根州竞选时也把焦点放在经济议题上,密西根是美国失业率最高的州之一。But Obama took issue with McCain's attempt to portray the Republican ticket as agents of change after eight years of Republican control of the White House.  不过奥巴马也对麦凯恩在共和党执政8年后,还把自己塑造成变革力量的企图表示质疑。"I mean, you can't just make stuff up. You can't just recreate yourself. You can't just reinvent yourself. The American people are not stupid! What they are looking for is somebody who has been consistently calling for change," he said. 他说:“你不能只是做做样子,不能重新创造你自己,重新包装自己。美国选民不是傻瓜,他们要寻找的是一位持之以恒,不断寻求改变的候选人。”Obama got some help from former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, who campaigned for the Democratic ticket of Obama and vice presidential candidate Joe Biden in Florida. "If we want to tackle the myriad of challenges facing our country, then to slightly amend my comments from Denver [at the Democratic convention], no way, no how, no McCain, no Palin," she said.Meanwhile, the surprise choice of Governor Palin to serve as Senator McCain's running mate won praise from both President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. 与此同时,麦凯恩选择佩林为竞选搭档的出乎意料之举赢得了布什总统以及切尼副总统的赞扬。The president told Fox television that Senator McCain made what he called an "inspired pick" with Palin, while Vice President Cheney said he thought Palin's speech at last week's Republican convention was "superb". 布什总统接受福布斯电台采访时表示,麦凯恩选择佩林是“令人鼓舞的选择”。切尼则表示,佩林上星期在共和党大会上的演说“非常出色”。200809/48080

Recovery Begins After Hurricane Ike, Bush to Visit Affected Area布什总统周二将视察艾克飓风灾区  Search teams are sping out along the U.S. Gulf Coast, looking for people stranded after Hurricane Ike. Emergency officials in Texas say they have rescued about 2,000 people who ignored evacuation orders and were stranded by Hurricane Ike. They say thousands of others are in the same situation. President George Bush will tour the region on Tuesday. 搜救人员正在沿墨西哥沿岸寻找因飓风艾克而受困的民众。美国总统布什将在星期二视察该区。President Bush says he wants to get a first hand look at the damage. 布什总统说,他要亲自去看看当地受灾的情况。"This is a tough storm and it is going to require time for people to recover," said President Bush. 他说:“这是个很厉害的飓风,人们需要时间来恢复。”Hurricane Ike came ashore early Saturday along the Texas Gulf Coast with strong winds and torrential rains. As it weakened and moved out, the search for the missing began, along with the slow task of assessing damage and restoring essential services. 飓风艾克带着狂风暴雨星期六早晨在德克萨斯州墨西哥湾登陆。在风力逐渐减弱离开那里后,寻找失踪民众的行动就开始了。同时,对损害的评估和恢复主要务的缓慢过程也随之开始。President Bush says search and rescue is now the top priority. But he says action is also being taken to help the millions who remain without electricity. 总统布什说,搜索和救援是当务之急,但他说,有关当局也采取了行动帮助几百万缺乏电力供应的民众。"Interestingly enough, some electricity is aly being restored to Houston, I am told," said Mr. Bush. "And I do want to thank the utility companies for working hard to get electricity up." 他说:“有趣的是,他们告诉我休斯敦的部分电力供应已经恢复。我要谢谢电力公司这么努力使电力回复。”But it is likely to take some time before power is fully restored. And for now, the people of Houston - the fourth-largest city in the ed States - are under an overnight curfew due to the outages. 不过要使电力全面恢复可能还需要一段时间。休斯敦是美国第四大城,目前因为断电而晚间实施宵禁。Complicating matters is massive storm debris - including downed trees and shattered glass from broken windows. In the barrier island town of Galveston, homes and businesses were flooded out, and when the storm winds receded, the local highway was covered with boats and other refuse left behind by the sea. 使问题更为复杂的是飓风造成的大量垃圾,包括倒下的树木和被打破窗户的碎玻璃。加尔维斯顿镇岛上民房和商店全被水淹。在风消退后,当地公路上遍布著船只和其他海水冲上岸的垃圾。President Bush has been getting regular updates on conditions. After a briefing early Sunday, he warned local residents who evacuated to stay away until local officials say it is safe to return. 总统布什不断得到灾情汇报。星期天早上举行简报会后,他警告撤退的居民在当地官员说已经安全以前不要回家。"It is very important for citizens, who I know are anxious to get home, to take your time and listen, take the advice of local folks," he said. 他说:“我知道民众归心似箭,但是耐心等候和听取地方官员的劝告是非常重要的。”There is also concern about gas and oil refineries in the region slammed by Ike. They were spared the worst of the storm. But work was disrupted and some may remain closed for some time due to power outages. 另外, 人们对当地遭受艾克袭击的炼油厂也很关注。他们躲过了最恶劣的风暴,但是工作已经中断,有些还可能由于停电而被迫停工很久。As a result, gasoline prices in the ed States are rising sharply. President Bush says it is too early to determine the extent of the damage the hurricane will have on gasoline production and distribution. But he makes clear price gouging will not be tolerated. 美国油价因此暴涨。总统布什说,现在评估飓风对石油生产和配给的破坏程度还为时过早。但他清楚地表示,哄抬油价的行为是绝不能容忍的。"The federal government, along with state governments, will be monitoring very carefully as to whether or nor consumers are being mistreated at the pump," said President Bush. 他说:“联邦政府,和州政府一起将密切注视,消费者在加油时是不是受到不公平的对待。”President Bush has aly declared a federal disaster in large parts of Texas and neighboring Louisiana. The move clears the way for massive government assistance to flow into the region. Although it will take some time before the full extent of the damage is known, Ike is expected to be one of the costliest storms ever to hit the ed States. 总统布什已宣布大部分的德萨斯州和邻州路易斯安那州为重灾区。这一举动为大量政府救援进入该地区扫清了道路。虽然要过一些时间才能知道受损的程度,但艾克预计是袭击美国造成损害最严重的暴风之一。200809/48645

Pentagon says AFRICOM Will Be Ready for Full Operations October 1美国防部称将按时成立非洲司令部   The U.S. Defense Department says it is committed to launching its new Africa Command on time in October, and with the same capabilities as other major U.S. military commands. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Theresa Whelan made the comment in a VOA interview. 美国国防部表示正在争取在今年10月按时成立新的非洲司令部。这个司令部具备美军其它主要军事司令部的功能。美国国防部副助理部长惠兰在接受美国之音采访时发表上述谈话。The Defense Department's top Africa official says Africa Command, which has been operating in a preparation phase for eight months, will be y to take responsibility for all U.S. military engagement with the continent on schedule.  美国国防部这位负责非洲事务的官员说,非洲司令部进行了8个月的准备阶段工作,现已准备好按时担负起美国在非洲大陆军事行动的任务。"We are confident that by 1 October AFRICOM will be enabled, and will be able to carry out the existing missions of the current combatant commands that are responsible for Africa. And the leadership here in the Pentagon is very committed to doing whatever it takes to make that a reality," she said. 惠兰说:“我们相信,非洲司令部将在10月1日之前开始运作,能够执行非洲现有的战斗指挥任务。五角大楼的领导层都积极地致力于尽力实现这一计划。”Some military officers outside the Africa Command team have expressed concern about whether the new organization will have the structure and staff necessary to supervise the full spectrum of activities that usually fall under U.S. military regional commands. Those range from training foreign militaries to humanitarian operations to combat. But in an interview for VOA's Press Conference USA, to be broadcast this weekend, Secretary Whelan said Africa Command will be y. 非洲司令部小组以外的一些军官表示,他们担心新的非洲司令部是否具备监管美军地区司令部通常监管的全方位行动所需的组织机构和工作人员。这些行动包括培训外国军队、实施人道主义行动以及进行战斗。但是惠兰在接受美国之音的《美国记者招待会》节目采访时说,非洲司令部会做好这方面的准备。这个节目将于这个周末播出。"As far as the kinetics, yes, because that area of the world will fall under Africa Command, to the extent that we find ourselves in a position of having to do things like that it will certainly be the Africa Command commander who will be responsible and will make the recommendations to the secretary of defense," she said. 惠兰说:“正如动力学原理一样,是的,因为世界上这个地区将处于非洲司令部的监管之下,我们不得不有所作为,所以非洲司令部司令自然要担负起责任,并向美国国防部部长提出相关建议。”Africa Command is to handle all of the continent, except for Egypt, taking over areas now covered by the U.S. commands for Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  非洲司令部是要监管除埃及之外的整个非洲大陆,接管目前由美军欧洲司令部、中东和亚洲司令部所监管的地区。But officials have said AFRICOM will not have any combat forces permanently assigned, and does not plan to station troops on the continent, beyond the contingent aly in Djibouti. One concern is related to U.S. and coalition naval operations off the east coast of Africa, and a senior officer tells VOA decisions about that have not yet been made. 但是有关官员说,非洲司令部不会拥有常设战斗部队,也没有计划在非洲大陆部署部队,除了在吉布提驻扎了一部队以外。有一个担忧的问题与美国和盟国海军在非洲东海岸的行动有关。一位高级军官对美国之音说,他们对此还没有做出决定。A decision that has been made is related to the controversial issue of where Africa Command's headquarters will be. U.S. officials had wanted it on the continent by October, but that has been delayed. Theresa Whelan says the headquarters will remain in Germany for now, but she hopes AFRICOM will be able to have offices in several places on the continent before long.  美国国防部对一个有争议的问题做出了决定,就是非洲司令部总部的地点问题。美国官员原来要求10月之前在非洲大陆建立非洲司令部,但是现在推迟了。惠兰说,目前非洲司令部仍然设在德国,但是她希望非洲司令部不久将在非洲大陆的许多地方成立办公室。"If we are to be able to engage in partnership with African nations we obviously have to be present there. We can't phone it in. Partnership requires being able to look people in the eye and being able to work with them side by side. So, there are certain things that will require, in order for us to be effective, we will have to be present there for sustained periods of time," she said.She says in addition to the public offer by Liberia to host an AFRICOM site, seven other countries have privately said they would be willing to do so.  她说,除了利比里亚公开表示愿意让美军非洲司令部在利比里亚设立机构以外,还有7个国家已经私下表示也愿意这样做。AFRICOM is being structured differently than other U.S. combat commands. It has a senior State Department official as one of its deputy commanders, and a sizable contingent of diplomats and aid officials on its staff. Officials say the command's focus will be on development and security assistance, and on helping African countries keep terrorists out. But Secretary Whelan acknowledges the command will have to demonstrate that to African leaders and their people, many of whom are concerned that the creation of AFRICOM will result in a more militarized U.S. policy toward the continent."I think we also recognize that words only go so far and ultimately it's what you do that counts. And so we're fully prepared that the Africans will take a wait-and-see attitude and it'll be up to AFRICOM after 1 October to prove itself to them," she saidSecretary Whelan says Africa Command should have the resources to make its mission clear. She expects it to be provided more money for engagement with the continent than has been possible under the current system, but she could not say exactly how much more money. 200805/40584

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