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神秘世界文化奇观哥贝克力石阵英文介绍 --3 :9: 来源: 神秘世界文化奇观哥贝克力石阵英文介绍哥贝克力石阵位于土耳其东部一座山岭的巅峰,是公元000年前的考古遗址,比埃及金字塔还早建7000年,是全球最早的文化遗产之一Located at the top of a mountain ridge in eastern Turkey, the Gobekli Tepe is an archaeological site which dates back to ,000 -- almost 7,000 years bee the pyramids of Egypt appeared. It is considered to be one of the earliest cultural relics on Earth.Located at a height of meters (9 feet) and with a diameter of 300 meters (98 feet), the site sits around 760 meters (,93 feet) above sea level. There are circles of massive T-shaped stone pillars standing across the site, with each pillar measuring up to 6 meters ( feet) in height and weighing up to tons. The stones have been carved out in various shapes such as wild boars, ducks, snakes and lions.The function of the structures is not yet clear, but the most common opinion is that they were in fact early Neolithic sanctuaries. Some archaeologists believe that they were the original site of the Garden of Eden. 哥贝克力石阵英文介绍新同居时代(第一集上)-- :6:9 Allison and Nick are sitting in the lounge after the landlord just paid them a visit…  Allison: I can’t believe that the landlord is putting up the rent again! I couldn’t really afd the original rent in the first place! What am I gonna do?  Nick: You’re always going on about money. If you can’t afd the rent, why dont you move out?  Allison: Coz it is really near to work. You know that I dance at ‘Equinox’ disco! It is just around the corner.  Nick: Well what are we gonna do? As a journalist I’ve found out that Houhai has become more and more popular as a bar destination. I thought something like this would happen! What can we do about it?  Allison: I know. Why dont we have a group meeting tonight after everyone is back from work to discuss it?  Nick: Sure.  房东刚走,Allison 和Nick 坐在客厅里  Allison:我简直不能相信房东竟然又涨房租了!原来的房租我就真的承受不了了!该怎么办啊?  Nick:你老是唠叨关于钱的问题如果你住不起,为什么不干脆搬出去?  Allison:因为这里离我工作的地方很近你知道我工作的那家‘Equinox’迪厅就在附近  Nick:那我们该怎么办?以我记者的身份观察,后海的酒吧越来越多了我想事情肯定是这样的!我们该怎么办呢?  Allison: 我知道我们为什么不等大家都下班回来开个会商量一下呢?  Nick: 好  好用句:  To go on about (something) 长时间谈某一件事(尤指抱怨或令人生厌)  如果有人总是不停地说一件事情的时候,就可以用这个句型  Eg. He really loves sport! He always goes on about soccer and basketball!  他真是太喜欢体育了,总是唠叨足球和篮球  Later that evening, a group discussion was held.  Melissa: God it’s hot in here.  Allison: You’re always complaining how hot it is! You shouldn’t wear such big clothes then! Why dont you go and change into a T-shirt or something.  Melissa: No, actually I’m ok now. As the flat we could just rent out the spare bedroom. What do you guys think?  Yummy: That is a really good idea. I think that it solves the money problem.  Kurt: I agree. It makes sense as otherwise it is just wasted space.  Nick: I hope we get a guy! We need a balance in the house, as there are too many girls!  Allison: Hey! Well I hope it is a girl as girls are better than boys!  Nick: Dont get me started! But whatever, I think that we should put an ad a new roommate in the local paper 晚上,大家一起商量  Melissa:天哪,这里好热哦  Allison:你总是抱怨这儿热!你就不该穿那件厚衣!干嘛不换件T-shirt或别的  Melissa:不,事实上,我现在感觉还行至于我们的房子,我们可以把那间空房间租出去,你们觉得怎么样?  Yummy:这主意不错我觉得那样可以解决我们的租金问题  Kurt:我同意这主意挺明智的,不然我们就浪费空间了  Nick:我希望我们可以找个男的!这里女生太多了,我们要平衡一下男女人数  Allison:嘿,我希望找个女生,女的比男的好!  Nick:别跟我提这个!但不管怎样,我认为我们应该先在报纸上登个找房客的广告  好用句:  Dont get me started (on something) 别跟我提这个!(不然我就住不了嘴了)  A: I hear you didn’t do too well on your last test.  我听说上次考试你考得不怎么样  B: Don’t get me started on that! I lost all my notes the night bee the exam!  别和我提这个!考试前一个晚上,我把笔记丢了  FLATMATE NEEDED!  求室友  URGENT REQUEST A FLATMATE TO HELP SHARE THE RENT.  急寻一位可以分担房租的室友  SPACIOUS ROOM WITH BIG LIVING ROOM AND KITCHEN  房间宽敞,有起居室和厨房   HOUR HOT WATER AND SHOWER  小时热水,可以洗澡  SHARING WITH FIVE OTHER EASY GOING ROOMIES  和另外五个性格随和的人同住  RENT IS 00 RMB A MONTH  每月00人民币  MUST BE CLEAN AND TIDY, A NON-SMOKER AND GENERALLY EASY GOING. PREFERABLY A MALE, BUT FEMALES ALSO CONSIDERED  讲究卫生、不吸烟,性格随和,男士优先,女士也可考虑  CALL ****** IF YOU’RE INTERESTED  如果你感兴趣,请致电******我的邻居(My neighbor) 英语作文范文 -- :5:50 来源: 我的邻居(My neighbor)   next to us lives mr.lv.he is a math teacher,he is about fourty years old and look very strict.in fact,he is very kind.  he always gets up very early,and he always goes to work very early,too.in class,he is very strict.if a student makes a noise,he is very angry.he always tells his student:“it’s have math class now,isn’t class.don’t make a noise!ok?”  but class over,mr.lv is very kind and funny.he always says jokes with his students.his students always very happy.because the joke is vey interesting and funny.  sometimes mr.lv help me with my math.in a word,mr.lv is very kind,i respect him so much.

The bird and cat -- :51:5 来源: The bird and catOnce upon a time. there was a house. Beside the house there was a bird cage. One day a cat went to eat the bird, So the cat jumped and hit the bird cage. the bird cage fell down to the ground knocking the bird cage's door open. the bird then flew away. So the cat started to chase the bird and the dog chased the cat. However the bird flew on top of the tree. So the cat started to climb the tree and the dog barked at the cat. Bee the cat could reach the bird, the bird flew away. this caused the cat to fall out of the tree. the dog then ran away, the bird quickly flew back into his cage and the man from the house carried him safely home.

中国大私人物馆英文介绍:四海壶具物馆 --7 :00: 来源: 中国大私人物馆英文介绍:四海壶具物馆China's long history has resulted in numerous cultural relics which are held in both public and private museums throughout the country. The private museums detailed in our latest list are the finest and most famous examples of their kind in China.中国悠久的历史造就了无数文化遗产,这些遗产陈列在全国各个公共物馆和私人物馆中我们最新的榜单中的大私人物馆是中国所有物馆中最好的最著名的Some are themed and have unique characteristics, while some hold the largest collection of their kind in the country. There is no doubt that all of them enrich the cultural life of the country and even fill the blanks left by the collections held in government-owned museums.有的私人物馆有自己的主题和特色,有的拥有全国最大量的收藏品毫无疑问,所有的这大私人物馆充实了全国文化生活,甚至填补了政府物馆收藏的空白Top : Sihai Teapot Museum四海壶具物馆The museum was founded in 1987 in Shanghai by Xu Sihai, a famous teapot collector and purple clay artist. It was the China's first private museum and was established with the aim of promoting Chinese tea culture. The museum holds more than 300 teapot relics which range from the Neolithic Period to modern times, showcasing China's long and illustrious history of teapot making.四海壶具物馆由许四海先生于1987年建于上海,是一家有名的收藏壶具和紫砂艺术品的物馆,是中国第一家私人物馆,促进中国茶文化是它的建馆宗旨这里收藏了从新石器时代到现代的300多种不同壶具,展示了中国悠久杰出的壶具制造史 私人物馆英文介绍:四海壶具物馆《功夫熊猫经典电影台词(双语) -01- ::59 来源: 1.一切都不是偶然There are no accidents..何必躲呢,躲不过的One meets its destiny on the road he takes to avoid it 3.着急的时候脑子也乱了,静下心来就好了Your mind is like this water, my friend , when it is agitated ,it becomes difficult to see ,but if you allow it to settle , the answer becomes clear..做不做呢,要不要呢?Quit don’t quit. Noodles don’t noodles.5.俗语说,既往者之不鉴,来着尤可追!那就是为什么今天是present(现在礼物)There is a saying, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery But today is a gift. That is why it's called the present (the gift)6.乌龟:是的,看着这棵树,我不能让树为我开花,也不能让它提前结果Yes,look at this tree Chivu(师傅)I can not make it boloosm and suits me, nor make it bear food bee it’s time.7.师傅:但有些事情我们可以控制我可以控制果实何时坠落我还可以控制在何处播种那可不是幻觉 大师But there are things we can controlI can control when the fruit will fall... And I can controlWhat time to seedThat is not illusion , Master8.乌龟:是啊 不过无论你做了什么那个种子还是会长成桃树你可能想要苹果 或桔子可你只能得到桃子那个种子还是会长成桃树 Yes, but no matter what you do,That seed will grow to be a peach treeYou may wish an Apple or an orangeBut you will get a peach9.师傅:可桃子不能打败太郎But peach can not defeate Tai Long.乌龟:也许它可以的 ,如果你愿意引导它、滋养它、相信它Maybe it can if you are willing to guide it , to nuture it , to believe in it .. 阿宝,天不遂人愿,况且这本不是天意,阿宝,忘了其它的事情,你的使命一直都在向你召唤我们是面条家族,血管中流着这样的血I'm sorry things didn’t work out It’s just what it’s meant to bePaul ,get everything else ,your destiny still awaits.We are Noodle folkBroth runs deep through our veins.你不能走,真的武士决不会退却you cannot leave ,real warrior never quits..师傅:那你为什么不退出呢?你知道我一直想把你赶走,可你还是留下来了Why didn’t you quit ? you know I was trying to get rid of you, but you stayed阿宝:是啊,我留下来了我留下来是因为每次你往我头上丢砖头,或说我难闻,这很伤我的心可最伤我心的是,我每天努力练习,却还是这个我我留下来,因为我以为,如果还有人能改变我,能让我焕然一新,那就是你--中国最伟大的功夫师父!Yes ,I stayed.I stayed ,because every time you threw up brick on the head or said I smelled, it hurts. But it could never hurt more than I did everyday in my life just being me. I stayed ,because I thought .. If anyone could change me, could make me not me, it was you the greatest Kong Fu teacher in the whole of China!.Enough talk, let's fight!少废话,决斗吧、There'e no charge awesomeness or to attractiveness !!牛人不收费,迷死人不偿命~.我私家汤的绝密食材,就是…什么都没有The secret ingredient of my secret ingredient soup is...nothing.. 认为它特别,它就特别了To make something special ,you just have to believe it’s special. 功夫 熊猫 经典电影

我最爱的人 The Person I Love Most -- :3: 来源: I love my mothermost, because she is my mother and she loves me, too. My mother cares good careof me. Every morning, she gets up early and makes breakfast me. Every day,she cooks delicious meals me and my father. She knows us favorites.Besides, she often talks to me, so that we like close friends. She knowseverything about me. My mother’s hobby is ing. She has much knowledge. And sheencourages me to more books. It’s good me.我最爱我的妈妈,因为她是我的妈妈,她也很爱我我妈妈把我照顾得很好每天早上,她早早起床给我做早餐她每天都给我和爸爸做好吃的饭她知道我们的喜好此外,她经常和我聊天,所以我们就像亲密的朋友她了解我所有的事情我妈妈的爱好是阅读,她懂得很多知识她鼓励我多读书,书对我有好处Collecting Stamps Is My Hobby 集邮是我的爱好 -- 19:9: 来源: Collecting Stamps Is My Hobby 集邮是我的爱好  Everybody has his hobby, such as singing, dancing, photo-taking, drawing, ing or guita playing. My hobby is collecting stamps. Why? Because my favourite hobby gives me a lot of pleasure, and I can learn a lot about geography and history from stamps.  I have aly collected about 800 stamps since I was in Grade Two. Yesterday my uncle sent me a beautiful Canadian stamp from Montreal. I was too excited to sleep last night.  每人都有自己的爱好,例如:唱歌、跳舞、摄影、绘画、阅读或弹吉他我的爱好是集邮为什么?因为我的这个爱好给我许多乐趣,我从中学到许多地理、历史方面的知识  从我二年级起,我已经收集了约800枚邮票昨天我叔叔从蒙特利尔给我寄来一张漂亮的加拿大邮票,我兴奋得一夜未能入眠My fathers Day --19 :8:55 来源: My father's Day My father is very bsuy. Every day he goes to work by subway. He teaches math at school, His math is very good! In the afternoon, he eats lunch at school. After lunch, he s newspapers. Then he goes home at 5:30. He eats dinner. Then, he takes a bath in the evening. He watches TV at living room. After watching TV, he goes to bed at :00. My father works hard. I like my father very much!

I Want to Join the English Club 我想加入英语俱乐部 -- :7:35 来源: I Want to Join the English Club 我想加入英语俱乐部Dear Mr Zhao,  I'm a student from Class Grade 6. I want to join the English club. I like English very much, but I'm not good at it, so I want to join the club to improve my English. I think it's a good place me both to practise my English and to make friends.  If it's possible, please call me at 336683. Thanks.Yours sincerely,Zhang Lei亲爱的赵老师:    我是六年级二班的学生我想加入英语俱乐部我非常喜欢英语,但不是很擅长,所以我想加入这个俱乐部来提高我的英语我认为这是一个既能练习英语又能交友的好地方  如果可能的话,请给我打电话336683.谢谢你真诚的,张磊六年级英语作文:My favorite animals --1 :: 来源:   My favorite animals are swa.they are white.they can swim very well.I think they look like a beautiful girl in a white dre.they have a pair of wings and they can also fly well.I believe they are angles from the sky.they bring us love and make us hay.they are always friendly to us.We cat hurt them,because they are our friend.I love them!I like dogs,too.they are not beautiful,but they are the best friends.they keep the thieves away.Dogs have the best listening and eyes.they can hear in the nosiy,see in the dark.If we are in danger,they will help us at once.And they dot mind their lives.So,I love them.五年级英语作文:My new teacher --1 :00:5 来源:   I have a new teacher.She is an English teacher,her name is Mi He.She is young and beautiful.She is strict but kind.She often goes to work by motor bike.But sometimes she likes piaying orts.Usualli she likes ing book.I like my English teacher very much.What about you?

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