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提起瑞士,你会想到什么,手表、多功能军刀、巧克力,还是时装?今天,我们就带您走进瑞士,体验一场浪漫而时尚的欧洲之旅。Hello and welcome to Travel Blog, a weekly feature for people who love to travel and enjoy new experiences. We take you on fascinating journeys where you'll rediscover familiar places and find out about new and unusual travel experiences. And we provide you with all the practical information you need to plan your own trip.Well, if you could travel through only one European country, which would you choose? Italy? France? Germany? How about a taste of three in one? That can only mean Switzerland. Today, we'll start our journey from the heart of Europe - Switzerland. Switzerland might bring several key icons to mind- watches, multifunctional pocket knives, cuckoo clocks, chocolate and fashion. However, that's not all there is to Switzerland. With the incomparable beauty of its mountainous landscape, pristine lakes, lush green countryside and picturesque towns, Switzerland is unique and truly a land like no other. Now we have Feng Hui from the Beijing office of the Swiss Tourism Bureau. She'll be with us to take a closer look at this beautiful country. "When we talk about Switzerland, everybody, just like you, getting in mind will be the Alps, chocolate, Swiss Army Knife, banking, and skiing. To give you an overview of Switzerland, it's really a mini country in the middle of Europe, with the neighborhood country like Germany, Austria, France, Italy. It's only about 40,000 square meters, let's say it's (as big as) two and half Beijing city, with only 7 million population. 201003/97914汉中生殖泌尿科Small US Businesses Feel Pinch of Tightened Credit信贷紧缩影响小企业生意 As the U.S. Federal Reserve System announced measures to ease the credit crisis Tuesday, small business owners around the ed States say the tight credit market is hurting them. The financial crisis is affecting nearly all businesses, including car dealers, fast-food restaurants, and retail stores.就在美国政府采取更多的措施缓解信贷危机的同时,全美各地的很多小企业主都说,信贷紧缩影响了他们的生意。这种影响在汽车销售、餐饮、零售等各行各业都有体现。Alfred Minas, an Armenian immigrant, runs a Los Angeles shoe repair shop, and he says business is terrible. "Seems like people are panicking. People with money, they're holding back. People with no money, still they don't have money. Business is just going down day by day," he said.来自亚美尼亚的移民阿尔弗莱德.梅纳斯在洛杉矶经营一家修鞋店。他说,现在生意很不好做。梅纳斯说:“现在人们看起来都在恐慌。手里有钱的不敢花钱。没钱的照样没钱。我们的生意一天比一天难做。”Economist Eduardo Martinez of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation says some businesses are feeling the squeeze at both ends, with banks reluctant to lend and few customers willing to spend any money. "Especially car dealers, people who are dealing in furniture, they've been hit pretty hard by the downturn in consumer spending, not having that many customers go to their showrooms, but now, they're having a hard time getting the funds to be able to order products to fill their showrooms."洛杉矶县经济开发局的经济学家艾多拉多.马丁内兹说,一些企业现在面临双重困境。一方面,不愿意放贷;另一方面,顾客不愿意花钱。马丁内兹说:“特别是汽车经销商、家具商这些人。消费者出的下降对他们打击很大。现在没有太多顾客光顾他们的销售大厅。而且,由于贷款不容易,他们也很难再进新货了。”He says the downturn is hurting franchise businesses like McDonald's, which have been investing in new equipment to offer high end coffees. Banks are reluctant to lend to franchise owners for the upgrade. 马丁内兹说,经济不景气对麦当劳这类特许经营的店铺也产生影响。很多店铺最近都在投资购买新设备,用于销售高档咖啡。但是却不愿意为店主的设备更新提供贷款。Martinez says the uncertainty in European credit markets is also hurting local business because major British, German, French and Dutch firms have Los Angeles operations in entertainment, banking, finance, and manufacturing.马丁内兹还表示,欧洲信贷市场的动荡也伤害了洛杉矶当地的商业活动,因为英国、德国、法国、荷兰在、、金融和制造业等方面的大公司在洛杉矶设有分号。Some business owners hope to ride out the storm. Brothers Peter and Charlie Woo, immigrants from Hong Kong, founded Megatoys 20 years ago. The company manufactures toys in Asia, imports them to the ed States and exports them to Latin America. Chief executive Charlie Woo says the company foresaw a downturn and took preventive action by securing its line of credit.一些企业主希望能够安全渡过这场风暴。彼得.吴和查里.吴是一对来自香港的移民。他们在20年前创立了MEGATOYS玩具公司。这家公司在亚洲制造玩具,把玩具运到美国,再出口到拉美。担任首席执行官的查里.吴说,他的公司早就料到了低迷时期会来临,因此预先就采取措施确保贷款的来源。"And also, we've got a very widesp customer base. We sell to large retailers such as Wal-Mart and K-Mart, and we also sell to the small mom-and-pops [family-owned stores] as well as export to Central and South America. In general, everybody's quite pessimistic, but we've got a pretty big customer base."他说:“此外,我们的客户范围很广。我们的客户即包括沃尔玛、K-MART这些大型零售商,同时也包括家庭经营的小商店。而且我们还向中美和拉美出口。总的来说,大家都挺悲观的。但是我们的客户基础很广泛。”He adds that a weak U.S. dollar hurts the import businesses. 查里.吴补充说,美元走软给进口业务增加了困难。Iranian immigrant Farhad Besharati offers tours to Europe through his business called Atlantic Tour and Travel. He says the credit crisis means empty seats on airlines. "When people cannot apply for a loan or credit, definitely it affects all businesses. Because before, they used to get home equity [loan] or credit card or something and then they could travel and they paid slowly, but now it's impossible."来自伊朗的移民法赫德.巴沙拉蒂创办的大西洋旅游公司专门经营欧洲旅游线路。他说,信贷危机意味着坐飞机的人数减少了。巴沙拉蒂说:“当人们申请不到贷款的时候,所有的行业都受到影响。以前,人们可以利用房屋净值贷款或者信用卡来旅游消费,然后再慢慢还清。现在这是不可能的。”Economist Eduardo Martinez says most businesses need to borrow to stay in business. And with banks reluctant to lend, even businesses with low overhead expenses are faced with customers reluctant to part with their money.经济学家马丁内兹说,大多数企业都需要贷款维持经营。由于不愿意贷款,再加上顾客不愿意消费,就连那些日常开很低的企业也遇到了困难。200810/52706汉中佳和美医院妇科医院好吗?Britain's Queen Pays Tribute to British Forces英国女王发表圣诞节讲话In her annual Christmas message, Britain's Queen Elizabeth the Second has paid tribute to those serving in her country's armed forces.英国女王伊丽莎白二世在一年一度的圣诞节讲话中赞扬在英国军队中役的士兵。The Queen, the symbolic head of the British military, spoke of the loss felt by many, in this, the deadliest year to date for British forces in Afghanistan. 伊丽莎白女王作为英国军队的象征性最高统帅,谈到在对英国驻阿富汗部队来说伤亡最惨重的这一年里,许多人都感同身受的损失。"I am sure that we have all been affected by events in Afghanistan and saddened by the casualties suffered by our forces serving there," she said. "Our thoughts go out to their relatives and friends who have shown immense dignity in the face of great personal loss."她说:“我相信我们所有的人都受到了发生在阿富汗的那些事件的影响,所有的人都为我们驻阿富汗部队所遭受的伤亡感到悲伤。我们惦念着这些军人的亲朋好友,面对巨大的个人损失,他们表现出了极强的尊严。”Britain currently has just over 9,000 forces deployed in Afghanistan. The Queen also paid tribute to members of other Commonwealth states that have sent troops to the region.英国目前在阿富汗部署着9千多名军人。伊丽莎白女王还对向阿富汗派兵的其他英联邦成员国表示了敬意。"We can be proud of the positive contribution that our servicemen and women are making, in conjunction with our allies," she said. "Well over 13,000 soldiers from the ed Kingdom and across the Commonwealth - Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore - are currently serving in Afghanistan. The debt of gratitude owed to these young men and women and to their predecessors is indeed profound."她说:“我们对我们的男女军人与盟友一起所做的积极贡献感到自豪。目前,英国和加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰以及新加坡等英联邦国家一共有1万3千多名军人驻扎在阿富汗。我们向这些年轻男女以及在他们之前派驻阿富汗的军人表达深切的感激之情。”More than 100 British soldiers have died this year in Afghanistan. That is the most since the lengthy deployment began back in 2001. Since then, a total of 243 have been killed.今年有100多名英国士兵在阿富汗死亡。这是自2001年英国向阿富汗派兵以来,伤亡人数最多的一年。自2001年以来,共有243人阵亡。Polls here repeatedly show that average British citizens want to see the troops brought back home as soon as possible.多次民意调查显示,英国公民普遍希望英国部队尽快回家12/93304Obama Faces 100 Days Test奥巴马白宫百日:善于与民众沟通 President Barack Obama is going through a rite of political passage this week - he is marking his first 100 days in office. The significance of the 100 days marker goes back to the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, who assumed power at the height of the Great Depression in 1933, and his first priority was reassuring the public that better days were ahead.这个星期是奥巴马总统上任100天的重要日子,这是政治历程中的一个重要阶段。100天这个标志的重要性是从富兰克林.罗斯福总统开始的。富兰克林.罗斯福是在1933年大萧条最严重的时期担任总统的。当时他的首要任务是向公众保,前途是光明的。"You people must have faith. You must not be stampeded by rumors or guesses. Let us unite in banishing fear," he said. 他说:“你们必须有信心,绝不要被流言和猜测所吓倒。让我们团结起来驱散恐惧。”Roosevelt was a master communicator and the first president to make effective use of the radio to build public support.罗斯福很善于和民众沟通,他是第一位有效地利用广播来获取公众持的总统。Roosevelt's ambitious legislative program aimed at reviving the economy and his decisive leadership style remain the gold standard for how a new president takes charge in the first 100 days in office.罗斯福雄心勃勃的振兴经济的立法项目和他果断的领导作风,至今仍然是衡量一位新总统如何在就职100天里行使权力的最高标准。Other presidents had to cope with domestic and foreign policy stumbles in their first 100 days.有的总统不得不在就职后的100天里应对国内和外交政策上的失误。In 1961, President John Kennedy took responsibility for the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion involving U.S.-supported Cuban exiles trying to overthrow the government of Fidel Castro.1961年,约翰.肯尼迪总统为猪湾入侵的灾难性后果承担责任。那次事件涉及在美国持下的古巴流亡者企图推翻菲德尔.卡斯特罗的政府。For Kennedy, it was an early political setback for a president untested on the world stage.肯尼迪当时是一位在世界舞台上还没有受到考验的总统,这一事件是他早期遭遇的政治挫折。"On that unhappy island, as in some many other arenas in the contest for freedom, the news has grown worse instead of better," he said.肯尼迪说:“从那个不幸的岛屿上传来的消息,就像为争取自由而斗争的许多其他地方一样,越来越糟,而不是越来越好。”President Barack Obama faced an incredibly daunting economic situation in his first 100 days in office.巴拉克.奥巴马总统在就职后的100天里面临一个极为棘手的经济局面。In some ways, Mr. Obama has modeled his initial approach in office on that of Franklin Roosevelt, mindful of Roosevelt's ability to communicate with the public and convey harsh realities and hope at the same time.从某些方面来说,奥巴马上任初期的做法是以富兰克林.罗斯福为表率的,他注意到罗斯福与公众沟通的能力,在向他们指出严酷现实的同时也让他们抱有希望。"By no means are we out of the woods just yet. But from where we stand, for the very first time, we are beginning to see glimmers of hope," he said.奥巴马说:“我们现在还没有走出困境。但是就目前的情况来说,我们头一次开始看到了希望的曙光。”Journalists and political experts are spending a lot of time evaluating Mr. Obama's first 100 days in office, even though many of them acknowledge the 100 days mark is an arbitrary number.新闻记者和政治专家花了很多时间来评估奥巴马就任总统后100天内的政绩,尽管他们中的很多人承认,用100天来衡量是很武断的。Stephen Hess is a political scholar at the Brookings Institution in Washington:史蒂芬.赫斯是华盛顿布鲁金斯学会的一位政治学者。"It is a useful way to assess each individual president, not in historical terms, but just looking back and saying how have they gotten off the ground," said Hess.他说:“这是评估每一位总统行之有效的方法,不是从历史的角度来评估,而只是回顾一下他们上任后是怎么开始执政的。”Political analyst Stuart Rothenberg says the president's early and continuing popularity is in large part due to Mr. Obama's ability to convince voters that he is willing to tackle the nation's economic problems head-on.政治分析人士罗腾伯格说,奥巴马总统之所以能在早期,以致持续深得民心,主要是因为他能让选民相信他愿意毫不含糊地处理美国的经济问题。"You have to say the one thing that he has done is he has brought a fresh spirit to the American public, a sense of at least partial relief that the government is trying to turn the economy around, is hands-on, understands people's problems, and that is really important," Rothenberg said.他说:“你不得不承认他做到了一件事情:那就是在美国公众间振奋人心,至少让公众的情绪放松了一些,使他们感到政府正在努力扭转经济局面、正在着手处理问题,而且政府理解人民的难处,那的确相当重要。”Opposition Republicans accuse the president of wanting to follow a far-left economic and social agenda, and they warn that his government spending plans will result in a huge jump in the national debt.反对党共和党人指责奥巴马总统遵循极左的经济和社会方针,他们还警告说,奥巴马的政府预算计划将导致国家债台高筑。But analyst Rothenberg says so far, Mr. Obama has been able to deflect some of the partisan criticism.但是分析人士罗腾伯格说,迄今为止,奥巴马一直能转移反对派对他提出的批评。"The strengths are clearly his personal ability to communicate with people, to communicate with the American public and to motivate and to change the mood in the country. And he has done a good job, I think, in trying to reach out to all Americans and not running a particularly partisan presidency, at least in rhetoric," he added.他说:“显然他个人的人际交流能力是力量的源泉,也就是他和与美国公众的交流、调动积极因素并改变国内民众情绪的能力。他干得最出色的是设法和各界美国人民接触,不单纯从党派立场来执政,至少在口头上是如此。”But Republicans also complain that Mr. Obama has so far failed to follow through on his campaign promise to change the political tone in Washington and reach out to the opposition party.但是共和党人仍然在抱怨奥巴马到目前为止还没兑现自己改变华盛顿政治气氛并联合反对党的竞选承诺。That complaint may be highlighted in the next 100 days and beyond as the president moves to tackle politically divisive issues like health care reform and energy independence.那种抱怨可能在今后的100天或者更长的时间里更为突显,因为奥巴马总统要采取步骤处理具有政治分歧性的医疗改革和能源独立问题。Brookings Institution expert Stephen Hess says Mr. Obama should push as much of his agenda as he can early on to maximize his political leverage.布鲁金斯学会的专家赫斯说,奥巴马应当及早全力以赴地推动自己的议程,以便充分利用他的政治优势。"This is a good way to proceed because a president is never as popular and never has as much public support as when he first gets elected, otherwise it's like an hourglass with the sand running out, so take advantage of that honeymoon knowing full well that you are not nearly going to get all that you propose," he said.他说:“这是取得进展的好办法,因为一位总统在刚当选时期往往最深得民心、他的公众持率也是最高的。反过来说,就像一个沙漏,随着时间的推移沙子逐渐漏失,所以务必抓紧蜜月时机,而且要明白你所提出的建议不会全部通过的。”President Obama enjoys solid public support as he marks his first 100 days in office. The latest New York Times-CBS News poll shows his approval rating at 68 percent, while a Washington Post-A News poll registered his approval at 69 percent.奥巴马总统上任100天,他享有相当高的公众持率。最近纽约时报和哥伦比亚广播公司新闻节目的民调结果显示,他的持率为68%,而华盛顿邮报和美国广播公司新闻节目的民调结果是,他享有69%的持率。04/68367汉中治疗尖锐湿疣去哪家医院

汉中勉县阳痿早泄价格汉中人民医院有没有泌尿内科Linguistics语言学Say what?你说什么?To find new subjects of study, some linguists simply open their front doors要寻找新的研究主题,一些语言学家只须打开前门Sep 10th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print edition WHERE in the world is the largest number of different languages spoken? Most linguists would probably plump for New Guinea, an island that has 830 recognised tongues scattered around its isolated, jungle-covered valleys. But a place on the other side of the world runs it close. The five boroughs of New York City are reckoned to be home to speakers of around 800 languages, many of them close to extinction.世界上哪一个地区使用的语言种类最多?大部分语言学家可能都会坚决地认为是新几内亚,在这个岛上,有830种已被认可的语言散布在丛林广布的偏远山谷中。但在地球的另一端,有一个地方的语言数目几乎能赶上新几内亚。纽约市的五个区被认为是约八百种语言使用者的聚居地,其中很多语种濒临灭绝。New York is also home, of course, to a lot of academic linguists, and three of them have got together to create an organisation called the Endangered Language Alliance (ELA), which is ferreting out speakers of unusual tongues from the city’s huddled immigrant masses. The ELA, which was set up last year by Daniel Kaufman, Juliette Blevins and Bob Holman, has worked in detail on 12 languages since its inception. It has codified their grammars, their pronunciations and their word-formation patterns, as well as their songs and legends. Among the specimens in its collection are Garifuna, which is spoken by descendants of African slaves who made their homes on St Vincent after a shipwreck unexpectedly liberated them; Mamuju, from Sulawesi in Indonesia; Mahongwe, a language from Gabon; Shughni, from the Pamirian region of Tajikistan; and an unusual variant of a Mexican language called Totonac.当然,纽约也有许多学术界的语言学家,其中有三人就已一起成立了名为濒危语言联盟的组织(简称ELA),该组织正从城市聚居在一起的移民百姓中搜寻出使用罕见语种的人。去年,丹尼尔#8226;考夫曼、朱丽叶#8226;布莱文思和鲍伯#8226;霍尔曼成立了这个联盟。联盟自创始以来,已对12种语言进行了详细研究,并已将这些语言的语法、发音、构词法还有歌曲、传说等编纂成典。其作品集的语言样本包括:加利弗那语,即非洲奴隶的后代所使用的语言(从前一次海难意外地解放了他们,之后他们就在圣文森特安家);马穆朱语,源自印度尼西亚的苏拉威西岛;马宏威语,一种来自加蓬的语言;舒格尼语,源自塔吉克斯坦的帕米尔地区;还有一种墨西哥语的特别变体,名为托托纳克语。201109/153664Obama Urges Physicians to Support Health Care Reform奥巴马呼吁全国医生持医疗改革U.S. President Barack Obama is continuing his campaign to reform the American health care system. He is urging the nation's doctors to put aside their skepticism and back changes that he says are needed to bring skyrocketing medical costs under control.美国总统奥巴马继续大力推动医疗保健系统的改革。奥巴马总统星期一敦促全国的医生们抛开怀疑,持变革。奥巴马总统说,为了使飞速上涨的医疗费用得到控制,改革是必不可少的。President Obama went before the nation's largest organization of physicians to make the case for health care reform.奥巴马总统在向美国最大的医生组织美国医学协会发表讲话时,阐述了医疗改革的必要性。"The cost of our health care is a threat to our economy," he said. "It is an escalating burden on our families and businesses. It is a ticking time bomb for the federal budget.他说:“巨大的医疗费用对我们的经济构成威胁。它正成为美国家庭和企业不断增加的负担。对于联邦预算而言,过高的医疗费用就像一枚定时炸弹。”In a speech to members of the American Medical Association at their annual meeting in Chicago, the president spoke in stark terms. 在芝加哥举行的美国医学协会年会上,奥巴马总统直言不讳地说明了自己的观点。He talked about big corporations like General Motors that are in trouble in part because of the high cost of providing health insurance to employees.他指出,通用汽车这样的大企业之所以陷入困境,部分原因就在于员工的医疗保险费用太高。"If we do not fix our health care system, America may go the way of GM - paying more, getting less and going broke," said Mr. Obama. 奥巴马说:“如果我们不去修复医疗保健系统,美国就可能重蹈通用汽车的复辙,那便是花费的更多,获得的更少,最后走向破产。”The president faced a tough audience. There is consensus in the medical community about the need for reform to improve the affordability and accessibility of quality care. But there is no unity on the best medicine to heal the ailing system.奥巴马总统所面对的听众也不好对付。医学界虽然普遍认为,需要通过改革来使更多的人负担得起高质量的医疗保健。但是,对于问题成堆的医疗系统,却至今没有一个公认的灵丹妙药。The president went out of his way to assure them that he does not support a government take-over. But he said there needs to be a way to provide health insurance to those of modest means. And he took on a major concern for doctors: the fear of a malpractice lawsuit.奥巴马总统尽力向他们保,他并不赞成政府接管医保系统。但他也说,需要找到一条为低收入者提供医疗保险的途径。同时,他也对医生们最担心的一个问题表达了意见,那就是医疗失误引起的法律诉讼。President Obama said he does not favor limits on the amount of money juries can award in malpractice lawsuits. But he said he is open to other options, and he pledged to work with the medical community.奥巴马总统说,他并不赞成对陪审团能够为医疗事故判定多少赔偿金设立上限。但他也表示愿意考虑其他方案,并保与医学界合作。"I need your help, doctors, because to most Americans, you are the health care system," he said.他说:“医生们,我需要你们的帮助。对绝大多数美国人而言,你们就代表着医疗保健系统!”Republican leaders in the U.S. Congress responded to the president's remarks by charging once again that he wants a health care system run by bureaucrats in Washington.美国国会的共和党领袖们对总统的讲话做出反应时,再次批评奥巴马总统想把医疗保健系统置于华盛顿官僚们的掌管之下。06/74596汉中佳和美医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱Self-help 自助 My big fat career 我的远大前程How individuals can survive in the new world of work 新职业世界生存法则Sep 10th 2011 | from the print edition“I REWROTE MY entire book after my experience of Spain and seeing what is happening in America, to recast it in terms of survival job-hunting,” says Richard Bolles. His book, “What Colour is Your Parachute?”, was first published in 1970 as a guide to finding a fulfilling job and has sold millions of copies. When Mr Bolles went to Spain in March to give advice on dealing with its indignant army of unemployed, he found that nobody had much idea how to get people back to work.“由于西班牙的经历和当今美国的见闻,我重写了整本书,并用生存性求职的观点重塑了这本书,”理查德.鲍尔斯如是说。他的书《你的降落伞是什么颜色?》作为一本求职指南首次发表于1970年并获得了几百万的销量。今年三月他去西班牙为怨气冲天的失业人群提供指导时,才发现大家对如何帮助失业者重返工作岗位一无所知。Even in tough times there are jobs to be had, but applicants have to work far harder to get an employer’s attention, says Mr Bolles. The main thing is to give them hope and teach them the latest techniques for looking for work, of which he lists no fewer than 18. They need to market themselves better and consider a broader range of employers than they might have thought of. Not least, they must “clean up their act on the internet”. Facebook is now routinely scrutinised by human-resources departments, which will be instantly put off if they find anything negative or embarrassing.鲍尔斯提到,即使在很糟的情况下仍然会有工作可做,但此时应聘者需要付出很多努力才能获得雇主的青睐。关键是要给求职者以信心,并且教给他们最新的求职技巧,鲍尔斯列出了不超过18条这样的技巧。求职者需要更好地推销自己且应该扩大原来设想的求职范围;尤为重要的是,他们应该清理其在网络上的痕迹,现在公司的人力部门经常定期检查Facebook,一旦发现任何负面或者不妥的迹象,求职就会被耽搁。Better the devil you know恶魔之上The good thing about the internet is that it offers a vast amount of information to jobhunters, especially once they have secured an interview. Glassdoor.com, a website launched in 2008 that now covers more than 120,000 companies worldwide, lets employees (anonymously) share information about firms, ranging from what people think about the boss to salary levels and details about the interview process. Last year’s annual Glassdoor list of oddball interview questions was topped by Goldman Sachs, which asked a candidate for an analyst’s job, “If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?” One Glassdoor contributor’s suggested answer was, “Ask the government to bail me out,” which would probably not have secured the job.网络很好的一点就是它为求职者提供了海量的讯息,这一优点在获得面试后尤其明显。网站Glassdoor.com成立于2008年,现在覆盖了全球120,000家公司,雇员们可以在这个网站上匿名分享关于公司的信息,从对老板的看法、薪资水平到面试细节都有。去年高盛位列该网站的年度怪问题清单之首,高盛问一个求职分析员的人“如果你被缩到铅笔那么小并被放进了一个搅拌机,该怎么逃出来?”,网站上有人给出的参考是“让政府救援我”,当然这个不一定能保你获得这份工作。201109/154048汉中前列腺炎价格

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