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渭南欧亚男子医院治疗生殖感染价格渭南男科咨询渭南医院这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:说别人的时候,一定要确定自己不比他们差。译者:koogle内容来自: /201304/236253渭南切割包皮费用 Spain's "El Gordo," the world's biggest lottery, gave out 2.2 billion euros (1.6 billion pounds) in Christmas prizes on Saturday.El Gordo, Spanish for "The Fat One", is designed so that as many people as possible across Spain get a festive windfall.The top prize this year was 3 million euros -- going to the series of tickets with the magic number 06381.Because the tickets are sold in a series of 10, only those who paid 200 euros for the whole strip get the full prize.The biggest share of winning tickets was bought by people in the town of Nava, in the north-western Asturias region.The draw lasts three-and-a-half hours and is carried live on national television with children from the San Ildefonso school, a former orphanage in Madrid, in turn chanting the winning numbers and the amount won.Lotteries have two centuries of history in Spain.The country spent 2.87 billion euros on the lottery -- 5.7 percent more than last year. Seventy percent is paid out in prizes. Most of the rest goes in costs.Eight out of ten Spaniards bought tickets for the lottery, spending on average 64 euros.Spaniards often choose lottery numbers matching significant dates although there was no particular favourite in 2007.In 2006, one of the most sought-after series was 22105, the date on which Fernando Alonso became Formula 1 world champion for the second year running. 号称世界上规模最大的西班牙“El Gordo”圣诞票于上周六开奖,奖金总额高达22亿欧元(16亿英镑)。“El Gordo”在西班牙语中意为“胖子”。“胖子”圣诞票的推出主要是为了给更多的西班牙人带来一份节日的意外惊喜。今年的头奖奖金为300万欧元,号码为“06381”。由于票是以十张一组进行销售(译者注:人们可花20欧元购买其中的十分之一),因此只有花200欧元购买了整组票的人才有机会获得全奖。位于阿斯图里亚斯自治区西北部的纳瓦市是今年的“黄金”地。整个开奖过程持续三个半小时,并通过国家电视台现场直播。在开奖现场,马德里的圣#8226;艾尔德芬索小学(原为一所孤儿院)的学生们轮流报唱号码及金额。西班牙的票历史已有两个世纪。今年西班牙的“胖子票”销售收入达28.7亿欧元,比去年增长5.7%。其中70%的收入用于返奖奖金,其余大部分为销售成本。今年西班牙全国有四分之三的人购买了“胖子票”,人均花费64欧元。西班牙人常选择有特殊意义的日期作为号码,不过2007年似乎没有什么特别受到亲睐的日子。去年最受青睐的号码是22105,因为在10月22日这一天,阿隆索连续第二年获得F1(一级方程式赛车)车手总冠军。 /200803/29700ONLY 3 percent of Shanghai women smoke but experts said yesterday that they are seeing a rising number of young women turning to cigarettes in the mistaken belief it will help them stay slim.只有3%的上海女性吸烟,但专家昨日表示他们正看到越来越多的年轻女性求助于香烟,错误的认为香烟会帮助她们保持苗条。Doctors say smoking is never a good way to lose weight and is a bad habit that can damage the skin and cause fertility problems.医生说吸烟是从来不是减肥的好方法,而是一个会损害皮肤且造成生育问题的坏习惯。Xu Liping, a doctor at the Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital, said more than 80 percent of female out-patients who smoke complained of skin problems.上海时光整形外科医院的医生徐黎平称,吸烟的女性门诊患者超过80%抱怨皮肤问题。;Compared with men, women are more likely to suffer skin problems from smoking,; Xu said. ;They get more wrinkles, especially around their eyes and lips, compared to women who do not smoke.;“和男性相比,女性更容易因吸烟而患皮肤问题,”徐说。“她们会比不吸烟的女性有更多的皱纹,尤其是在她们的眼周和嘴唇上。”;Instead of looking to get a facelift, I suggest these women quit smoking, which is the cause of all sorts of problems,; he said.“而非指望整容,我建议这些女性戒烟,这是导致各种各样问题的根源,”他说。He added: ;In my clinic, 30 percent of smoking women are fatter than those who don#39;t smoke.;他补充道:“在我的诊所,30%的吸烟女性比那些不吸烟的人要胖。”Hu Zhaoming, vice director of the Shanghai Association for Smoking Control, said that a long-held belief that smoking can keep people fit wasn#39;t true.上海控烟协会副主任胡兆明说长期以来人们普遍认为吸烟可以使人苗条的想法是错的。Alice Huang, 25, who saw doctors yesterday about spots on her face, was told laser therapy was the only answer. She was surprised to learn the spots were caused by smoking.黄爱丽丝,25岁,昨天因脸上斑点去看见医生,被告知激光治疗是唯一办法。她惊讶地发现斑点是由吸烟引起的。Huang said she had online that smoking could help control weight and that#39;s why she took up the habit eight years ago.黄说她在网上看到吸烟可以帮助控制体重,这就是为什么八年前她染上了这个习惯。 /201306/242351渭南看前列腺囊肿贵不贵

韩城市人民医院治疗生殖感染价格渭南医院个皮肤科 One third of women surveyed admitted to #39;dishonesty#39; on social media sites such as Facebook Women consistently lie on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter to make their lives appear more exciting, a survey has found.一项调查发现,女性总爱在Facebook或Twitter这样的社交网站上说谎,把自己的生活描述得比实际更精。Researchers found that at least one in four women exaggerated or distorted what they are doing on social media once a month.研究人员发现,至少四分之一的女性每个月会有一次在社交媒体上夸张或扭曲地谈论自己做的事。The survey of 2000 women found they mostly pretended to be out on the town, when in fact they are home alone, and embellished about an exotic holiday or their job.这项涵盖了2000名女性的调查发现,她们大多假装自己到市中心去玩乐,而事实上她们却独自在家待着,而且还喜欢把一次异域风情的假日或自己的工作加以美化。The most common reasons for women to write “fibs” included worrying their lives would seem “boring”, jealousy at seeing other people’s more exciting posts and wanting to impress their friends and acquaintances.女性爱在社交网站上编写“谎言”最常见的原因有担心自己的生活看上去会显得“单调乏味”,在看到他人上传的精内容时感到嫉妒,想引起自己的朋友和熟人的注意。Psychologists suggested that as people attempt to “stay connected” on social media, they can in fact “paradoxically” be left “more isolated”.心理学家们指出,在人们试图通过社交媒体“保持联系”的同时,事实上他们反而会变得“更孤立”。They also said that the “more we try to make our lives seem perfect, the less perfect we feel”.心理学家们还说“我们越想让自己的生活显得完美,我们就感到越不完美”。According to the OnePoll survey, one third of women surveyed admitted to “dishonesty” on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter at some stage.根据OnePoll公司的调查,三分之一的被调查女性承认某些时候会在Facebook和Twitter这样的社交网站上“说谎”。Almost one in four admitted to lying or exaggerating about key aspects of their life online between one and three times a month while almost one in 10 said they lied more than once a week.近四分之一的女性承认每个月会有一到三次在社交网站上谎报或夸张地描述自己生活的某些主要方面,近十分之一的女性称她们每周在社交网上说谎超过一次。Nearly 30 percent of women lied about “doing something when I am home alone”, almost a quarter overstated their alcohol consumption while one in five were not truthful about their holiday activities or their jobs.近30%的女性独自在家时会谎称自己在做某事,近四分之一的女性会夸大自己喝的酒量,五分之一的女性没有据实描述自己的假日活动或工作。Almost one in five women even lied about their “relationship status”.近五分之一的女性甚至会谎报自己的“感情状态”。“We work very hard presenting ourselves to the world online, pretending and attempting to be happy all the time which is exhausting and ultimately unfulfilling,” said Dr Michael Sinclair, a leading British consultant psychologist.英国知名心理学顾问迈克尔?辛克莱士说:“我们努力地把自己呈现给网上的世界,假装自己一直都很开心并尽力保持这一状态,这不但让人精疲力竭,而且最终会让人感到空虚。“Omitting the less desirable imperfections of our lives from the conversations with our #39;friends#39; online leads to less opportunity to feel empathised with, resulting in a greater sense of disconnection from others.”“在和线上‘好友’的谈话中,把生活中不那么如意的不完美部分省去,这会减少我们产生共鸣的机会,从而导致与他人更大的隔绝感。”The survey was commissioned by Pencourage, a new anonymous “diary-style” social media website.该调查由Pencourage网站委托开展,这是一家新的匿名 “日记体”社交网站。 /201303/229904渭南市一医院治疗早泄多少钱

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