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你会在哪个地铁站遇见张曼玉Yesterday on the way to the airport in Guangzhou, people were talking about the newly seen news, which said that Maggie Cheung was explicit about her settleing down in Beijing for love. She was living an ordinary life, taking buses, piling on the subway. A friend from Guangzhou said it was not credible. I said Maggie could not tell a lie and she would not even be intimate with people for show.Fay Wang also chose commonness for love in the former years. She was photographed by Hongkong's paparazzi when she was taking the pot living in an alley with Douwei. It is a fig for Maggie Cheung to take the subway. Then where dose she often appear? Where will you meet her?Maggie Cheung's boyfriend is an architect. The new building of CCTV is the program of his company. I think her boyfriend's resident, which is also Maggie Cheung's living place in Beijing, should be in Hua Mao or Guo Mao apartment building. So the stations of Subway Line No.1 like Da Wang Road Station, Guo Mao Station and Yong An Li Station which is near Xiu Shui Street will be the most possible places to meet Gaggie Cheung. At the leisure time in Beijing, Xiu Shui Street, Oriental Xintiandi (where you will meet many Hongkong's famous names) are the places she will go to frequently. For Maggie Cheung, if she takes a taxi, the problems of traffic jams, safety and hygiene can appearently not be guaranteed comparing with the public transport like subway and buses.As for city buses, it is hard to say which buses she will take. I think it might also be Bus Line No.1 and Line No.4 on Chang An Street. Others are less possible.There is no doubt that Maggie Cheung at this time made a wide advertsiement for Beijing's public transportation. It is true that by now Beijing's public transport is the cheapest. She should also have got a Beijing's "One Card Pass". 昨天在广州,去机场的路上,大家聊刚看到的新闻,就是张曼玉坦言为爱定居北京,过着普通人的生活,坐公车,挤地铁。广州的朋友说不可信,我说曼玉不会说谎,更不会用亲民来做秀。为爱情而选择平凡的还有当年的王菲,她和窦唯在胡同里,端着尿盆的照片就被香港仔拍到,张曼玉坐个地铁算不上什么。那她会经常在哪里出现?你会在哪里能遇见她?张曼玉的男友是设计师,CCTV新大楼是他公司的项目,我想他男友的北京的寓所应该在华贸或者是国贸公寓,也是张曼玉的落脚之处,所以在大望路站、国贸站还有秀水街站附近永安里站等一号地铁线站是最能遇见张曼玉的地方,在北京的休闲时光,秀水街、东方新天地(你会在这里的寒舍等地遇见香港众多名媛)是她会常去的地方。假如打出租,堵车和安全卫生系数,显而不如地铁、公交等公共交通体系,对于张曼玉来说。至于公交车,就很难说,我认为也是长安街延线的1路、4路,其他可能性不大。这次张曼玉无疑给北京的公共交通作了一次大广告。的确,北京的公共交通是目前最便宜的,她应该也办了张北京交通一卡通。 /200803/31208。

Xiaomi#39;snewest phone, the Mi Mix, is crazy futuristic.小米最新旗舰,Mix有着惊人的未来感。 Xiaomihas a new concept phone -- but it#39;s not actually a concept, because it#39;s real.And it#39;s crazy.小米有了一款新的概念手机——但它事实上并不是概念机,因为它真的存在。而且它很惊人。Designedby French designer Philippe Starck and announced at Xiaomi#39;s Beijing eventtoday, the 6.4-inch device features a striking bezel-less display. Where other phones usually keep a top andbottom area available for the front camera and home button, the Mix does awaywith both, leaving only a small space in the bottom right corner for the frontcamera.这款配备惊艳夺目的无边框6.4寸屏幕的设备是小米在北京发布,由法国设计师菲利普·斯塔克设计的。当其他手机都在上下保留一块区域以便放置前置摄像头和home键时,Mix却将它们的空间都去掉,只在右下角留一点点空间放置前置摄像头。Thephone will be available in China on November 4 and will come in two models.One, housing 6GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage, will retail for 3499 yuan(0, AU0, £420) while a premium model with18k gold embossing and 256GB onboard storage will cost 3,999 yuan (0,AU0, £480). 这款手机将会于11月4日在中国发售,并将配备两种规格。4GB内存+128GB闪存售价为3499元(约合510美元,680澳元,420英镑),尊享版有6GB内存+256GB闪存+18K镀金装饰,售价为3999元(约合590美元,770澳元,480英镑)。TheMix is quite the game changer. In order to accommodate the lack of a top andbottom bezel, where the speaker for making calls usually is, Xiaomi is usingpiezoelectric ceramic actuator to deliver voice calls to your ears. It#39;s notthe first phone to operate with a tiny bezel though, with The whole phone isencased in beautifully glossy black ceramic, though this may end up being afingerprint magnet. Located at the back is the 16-megapixel rear camera and afingerprint sensor. 小米Mix无疑是游戏改变者。为了适配缺失的上边框通话时常用的听筒,小米使用了压电陶瓷驱动器来将声音传导到耳中。虽然这并不是第一款使用极细边框的手机。整个手机都包裹在了流光溢的黑色陶瓷材质中,虽然这也有可能把它变成指纹收集器。在手机背面放置了一个1600万像素的摄像头和一个指纹识别传感器。与iPhone 7和三星Galaxy S7不同,小米Mix并不持防水。Checkback soon for our hands-on impressions.敬请期待我们即将到来的真机上手。Havingplayed with the phone briefly, I#39;m pretty impressed with the build quality andhow the phone feels in the hand. I#39;m really not a big fan of phones withscreens bigger than 6 inches, as I think they are too unwieldy to use properly,but the Mix is very close to making me change my mind.在短暂使用手机之后,我对它的做工和手感印象深刻。我真的不是一个6寸以上大屏手机的爱好者,我觉得它们太笨重不好用,但是小米Mix几乎要改变我的固有观念了。 /201610/474775。

网民年轻化 上网化Most of the country's Internetusers go online to chat or seek entertainment rather than look for jobs or conduct business.According to a report released by China InternetNetwork Information (CNNIC) yesterday, China's Internet users totaled 162 million in the first six months of this year. The country reported 137 million users last year.The rapid growth could be translated into almost 100 new users per minute in the past six months.At this rate of increase, China is expected to overtake the ed States, the world's leader, by the end of next year. The US had 211 million Internet users at the end of last month.Although the number of China's Internet users has been on the rise since 1994, when first introduced to the country, the research showed most users were interested in chat rooms and entertainment, and not job searches, education, and e-banking.About 75 percent online news and used search engines for information.More than 60 percent regarded online music and s as an important source of entertainment.Only 21 percent used e-banking services, and 3.9 percent booked tickets through the Internet.Wang Enhai, an official with CNNIC, and an author of the report, said the phenomenon is due to China's Internet infancy and the fact most users were young people."China's Internet market is just emerging and there are still a lot of things to be done before a mature online business environment can be established," Wang said.According to CNNIC, the number of China's Internet users under 24 years old was 58 million, about 35.8 percent of the country's total Internet population.This segment of the population, comprising mostly students, spends a lot of time playing online games, listening to music and watching s. 我国大多数互联网用户上网进行的主要活动是聊天和,而不是找工作或从事商务活动。中国互联网络信息中心昨天发布的一份报告显示,今年上半年,中国的网民总数达到1.62亿人。去年这一数字为1.37亿。在过去六个月中,中国网民的数量以每分钟近一百人的速度激增。按照这一增速,中国有望于明年年底超过美国,成为全世界网民规模最大的国家。截至上月底,美国的网民数量达到2.11亿人。尽管自1994年互联网引入中国以来,网民数量一直增长,但调查显示,大多数网民对网上聊天和较感兴趣,而不是网上求职、网络教育和网上。约75%的网民在网上浏览新闻以及使用搜索引擎搜索信息。超过60%的人将在线音乐和在线视频视为生活的重要组成部分。仅有21%的人使用过网上务,3.9%的人曾在网上订票。中国互联网络信息中心官员、调查报告的撰写者之一王恩海说,这一现象的主要原因是中国的互联网尚处于起步阶段,而且大多数互联网用户都是年轻人。他说:“中国的互联网市场才刚刚兴起,建立一个成熟的在线商务环境仍有很多事情要做。”据中国互联网络信息中心数据,中国24岁以下的网民达到5800万,占网民总数的35.8%。而且其中的大多数人是学生,他们经常在网上打游戏、听音乐、看视频。 /200803/31205。

Dan Buettner must be very used to being called “young man” by now– despite being nearly 50 years old and quite well-accomplished, he’s been researching the communities with the oldest citizens in the world, and has begun to unlock the secrets to a long and full life.So what is it, exactly, that makes people in some parts of the world (Buettner calls them “blue zones”) live so long?There are five things he has found as a common th from Japan to Costa Rica to Loma Linda, California.5. A Sense of FaithLoma Linda, California, boasts the highest concentration of Seventh-Day Adventists in the world, and the average Adventist man lives 11 years longer than the average American man. This is also a factor in Sardinia, where a large Catholic population fuels one of the “Blue Zones” and lives far longer than the average Italian.4. A Sense of PurposeJapan possesses an overwhelming sense of purpose, Buettner reports, and the concept has a name: ikigai. Loosely translated, it means “that which makes one’s life most worth living.” It strikes him then, as no coincidence that Okinawa has the longest disease-free life expectancies in the world.3. Low-Intensity ActivityLow-intensity activity does a phenomenal job of keeping the body in working order without placing too much stress on an aging system: getting out an walking, or enjoying some form or recreation also contributes to a sense of independence that allows the mindset needed for the other points to flourish.2. An Investment in FamilyFamily, like the previous item, helps develop support structures, as well as an essential mindset of caring; Buettner simply states that he’s never met a mean centenarian.1. A Plant-based DietFinally, yes, there is one essential oddity– a diet that’s drastically different from that of most Americans.Consistently, Buettner reports people eating small portions and not much meat in their diets. This accounts for the widesp success outside of the ed States, especially in places like Italy, Japan, and Costa Rica, where culture has embraced a different style of cooking. 丹·布特尼(Dan Buettner)肯定已经很习惯别人称他为“年轻人”了--尽管他已年过半百,成就卓越,他对世界上最长寿的地区做了不少研究,向人们揭开了生活丰富、健康长寿的秘诀。那么秘诀到底是什么呢?确切地说,是什么让世界上这些地区的人们(布特尼称他们为“蓝色宝地”)寿命如此之长呢?他认为有五点秘诀,这些是居住在日本,哥斯达黎加及加利福尼亚的罗玛琳达的人们的共同之处。5. 信仰加州的罗玛琳达以其高度集中的基督复临安息日会教友闻名于世,而在那里信仰基督再临的人比一般美国人的平均寿命要长11岁。在另一块“蓝色宝地(意大利的)”撒丁岛,居住着大量的天主教信仰者,他们的平均寿命也比一般的意大利人长许多,信仰也是这块宝地人口长寿的一大因素。4. 目标日本人的目标感是全世界无与伦比的。布特尼称,这种概念有一个名称:ikigai,笼统翻译过来的意思是“目标使人的生命充满价值与意义。”而让布特尼震惊的是,不出意外的是冲绳岛的人口寿命长度为世界之首。3. 低密度运动低密度的运动对保持身体正常运作有着显著的成效,它能抵抗压力对衰老的影响:出门散散步,或是进行一些消遣。同时,这也能促使心智的独立,使它在其他时间活力充沛。2. 对家庭的重视和前面提到的因素一样,家庭能建立起一个人情感上的最大持,同时它也是心智舒缓的一个重要源泉;布特尼只是很简单地说到,他从未见过一个吝啬的百岁老人。1. 遵循素食为主的饮食原则对,最后一个重要的特点就是--他们的饮食原则,这与大多数美国人是截然不同的。布特尼始终说道,长寿的人的饭量都不大,饮食中肉类含量也很少。这种做法对健康的重要性在美国以外的地区已经广泛得到实,特别是在意大利,日本和哥斯达黎加这些地方,那里的文化奉行的是一种不同于美国的烹饪方法。 /200805/38707。

When diners ask for the bill in an urban Chinese restaurant, they are more likely to reach for their mobile phones than their wallets.在中国城市的餐馆里,当食客买单的时候,他们更可能拿出手机而非钱包去结账。This reflects the rapid sp of mobile payment platforms, which are pushing urban China towards becoming a cashless society, leapfrogging credit cards in the process.这反映出移动付平台的快速扩张,它们正在推动中国城市跳过以信用卡付为主的阶段,迈向无现金社会。In a survey of 1,000 urban consumers conducted by FT Confidential Research, a unit of the Financial Times, 98.3 per cent of respondents said they had used mobile payment platforms over the past three months, with little difference across city tier, age group or income level.英国《金融时报》旗下研究务部门“投资参考”(FT Confidential Research)对1000名城市消费者展开的调查显示,98.3%的受访者表示他们在过去3个月里用过移动付平台,这个比例在不同级别城市、年龄区间或收入水平的受访者中相差不大。Alibaba’s Alipay was the most frequently used payment platform, cited by 79.5 per cent of respondents, as the first chart shows.如第一张图表所示,阿里巴巴(Alibaba)旗下的付宝(Alipay)是最多消费者经常使用的付手段——有79.5%的受访者选择了这一选项。That is a far greater proportion than those who said they most regularly used credit cards (45.5 per cent), debit cards (30 per cent) or even cash (79 per cent).这个比例远高于表示自己经常使用信用卡(45.5%)或借记卡(30%)的受访者的比例,甚至高于表示自己经常使用现金的受访者的比例(79%)。Alipay’s chief rival Tenpay, owned by Tencent, was cited by 26 per cent of respondents. Just 0.3 per cent said they used Apple Pay.选择了财付通(Tenpay)的受访者比例为26%。财付通是腾讯(Tencent)旗下的付平台,是付宝的主要竞争对手。只有0.3%的受访者表示自己经常使用Apple Pay。Alipay’s dominance is nationwide, selected by 79.3 per cent of respondents in first-tier cities, 80.2 per cent in second-tier cities and 79 per cent in third-tier cities. It was 5.9 percentage points more popular than cash in first-tier cities, though narrowly lost out in second and third tiers.付宝在全国范围内占据主导地位,一线城市选择付宝的受访者比例是79.3%,二线城市和三线城市的这个比例分别为80.2%和79%。在一线城市,选择付宝的受访者比例比选择现金的比例还高5.9个百分点,尽管在二三线城市,选择付宝的受访者比例略低于选择现金的比例。The rapid adoption of such platforms means credit cards may never gain traction in China. Credit card penetration fell to 0.29 per person at the end of last year, after peaking at 0.34 at the end of 2014, according to central bank data.此类平台的迅速普及,意味着信用卡在中国可能永远不会迎来势如破竹的发展。央行数据显示,信用卡普及率在2014年底达到每人0.34张的峰值以后,于去年年底下降至每人0.29张。The number of users of mobile payment platform grew 64.5 per cent in that time to 357.7m.移动付平台的用户数量同期增长64.5%,至3.577亿人。Respondents said they most often used them for payments in supermarkets and shopping malls, but they are also popular for paying utilities, ordering food, buying travel tickets or eating out, as the second chart shows.如第二张图表所示,受访者表示,他们最常使用移动付平台的地方是超市和商场,但他们也喜欢使用移动付平台缴纳公用事业费、订餐、买机票和火车票、外出就餐时付餐费。Unsurprisingly, the younger the respondent, the more likely they were to have adopted this relatively young technology: only 56.1 per cent of respondents aged 35 or older said they prefer making mobile payments to paying via PC, even though almost all owned smartphones. In contrast, 88 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds preferred paying via their mobile device.并不令人意外的是,受访者越年轻,就越有可能已经接受这种相对较新的技术:在35岁以上的受访者当中,只有56.1%表示他们倾向于使用移动设备而非个人电脑付,即便几乎所有受访者都有智能手机。相比之下,在18岁至24岁的受访者当中,88%的人更喜欢通过移动设备付。Mobile platforms are now trying to move beyond a simple scan of a QR code for a retail transaction. Taking advantage of the big data resources of their parent companies, they are expanding into consumer finance, some with a view to challenging the traditional banks.移动平台已经不满足于提供扫描二维码的零售交易付务,现在正在努力拓展其他业务。通过利用母公司的庞大的数据资源,它们进入了消费金融领域,一些还有意挑战传统的。The central government has given its blessing. Tencent’s WeBank was launched at the start of last year by Premier Li Keqiang, who approved its first loan in a PR stunt designed to signal Beijing’s determination to increase financing support for underserved parts of the economy.中国政府做出了持的表态。去年年初,李克强考察腾讯旗下的微众(WeBank),见了该行发放首笔贷款——这场公关秀旨在暗示中国政府决心加大对扶持不足的经济部门的融资持。The take-up has not been entirely smooth, however. The new online banks have not overcome a central bank regulatory hurdle to become deposit-taking institutions, which requires in-person verification of an account holder’s identity.然而,移动平台进军消费金融的努力并不是特别顺利。新的网络并未克央行监管障碍,成为吸收存款的金融机构——央行要求存款的金融机构现场确认账户持有人的身份。Predictably, China’s big banks are refusing to co-operate with the upstarts, limiting the range of services they are able to offer. The head of WeBank lasted just 10 months before resigning in September last year.意料之中的是,中国的大拒绝与这些后起之秀合作,限制了后者能够提供的务范围。去年9月,时任微众行长辞职,距其上任才10个月时间。Regulators have cause to be nervous. The proliferation of online financial services in China has brought with it a wave of under-regulated lending practices and outright fraud.监管机构有理由感到担忧。中国互联网金融务的迅速扩张带来了一波监管不足的借贷活动和彻头彻尾的欺诈活动。On the other hand, China’s banks, particularly the big four state lenders, are known to fiercely guard their turf.另一方面,中国的(尤其是四大)以激烈捍卫自己的地盘而著称。Both regulators and China’s well-entrenched banks will need to adapt if these online lenders are to succeed. As is so often the case with new technologies in the Chinese economy, mobile payment platforms have grown despite, rather than because of, the government and state companies.要让那些互联网取得成功,监管机构和中国根基深厚的都需要做出调整。中国经济中的新技术往往都是顶着政府和国企的阻力、而不是在它们的帮助下发展起来的——移动付平台的情况就是如此。Even the act of paying for dinner ends with a reminder of how far the state needs to come.即便是付晚餐账单这件事最后也给人们提了个醒:政府要走的路还很长。Having effortlessly used their mobiles to settle the bill, diners still need to wait for a machine to slowly print out the all-important fapiao, the official, government-issued invoice used to record taxable transactions in the economy.在不费吹灰之力用手机买完单之后,食客仍需要等待机器缓慢地打印出重要的正规发票——由政府发行,用来记录经济中的计税交易。 /201606/448012。