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汉中市西乡县看男科医院China#39;s powerful government-controlled television broadcaster took aim at Japanese camera company Nikon Corp. on Saturday in its annual campaign to stamp out service and quality problems that stifle the country#39;s domestic consumption.有着巨大影响力的中国官方媒体中央电视台在周六举行的一年一度的315晚会上将矛头指向日本相机生产商尼康(Nikon Corp.)。央视315晚会旨在曝光国内消费市场中隐藏的务和质量问题。In a two-hour prime-time show, held in honor of World Consumer Rights Day, China Central Television accused Nikon of selling faulty cameras and skirting warranty policies. The report said many consumers found black spots repeatedly appearing in photos taken with the D600 Nikon camera model.这场时长两个小时的晚会在周六晚上的黄金时段播出,以国际消费者权益日为主题。央视在此次晚会中曝光了尼康销售存在质量问题的相机,并回避保修政策。报道称,许多消费者发现尼康D600相机拍出的照片多次出现了黑点。#39;Nikon#39;s attitude is to avoid, conceal and offer excuses, making many people disappointed,#39; a CCTV presenter said in the broadcast.央视一位主持人在晚会中说,尼康采取的态度是回避、遮掩、推脱,让人非常失望。Nikon wasn#39;t immediately available for comment. China is a key market for the Japanese camera maker.记者未能立即联系到尼康就此置评。中国是尼康的一个关键市场。The broadcast also targeted Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., alleging the company#39;s ZhiFuBao payment system has a loophole in its password protection, exposing consumers to the risks of stolen accounts.央视此次曝光对象还包括电商巨头阿里巴巴集团控股有限公司(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.),称该公司的付系统付宝的密码保护存在漏洞,消费者帐户存在被盗风险。A spokeswoman for Alibaba#39;s payment systems said the company has #39;robust security and risk management#39; and monitors transactions closely at all times.阿里巴巴付系统发言人表示,公司拥有完善的安全和风险管理,并且会始终对交易进行监控。The 315 broadcast, as it is known in China for the date of consumer rights day, has become an annual tradition that attempts to empower consumers and crack down on poor business practices in the country.“3#12539;15”是中国的消费者权益日。315晚会已经成为一年一度的传统,帮助消费者揭露商家的不良行为。China#39;s leaders are looking to consumers to boost purchases at home and pave the way for a consumption-led economy. But poor product quality and safety problems have played a role in muffling consumer spending.中国领导层正寄望消费者加大出,引导经济迈向消费导向型模式。不过,产品质量不佳以及安全问题重重打击了消费者的购买积极性。People at multinational companies typically brace for the broadcast, which has in the past targeted such companies as electronics giant Apple Inc., AAPL -1.12% car maker Volkswagen and fast-food company McDonald#39;s Corp.跨国公司常常是315晚会的重点批评对象。过去几年,电子产品巨头苹果公司(Apple Inc.)、汽车制造商大众汽车(Volkswagen )以及快餐连锁店麦当劳(McDonald#39;s Corp.)都曾是315晚会的曝光对象。CCTV#39;s report last year alleging Apple skirted warranty periods and adopted biased customer-service policies for Chinese customers resulted in an apology letter signed by Apple#39;s Chief Executive Tim Cook. Mr. Cook vowed to revamp aspects of its customer-service policies in China.央视去年曝光苹果蓄意回避保修期,而且针对中国消费者执行歧视性的务政策。之后苹果首席执行长库克(Tim Cook)发布了一封致歉信,承诺修改在华消费务政策的条款。Saturday#39;s broadcast was far more muted than last year#39;s, which included performances, such as a consumer-rights rendition of the rock band Journey#39;s #39;Don#39;t Stop Believin#39;.#39; The lyrics began with, #39;Life presents problems, please don#39;t give up/Let us maintain our rights/Shed a smile and believe tomorrow will be better/To repair life with a smile.#39;本周六的节目相比去年低调许多。去年的节目其中一首歌借用了摇滚乐队Journey名作《Don#39;t Stop Believin#39;》的曲调,但是歌词换成了“生活就是大量问题,请不要放弃,让我们维权,露出微笑,相信明天会更好,用微笑修复我们的生活。”There was no song and dance this year.而今年的节目则没有歌舞。CCTV has come under fire in recent months, with consumers criticizing its frequent exposes of companies. Some blasted it in October pinpointing Starbucks, saying the company profits off Chinese consumers by charging as much as 50% more for some of its products in China than in some other countries. Starbucks said its prices vary by market because of different costs, such as for labor, commodities, real estate and infrastructure investment.近几个月央视遭到外界指责,消费者对其频繁曝光企业提出了批评。央视去年10月份曝光星巴克价格问题而遭到一些人士的攻击,当时报道称星巴克一些产品在中国的售价比在其他国家的价格高50%。星巴克表示,其在各个市场的定价都不同,是基于对各种原料设备、基础建设投入、物流运输、员工薪酬福利、租金及汇率等各种运营成本的综合考虑。While many have scoffed at CCTV#39;s reports, the media company has had long-lasting impact on some of its targets. Yum Brands Inc.#39;s KFC chicken chain suffered slumping sales last year after CCTV spurred a widesp media backlash over the use of growth hormones and antibiotics by two KFC chicken suppliers.尽管央视的报道引来了许多人的奚落,但确实对被其曝光的一些企业产生了长时间的影响。在央视对两家肯德基(KFC)鸡肉供应商使用激素和抗生素行为的报道在媒体上引发强烈反响后,百胜餐饮集团(Yum! Brands Inc., YUM)旗下这家快餐连锁店去年销售额大幅下滑。 /201403/280280汉中治疗早泄好医院 汉中割包皮哪个医院

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