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2017年10月23日 03:23:26 | 作者:康口碑 | 来源:新华社
Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 3 In the east, another ancient range, the Urals, separates Europe from Asia. Both these ranges are evidence of Europe's earliest formation, the results of processes that began half a billion years ago. Back then, Europe was still in pieces. Scandinavia was in the southern oceans, England and the Low Countries were near the Antarctic Circle, and most of the rest sat near the South Pole. All of these isolated fragments of crust were on the move. Continental plates are dragged along by powerful flows of molten rock deep in the earth's mantle, some 80 kilometers underground. They only move a few centimeters every year, but over millions of years these centimeters add up. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle, Europe was gradually assembled piece by piece. Each impact created enormous crumple zones. Rock was bent and buckled as if caught between the jaws of a vice, and forced up into great mountain chains along the join. They created Europe's backbone, which in scale once rivalled the Himalayas. The formation of these ancient mountains was the first act of European union. Since then, Europe has traveled halfway across the globe. 300 million years ago, it was straddling the equator. In this warm, wet climate, the foothills of Europe's oldest mountain ranges now became the cradle of the world's first forests. Paris would have been smothered in lush tropical rainforest which stretched east across the entire continent.words and expressionsthe Urals :乌拉尔山脉be on the move:to be travelling在活动中buckle:to bend or become bent, often as a result of force, heat or weakness扣住, 变弯曲vice:a tool with two parts which can be moved together by tightening a screw so that an object can be held firmly between them while it is being worked on老虎钳straddle:to sit or stand with your legs on either side of something偏落于…旁200809/47304Burma Admits US Aid Coordinator, But Still Bars Team Members美缅甸灾难评估小组负责人获签    The State Department said Thursday Burma has granted a visa to the head of the U.S. assessment team assigned for duty in that country's cyclone disaster. But other members of the U.S. Agency for International Development - USAID - team continue to stand by in Bangkok as they have since shortly after the May 3 storm. 美国国务院星期四表示,美国国际开发署缅甸热带风暴灾难评估小组的负责人已经得到缅甸政府的入境签。但是,国际开发署的其他成员继续在泰国曼谷等候。5月3号强热带风暴后,他们很快就到了曼谷。Officials here say Burmese authorities granted a visa to USAID disaster expert William Berger for a two-day government-conducted tour Thursday and Friday of the country's hard-hit Irrawaddy Delta region. 美国国务院官员说,缅甸当局已经签发给美国国际开发署灾难评估专家威廉.伯格入境签,由缅甸政府安排,于星期四和星期五前往受灾最严重的伊洛瓦底江三角洲地区。However, they caution that the move does not appear to indicate that the military government is prepared to admit the several other members of Berger's disaster assessment team who have been waiting to enter for more than two weeks. 但是,国务院官员警告说,这项举动并不表示缅甸军政府准备准许伯格的灾难评估小组其他成员入境。这个灾难评估小组等候进入缅甸灾区已经超过两个星期。The Bush administration has pressed Burma to admit the USAID team for a first-hand appraisal of needs and logistics in the cyclone-ravaged area, and says that without a report from the experts it cannot make an informed decision on further U.S. contributions. 布什政府一直对缅甸施压,要求准许美国国际开发署小组对灾区的需要和补给做第一手评估。布什政府表示,如果没有这些专家的评估,美国就无法进一步做出可靠的救灾决定。At a press briefing, State Department Deputy Spokesman Tom Casey said Berger was chosen to be the U.S. representative on the tour, instead of a member of the American embassy staff in Rangoon, because of his expertise: 国务院副发言人凯西在记者会上说,选择伯格、而不是美国驻仰光大使馆成员做评估小组负责人,是因为他的专业知识。"The rest of the team hasn't been given visas and he's not been given permission to conduct his own assessment or the kind of things he'd do as team leader," he said. "He's just the person that will be representing the U.S. government on this tour for foreign governments that the regime is sponsoring."  凯西说:“评估小组的其他成员还没有得到签,而伯格本人也没有获准去进行他自己的评估,或者去做他身为评估小组组长应当做的事。他只是缅甸政府为外国政府所组织的一次考察中的美国代表而已。”"We thought it was important though to have him be the representative rather than someone else from the [U.S.] mission simply because it will at least give someone with real expertise at least some kind of overview of some of the area and what's going on," he added. “但我们还是认为让伯格、而不是美国大使馆其他人员作为代表进入灾区是很重要的,因为这至少能让一位真正有专业知识的人对灾区至少能够有一些总体观察。”Under normal circumstances, a U.S. assessment team precedes large-scale American aid in a disaster zone, coordinating deliveries and assuring that items provided actually reach those in need. 正常情况下,美国的评估队伍都是先进入灾区,然后才开始大规模的美国援助,协调救灾工作,并确保救灾物资确实送到需要者手上。Despite the lack of direct access, and press reports of some diversion of supplies, the ed States is continuing an airlift of basic relief items to Rangoon. 尽管不能直接进入灾区,而且有新闻报导说,一些救援物资被挪作他用,但美国还是继续向仰光空运基本的救灾物品。Spokesman Casey said U.S. Air Force C-130 cargo planes made five flights Thursday carrying bottled water, plastic sheeting, mosquito netting and other items.  国务院发言人凯西说,美国空军c-130运输机星期四飞了五个架次,为缅甸送去瓶装水,塑胶布,蚊帐,和其他物品。He said in three of the flights, the supplies were handed over directly to non-governmental groups - the preferred procedure in the absence of U.S. personnel on the ground. 凯西说,其中三个架次的救灾物品被直接交给非政府组织, 这是在没有美国救灾人员在场的情况下,比较好的一种作法。Casey said the U.S. charge d'affaires in Rangoon, Shari Villarosa, will be the U.S. representative Sunday at the donors conference there organized by the ed Nations and ASEAN to be attended by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. 凯西说,美国驻仰光代办维拉罗萨星期天将代表美国参加在仰光由联合国和东盟举办的捐助国会议。联合国秘书长潘基文也将参加这次会议。 200805/39935. . too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt . . Can you be too sexy for the job? A new study finds that women who dress more like Hillary Clinton and are more likely to land a job in the corner office compared with somebody says uhh, I dunno, look like Pamela Anderson. Is that fair? Let's ask Ginger Burr, Ginger is the president of Total Image Consultants. She joins us from Boston. Is that true? Well, to a certain extent, it is, but what we really have to do is look at the word "sexy", it's really provocative, that we are talking about not sexy. Sexy is a very subjective term. And it also makes a difference how high up the corporate ladder you are, what might be acceptable behaviour for a receptionist or an office assistant isn't the same for a senior VP or a CEO. Well, it's not really acceptable anyplace, but people who are at the beginning stages of work or in a considered lower-tier job, it's, it's overlooked. It's not expected that they are going to dress in a way that's as appropriate as somebody who is in a high-power position. So Ginger, what are we saying? In this age of Desperate Housewives where women of any age group are said and almost forced to be very super-sexy, that we don't appreciate or even want the same in corporate America? Well, we really don't, and to be honest with you, your average woman doesn't really dress like that generally anyway, um, it's, it...but we notice it when a few people do it. But that's the message that we're getting in the media , by celebrities, um, that, putting your body out there is the way to present yourself, and it really doesn't help women at all to get ahead. All right, so the tip for women who are looking to aspire to the corner office, guide them on conservative dress, what should first of all they have avoid? Well, they should've avoid anything that shows too much skin, cleavage, too short, too tight, um, you're not there to flaunt your body, you're there to work. But we're not talking about clothes that don't fit you properly, that things can be beautifully fitted, the colors can be gorgeous. You do not have to stick to navy blue and gray, but you don't want to be exposing body parts. Do you think there is a double-standard for men? Oh, always has been. And may always be. And that's part of what women need to be aware of, is that men can, first of all, dressing provocatively is generally not an issue for men in the workplace, and they are allowed more leeway in terms of what they can get away with, they can be a little messy, a little sloppy, a little mismatched, and people who either think it's cute or just kind of overlook it as : '' Oh, they don't know any better, they're just men. " That's not true for women, women are expected from birth to know how to dress themselves, and when they don't, which is totally non, crazy, anyway, then they are, um, looked down on as a result of that, and may not get where they wanna go for something as silly as how they dress. Ok, Ginger Burr, thank you. Good tips. Thank you! 200808/46259

Key Lawmakers Urge Bush Administration to Hold Talks With Iran美议员促不设先决条件与伊朗谈判   U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates faced tough questions from lawmakers Tuesday about the Bush administration's refusal to hold talks with Iran unless Tehran first halts its uranium enrichment program. Gates told a Senate panel that it is an open question whether such talks would succeed while President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is in power. 星期二,在美国国会的一个听会上,议员们就布什政府在伊朗终止铀浓缩项目之前拒绝同伊朗谈判的立场,向国防部长盖茨提出了尖锐的质问。盖茨对参议院拨款委员会表示,很难说在伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德任职期间,这种谈判是否会成功。At a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on next year's Pentagon budget request, two lawmakers suggested the time has come for the ed States to open wide-ranging talks with Iran - without preconditions. 在参议院拨款委员会就国防部明年的财政预算举行的听会上,两位参议员表示,现在是美国不设先决条件地同伊朗就一系列广泛的议题展开谈判的时候了。Their comments come in the wake of a report in the Jerusalem Post saying a U.S. military strike against Iran is likely before the end of President Bush's term in office next January. The administration strongly denies the report. Statements from the White House and State Department say the U.S. is focused on a diplomatic resolution of Iran's nuclear issue, but that all options remain on the table. 此前,耶路撒冷邮报报导说,在布什总统明年1月卸任之前,美军有可能会对伊朗展开攻势。布什政府对此坚决予以否认。白宫和国务院都发表声明说,在伊朗核项目问题上,美国的着眼点是通过外交渠道解决问题,但不排除一切可能。The news report was not mentioned at the Senate hearing.  星期二的听会上没有提及耶路撒冷邮报的那篇报导。Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, a member of President Bush's Republican Party, suggested that holding direct talks with Iran was the best option for the ed States. "I think there is an opportunity for dialogue. But I think we have to be a little courageous about it, and take a chance, because the alternative is very, very, very bleak," he said. 和布什总统同属共和党的宾夕法尼亚州参议员阿伦.斯佩克特(Arlen Specter)表示,同伊朗展开直接对话,对美国来说,是最佳的选择。他说:“我认为有对话的机会。但是我们可能要大胆一些,试一试,因为其它的解决方式成功的可能性非常非常渺茫。”He questioned the administration's insistence on having Iran halt its uranium enrichment program before opening talks. "It seems to me that it is unrealistic to try to have discussions and say to the opposite party as a precondition to discussions we want the principle concession that we are after. Do you think it makes sense to insist on a concession like stopping enriching uranium, which is what our ultimate objective is before we even sit down with them on a broader range of issues?," he said. 布什政府坚持把伊朗首先终止铀浓缩项目作为谈判的前提。对此,斯佩克特参议员提出了置疑。他说:“在我看来,在跟对方进行谈判之前,先把我们想要得到的主要妥协作为先决条件提出来,恐怕不现实。在双方坐下来、就更广泛的议题展开谈判之前,先坚持要对方做出终止铀浓缩项目这类的让步,你认为这现实吗?”Gates responded by defending the administration's policy of using leverage with Iran. "The key here is developing leverage, either through economic, or diplomatic, or military pressures on the Iranian government so they believe they must have talks with the ed States because there is something they want from us, and that is the relief of the pressure," he said. 盖茨回答说,白宫眼下的政策是要让伊朗觉得有必要同美国谈判。他说:“关键是,要通过经济、外交或者是军事上施加压力的方式,让伊朗政府觉得,要想没有这些压力的话,就必须同美国谈判。”Gates said it was an open question whether talks with Tehran would yield success, saying that under President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, Iran has experienced a resurgence of the hardline views of the Islamic revolutionaries. 盖茨说,很难预测,同伊朗谈判是否会取得成果,他说,在艾哈迈迪内贾德领导下的伊朗,主张伊斯兰革命的强硬派势力抬头。Senator Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, suggested the ed States engage with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. "It is not the president of Iran that counts in these matters, it is the Supreme Leader. It seems to me that we ought to find ways to develop back channel or front channel discussions with this individual. I really think the fate of the area depends on it. I think saber-rattling and talking about exercises for military intrusions do nothing but escalate the situation," she said. 来自加州的民主党参议员黛安.范斯坦(Diane Feinstein)表示,美国或许可以同伊朗的最高领袖哈梅内伊进行接触。她说:“在这些问题上,在伊朗,不是总统说了算,而是他们的最高领袖说了算。在我看来,我们应当通过各种渠道,来跟这位最高领导人沟通。我坚信,这关系到整个中东地区的未来。我认为,军事恐吓或者有关军事入侵的讨论只能让局势更加恶化。”President Bush earlier this month told the Israeli Knesset that negotiations with terrorists and radicals amounted to appeasement. That comment prompted an angry response from Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, who also has advocated greater engagement with Iran. 布什总统这个月早些时候对以色列议会表示,同恐怖分子和极端分子对话等于是实行绥靖政策。布什的话引起了民主党总统参选人巴拉克.奥巴马的不满。奥巴马一直主张更多地与伊朗方面接触。Gates said there may have been a missed opportunity in 2003 and 2004 in the immediate aftermath of the U.S. invasion of Iraq when the more moderate Mohammed Khatami was Iran's president. 国防部长盖茨表示,美国可能错过了同伊朗谈判的良机,他指的是2003年和2004年刚刚入侵伊拉克之后,那时候,担任伊朗总统的是较为温和的穆罕默德.哈塔米。 200805/39721

The long-awaited Brangelina baby has been born. Julian, don't tell me you haven't been on this, on the edge of your seat for this. (All right!)Their baby is a daughter and she is named....(I live for this stuff). Uh, we know that. Er, She's named Shiloh, which has many different meanings. One of them is kiss, there, there has various other meanings as well. So, er, she was born in Africa. They did not come back stateside for this and er, well, we just can't wait to see what the melding of this genetic mix (right) has produced. Now you know, a lot of people feel sorry for the ex-wife of Brad Pitt, (I do) who was basically er, by all accounts, unceremoniously dropped, er, for his more beautiful, I guess, and glamorous co-star when they were making Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The interesting thing is this weekend Jennifer Aniston, the poor thing's movie the "Break Up" is coming out with Vince Vaughn and er, this once again overshadows er, that, because that people really, I mean I know you, you joke around about not caring and there are a lot of our viewers who don't care, but it is really unbelievable how many people actually do. (We know...) They care about the pregnancies and the births of celebrities. One thing I haven't seen that normally we have this around errr the company, you know, some of our, our staffers here, when like a celebrity, er couple gets married, there is usually like a pool as to how long they will stay married, (right) you know. And I, I haven't seen one on, on this couple. I'm surprised. Well, they're not married. Oh, that's right, they are not. So that... Well, no, wait, didn't they get married? What does this...No, that was a rumor. You are right. There was a rumor. (See it, see how much I'm interested in this stuff.) (inaudible) wedding watch, but they have not actually tied the knot. Now interestingly, I think Angelina said that she would never ever get involved with a married man back when all these rumors first surfaced. But wait a minute, wasn't he... Well, this is my point. She(口误)he, Brad and Jennifer got divorced this past February, and er, I'm no mathematician, but if the baby was born last night, 9 months prior, that's the previous September. (right) So I think she was involved with Brad. And if you've carried a child, you know it's not 9 months, it's actually 10, (That's right.) because it's 40 weeks.(It's 40 weeks.)Well, how about a pool then, being that the case. How about a pool then for how long they'll stay together?I don't know. You know this is so weird, first of all, celebrities' new thing is you name your kids these in any/name things that, you know, you end up being... (Key is not a name, Kiren.) But you know how, I got made fun of for just, for being Kiren as supposed to Karen. OK, I was called Kiron and Koren and they call me cheddar cheese, and(Kids in America are cruel to each other). (cheddar cheese?) Yes, because my last name's Chatri and no one can pronounce that either. Wrong thing. Just think about your kids still have to get their names called out in nursery school and in elementary school. People, come on. I'm not sure this (Suri, Shiloh,) Brad and Angelina's kids will have a problem.Er, (Probably being home schooled) OK, hold on, your babies are named?Alex and Chesa as what we call them.And Chesa, that's a very interesting name. ( It's the short for Francesca.)My, I like that, but Shiloh?All right... 200809/49395

(I/we) wanna urge people who want to volunteer, and who have the ability to be able to come to Louisiana or any of the Gulf Coast states that were affected and volunteer to try to do that. And if you can't do it this week, there will be next week and the next week, and it's gonna go on for a long time. So we want to make sure that volunteers continue all through the months that it's gonna take to let people be able to get back into their own homes, and back into their own city. They are registering children for school all here. They are actually in this center. You can register for school and the children from New Orleans who will go to the Lafayette schools will start on Wednesday, so I think that' s very important. It's very important to get your children in school, give children a sense of normalcy, and so I want to urge people, ah, who wherever you are around, ah, the country if you've left New Orleans or left any of the affected areas on the Gulf Coast to go ahead and enroll your children in schools. It's very important for them. Ah, I heard a great story about a little boy from New Orleans, who, ah, went to school today at the Texas school district and youthin high school but he's sort of thin and small and two great big football players, sort of adopted him and walking him around the campus and welcoming him to their school. So I know school districts everywhere will be welcoming. And I want to thank the people of Texas, and Houston, and Dallas, and San Antonio that have opened their, big arenas like this, to take in, ah, take people in, the people who have been displaced because of the storm, and, and those school districts are also opening up. So it's really important for parents to keep their, let their kids keep going to school, getting them in school, don't let them get behind and also give them a sense of normalcy for their day. I think this is a really wonderful example of what happens when a community comes together. Of the logistics, even, ah, of which, a community has to put together to try to, ah, have this little city within a city over 6,000 people here in one place to meet their needs, their needs for hygiene, their needs for food obviously, and water and in a safe place for people to be, it's really, really amazing those logistics are and now I wanna congratulate the people of Lafayette for being able to do this in such a very quick and such a humane way. I'm really helping people not just giving them the basic needs but also trying to give them the emotional support they need right now at such a very difficult time in their lives. I think what happened is what always happens in this kind of disaster. This is probably the largest disaster our country has ever had, natural disaster we've ever had. And when you have that many people displaced out of their homes, when you have that big urban area flooded where people can't go back into it. You know, it's not like a hurricane whether water washes in and washes out, you know, it's still standing there, then that's what you see. It had, it just, you know, that's just how what happens in a, this terrible of a disaster, and the fact is, many times as we know from watching tornado coverage, or any other natural disaster coverage, the poor people usually are in the neighborhoods that are the lowest, are the most exposed, are the most vulnerable, and their housing is the most vulnerable to a natural disaster. And that's just always what it happens. Well, I know that the federal government is doing every single thing they possibly can, but the president said today, I think that he had (was not with me this morning, that was, he came over from Texas) said that, you know, it's not adequate. This response is not an adequate response. This is not the kind of response the federal government wants. We know that we can do it better and that we can get it, ah, better, and that's what every single person, not just the federal government but the local governments everywhere are working on. And not just the local governments in the affect, in the affected areas, but governments local governments a long way away, Pittsburg, I think, called the mayor today, and Youngstown Ohio was sending trucks, ah, of, of things, and you know, people wanna help in whatever way they can.200807/44137

国家地理:China's Lost Girls 被抛弃的女孩[3]"My real biological mother left me in a basket with me and my sister saying that we were twins and she waited to make sure that we were safe and then my mom right now Betsy, she came to get me in China to adopt me and she took me back to America as, as me as her daughter."How could a mother give away her baby girl? The answer isn't so simple. We drive to the countryside where most abandoned girls are believed to come from. The majority of abandoned girls in China come from the countryside and right now we are in the Guang Dong province and this is where you really see the imbalance between boys and girls. Here it's among the highest in the country. Boys, a lot of boys! No girlfriends? I just asked them in their school if there are more boys or girls, and they said, "of course boys". To learn more, we speak with Wu Shuichang, a village leader. "In the countryside for work do you think families prefer boys or girls?" "Of course, it's better to have a boy." I ask him how many children couples are allowed to have today. "One. Now we can have only one."But what happens if couples have more? "Have two or three? No. They would pay a fine. If they had more, they would pay a fine. That's the way it is. The state will only allow us to have one." "Why do you think people prefer to have sons?""A boy will stay in his own place and work. A girl will marry and leave. It's like that, a boy will always stay here."It's hard to get women to talk openly about the pressure they're under to have sons. But in another village we find Ya Qing who was fined thousands of dollars when she chose to keep her second child, a daughter. "This is Mrs. Ya and she owns a cell phone shop in the countryside. And this is her older son in the red. And her younger daughter whom she paid for. So Mrs. Ya lives here with her husband and two kids.""Around here is feudalistic thinking. Everyone wants to have a son. If your family doesn't have a son, people will look down on you. It's like this because people want to have a son to carry on the family name."When Ya Qing was pregnant her husband warned that he'd send her away if she didn't give him a son. "God! How did it feel when your husband told you that if you didn't have a boy, he'd send you back home?" "I was very angry at the time. Why is a boy so important? A girl is a person..."200709/17505

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