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13. The price on the is too high.菜单上的价格太高了。还能这样说:The food on the is too dear.The food set on the is priced too high.14. Whats on the today?今天菜单上有什么菜?还能这样说:What food do you supply today?What do you have today?15. Can you tell me what the pork lungs in chili sauce are?可以告诉我什么是夫妻肺片吗?还能这样说:Can you explain the pork lungs in chili suace to me?Can you give me a brief introduction of the pork lungs in chili sauce?16. What are the specials in your restaurant?你们餐馆有哪些特色菜?还能这样说:What specials do you have in your restaurant?Could you recommend some specials to me?应用:restaurant city 美食城17. The price on the is subject to our confirmation.菜单上的价格以我方确认为准。还能这样说:The price on the bill should be confirmed by us.The price should go with our confirmation. /201403/283081Todd: So Kate, if somebody had a month to spend in New Zealand where do you recommend they go and what do you recommend they do?托德:凯特,如果有人打算用一个月的时间在新西兰旅游,那你会建议他们去哪游览或建议他们做什么?Kate: Well most often you will fly into Auckland airport so you can start off in Auckland whch is a nice big city, however the most important thing about New Zealand is the smaller countryside parts of New Zealand, so you should go up to the north… past… further north than Auckland. Go to the beautiful beaches and you can go all the way up to a place called Cape Reinga which is the very top of New Zealand. From there you can see the Pacific ocean.凯特:一般来说,你乘坐的航班会在奥克兰机场降落,所以你可以从奥克兰开始游览,那是一个漂亮的大城市,不过新西兰最著名的是小型乡村的美景,所以你应该往北走……去奥克兰以北的地方。在美丽的海滩玩耍后,你可以一直往北到一个名为雷因格海角的地方,那里是新西兰的最北端。在那里你可以欣赏到太平洋的美景。Todd: Sounds nice.托德:听起来不错。Kate: Yeah, its very beautiful.凯特:是啊,景色非常漂亮。Todd: How long do you recommend someone stays there?托德:你建议在那里待多长时间?Kate: Just stay there maybe only a couple of days, maybe a week maximum at the top of New Zealand. Just get to see some beaches and the top of the north island, Cape Reinga. And then travel down the island by car or just hire a car or a camper van. You can just sleep in the camper van or on the camping ground and one, its cheap and its a lot more fun with your friends.凯特:几天的时间就够了,在新西兰最北端的时间不要超过一个星期。欣赏欣赏海滩和北岛最北端的雷因格海角就可以了。之后开车沿着海岛旅行,你可以租辆车或是租辆房车。这样就可以在房车里睡觉了,也可以在露营区睡觉,这样比较划算,而且可以和朋友们享受到更多的乐趣。Todd: Sounds like a good time. So when you go camping, when you move down the islands, the north island or the south island, what do you recommend that they see or do?托德:听起来会度过很愉快的时光。那要是去北岛或是南岛露营,你建议他们欣赏什么景观或是做什么?Kate: Well definitely go to the national park. Its called Tongariro national park. Its where Lord of the Rings was filmed.凯特:当然要去国家公园了。汤加里罗国家公园,那里是电影《魔戒》的取景地。Todd: Oh woah!托德:哇哦!Kate: And Im sure if youve seen that movie you can.. you know the beautiful scenery that was there. Really amazing.凯特:我确定如果你看过那部电影,你就知道那里的景色有多美了。美得令人惊叹。Todd: Good deal. So besides Auckland are there any other cities that people should see?托德:太棒了。除了奥克兰,还有其他推荐游玩的城市吗?Kate: Then you can go down to Wellington, the capital city and you can just see the museum and the harbour. Just the museums. Thats the main thing.凯特:你可以去首都惠灵顿,参观物馆和海港。可以主要参观物馆。Todd: Ok well, sounds like a nice country to visit. I would definitely go!托德:好,听起来这是个值得游览的国家。我一定会去新西兰旅行的! 译文属 /201412/348664经典句型:Would you please tell me where I should go for the admission procedure? 请问我在哪里办理入院手续?A:Would you please tell me where I should go for the admission procedure?甲:请问我在哪里办理入院手续?B:Here. Please show your outpatient appointment card.乙:就在这儿。请出示您的门诊预约卡。A:Here you are.甲:给你。B:Please fill out the form and the nurse will take you to the ward.乙:请填写这张表格,然后护士会带你去病房。经典句型:Would you please tell me the visiting hour? 您能告诉我探视时间吗?A:Would you please tell me the visiting hour?甲:您能告诉我探视时间吗?B:2 p.m. to 5 p.m..乙:下午2点到5点。A:But my parents want to visit me in the evening.甲:但是我的父母想在晚上来看我。乙:请填写这张表格,然后护士会带你去病房。句型讲解:admission是“允许进入”的意思,在医院,即表示“住院”。住院处是admitting office,住院部可以 说 inpatient department。 /201408/323352

5. Do you have this in stock?这个还有存货吗?还能这样说:Is there any of this in stock?Is there any more of this in the storeroom?应用:have... in stocks 持有……公债券;lay in a stock of 储备……;储存……;stocks and stones 无生命之物;木石;死气沉沉的人6. Do you have this in yellow?这种有黄色的吗?还能这样说:Do you have yellow ones?Do you have anything yellow of this style here?应用:as yellow as a crows foot 色黄如金;sand yellow 砂黄;沙黄色;a yellow streak 生性怯懦;yellow card (足球等运动中的)黄牌,黄卡7. Do you have any on sale?你们有什么特卖品吗?还能这样说:Is ther anything on sale?Do you have some articles on sale?应用:for sale 待售(通常由物主或代理人经手);例如:She has put her house up for sale.她的房子现在出售。8. Whats the current best seller?现在什么是最畅销的?还能这样说:Which brand do you sell the most?Whats the best current selling?应用:seller 售出之物(尤指以修饰词语描述之方式出售);sellers market 卖方市场(供不应求而有利卖方的) /201401/272764

Jennifer: Hi, and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Jennifer and with me today is Feifei.珍妮佛:大家好,欢迎来到我们所说的英语。我是珍妮佛,和我一起的是菲菲。Feifei: Hi there.菲菲:大家好。Jennifer: Why do you have that big bag with you?珍妮佛:你为什么带着那个大袋子呢?Feifei: Oh this? Im going to the gym after work.菲菲:哦这个吗?我下班之后要去体育馆。Jennifer: Again? But you went yesterday, and the day before that!珍妮佛:什么?但是你昨天和前天刚去过!Feifei: I need to push myself! I want to get fit.菲菲:我需要强迫自己!我需要保持好身材。Jennifer: Youre such a fitness freak.珍妮佛:你真是一个身材控。Feifei: Hey, thats not very nice. What do you mean, Im a fitness freak? Youre calling me some kind of strange monster?菲菲:嘿,这并不太好啊。你什么意思,我是一个“身材控”?你在称呼我为某种奇怪的怪物吗?Jennifer: Im not calling you a monster, thats not what the word freak means in this context. In English, you can use the word freak with a noun to say that someone is obsessed by something which you think is strange.珍妮佛:我不是在叫你怪物,在这个上下文里这个词“怪物”不是这个意思。在英语中,你可以用这个词“怪物”和一个名词搭配起来来说某人痴迷于你认为很奇怪的东西。Feifei: So when you call me a fitness freak, youre saying Im obsessed by sport and fitness?菲菲:所以,当你说我是“身材控”,你是指我痴迷于运动和身材控制?Jennifer: Thats right. Its an informal phrase, usually used if the person saying it is not interested in the hobby or action. So someone might be a football freak if theyre watching football. My boyfriend is a car freak – hes obsessed with cars and talking about them, but Im not interested at all, I think its weird.珍妮佛:是的。这是一个不正式的词组,经常用在说的人对这项兴趣或活动不感兴趣的时候。所以一个看足球比赛的人可以是“足球控”。我的男朋友是“车控”,他痴迷于汽车而且谈论它们,但是我一点也不感兴趣,我觉得那很奇怪。Feifei: I understand. Well you might call me a fitness freak, because you dont like it. Id say Im a fitness fanatic!菲菲:我理解。你可能叫我身材控,因为你不喜欢它。我会说我是一个身材狂热者!Jennifer: Well, I have no intention of going to the gym today or any day. I dont like it and the thought of using the equipment really freaks me out.珍妮佛:我没有意图今天或任何一天去体育馆。我不喜欢这个而且用健身器械快把我逼疯了。Feifei: Hang on, youve used the word freak again.菲菲:等一下,你又用到怪物这个词了。Jennifer: Yes, in a slightly different way. To freak someone out is a phrasal verb which means to make someone feel strong emotions, like panic or fear. Going to the gym freaks me out; it makes me panic.珍妮佛:是的,以一种微微不同的方式。“使某人惊慌”是一个动词词组,意思是使某人有强烈的感情,比如惊慌或惊恐。去体育馆使我惊慌,它让我感到惊慌。Feifei: It freaks you out! You need to toughen up. I really do think you should come and join me for a gym session tonight.菲菲:它是你惊慌!你需要更强壮。我真的觉得你今晚应该加入我来进行一次体育训练。Jennifer: No way! Im too scared and too tired. Id rather lie on the sofa and watch my favourite soap opera.珍妮佛:不可能!我太害怕而且太累了。我宁愿躺在沙发上看我最爱的肥皂剧。Feifei: Well, I think that people who sit around and watch television every night are very strange – so I guess youre a television freak! Join us again for another edition of The English We Speak from bbclearningenglish.com.菲菲:我觉得每晚躺在沙发上看电视的人太奇怪了,所以我觉得你是一个电视控!加入我们,登陆bbclearningenglish.com来获取其他版本的我们所说的英语。Both: Bye!一起:再见! /201401/273385

20 Chinese Welcome All Foreigners中国欢迎你You:Most Chinese are polite to foreigners. We Chinese are polite and kind to people from all nations, and we are pleased to welcome them to our country.大多数中国人对外国人都还是很有礼貌的。中国人对来自各国的人都很友好,和气,我们欢迎他们来中国。David:I agree, Chinese people are very welcoming to foreign guests. Do you think Chinese people treat all foreign guests the same?的确是这样,中国人民真的待人很热情。是不是所有的外国人都受欢迎呢?You:Yes, generally speaking.基本上是这样。David:What about people with darker skin? In the ed States, those people are sometimes treated unfairly because of their skin colour.那黑人呢?在美国,有色人种在某种程度上会受到不公正的待遇。You:Sometimes Chinese people may feel curious towards black people because they do not have the same skin color as we do. They do not hold any ill will towards them. Most Chinese simply see the different skin tone, which makes foreigners seem interesting. In fact, Chinese people have been known as a friendly people since ancient times.很多中国人只是觉得黑人的肤色与我们不同而感觉有些好奇罢了,他们没有不友好的意思。他们只是因为外国人肤色不同而感觉很有趣。中华民族自古以来就以友好待人著称。David:Very interesting. In that case, China will certainly be a great stage for the 2008 Olympic Games.真有趣。正因为如此,在中国举办的2008年奥运会将会获得巨大的成功。 /201209/198054

5. He paints with a pen.他用钢笔绘画。还能这样说:He uses a pen to draw.He draws with a pen.应用:mark pen 符号记录笔;mapping pen 绘图笔;painting pen 油漆笔;plot pen 描图笔;the best pen of the day 当代第一流的作家6. This painting is very valuable.这幅绘画非常名贵。还能这样说:This painting is quite precious.This is a rare painting.谚语:The true value of life is not in what we get, but in what we give.人生的真正价值在于奉献,而不是索取。7. This is a famous court painting of Tang Dynasty.这是一幅著名的唐代宫廷绘画。还能这样说:This is a painting depicting the living scenes at court of Tang Dynasty.This famous painting shows the imperial life in Tang Dynasty.应用:court support 求援助;court defeat 招致失败;bring to court 诉诸法律;go to court 起诉;in court 在法庭上8. He has had a large collection of abstract paintings.他收集了大量抽象派绘画。还能这样说:He has collected a lot of abstract paintings.He as acquired a fine collection of abstract paintings.应用:a large crowd 一大群(人);a man of large experience 经历丰富的人;a large heart 宽宏大量;large toleration 宽容;large talk 夸张之词 /201309/258226

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