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Do you hate getting into a cold bed before you go to sleep? Look no further than Russian entrepreneur Viktoria Ivachyova – the world#39;s first professional bed warmer.你讨厌睡觉前钻进一个冷冰冰的被窝吗?那么再也没有比俄罗斯创业者维克多利亚·伊瓦秋娃更适合你的了,她是世界上第一位职业暖床师!Ivachyova, 21, will lie in your bed for an hour before your bedtime for a one-off fee of 4,900 roubles (65 pounds) or R94,800 (1,290 pounds) per month to ensure you have the comfiest night#39;s sleep possible.在你睡觉前,21岁的维克多利亚·伊瓦秋娃会在你的被窝里躺一个小时,一次收费4900卢布(约合65英镑),包月94800卢布(约合1290英镑),可以让你有一个最舒适的睡眠。She also bumps up her fees depending on how big your bed is because there#39;s more cold for her to warm up. A daily warming for a month in a king-size bed will cost you 1,400 pounds.而且她还会按照客户的床的大小来收费,因为床越大,她需要暖的地方就越多。如果一个特大号床每天都要暖床的话,一个月要收费1400英镑。There is one ground rule, however – no touching, no sex. In fact, she promises to carry a panic button with her just in case any clients get the wrong idea and jump into bed with her.但是有一项基本原则——没有接触,没有性关系。事实上她会随身携带一个应急按钮,以防某些客户心生邪念想要和她一起睡。Clients are welcome to stay in the room with her and they are even allowed to strike up a conversation as she claims she#39;s a ;great listener; and enjoys listening to men about their issues.维克多利亚·伊瓦秋娃允许客户在自己暖床时和自己待在同一个房间里,甚至还允许客户搭讪自己,因为她说自己是一个“很棒的倾听者”,很喜欢听男人们说自己的事情。She claims one man called her the day after his appointment and said ;Vika, you#39;re magic. Today I woke up, and I want to live.;她表示,曾经有一个男人在务结束第二天打电话给自己说:“维卡,你太神奇了!今天我一觉睡到大天亮,我又有了活下去的动力!”Interest in Viktoria#39;s strange new service has reportedly gone through the roof, forcing the Russian girl to hire more female staff to meet the demand.据报道,对维克多利亚这项新奇务感兴趣的人非常多,使得这位俄罗斯姑娘不得不雇佣更多的女性员工来满足市场需求。If you want your bed warmed by Viktoria, all you have to do is book an appointment with her and she will arrive dressed in her pyjamas y for her hour-long session.如果你想要维克多利亚给你暖床,你只要跟她预约就好了,她会穿着睡衣前来,在被窝里躺上一个小时。While she claims most of her clientele are currently men, she has not ruled out the possibility of taking on female clients if there is sufficient interest.她表示,虽然目前大多数客户都是男性,但是她并没有排除会有女性客户上门的可能,只要她们也有足够的兴趣的话。 /201702/494279A study found pedal power could cut the risk of dying prematurely by 41%.一项研究发现,骑自行车可以将早亡的风险降低41%。Those who walk to work experience major health benefits too, but not to the same degree as people using their bike, experts found.专家发现,那些步行上班的人在健康上也受益匪浅,只是受益程度与骑自行车的人相比不同罢了。Dr Carlos Celis-Morales, from the University of Glasgow which carried out the research, said: “This may be because walkers commuted shorter distances than cyclists, typically six miles per week, compared with 30 miles per week and walking is generally a lower intensity of exercise than cycling.”格拉斯哥大学的卡洛斯·赛里斯·莫拉莱斯士进行了这项研究,他表示:“这可能是因为步行者比骑行者往返的距离要短,一般步行者每周走6英里,而骑行者每周会骑行30英里,并且步行通常比骑行的运动强度要低。”The study found that compared with driving or taking public transport, cycling to work is linked to a 45% lower risk of developing cancer. It was 46% for cardiovascular disease.研究发现,与驾车或乘坐公共交通相比,骑自行车去上班与降低罹患癌症的风险有关,而且可将风险降低45%。骑自行车还可以将患心血管疾病的风险降低46%。Researchers found that walking to work was associated with a 27% lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease. But it did not significantly reduce the likelihood of getting cancer.研究人员发现,步行上班与降低患心血管疾病的风险有关,并且可将风险降低27%。但步行上班无法显著地降低罹患癌症的可能性。There were also some health advantages to cycling part of a journey. Dr Jason Gill, from the university, urged the government to make it easier for people to commute by bike, including creating more cycle lanes and bike hire schemes.在旅行中骑行一段距离也是有着若干健康益处的。来自大学的詹森·吉尔士强烈要求政府为人们骑自行车上下班提供更多便利,例如修更多的自行车道以及推出自行车租赁方案。He said it would generate “major opportunities for public health improvement”.他说这会“为改善公众健康创造更多机会”。 /201704/506726When flu strikes, why are some family members reduced to shivering wrecks under their duvets, while others get off with little more than a snuffle?当流感来袭时,为什么有些人蜷缩在羽绒被下瑟瑟发抖,而有的人最多就是有点鼻塞呢?Scientists now have an answer, showing that the generation you belong to - and even the year of your birth - predicts how vulnerable you will be to a given strain of seasonal virus.科学家们近日给出的显示,人们出生的年代甚至是年份预示着其抵御特定种类季节性流感的能力。The flu virus a person first encounters as a child, they found, leaves a permanent ;imprint; on the immune system, giving them robust protection against similar strains and much weaker protection against less closely related varieties of the illness.他们发现,儿时感染的流感病毒会在一个人的免疫系统上留下永久“印记”,人们由此获得对类似疾病的强大免疫力,而对不太相似的疾病的抵抗力就弱得多。Michael Worobey, head Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona and a senior author of the study, said: ;It#39;s not the age, it#39;s the birth year that matters.;美国亚利桑那大学生态与进化生物学专家、该研究报告的资深作者迈克尔.伍罗贝称,“这不是年龄的问题,而是和出生年份有关。”In future, seasonal vaccines could be targeted at people of particular ages who are most likely to benefit, and in pandemics when medications are scarce, vulnerable age ranges could be prioritised for protective measures.未来,可以根据特定年龄区分季节性流感疫苗最能受益的人群。当流感大爆发、药物稀缺时,可以对抵抗力低的年龄群体采取优先保护措施。;It#39;s breaking new ground for flu, where predictions are really hard,; said Worobey. ;For any given potential pandemic virus, we can actually now say ... this is the age group that you can expect is going to end up in hospital dying and this is the age group who will be protected.;伍罗贝说,“流感疾病难以预测,该研究在这方面取得了新突破。如今我们可以说,针对任何特定的潜在大型流感病毒,你可以预测哪个年龄群体很可能不治身亡,哪个年龄群体将得到保护。”The age effect is seen because influenza A viruses - the kind considered most likely to cause pandemics - have evolved into two major branches known as type 1 and type 2 flus.年龄效应可见于甲型流感病毒中。这是一种最可能广泛传播的流感病毒,已经演变出甲1型流感病毒、甲2型流感病毒两个主要分。Up until 1968 all viruses in circulation belonged to the type 1 branch; between 1968 and 1979, type 2 dominated. Since then, strains belonging to both branches have been in circulation simultaneously, but with one type tending to dominate each year. ;It#39;s like an oak tree that has a trunk that splits into two major branches and 1968 becomes this really clear dividing line,; said Worobey.1986年以前传播的所有流感病毒都属于甲1型,1968年至1979年间主要传播的是甲2流感病毒。此后,两种类型的流感病毒同时传播,但是每年有一种类型会占据主导地位。“这就像是橡树的主干长出两个主要分枝,1968年是清晰的分界线。”Using vast databases of historical epidemiological data, the scientists tracked the susceptibility of each birth year from 1918 to the present to the different flus in circulation during their lifetime.科学家们运用流行病学历史数据的庞大数据库,追踪从1918年至今每一年出生的人群对一生中所遇到的不同流感的易感程度。The findings, published in the journal Science, showed that the strains in circulation early in life - most people have had flu by the age of five - have a profound impact on which types of flu they would be more sensitive to in the future.该研究发表在《科学》杂志上,结果显示(大多数人五岁前得过流感)在人们儿时传播的流感很大程度影响了他们未来对哪类流感更为敏感。;The (first virus you encounter) seems to set you up for life to be quite good at protecting yourself, not just against that particular virus, but also close cousins of that virus,; said Worobey.伍罗贝称,“你感染的第一种流感病毒似乎不仅能使你对其终身免疫,也能抵御其他类似病毒。”The scientists also studied two bird flu viruses, H5N1 (belonging to the type 1 branch) and H7N9 (type 2), each of which aly has caused hundreds of cases of severe illness or death in humans. Scientists are concerned that in the future either of these strains could gain mutations that allow them to not only jump from birds into humans, but also sp rapidly between people, triggering a deadly pandemic.科学家们对H5N1型(属于1型分)和H7N9型(2型)禽流感病毒进行了研究,目前已有数百人因此患重病或死亡。科学家们担心,这类病菌未来可能发生突变,不仅能通过禽类传染给人类还可在人类之间迅速传播,导致致命流感大面积传播。They found that if a person#39;s first flu infection belonged to the same branch as the avian strain, they had a 75% reduced chance of hospitalisation and about an 85% smaller chance of dying.研究发现,如果一个人首次感染的流感病毒与禽流感病毒同属一个分,那么他们住院治疗的几率能减少75%,且死亡几率减少85%。The findings explain the surprising observation that H5N1 tends to cause far more mortalities in younger people - contrary to what might be expected, while H7N9 tends to be most devastating in the elderly population.研究结果说明,H5N1病毒在年轻人中的致死率更高,这一惊人发现与人们的预测恰恰相反,而H7N9病毒通常对老年人杀伤力更强。;We#39;re not a completely blank slate when it comes to how susceptible we are to these emerging flu viruses,; said Worobey. ;Even if we#39;ve never been exposed to H5 or H7 viruses, we have some kick-ass protection against one or the other.;“我们对这些新兴流感病毒并非完全没有抵抗力。即使从没有接触过H5或H7型流感病毒,我们也对其中一种有强大的抵抗力。”This happens, he said, because when a person is infected by flu, their original antibodies are woken up as the body#39;s first line of defence, meaning if they are poorly-matched they will be less efficient at attacking the virus.他说,之所以会这样是因为当人们感染流感时,其原始抗体作为身体的第一道防线会被唤醒,这意味着如果抗体与病毒不匹配,那么对病毒的攻击便不太有效。Previously, people had put these patterns down to younger people being more likely to encounter birds, or the virus being more aggressive in elderly people.过去人们认为,发生上述模式是因为年轻人更容易感染禽流感,或禽流病毒对老年人的攻击力更强。The scientists said it was not yet clear whether current childhood flu vaccines - which tend to involve components from both branches - would mean in future children would have higher protection against flus of both types.科学家们称,尚不清楚当下常包含两种流感病毒免疫成分的儿童流感疫苗是否意味着孩子们将来对两种类型的流感具有较强的抵抗力。 /201611/478978

Whether you#39;re taking a client to dinner, grabbing lunch with a new friend, or sharing a meal with your in-laws, awkwardness can immediately settle in when the bill comes and everyone stares, silently wondering, ;Who pays?;无论你是在餐厅与客户谈生意,与新朋友外出觅食,还是与另一半的家人一起吃饭,最尴尬的时刻莫过于——务员送来账单,大家大眼瞪小眼,心里默默盘算着:“谁来买单?”Several potential scenarios can play out:有以下几种场景可能会出现:Should you split the check evenly?所有人平摊饭钱?Should everyone pay for their own meal?大家各付各的?Is it expected that your father-in-law will pick up the check?等着岳父或公公请客?Every dining situation, from a birthday dinner to a double date, commands its own nuances when it comes to handling the check.从生日聚餐到四人约会,无论哪种聚餐情形在买单上都会有细微差别。We spoke with three experts Diane Gottsman, national etiquette expert and the owner of The Protocol School of Texas, David Weliver, founder of financial advice website Money Under 30, and Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick, founder and president of The Etiquette School of New York to definitively decide how to handle the bill in 10 common situations.这次,我们与3位专家聊了聊如何解决10种常见就餐情形中的买单问题。他们分别是:全国礼仪专家及德克萨斯州礼仪学院的所有者黛安?戈特斯曼、金融建议网站Money Under 30的创始人大卫?韦利弗、纽约礼仪学校创始人及校长帕特里夏?纳皮尔?菲茨帕特里克。;Other than business meals, there are no hard and fast rules for splitting the check,; Napier-Fitzpatrick told Business Insider. In business, it#39;s protocol for the person extending the invitation to pay.”帕特里夏告诉我们:“与商务应酬不同,生活聚餐没有关于分摊账单的明确规定。在商务应酬中,发出邀请的一方请客,是一种惯例。In terms of all other different scenarios, I would say there are certain guidelines, things one would do to make sure they didn#39;t feel taken advantage of and that they#39;re being considerate when it comes to paying for meals.;但其他的用餐情形仍然遵守着某些规则,正是这些规则能让人们觉得自己没被别人占了便宜,也能让人们觉得在付账时自己考虑的很周到。”Read on to check out who#39;s turn it is to pick up the bill when, and avoid those awkward ;How do you wanna do this?; conversations for good.继续阅读下面的内容,你就能知道什么时候买单、谁该买单,再也不用开口问“咱们怎么付账好?”这种尴尬的问题。Dinner with a date一对一约会餐Whoever asks for the date pays, regardless of gender.不分男女,谁提出谁买单。Double Date Dinners四人约会餐Split between couples, and whoever asked for each respective day pays.每对各付各的,或者轮流分天买单。Dinner with a boyfriend/girlfriend情侣餐Take turns treating each other, or split evenly.轮流请客,或者平摊。Business dinners商务餐The inviter should always pay. The businesses should pay when taking clients out.邀请人必须买单。跟客户在外面吃饭时,公司请客。Dinners with an acquaintance熟人餐Split evenly if the meals are closed in price. It’s okay to ask for separate checks if one person’s meal is much more expensive.点餐的价钱差不多时,大家平摊。如果某个人点的菜太贵,分开付也无妨。Dinner with a close friend闺蜜/基友餐Split evenly if the meals are evenly in price. Sometimes close friends also take turns treating each other with the expectation that it will be one day reciprocated.价格相当时两人平摊。好朋友之间有时也会请客,一定不要忘了回请哦。Birthday dinners生日餐It’s the tradition for everyone to pitch in for the guest of honor, but if you throw your own celebration, other people are not expected to pay for you.按传统,大家一起凑份子给寿星过生日,但如果你要用自己的方式庆祝,就不要指望别人替你付了。Dinners with a coworker同事餐Each person usually pays for what they ordered.通常是各付各的。Dinner with a closed family member家庭餐Parents usually pay for their adult children, unless a child wants to make a gesture and cover the whole bill. With your siblings, pay your own bills or take turns treating each other.父母通常会为自己的成年儿女买单,除非儿女为了表示心意而请客。和兄弟姊一起时,各付各的饭钱或者轮流请客。Dinner with in-laws姻亲餐Handled on a case-by-case basis.具体情况具体分析。Typically, the most senior family member is expected to pay.一般来说,家中最年长的长辈会买单。If the younger family members have much more means or want to make a special gesture, as in the case of meeting a boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents for the first time, they might pick up the check.年轻家庭成员如果家境更好、想表示心意时,可以请客,比如首次见男友或女友的父母。 /201703/496566

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