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Gap Inc’s GPS 3.05% namesake brand is in a deep funk again. And the company’s CEO says that a much more inspired women’s wear collection is key to restoring the chain’s health.Gap公司的同名品牌再度陷入困境。公司首席执行官称,一个更具灵感的女装系列是让这家连锁零售商重拾活力的关键。Gap’s comparable sales fell 5% last year, compared to a flat performance at sister chain Banana Republic and a 5% jump at value chain Old Navy. Gap has been facing stiff competition from fast fashion stores like Hamp;M and Uniqlo, and basic clothing has become more of a commodity. Add to that mediocre fashion designs and you have an iconic but faltering brand.去年,Gap品牌的可比销售额下降了5%,同期,其品牌Banana Republic的销售额持平,而平价品牌Old Navy的销售额增长了5%。Gap面临来自H&M和优衣库等快时尚商家的激烈竞争,同时,基本款装日益普遍。加之Gap的装设计乏善可陈,品牌号召力大不如前。In an effort to find its footing again, Gap recently eliminated the role of creative director that had been held by star design consultant Rebekka Bay, whom it had hired just over 2 years earlier after she successfully launched Hamp;M’s upscale Cos brand. Gap also hired a new brand president. Gap Inc CEO Art Peck, who headed the brand a few years ago himself, said on Thursday that fixing Gap brand was his “No. 1 priority.” And that means focusing on improving its women’s wear in particular.为了重新站稳脚跟,Gap最近取消了由明星设计顾问丽贝卡o贝担任的创意总监一职。加盟Gap仅两年的丽贝卡,此前曾成功推出H&M旗下高端品牌Cos。Gap还聘请了新的品牌总裁。上周四,Gap公司首席执行官阿特o派克表示,重振Gap品牌是其“头等要务”,而这意味着专注于提升女装业务。派克在几年前曾亲自执掌Gap品牌。“It starts with righting the women’s business. There’s an esthetic issue, which we’re working on today with urgency,” Peck said, speaking on his first earnings call as CEO this week. Peck replaced longtime CEO Glenn Murphy earlier this month. “We need to have the women’s business hitting on all cylinders in order for the business the performances that we expect.”上周,派克在出任公司首席执行官后,首次出席收益电话会议,他表示:“首先要重振女装业务。这里存在审美问题,我们正努力尽快解决该问题。”本月早些时候,派克取代了担任首席执行官已久的格伦o墨菲。“要达到我们预期的业绩,女装业务必须马力全开。”Gap also announced on Thursday it had hired former L Brands LB -0.13% executive Wendi Goldman to the newly created role of executive vice president for Gap product design and development. Peck acknowledged she has her work cut out for her.Gap上周四还宣布,聘请了前L Brands高管文迪o戈德曼担任新设立的Gap产品开发设计副总裁一职。派克称,这一职位是为戈德曼量身打造的。While women’s denim is showing a bit of improvement, Peck said that Gap is missing the mark fashion wise on tops, particularly wovens and knits, with poor fits and an unappealing esthetic. “She’s just not responding to the product there right now at all,” Peck said, referring to Gap’s female consumers disinterest in the current merchandise.派克表示,虽然Gap的牛仔女装业务稍有起色,但该品牌的上装,尤其是针织衫,缺乏时尚感,而且既不合身也不好看。谈到Gap的女性顾客对现有商品兴趣缺缺,派克说道:“对现在的产品她们纯粹是眼也不眨一下。”The problem for Gap is that it has aly bought for the spring and summer seasons, so it warned its profit for the brand-new fiscal year will be hit by a “slower turnaround at Gap brand.”问题是其春夏款商品已经进货,因此,公司警告称,“Gap品牌局势扭转较慢”将影响其新财年的利润。Gap was also the author of its own problems in other ways. Gap was slower than its sister brands to speed up its supply chain, handcuffing it when it comes to responding to fashion hits or misses and reacting to what Hamp;M and Uniqlo do. So Peck is making it a priority to shorten the product calendar at Gap, and is making other changes so it can quickly ramp up production of things are proving to be popular items.在其他方面,Gap可谓是其自身问题的始作俑者。在供应链提速方面,Gap落在了品牌之后,这使其无法迅速对大热或受冷的时尚潮流做出反应,也无法迅速应对H&M和优衣库的动作。因此,派克将缩短Gap的产品周期作为优先事项,并辅以其他改变,使Gap能迅速增加热卖品的产量。Peck, who was president of Gap North America and its 700 stores from February 2011 to November 2012, pointed to his own experience to prove the Gap brand can strike again. Gap had struggled for a few years, closed 200 stores, but then had a massive home run in 2013 with bright colored jeans and “on-trend” products. Indeed, Peck promised more color and print and patterns later this year.2011年2月至2012年11月,派克曾担任Gap北美区及其700家门店的总裁。他称自己的经历表明Gap品牌能东山再起。Gap曾有几年苦苦挣扎,关了200家门店,但随后在2013年凭借亮色牛仔裤和“潮流”单品大获成功。事实上,派克承诺在今年晚些时候,推出更多色、印花和带图案的单品。Gap Inc cannot afford to have its .2 billion-a-year namesake brand falter for very long. It generates 38% of the parent company’s sales, and the brand is expanding overseas. Its mens, babies, and Fit lines are doing well. But the biggest category in the Gap brand – women- is not. And that has to change.Gap公司不能任由其年销售额高达62亿美元的同名品牌一蹶不振。Gap品牌贡献了公司38%的销售额,而且该品牌正向海外扩张。Gap的男装、婴儿装以及Fit产品线的业绩都不错。但该品牌最大的产品类别——女装业绩不佳。这种局面必须扭转。“I wish Gap was in a different place,” Peck said.派克称:“我真希望Gap不是眼下这样。” /201503/362744

What do you suppose prompted the first caveman to eat a chicken?古人第一次吃鸡肉的时候在想什么呢?Someone probably told him it tasted just like lizard.也许他只是觉得那只是只蜥蜴吧~ /201505/375868

It#39;s one of the most taboo subjects there is to discuss.这里讨论的是人人都忌讳的话题。But one scientist has hauled poo in the limelight - and now everyone#39;s talking about it.但是,一位科学家将有关便便的话题拉到了公众视野,现在人人都在谈论它。Giulia Enders, a German microbiologist, claims that people in Western countries are emptying their bowels in totally the wrong way - and instead of sitting on the loo, we should be squatting.德国微生物学家茱莉亚#8226;恩德斯称,西方国家的人们大便的方式完全错误---大便时不应坐着而应蹲着。Her book, Charming Bowels, which has topped the charts in her native country for several weeks, explores a number of gut health issues, from constipation to bacteria.她的《美丽的肠道(Charming Bowels)》一书在德国已经连续几周登顶畅销书榜首,书中探究了便秘和细菌等一系列肠道健康问题。The overall message is that the gastrointestinal tract is #39;the brain#39;s most important adviser#39;, affecting everything from mental to digestive health.整本书主要传递的信息是,胃肠道是“大脑最重要的顾问”,它影响人的精神和消化道的健康。But there are also practical gems, such as how to poo properly.除此之外,书中还探究了一些实用性的问题,比如,如何正确地大便。Sitting is in fact all wrong, and actually prolongs the process, explains Ms Enders, who is studying in Frankfurt for her medical doctorate in microbiology.“事实上,坐便是完全错误的方式,它实际上延长了大便的时间,”在法兰克福攻读微生物学士学位的恩格斯解释道。It may also explain why haemorrhoids (piles) and painful bowel diseases such as diverticulitis are more common in the West than in Asia, she adds.她补充说,这也就可以解释为何在西方国家患肠道疾病(比如,憩室炎)以及痔疮的人比亚洲国家多。She said: #39;1.2 billion people around the world who squat have almost no incidence of diverticulitis and fewer problems with piles.她说:“全球12亿蹲便的人中几乎没有人患憩室炎并且也很少有人长痔疮。#39;We in the West, on the other hand, squeeze our gut tissue until it comes out of our bottoms.#39;“然而,我们西方人坐着挤压肠道组织,直到大便排出。”Instead, the correct way is to squat.其实,蹲便反而是正确的方式。Although you can climb on your toilet seat and squat, the kink can also be ironed out by sitting with your feet on a little stool and leaning forward.你可以爬上你家的马桶圈上蹲着,不过也可以坐在马桶上,然后给脚下垫一个小凳子,同时保持身体前倾,用这种方式实现蹲便。Ms Enders adds there is a wealth of research that shows squatting is a more effective way to evacuate the bowels.恩德斯表示,有大量研究表明蹲便是一种更加有效的排便方式。This is because the closure mechanism of the gut is not designed to #39;open the hatch completely#39; when we#39;re sitting down or standing up: it#39;s like a kinked hose.之所以会这样,是因为在我们坐着或站着时,肠道的关闭机制不会“完全开放肠口”,就像一根打了结的软管。She explained: #39;When you sit or stand, there#39;s a muscle that goes around the end of the colon and it pulls, so there#39;s a curve.她解释道:“在你坐着或站着时,有股力量会游走在结肠的末端,并且产生拉力,最后在结肠末尾会形成一个弯。”#39;When we#39;re in a squatting position, and have a little stool in front of the toilet, then the angle is even and straight, so there#39;s less pressure needed.#39;“而在我们采取蹲姿,或在马桶前放一个小凳子,双脚踩在凳子上时,肠道的角度就会变平、变直,排便时所需的力就少了。”#39;Squatting is far more natural and puts less pressure on our bottoms.#39;蹲便是更加自然的姿势,而且对我们的排便器官造成的压力也更小。Some experts claim we all used to squat - until the middle of the 19th century - and the demise of squatting is to blame for soaring rates of bowel and digestive issues.一些专家说我们人类过去常常是蹲便的,直到19世纪中期才发生变化,肠道和消化问题的剧增都是因为蹲便的消亡。As US-based doctor Joseph Mercola writes on his webpage: #39;Infants instinctively squat to defecate, as does the majority of the world#39;s population.美国医生约瑟夫#8226;麦克拉在他的网页上写到:“婴儿本能地蹲着排便,世界上大多数人也是蹲便。”#39;But somehow the West was convinced that sitting is more civilized.#39;“但是,不知怎么回事,在西方,人们认为坐便更文明。” /201505/376391

A new study suggests that parents who wash their dishes by hand, rather than in a dishwashing machine, may unwittingly lower the likelihood that their children will develop allergies.一项新研究表明,父母用手洗碗——而不是用洗碗机——可能在无意中降低孩子患过敏的可能性。The new study, published in the journal Pediatrics, looked at whether a number of behaviors that expose children to bacteria early in life might protect them from developing allergies later on. The idea, known as the hygiene hypothesis, is that children raised in particularly sanitized environments are less likely to develop an immune tolerance to trivial threats.这项新研究发表在《儿科学》(Pediatrics)杂志上,它研究的是一些让儿童接触细菌的行为能否防止日后出现过敏。这个观点被称为卫生假说,它认为在特别干净的环境中养大的孩子更加难以对无关紧要的威胁产生免疫力。The researchers followed roughly 1,000 young children and their parents living in the Gothenburg area of Sweden. They investigated behaviors like whether the parents fed their children foods purchased directly from farms, such as eggs, meat and unpasteurized milk. They looked into whether the children ate fermented foods, which have beneficial probiotic bacteria. And they looked into whether the parents washed their dishes by hand or used a dishwasher.研究者调查了瑞典哥德堡地区约1000名幼儿及其父母的生活。他们调查的行为包括:父母是否用直接从农场买来的食物喂养孩子,比如鸡蛋、肉类和未经高温消毒的牛奶;这些孩子是否食用含有益生菌的发酵食物;这些父母是用手还是用洗碗机洗碗。Then they examined whether the children had allergic conditions including asthma, eczema and hay fever. Ultimately, the researchers found that children raised in households where dishes were always washed by hand had half the rate of allergies. They also discovered that this relationship was amplified if the children also ate fermented foods or if the families bought food directly from local farms.然后他们调查这些孩子是否患有哮喘、湿疹或花粉病等过敏症。最后,研究者发现,在一直用手洗碗的家庭长大的孩子患过敏的比率是用洗碗机洗碗的家庭的一半。他们还发现,如果这些孩子也吃发酵食物或直接从当地农场购买的食物,这种联系更为明显。The findings demonstrated only an association, not cause and effect, so it was not clear whether these behaviors directly led to fewer allergies. But it may be the case that these behaviors expose children to innocuous bacteria, which can help strengthen their immune systems, said Bill Hesselmar, an assistant professor at the University of Gothenburg and lead author of the study.这些发现只是表明一种联系,而非因果关系,所以仍不明确这些行为能否直接导致更少出现过敏。但是这项研究的主要作者、哥德堡大学的助理教授比尔·海瑟玛(Bill Hesselmar)说,情况可能是,这些行为能让孩子接触无害细菌,从而提高免疫力。Dr. Hesselmar said that while the sanitizing effect of dishwashing machines can be a good thing, the “less efficient” method of washing dishes by hand might leave behind some bacteria that could have benefits. But he said more research was needed to see if the relationship they found was real and, if so, what was causing it.海瑟玛士说,洗碗机的消毒作用可能是有益的,但是用手洗碗这种“不那么高效”的方式可能会留下一些有益细菌。但是他说,需要进行更多研究来确定他们发现的这种关系是否属实,如果属实的话,原因是什么。“It’s an interesting finding and very surprising,” he said. “But we have to see if we can confirm it.”“这是个有趣的发现,非常令人意外,”他说,“但是我们必须看看能否实它。” /201503/361678

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