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福州妇幼保健院点痣多少钱福州韩式三点双眼皮的价格马尾区整容医院哪家最好 Saudi officials said a stampede Thursday outside the city of Mecca killed at least 310 people and injured 450 others as they took part in the annual Muslim hajj pilgrimage.沙特官员说,星期四在圣城麦加外面发生踩踏事件,参加年度麦加朝觐的人中至少10人死亡,还有450人受伤。The incident happened in Mina where pilgrims throw rocks at pillars representing the devil in the final hajj ritual before beginning the Eid al-Adha festival.踩踏事件发生在麦加以东几公里的米纳,朝觐者在那里参加“石击恶魔”仪式。这是麦加朝觐的最后一项活动,之后人们将庆祝古尔邦节。Saudi Arabias civil defense directorate gave the casualty figures on its Twitter account and posted pictures showing rescue workers attending to people on stretchers, including one who appears to be trying to resuscitate a man.沙特民防部门主管在推特上报告伤亡人数,并发布照片显示救援人员正在用担架将伤员抬上救护车,其中有一张图片显示有人正用人工呼吸抢救一位男子。Multiple deadly stampedes have taken place at the hajj during the past 25 years as huge numbers of people gathered for the five-day event required of all able-bodied Muslims once in their lifetime. This year, some 2 million people are participating.过去25年里,麦加朝觐期间发生过多起致命踩踏事件。每个身体健康的穆斯林一生中必须参加一次麦加朝觐,因此每年都有大批人前往沙特参加这个为期5天的活动。今年的朝觐者有大约200万之多。The worst disaster happened in 1990 when a stampede in a Mina tunnel killed more than 1,400 people. Stampedes in 1994, 2004 and 2006 each killed more than 200 pilgrims.1990年的踩踏事件最为严重,1400多人死亡994年004年和2006年的踩踏事件中,分别都有200多人丧生。Earlier this month, a construction crane collapsed at Meccas Grand Mosque, killing 109 people and injuring about 400 others at Islams holiest site.这个月早些时候,一座塔吊倒塌,砸向伊斯兰教最神圣的麦加大清真寺,导致109人丧生,00人受伤。来 /201509/400823南平祛除胎记要多少钱

福州治疗塌鼻哪家医院好China and Russia will seal an agreement this year on piped gas from western Siberia, China’s foreign minister said yesterday, a deal that will continue Russia’s economic shift towards Asia and away from western Europe.中国外交部长昨天称,中国和俄罗斯将在今年签署西线天然气合作协议,该协议将继续促使俄罗斯经济向亚洲转移、远离西欧。Russia’s split with the west over Ukraine has pushed it closer to China, which is eager to develop overland energy supply lines that reduce its dependence on vulnerable sea lanes. China has taken a carefully neutral stance on the Ukraine conflict, while more broadly expressing its support for Russia.俄罗斯因乌克兰问题与西方国家闹翻,这促使其进一步向中国靠近,后者急于发展陆上能源供应线以降低对脆弱的海上通道的依赖。在乌克兰冲突问题上,中国一直采取谨慎中立的立场,同时在总体上表达对俄罗斯的持。The relationship between the two on-again, off-again Cold War allies is “mature and stable Wang Yi, China’s foreign minister, told a press conference yesterday. “There is enormous internal impetus and room for expansion.”对于这两个分分合合的冷战盟友的关系,中国外交部长王毅昨天在记者会上称之为“成熟、稳定”,并表示中俄务实合作“有着巨大的内生动力和提升空间”。Much of that expansion will be in oil, gas and nuclear energy co-operation, he added. “We will fully begin construction of the eastern gas line and sign a co-operation agreement for the western line,he said.他补充称,中俄大部分务实合作将在石油、天然气和核能领域展开。“将会全面开工建设东线天然气管道并签署西线天然气合作协议。”During a visit to Beijing in November, Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, reached a preliminary agreement for Gazprom, the Kremlin-controlled energy group, to supply China’s state oil company CNPC with 30bn cubic metres of gas per year from the Altai region of western Siberia. However, most of the details are still to be worked out.在去1月出访北京期间,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)为政府控制的俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom)达成了一项初步协议,每年从西伯利亚西部阿尔泰地区向国有的中石CNPC)提供300亿立方米的天然气。然而,多数细节仍有待敲定。Beijing expects the deal to be finalised this year, leading to a pipeline that will, for the first time, allow Russia to choose between exporting gas to Asia or to Europe. Russia has also committed to sell gas from its far east to China. In a 0bn deal signed during Mr Putin’s visit to Shanghai in May, Russia agreed to sell up to 38bn cubic metres a year to China.北京方面预期该协议能在今年敲定,其最终带来的输气管道将使俄罗斯第一次在出口天然气至亚洲或欧洲的问题上作出选择。俄罗斯还承诺向中国出售其远东地区的天然气。在去年5月普京访问上海期间签署的4000亿美元协议中,俄罗斯同意每年向中国出80亿立方米天然气。Chinese and Russian leaders officially inaugurated construction of the Power of Siberia pipeline last September, but little work can be done during the harsh Siberian winter. The two sides have also disagreed over financing for the projects, with Russia strapped for cash amid sanctions imposed by the West.去年9月,中国和俄罗斯领导人正式揭牌“西伯利亚力量Power of Siberia)管道的建设,但是在西伯利亚严寒的冬季期间基本上无法施工。在俄罗斯因受西方制裁而资金紧张的情况下,双方还在项目的融资问题上发生分歧。To sweeten the deal for China, Russia has offered Chinese oil companies the chance to invest directly in its upstream. Russia’s deputy premier, Arkardy Dvorkovich, said at an investment forum last month that there are no longer political barriers to China controlling strategic assets.为了增加协议对中国的吸引力,俄罗斯向中国石油企业提供了直接投资于上游业务的机会。俄罗斯副总理德阿克迪#8226;沃尔科维Arkady Dvorkovich)上月在一个投资论坛上称,对中国控制战略资产不再存在政治障碍。Increased economic ties with Russia fall under the broader One Belt, One Road strategy of increasing exports and investment in Central Asia, Mr Wang said. China wants to create a new Silk Road economic belt that retraces trade networks active at the height of China’s presence in Central Asia, during the Han dynasty 2,000 years ago, as well as a 21st-century maritime Silk Road that revisits the greatest extent of its sea power during the early Ming dynasty of the 14th and 15th centuries.王毅称,中国与俄罗斯加强经济联系,属于增加对中亚出口和投资的“一带一路”整体战略的一部分。中国希望打造全新的丝绸之路经济带,并开1世纪的海上丝绸之路。前者可以追溯到2000年前的汉朝,当时中国在中亚的存在达到鼎盛时期,而后者则是重45世纪明朝早期达到的海上活动范围巅峰。Rising investment in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa would allow China to export its surplus capacity in steel, rail and other industries, which is increasingly weighing on its domestic economy.中国在中亚、东南亚、南亚及非洲地区增加投资,将允许其把日益拖累国内经济的钢铁、铁路及其他产业的过剩产能出口海外。An added attraction for energy-hungry China is the creation of overland rail, road and pipe networks, which it views as more defensible than easily blockaded sea routes including the Suez Canal and the narrow Strait of Malacca.对于渴望能源的中国而言,另一个吸引点在于打造陆上铁路、公路及管道网。相比苏伊士运河及狭窄的马六甲海峡等可以被轻易封锁的海上航道,中国把陆上路线视为更可防御。来 /201503/363079福州哪家整形美容院最好 福州宽鼻整形手术

福州眼袋多少钱 Russia’s internet regulator on Monday added the Russian-language version of Wikipedia to its list of blocked sites. The escalation in Moscow’s online censorship campaign is likely to bring the issue to the attention of the broader public which has so far ignored it.周一,俄罗斯互联网监管机构将俄语版维基百Wikipedia)列入了封禁网站的名单。俄政府网络审查运动的此次升级,很可能会令更多公众注意到这个迄今一直被忽视的问题。Roskomnadzor, the regulator, had warned that it would block the Russian Wikipedia unless the website took down an article on the history and production of Charas, a form of hashish. It pointed to a June court decision which declared the publication in Russia of instructions for hashish preparation illegal.俄联邦电信、信息技术和大众传媒监督局(Roskomnadzor)曾警告说,它将封禁俄语版维基百科,除非该网站撤下一篇有关Charas(某种形式的印度大麻脂)历史和生产的文章。该局提到月份的一项法庭裁定,该裁定宣称在俄罗斯发布制备印度大麻脂的说明是非法的。The Russian-language service sought at the weekend to comply technically with the order by moving the entry to a web archive to which searches automatically redirect. But Roskomnadzor said this did not solve the problem because the banned article remained accessible.上周末,俄语版维基百科试图从技术上遵守这一裁定,将这一条目移至一份网络归档文件中,对该条目的搜索会被自动重定向至该归档文件。但Roskomnadzor表示,这么做并没有解决问题,因为被封禁的文章依然可以访问到。“[We have] sent telecom operators the index page of the Russian-language Wikipedia for blocking...嬠It] contains forbidden information about narcotic substances,Roskomnadzor said.Roskomnadzor表示:“(我们已)向电信运营商发送了俄语版维基百科的首页地址以将其封禁……(该网站)包含有关麻醉品的禁忌信息。”Russian Wikipedia said it would file a complaint against the decision. Its site could still be accessed in Moscow a few hours after the regulator’s announcement.俄语版维基百科表示将就这一决定提起申诉。Roskomnadzor宣布这一决定后数小时,该网站在莫斯科仍可访问。However, the decision takes a Kremlin crackdown on the internet to a new level. It is the first time that the government has targeted an international website used by ordinary Russians on a huge scale rather than online media critical of the regime of President Vladimir Putin.尽管如此,这一决定还是将俄政府对互联网的打压提升至一个新高度。这是俄政府首次把普通俄罗斯人大量使用的国际网站——而不是批评俄总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)政权的网络媒体——当作封禁的对象。Sergei Smirnov, editor of Mediazona, a news website focused on civil rights and law enforcement, said: “In fact it is good that it is Wiki they are blocking. Now a lot more people will find out how to circumvent blockingsMediazona主编谢尔盖斯米尔诺夫(Sergei Smirnov)表示:“事实上,维基这样的网站被他们封禁是一件好事。现在,许多人将会找到办法绕开封禁。”Mediazona是一个关注民权和执法的新闻网站。Moscow has been tightening censorship of the Russian web ever since Mr Putin’s return to the presidency in May 2012.012月普京再次担任俄总统以来,俄政府一直在加强对俄语网站的审查。The Kremlin was caught off guard when massive fraud during the legislative elections in 2011 triggered a street protest movement in Moscow led by Alexei Navalny, the anti-corruption blogger, and organised via social media. The administration saw this as a foreign-sponsored scheme aimed at regime change.2011年,俄国家杜马选举期间出现的大规模舞弊行为,在莫斯科引发了一场街头抗议运动,令俄当局措手不及。这次运动由反腐客写手阿列克谢纳瓦尔尼(Alexei Navalny)领导,并通过社交媒体组织起来。俄当局认为,这是一次外国持的阴谋,旨在颠覆俄罗斯政权。Within two months of Mr Putin’s return to the Kremlin, he signed a new law providing for the establishment of a nationwide register of banned websites.重返克里姆林宫不到两个月,普京就签署了一条新法令,为成立国家级封禁网站登记机构提供了法律依据。来 /201508/395299福州经济技术开发区医院祛痣多少钱福州美贝尔医院做丰胸手术多少钱



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