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广州南方医院生殖中心怎么样好不好广州长安在线预约How To Have Fun At a Water Park on HowcastEvery getaway should be fun and relaxing. Prepare to ensure your trip to the water park is a splashing event.You Will NeedInternet access Food and beverages Bathing suit Sunscreen Goggles Small plastic bags Camera Directions Room with a refrigerator and microwave (optional) Step 1: Call water park(提前打电话,看是否有促销或特价)Call the water park and see if they are offering any promotions. Check their web site for deals.Reserve a room with a refrigerator and microwave.Step 2: Pack food(准备好水和食物,水上公园里卖的都比较贵)Pack food and beverages. Vending machines and restaurants at water parks can be very expensive.Step 3: Pack the necessities(准备好必需品,例如游泳衣,太阳镜,防水镜,及一个用来装手机和钱的小塑料袋)Pack the necessities, such as a bathing suit, sunscreen, goggles, and small plastic bags to keep your cell phone and money dry.Step 4: Bring a camera(带一个照相机)Bring your camera to capture all the great memories you will make.Step 5: Get directions(找一个水上公园的地图)Get thorough directions to and from the water park. Keep maps in your car’s glove compartment and keep the park’s phone number handy.Step 6: Check in early(早点去,可以多玩一会儿)Arrive early and stay late. Most hotels will let you enjoy the water park hours before check in and let you stay in the park after you check out.There were over 180 indoor water parks in 2007.201006/107318广州黄埔的妇科医院 挪威诺贝尔委员会10月9日在奥斯陆宣布授予美国总统奥巴马年诺贝尔和平奖,表彰他为加强国际外交与合作所作的杰出贡献。以下是挪威诺贝尔委员会新闻公报的全文:The Nobel Peace Prize for The Norwegian Nobel CommitteeOslo, October 9, 年诺贝尔和平奖挪威诺贝尔委员会年10月9日 奥斯陆The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that the Nobel Peace Prize for is to be awarded to President Barack Obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. The Committee has attached special importance to Obama's vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons.挪威诺贝尔委员会决定将年诺贝尔和平奖授予巴拉克·奥巴马总统,表彰他为加强国际外交和人民之间的合作所作的杰出贡献。委员会尤其注重奥巴马提出的无核武世界的愿景和他为之作出的努力。Obama has as President created a new climate in international politics. Multilateral diplomacy has regained a central position, with emphasis on the role that the ed Nations and other international institutions can play. Dialogue and negotiations are preferred as instruments for resolving even the most difficult international conflicts. The vision of a world free from nuclear arms has powerfully stimulated disarmament and arms control negotiations. Thanks to Obama's initiative, the USA is now playing a more constructive role in meeting the great climatic challenges the world is confronting. Democracy and human rights are to be strengthened.作为总统,奥巴马创造了国际政治的新气象。多边外交重新占据中心位置,突出联合国和其他国际机构的作用。对话和协商被作为解决即使是最困难的国际冲突的首选手段。无核武世界的愿景有力推动了裁军和军备控制谈判。由于奥巴马的主张,美国现在在应对世界面临的巨大气候挑战中发挥更富有建设性的作用。民主和人权将得到加强。Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future. His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world's population.世界上鲜有人具有奥巴马这样的全球感召力并让自己的人民对更美好的未来充满希望。他的外交所基于的理念是,世界领袖必须按照世界大多数人所认同的价值和观念去行动。For 108 years, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has sought to stimulate precisely that international policy and those attitudes for which Obama is now the world's leading spokesman. The Committee endorses Obama's appeal that "Now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges."108年来,挪威诺贝尔委员会一直致力于促进的正是这种国际政策与姿态,而现在奥巴马是它在世界上的主要代表。委员会赞同奥巴马的呼吁:“现在是我们大家承担自身责任,对全球性挑战作出全球性回应的时候了。”10/86570You can still warm someones heart on Valentines Day without spending a lot of money.不需花太多钱,你也可以在情人节这一天温暖对方的心。Step 1 Create a night of romance1.打造浪漫之夜Surprise your loved one with a night of romance. Share a candlelit dinner, give each other massages, and draw a warm bubble bath.安排浪漫的夜晚,给对方一个惊喜。共享烛光晚餐,互相给对方,或者享受温暖的泡泡浴。Step 2 Snuggle2.依偎Snuggle on the sofa, make some popcorn, and watch your favorite romantic movie.依偎在沙发里,做一些爆米花,观看最喜欢的浪漫影片。Turn off your cellphones to avoid any interruptions.关掉手机,避免任何干扰。Step 3 Create a night of entertainment3.之夜Create a night of entertainment. Play board games by yourselves, or invite some friends over.安排之夜。两人打牌,或者邀请一些朋友加入。Step 4 Cook together4.一起煮饭Cook a meal together that you will both enjoy. Dont forget the dessert!一起煮一道两人都喜欢的大餐。不要忘记甜品!Step 5 Spend time together5.一起度过美好时光Spend some time strolling down memory lane by digging out old photos. Youll be guaranteed to crack a smile.两人一起看一下老照片,回忆过去的美好时光。你们一定会不由自主地露出甜美的微笑。Step 6 Go for a walk6.漫步Go for a romantic walk at your local park or beach. Pack a picnic lunch filled with sandwiches, fruit, and something to drink.在附近的公园或沙发里浪漫地散步。打包野餐,多带一些三明治,水果和饮料。Find a quiet place so you can be alone.找一个安静的地方,这样你们可以独处。Step 7 Show up with a rose7.送上玫瑰Show up at your Valentines door with a single rose and a smile. Now enjoy Valentines Day and the money you saved.手持一朵玫瑰,面带微笑出现在情人的门前。现在可以尽情享受情人节的快乐了,同时也没有浪费很多钱。201302/224864广州哪个医院输精管复通最好

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天河去哪里做无痛人流比较好have a new target in their sights.有了新的标靶Frank Mayer,Civil War vet.Buffalo hunter.法兰克·梅尔,内战退伍军人,野牛猎手I had nothing to look forward to in civilization.在现代文明中我没有任何用武之地I was crazy about guns.我对异常痴迷Mayer tracks 2,000 pound buffalo,easily capable of crushing a man.梅尔追踪着这些足有2000磅重的野牛,每一头都能轻易将人碾碎He picks them off from 200 yards.他在200码外狙击If you could kill them,what they brought was yours.只要你能够杀死它,它身上的一切尽归你所有They were walking gold pieces.它们就是活生生的金子Hunters harvest the buffalo for its hide.猎人射杀野牛只为谋求牛皮In 1872, they ship over one million out of Kansas alone,worth a piece back East.1872年,只从堪萨斯一地就运出了100万张牛皮,在东海岸每张可卖到3美元On a good day, Mayer earns more than the President.运气好时梅尔的收入甚至高过总统Factories use long strong strips of buffalo leather as drag belts Small pieces become coats and shoes.工厂用长而强韧的长条牛皮作为牵引带,小块的皮则做成衣和鞋To meet demand,hunters kill 8,000 buffalo a day for their hides alone.为满足大量需求,猎人们为获取牛皮每天射杀8000头水牛For America, this is progress,because this is a natural resource.在白人看来,这是大势所趋,因为这就是利用自然资源From the Indians perspective,they couldnt understand what the white people were doing.但在印第安人看来,他们完全不理解白人为什么这样做But, of course, they knew that the decimation of those buffalo herds would change their lives forever.但当然,他们知道如此大量屠杀野牛必将永久地改变他们的命运The Plain Indians depend on the buffalo and worship them.大平原上的印第安人靠野牛生存,将其奉为神物崇拜The buffalo were our strength from whence we came,and whose breast we suck as babies all our lives.野牛是我们的力量之源,同时也是哺育我们的母亲Black Elk is 6 years old when the railroad arrives.猎人们乘火车到来时巴拉克·艾尔克年仅6岁Unlike the white hunters,his people waste none of their kill.与白人猎手们不同,他的族人非常讲究物尽其用Sinews become bow strings,bones are cups and spoons.筋腱做成弓弦,骨头用作器皿Skin is clothing, tepees and coffins.牛皮做成衣物,帐篷或是棺椁Native Americans and buffalos have co-existed since the last ice age.印第安人与野牛自冰河时期以来共存Black Elks ancestors hunted them on foot.巴拉克·艾尔克的祖先曾徒步捕猎野牛There were no horses to ride.那时没有马可骑The modern horse isnt native to North America.现代的马并不是北美当地物种Spanish conquistadors brought them from Europe in 1493,Some escaped to the Great Plains.而是西班牙征者1493年从欧洲带来的,有些马匹逃到了大平原Perfect horse habitat.这里是马匹的完美栖息地400 years later, over a million mustangs run wild.经过400年的繁衍生息,此时在草原上驰骋的野马已过百万Taming horses transformed the life of the Plains Indian.驯化的马匹彻底改变了大平原上印第安人的生活They become expert horsemen.他们成为了专业骑手 /201211/210382 广州做怀孕检查要多少钱广州保宫人流价格



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