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PRESIDENT BUSH: Mr. President, bienvenido de nuevo. I am honored to have you back. I appreciate your friendship, and I appreciate your strong leadership for the people of our close ally, El Salvador. We've had a very good discussion. First I want to thank you for your support of freedom in Iraq. You have been steadfast in recognizing that freedom is the way to help build lasting peace. I appreciate very much the fact that your country is a vibrant democracy. You've been steadfast in your support for your -- the right of your people to express themselves in a free society, and I applaud you for that strength. I want to thank you very much for investing in your people. You're a -- we've got a partnership through the Millennium Challenge Corporation. And part of your commitment was honest government and the investment in the health and education of your people. And you've honored that agreement. I thank you very much for understanding that the benefits of trade are good for your people and our people, as well. And you're a very strong advocate of CAFTA, which is working very well. And finally, you've been very strong when it comes to helping interdict the flow of drugs. I explained to the President that since 2001, drug use in the ed States amongst teenagers has declined by 25 percent. And the reason I said that is because in order to affect the flow of drugs there must be a comprehensive approach. First of all, we got to -- we in the ed States must reduce demand. But it also requires a strong cooperative spirit to interdict supply. And you have been very strong in that. And so I thank you. It's been a pleasure to work with you. You may have heard that I'm about to retire. And as I head toward the great state of Texas, I will have very fond memories of our time together, and the strength of our friendship and of your leadership. So welcome. PRESIDENT SACA: Muchas gracias. PRESIDENT BUSH: Sí. PRESIDENT SACA: (As translated.) Thank you so much. I also thank President Bush. I think we have got a very good relationship and one that is very concerned for our people. I think that El Salvador is a good example of a country that moved from war to peace. And we've always had the contribution of the ed States in all of the stages of this peace. I always tell President Bush that free trade was so important, as well as the immigration issue for our people. And all these issues have been worked out, especially regarding cooperation with regards to the combat in drugs. I have confirmed to President Bush that El Salvador is going to renew the FOL that we have at the Pacific coast. And that has allowed us to capture a lot of drug traffickers and seize a lot of drugs also for the Pacific coast. So a mid-income country like El Salvador knows perfectly well that the path towards prosperity is effort and hard work -- and freedom. And this is something that Salvadorans practice on a daily basis. We have worked hand in hand with ILEA. And ILEA is the place where our judges and our prosecutors are being trained, and it is something that we're doing together with the ed States of America. With regards to the Millennium Account, we have been very successful. We're working very fast. We're going to build a highway, a 300-kilometer-long highway in the northern part of the country. And at the same time, we're going to develop the rural areas along that highway. And all this has been done hand in hand with the ed States. I wish you the best of luck in your new life. I was just in Dallas because I went to promote the TPS for our people. And everybody knew there that President Bush was going to move to Dallas. (Laughter.) You are leaving on January 20th. And I leave on the 1st of June. PRESIDENT BUSH: Sí. (Laughter.) PRESIDENT SACA: I hope that I can go and visit you and talk to you -- PRESIDENT BUSH: Por cierto. Por cierto. PRESIDENT SACA: Por cierto. PRESIDENT BUSH: Sí. PRESIDENT SACA: Okay. President Bush has been a strong advocate of freedom. And I think that the ed States has much to thank President Bush, especially the fact that the U.S. has not been attacked again by the terrorist groups. This is something quite intangible, because you cannot touch it, you cannot feel it, until when, unfortunately, something like that would happen again. You can always count on the support of El Salvador on these issues, Mr. President, and the ed States in general, the new President, because the historical relationship between the ed States of America and El Salvador is a relationship of shared values, and we will continue to share in this friendship strongly, as it is now. Thank you so much. 200812/58996

For millions of Americans, this weekend is a time to celebrate redemption at Godrsquo;s hand. Tonight, Jews will gather for a second Seder, where they will retell the story of the Exodus. And tomorrow, my family will join Christians around the world as we thank God for the all-important gift of grace through the resurrection of His son, and experience the wonder of Easter morning.These holidays have their roots in miracles that took place thousands of years ago. They connect us to our past and give us strength as we face the future. And they remind us of the common th of humanity that connects us all.For me, and for countless other Christians, Easter weekend is a time to reflect and rejoice. Yesterday, many of us took a few quiet moments to try and fathom the tremendous sacrifice Jesus made for all of us.Tomorrow, we will celebrate the resurrection of a savior who died so that we might live.And throughout these sacred days, we recommit ourselves to following His example. We rededicate our time on Earth to selflessness, and to loving our neighbors. We remind ourselves that no matter who we are, or how much we achieve, we each stand humbled before an almighty God.Christrsquo;s triumph over death holds special meaning for Christians. But all of us, no matter how or whether we believe, can identify with elements of His story. The triumph of hope over despair. Of faith over doubt.The notion that there is something out there that is bigger than ourselves.These beliefs help unite Americans of all faiths and backgrounds. They shape our values and guide our work. They put our lives in perspective.So to all Christians celebrating the Resurrection with us, Michelle and I want to wish you a blessed and Happy Easter. And to all Americans, I hope you have a weekend filled with joy and reflection, focused on the things that matter most. God bless you, and may God bless the ed States of America.201204/176985

Beginning 10 years ago, the Soviets challenged the Western alliance with a grave new threat, hundreds of new and more deadly SS-20 nuclear missiles capable of striking every capital in Europe. The Western alliance responded by committing itself to a counter-deployment (unless the Soviets agreed to negotiate a better solution)— namely, the elimination of such weapons on both sides. For many months, the Soviets refused to bargain in earnestness. As the alliance, in turn, prepared to go forward with its counter-deployment, there were difficult days, days of protests like those during my 1982 visit to this city; and the Soviets later walked away from the table. But through it all, the alliance held firm. And I invite those who protested then -- I invite those who protest today—to mark this fact: Because we remained strong, the Soviets came back to the table. Because we remained strong, today we have within reach the possibility, not merely of limiting the growth of arms, but of eliminating, for the first time, an entire class of nuclear weapons from the face of the earth. As I speak, NATO ministers are meeting in Iceland to review the progress of our proposals for eliminating these weapons. At the talks in Geneva, we have also proposed deep cuts in strategic offensive weapons. And the Western allies have likewise made far-reaching proposals to reduce the danger of conventional war and to place a total ban on chemical weapons. While we pursue these arms reductions, I pledge to you that we will maintain the capacity to deter Soviet aggression at any level at which it might occur. And in cooperation with many of our allies, the ed States is pursuing the Strategic Defense Initiative— research to base deterrence not on the threat of offensive retaliation, but on defenses that truly defend; on systems, in short, that will not target populations, but shield them. By these means we seek to increase the safety of Europe and all the world. But we must remember a crucial fact: East and West do not mistrust each other because we are armed; we are armed because we mistrust each other. And our differences are not about weapons but about liberty. When President Kennedy spoke at the City Hall those 24 years ago, freedom was encircled; Berlin was under siege. And today, despite all the pressures upon this city, Berlin stands secure in its liberty. And freedom itself is transforming the globe. In the Philippines, in South and Central America, democracy has been given a rebirth. Throughout the Pacific, free markets are working miracle after miracle of economic growth. In the industrialized nations, a technological revolution is taking place, a revolution marked by rapid, dramatic advances in computers and telecommunications. 201111/160263

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