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And then I got a call from Jim 结果吉姆打电话给我and Jim said, Marc, Ive got a problem. Ive got a problem Marc他说 马克 我碰到问题了I said what is it, Jim 我问 怎么回事 吉姆He said, we got the computers 他说 电脑到了Im here, the guys are here 我在这里 工程师也到了the employees are not here 那些员工却没到I dont know how were going to get these computers up 我没办法把电脑运到三楼上 安装就更别谈了three flights of stairs installed today 我没办法把电脑运到三楼上 安装就更别谈了And I was worried, I was upset, I was somewhat dejected 我很担心 我很不高兴 我甚至有些沮丧and I said, I better call General Powell and tell him this is not going to happen 我心想 我最好打个电话告诉鲍威尔将军 我搞砸了So I got on the phone and I called General Powell 我于是拿起电话 打给鲍威尔将军And I said, General 我说 将军we got the computers there, we got our engineers there but 我们把电脑运了过去 工程师也到了its the last day of the quarter, and our employees just could not get there today但最后 负责搬运的员工却没有到那里and were going to have to reschedule, Im so sorry 我们可能需要重新安排 很抱歉And I was really asking him for his forgiveness and 我想请他原谅 结果the phone hung up on me电话被挂断了I said, hello, General 我说 喂 将军Hello, General 喂 将军No, he was not there, it was over但他已经挂了And I felt so bad我感觉很糟糕I really upset General Powell 我让鲍威尔将军不高兴了one of the great Americans 他可是美国最伟大的人物之一And I sat there at my desk and I was like maybe I got this all wrong我呆坐在办公桌前 心想 或许我完全搞错了try to do all this kind of all through 尝试完全依赖于some technology, business, philanthropy and put it all together将技术 经营 慈善揉捏在一起and here I am and I just upset General Powell 结果我却搞砸了 让鲍威尔将军不高兴了And then the phone rang again 然后 电话再次响起and I answered the phone and it was Jim打过来的是吉姆and Jim said, Marc 他说 马克I said, whats going on Jim. He said 我问 怎么了 吉姆a battalion of marines just arrived here at MacFarland Middle School 他说 一大队海军陆战队员来到了麦克法兰中学and the battalion of marines are installing the computers and we are good to go 他们是来帮助安装电脑的 我们能够搞定了and I said it is good to be a general 我心想 当将军真是太好了201601/422595

By the end of each week,the students take a quiz,hand in their homework,which are assessed by their peers under the supervision of the instructors,get a grade, move to the next week. 每周结束的时候,学生们参加一个测验,提交他们的课外作业,作业会在教师的监督下由同学互相评估,得到成绩,然后继续下一周的学习。By the end of the course, they take the final exam,get a grade, and follow to the next course.在课程的末尾,他们参加期末考试,得到成绩,然后开始下一个课程。We opened the gates for higher education for every qualified student.我们为每一个合格的学生打开了高等教育的大门。Every student with a high school diploma,sufficient English and Internet connection can study with us.每个学生,只要有高中文凭、足够的英语能力和互联网连接,就可以和我们一起学习。We dont use audio. We dont use .我们不使用音频和视频。Broadband is not necessary.宽带网络不是必须的。Any student from any part of the world with any Internet connection can study with us.来自世界任何一个地方的任何一个学生只要能连接到互联网就可以和我们一起学习。We are tuition-free.我们没有学费。All we ask our students to cover is the cost of their exams,100 dollars per exam.我们的学生只需要负担考试的成本,每门考试100美元。A full-time bachelor degree student taking 40 courses,will pay 1,000 dollars a year,4,000 dollars for the entire degree,and for those who cannot afford even this,we offer them a variety of scholarships. 一个全日制本科学位的学生选修40门课,每年将付1000美元,整个学位需要4000美元,对于连这些也无法负担的学生,我们提供了各种类型的奖学金。It is our mission that nobody will be left behind,for financial reasons.没有人会因为经济上的原因而被抛下,这是我们的使命。With 5,000 students in 2016,this model is financially sustainable.到2016年,随着5000名学生,这一模式在经济上是可持续的。Five years ago, it was a vision.五年前这还是一个畅想,Today, it is a reality.而今它成为了现实。Last month, we got the ultimate academic endorsement to our model.上个月,我们的模式得到了学术界的最终认可。University of the People is now fully accredited.人民大学现在已完全通过认。Thank you.谢谢。With this accreditation,its our time now to scale up.有了这一认,现在到了我们扩张的时候。We have demonstrated that our model works.我们已经展示了我们的模式是可行的。I invite universities and, even more important,developing countries governments,to replicate this model to ensure that the gates of higher education will open widely.我邀请大学,更重要的是,发展中国家的政府,来复制这一模式,来保高等教育的大门将一直敞开。A new era is coming,an era that will witness the disruption of the higher education model as we know it today,from being a privilege for the few to becoming a basic right,affordable and accessible for all.一个新的时代来临了,这个时代将会见我们今天所知的高等教育模式的瓦解,从一种少数人的特权变为一种基本权力,所有人都可以承担,可以获得。Thank you.谢谢。201508/390651

  Well, I had one of those dreams when I was 23. When I suddenly woke up, I was thinking: what if we could download the whole web , and just keep the links and... I grabbed a pen and started writing! Sometimes it is important to wake up and stop dreaming. I spent the middle of that night scribbling out the details and convincing myself it would work. Soon after, I told my advisor, Terry Winograd, it would take a couple of weeks for me to download the web--he nodded knowingly, fully aware it would take much longer but wise enough not to tell me. The optimism of youth is often underrated! Amazing, at that time I had no thought of building a search engine. The idea wasnt even on the radar. But, much later we happened upon a better way of ranking and we made a really great search engine, and Google was born. When a really great dream shows up, grab it!当我23岁的时候,我就做过这么一个梦。我猛地醒来,我想:如果我们能把整个互联网下载下来,仅仅保存链接会怎样……我抓起一笔开始写!有时候从梦中醒来是非常重要的。我花了一个午夜的时间描画出细节,并确信那是可以做得到的。不久后,我告诉我的导师,特里·温诺格拉德,要花一两周时间下载整个网络——当时他点了点头,其实他完全知道要花更长的时间,但他很睿智,并没有告诉我。年轻人的乐观主义通常不可低估!令人吃惊的是,我当时没有想过要打造一个搜索引擎。我甚至都没有去注意这一概念。但后来,我突然想到了更好的排列网页的方法,打造一个非常好的搜索引擎,谷歌就这样诞生了。当伟大的梦想闪现时,抓住它吧!When I was here at Michigan, I had acutally been taught how to make dreams real! I know it sounds funny, but that is what I learned in a summer camp converted into a training program called Leadership. Their slogan is to ;have a healthy disregard for the impossible.; That program encouraged me to pursue a crazy idea at the time: I wanted to build a personal rapid transit system on campus to replace the buses.我在密歇根大学上学时,老师教导我如何梦想成真!我知道这听起来有些滑稽可笑,但那是我从一个由夏令营转化而来的名为“塑造领袖”的培训项目中学到的。该项目的口号就是“更改地藐视不可能。”那可项目激励着我追寻一个那时看来是疯狂的想法:我想在校园内建造一套个人快速运输系统以代替公交。 /201309/256402

  The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again.事业成功伴随的沉重不见了,取而代之的是重回起跑线的那种轻盈。Less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods in my life.对于一切都不再确信无疑。我获得了解放,进而开始了我一生中最富有创造力的时期。During the next five years I started a company named NeXT, another company named Pixar and fell in love with an amazing woman who would become my wife.在接下去的五年中,我建立了一家名叫 NeXT 的公司,另一家公司是Pixar,并与一位奇妙的女士共堕爱河,她后来成为了我的太太。Pixar went on to create the worlds first computer-animated feature film ;Toy Story;, and is now the most successful animation studio in the world.Pixar 创作出了世界上第一部电脑动画电影《玩具总动员》,现在它已经是世界上最成功的动画工作室了。In a remarkable turn of events. Apple bought NeXT and I returned to Apple.再后来,一次引人注目的事件产生了转机,苹果公司买下了 NeXT,我重返苹果。And the technology we developed at NeXT is at the heart of Apples current renaissance.而且我们在 NeXT 开发的技术现在成为了苹果复兴事业的核心。And Lorene and I have a wonderful family together.Lorene 跟我也组建了一个美好的家庭。Im pretty sure none of this would have happened if I hadnt been fired from Apple.我很确定,假如苹果没有开除我,所有这一切都不会发生。It was awful-tasting medicine but I guess the patient needed it.我想,这也正是良药苦口利于病吧。Sometimes lifes going to hit you in the head with a brick. Dont lose faith.有时候,生活会给你当头一棒。不要失去信心。Im convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did.我确信,唯一撑我前进的东西就是:我爱我所做的事。Youve got to find what you love, and that is as true for work as it is for your lovers.你必须找到你所爱的东西,这句话不仅适用于你的工作也同样适用于你的爱情。Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do.你的工作构成了你生活的大部分,而唯一能让你真正感到满足的就是去做你认为伟大的工作,而做伟大的工作的唯一途径是爱你所做的工作。If you havent found it yet, keep looking, and dont settle.倘若你还没有找到它,请你继续,不要停下脚步。As with all matters of the heart, youll know when you find it. and like any great relationship it just gets better and better as the years roll on.同所有与心灵相关的东西一样,当你找到它时,你就会明白。而且它会像那些美好的爱情一样,它会随着岁月的流逝而愈加醇美。So keep looking. Dont settle.所以,保持前行,永不止步。201412/346977。

  My friends,This is a time to give thanks for loved ones, and look back on the past year. We come together – in places of worship, around the table, or under the tree – to celebrate the spirit of the season.We often celebrate this time of year by showing our generosity to family and friends. I trust that we will do the same with the thousands of people who are experiencing the Canadian holidays and the Canadian winter for the first time – the Syrian refugees. After all, we share values of love, hope, and compassion. Its what we do and its who we are.Let us also take time to remember the brave women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces who cannot be with their families. We appreciate their sacrifices for our country – not just today, but every day.My friends, Im deeply grateful for the support youve shown my family and me over this past year. I am honoured to have this opportunity to serve you.From our family to yours, Sophie and I send you the warmest of Christmas wishes and all the best for health and happiness in 2016.201512/418400

  This is one of the reasons why Canada,这就是为何加拿大originally a climate change hero --它原本是环保英雄-we were one of the first signatories of the Kyoto Accord.我们是第一批签署京都议定书的国家之一Now were the country that has full-time lobbyists现在我国派驻全职说客in the European Union and Washington, D.C.在欧盟及华盛顿特区threatening trade wars when these countries以贸易战争为要挟,当这些国家talk about wanting to bring in positive legislation希望立法to limit the import of high-carbon fuels,限制高碳燃料进口of greenhouse gas emissions, anything like this,讨论温室气体排放等相关议题时at international conferences,在国际会议中whether theyre in Copenhagen or Cancun,无论在哥本哈根或坎昆international conferences on climate change,在讨论气候变迁议题的国际会议中were the country that gets the dinosaur award我们是荣获“化石奖”(颁给破坏 国际气候变化谈判的国家)的国家every single day as being the biggest obstacle成为谈判进展的to progress on this issue.最大阻碍Just 70 miles downstream河流下游70英哩处is the worlds largest freshwater delta,是世上最大的淡水三角洲the Peace-Athabasca Delta,和平-阿萨帕斯卡尔三角洲the only one at the juncture of all four migratory flyways.它是四条候鸟迁徙路线唯一交会点This is a globally significant wetland,这是对全球来说具有重要意义的湿地perhaps the greatest on the planet.或许是世上最大的湿地Incredible habitat for half the bird species它是北美半数you find in North America, migrating here.迁往此处的鸟类物种栖息地And also the last refuge for the largest herd of wild bison,也是世上最大野牛群最后的避难所and also, of course, critical habitat for another whole range of other species.此外,当然 也是许多其他物种的重要栖息地But it too is being threatened by the massive amount但它也深受来自of water being drawn from the Athabasca,阿萨帕斯卡尔河的大量水流威胁which feeds these wetlands,它灌溉这片湿地and also the incredible toxic burden同时带来大量毒性物质of the largest toxic unlined impoundments on the planet,来自世上最大的露天毒性蓄水池which are leaching in to the food chain进入下游for all the species downstream.所有物种的食品链中So as bad as all that is, things are going to get整个情况如此糟糕,而且将会much worse, much, much worse.每况愈下This is the infrastructure as we see it about now.以上是我们目前所知的基础设施This is whats planned for 2015.这是预定于2015年完成的施工计划And you can see here the Keystone Pipeline,你可以看见图中的 油砂输送系统(Keystone Pipeline)which would take tar sands raw down to the Gulf Coast,它将沥青砂原料运往墨西哥湾沿岸punching a pipeline through the heart,管线穿越北美the agricultural heart of North America, of the ed States,及美国农业腹地and securing the contract with the dirtiest fuel in the world确保世上最脏的燃料by consumption of the ed States,由美国消费and promoting a huge disincentive对美国拥有永续洁净能源的未来to a sustainable clean energy future for America.造成极大阻碍Here you see the route down the Mackenzie Valley.图中有条直抵马更些谷的路线201410/331448So, having done these expeditions, and you know, really beginning to appreciate what was down there, such as at the deep ocean vents where we had these amazing amazing animals. They are basically aliens right here on Earth. They live in an environment of chemosynthesis. They dont survive on sunlight based system the way we do. And so, youre seeing animals that are living next to a 500 degree Centigrade water plumes. You think they cant possibly exist.在这些探险之后,你知道,我开始真正欣赏这些存在于海底的生物,比如那些深海温泉区我们看到的那些神奇生物。他们基本上是地球上的陌生生物。它们生活在一个化学合成的环境之中。它们不像我们生活在阳光为基础的系统下。因此,你见到生活在500度高温水流旁的动物。你以为它们可能并不存在。At the same time I was getting very interested in space science as well, again, you know the science fiction influence, as a kid. And I wound up getting involved with the space community, really involved with NASA, sitting on the NASA advisory board, planning actual space missions, going to Russia, going to the pre-cosmonaut biomedical protocols, and all these sorts of things, to actually go and fly to the international space station with our 3D camera systems. And this was fascinating. But what I wound up doing was bringing space scientists with us into the deep and taking them down so that they had access to astrobiologists, planetary scientists, people who were interested in these extreme environments, taking them down to the vents, and letting them see, and take samples and test instruments, and so on.同时,你知道,从小被科幻小说影响的我对于太空科学也非常感兴趣。我进入了美国国家航空航天局的顾问委员会,计划真正的太空任务,去俄罗斯,参与前宇航员的生物协定等事情,让宇航员带着3D摄像机进入太空站。这些非常有趣,但我真正想做的是将这些太空专家,行星学家和那些着迷于极致环境的人们带入深海,让他们看看深海,取一些样本做一些实验等等。So, here we were making documentary films, but actually doing science, and actually doing space science. I can completely close the loop between being the science fiction fan, you know, as a kid, and doing this stuff for real.所以我们在做纪录片,事实上是在做科学,做太空科学。我完全把孩提时对科幻小说的迷恋和现在把之变成现实结合起来了。 /201311/263505

  Its been 40 years since then,从那时到现在 已经过了40年and 20 years since Melinda and I were married.我和梅琳达结婚也已经20年了We are both more optimistic now than ever.我们现在仍然坚持着这份乐观 甚至更甚于当年But on our journey, our optimism evolved.随着人生旅途的展开 这份乐观也随之深化We would like to tell you what we learned今天 我们愿与大家分享自己的经历and talk to you today about how your optimism and ours告诉大家 你们的乐观也可以和我们一样can do more for more people.为更多人做到更多When Paul Allen and I started Microsoft,我和保罗·艾伦开创微软时we wanted to bring the power of the computers and software to the people,希望让计算机和软件的力量造福全人类and that was the kind of rhetoric we used.这也正是我们所想传达的理念One of the pioneering books in the field had a raised fist on the cover,领域内一本先驱性书籍封面上举起拳头and it was called ;Computer Lib.;将这称作是;计算机解放运动;At that time, only big businesses could buy computers.当时 只有大公司才买得起计算机We wanted to offer the same power to regular people我们希望让普通人也能使用这份力量and democratize computing.让计算机能够民众化 普及化By the 1990s,到1990年代we saw how profoundly personal computers could empower people,我们都见了个人计算机为人类做出的巨大贡献but that success created a new dilemma.但这份成功同时又引来了新的困境If rich kids got computers and poor kids didnt,如果富孩子有电脑用 而穷孩子没有then technology would make inequality worse.那么技术的天平将变得更加不平等201411/341819I played quarterback on the football team in high school--我在高中橄榄球队打四分卫but dont be too impressed但别以为我们有多了不起we had the longest losing streak in the nation by the time I graduated as a senior在我毕业那年 我们是全国连败最长的队Years and years without a victory一年又一年 我们一次都没赢过It was said that grandfathers of my teammates有人说 我同学的爷爷们had contributed to the multi-generational loosing streak早就为子孙后代的连败打下了基础After high school, I eventually ended up at Brown University高中毕业后 我最终考进了布朗大学and I remember vividly one particular day when I returned from college有一次从大学回家 我尤其记忆犹新My father picked me up at the airport我的父亲到机场接我and when we were driving home, he asked me in the most casual way在我们开车回家的路上 他很随便地问了我一句;Jim, what are you thinking of studying?;;金墉 你想学什么呢;I told him I was excited about philosophy and political science我说我对哲学和政治学很感兴趣I thought I could make a difference in the world我认为我可以改变这个世界and I was thinking of going into politics我在考虑从政My father put the blinker on我父亲打开车子的闪光灯slowly pulled over to the side of the road, turned off the car把车缓缓开到路边停下looked back at me and said, ;Hey他转过身来看着我说 ;听着;;once you finish your medical residency, you can do anything you want;;你只要完成了医生实习期 就可以做任何你想做的事情;Now, I see some Asian parents in audience nodding their heads我看到在座的亚洲家长正在点头saying, whats funny about that?说 这有什么好笑的But you see, my father knew all about uncertainty不过你们看到 我父亲十分懂得不确定性He knew that its impossible to be sure about where you might end up in life他很清楚 一个人不可能知道自己最终会做什么And he worried that his own success而且他很担心自己的成功might have deprived his children of the opportunity to understand deeply有可能会使自己的子女没有机会深入理解the meaning of running away from the noodle police从警察身边跑开 当然同时还要while, of course, finishing your noodles吃完剩下的面条意味着什么201502/359082

  Let me tell you about Beatrice Biira.下面这个故事有关碧翠斯,比拉.Beatrice was living in Uganda碧翠斯住在乌干达,near the Congo border,刚果边界附近,and like Dai Manju, she didnt go to school.和戴曼君一样,她失学了。Actually, she had never been to school,其实她从未去过学校,not to a lick, one day.一点都没有。Her parents, again, said,她的父母也说,;Why should we spend the money on her?“我们为什么要在她身上花钱?Shes going to spend most of her life lugging water back and forth.;她这辈子都只需要来来回回运水。”Well, it just so happens, at that time,那时候她确实只是来来回回运水。there was a group in Connecticut在康涅狄格州有一个团体,called the Niantic Community Church Group in Connecticut.名为“康涅狄格州奈安蒂克教会”。They made a donation to an organization他们给一个based in Arkansas位于阿肯色州德名为“小母牛”的called Heifer International.国际慈善组织捐款。Heifer sent two goats to Africa.“小母牛”送了两头山羊去非洲。One of them ended up with Beatrices parents,其中一头最后给了碧翠斯的父母。and that goat had twins.那头山羊后来生了双胞胎。The twins started producing milk.双胞胎小山羊开始产奶。They sold the milk for cash.他们卖山羊奶赚钱。The cash started accumulating,钱越来越多,and pretty soon the parents said,有一天她父母说,;You know, weve got enough money. Lets send Beatrice to school.;“既然我们有了足够的钱,就送碧翠斯去上学吧。”So at nine years of age,所以在她九岁时,Beatrice started in first grade --碧翠斯开始读小学一年级--after all, shed never been to a lick of school --完全从头开始--with a six year-old.和一群六岁的孩子一起。No matter, she was just delighted to be in school.尽管如此她非常高兴。She rocketed to the top of her class.她很快赶上进度并成为了最好的学生。She stayed at the top of her class她始终保持着第一名,through elementary school, middle school,小学,中学,and then in high school,一直到高中,she scored brilliantly on the national examinations她在全国统考中考了非常棒的分数,so that she became the first person in her village,于是她成为他们村子里,ever, to come to the ed States第一个拿奖学金,on scholarship.来到美国的人。Two years ago,两年前,she graduated from Connecticut College.她从康奈迪格学院毕业了。On the day of her graduation,毕业那天,she said, ;I am the luckiest girl alive她说,“我如此幸运地活着,because of a goat.;多亏一头山羊。”And that goat was 0.那头山羊价值120美金。201510/403317

  Who upended all of my assumptions in the very best way. That was Steve Jobs.他以最好的方式颠覆了我所有的假设。他就是史蒂夫·乔布斯。Steve had built a successful company. He had been sent away and he returned to find it in ruins.史蒂夫曾建立一个成功的公司。他被炒过,然后又临危受命。He didnt know it at the time, but he was about to dedicate the rest of his life to rescuing it, and leading it to heights greater than anyone could ever imagine.他当时并不知道,他正要用自己的余生去拯救它,领导它登上无人能想象的高度。Anyone, that is, except for Steve.无人能想象,除了史蒂夫。Most people have forgotten, but in 1997 and early 1998, Apple had been adrift for years. Rudderless.大多数人已经忘记了,但是在1997年和1998年初,苹果随波逐流了好几年。群龙无首。But Steve thought Apple could be great again. And he wanted to know if Id like to help.但是史蒂夫认为苹果可以再次称霸。他想知道我是否愿意帮助他。His vision for Apple was a company that turned powerful technology into tools that were easy to use, tools that would help people realize their dreams.他对苹果公司的愿景是将强大的技术变成容易使用的工具,帮助人们实现他们的梦想。And change the world for the better.使这个世界变得更好。I had studied to be an engineer and earned an M.B.A.我已经进修成为一个工程师,获得了一个工商管理学硕士学位。I was trained to be pragmatic, a problem solver.我被训练成务实、善于解决问题的人。Now I found myself sitting before and listening to this very animated 40-something guy with visions of changing the world.如今我发现自己坐在这位四十几岁的充满斗志的男人面前听他讲述着改变世界的愿景。It was not what I had expected.这不是我预期的。You see, when it came to my career, in 1998, I was also adrift. Rudderless.你知道,在我的职业生涯中,在1998年,我也是随波逐流,毫无方向的。I knew who I was in my personal life, and I kept my eye on my North Star, my responsibility to do good for someone else, other than myself.我知道我个人生活的目标是什么,我让我的眼睛一直望着我的北极星,履行为别人做些好事的责任,而非为我自己。But at work, well I always figured that work was work.但在工作中,我一直认为工作就是工作。Values had their place and, yes, there were things that I wanted to change about the world, but I thought I had to do that on my own time. Not in the office.价值有它们自己的位置,我想做一些改变世界的事情,但我认为应该在自己的空闲时间内做。而不是在办公室里。Steve didnt see it that way. He was an idealist. And in that way he reminded me of how I felt as a teenager.而史蒂夫不这么看。他是一个理想主义者。他提醒我十几岁时我的感受。In that first meeting he convinced me if we worked hard and made great products, we too could help change the world.在第一次会议上,他让我相信如果我们努力工作,做出了伟大的产品,我们也可以改变世界。And to my surprise, I was hooked.令我惊讶的是,我完全被迷住了。I took the job and changed my life. Its been 17 years and I have never once looked back.我接受了这份工作,改变了我的生活。17年来我从未退缩。At Apple we believe the work should be more than just about improving your own self.在苹果,我们认为工作应该不仅仅是关于提升你自己。Its about improving the lives of others as well.它关乎着改善别人的生活。Our products do amazing things. And just as Steve envisioned, they empower people all over the world.我们的产品做出令人惊奇的事情。正如史蒂夫的设想,它们造福了世界各地的人们。People who are blind, and need information to them because they cant see the screen.盲人需要有人把信息读给他们,因为他们看不到屏幕。People for whom technology is a lifeline because they are isolated by distance or disability.由于距离或残疾而被孤立的人们以技术为生命线。201512/414806。

  They have not been trained.他们没接受过训练。So do you need 50,000 hours of meditation? No, you dont.你需要五万小时的冥想吗?不,不需要的。Four weeks, 20 minutes a day, of caring, mindfulness meditation aly brings a structural change in the brain compared to a control group.与对照组相比,每天20分钟,持续4周的关爱、正念冥想训练会使大脑结构发生改变。Thats only 20 minutes a day for four weeks.只需每天20分钟,持续四周。Even with preschoolers -- Richard Davidson did that in Madison.甚至幼儿园的孩子也能发生这样的改变, 理查德?戴维森在麦迪逊市做过实验。An eight-week program: gratitude, loving- kindness, cooperation, mindful breathing.八星期长的项目:感恩、关爱、合作与呼吸训练。You would say, Oh, theyre just preschoolers.你会说,他们只是幼儿园的孩子啊。Look after eight weeks,the pro-social behavior, thats the blue line.八星期之后,亲社会的行为,是这根蓝色线。And then comes the ultimate scientific test, the stickers test.然后是终极的科学实验,贴纸测试。Before, you determine for each child who is their best friend in the class,their least favorite child, an unknown child, and the sick child,and they have to give stickers away.在训练前,确定每个孩子在班里最好的朋友,最不喜欢的伙伴,不认识的小孩, 还有生病的小孩,每个孩子都要把手中的贴纸分发出去。So before the intervention, they give most of it to their best friend.在训练介入之前,孩子手中的贴纸 大部分都给了最好的朋友。Four, five years old, 20 minutes three times a week.四五岁的孩子,一周三次, 一次20分钟的训练。After the intervention, no more discrimination:训练之后,不再有区别对待:the same amount of stickers to their best friend and the least favorite child.孩子手中的贴纸等同地分给了 他们最好的朋友和最不喜欢的朋友。Thats something we should do in all the schools in the world.我们需要把这个培训带给全世界的学校。Now where do we go from there?我们接下来要怎么做?When the Dalai Lama heard that, he told Richard Davidson,You go to 10 schools, 100 schools, the U.N., the whole world. 当达赖喇嘛听到了我的想法,他告诉理查德戴维森,从1个学校到10个,再到100个, 到联合国,到全世界。So now where do we go from there?我们接下来要怎么做?Individual change is possible.个人的变化是可能的。Now do we have to wait for an altruistic gene to be in the human race?我们还要等人类基因中出现利他基因吗?That will take 50,000 years, too much for the environment.这还需要五万年,环境等不了这么久。Fortunately, there is the evolution of culture.幸运的是,文化也可以进化。Cultures, as specialists have shown, change faster than genes.文化,正如学者们指出的, 要比基因变化快得多。Thats the good news.这是好消息。Look, attitude towards war has dramatically changed over the years.你们看,相比过去, 人们对于战争的态度已发生了天翻地覆的变化。So now individual change and cultural change mutually fashion each other,and yes, we can achieve a more altruistic society. 个人的变化与文化的变化相辅相成,没错,我们能实现利他社会。So where do we go from there?接下来要怎么做?Myself, I will go back to the East.我要回到东边,Now we treat 100,000 patients a year in our projects.目前我们的一个行动每年救助十万个患者。We have 25,000 kids in school, four percent overhead.我们的学校里有两万五千个孩子。Some people say, Well, your stuff works in practice,but does it work in theory? 有些人说,你所做的一切在实践中可行,但有理论持吗?Theres always positive deviance.总是会有些偏差,So I will also go back to my hermitage to find the inner resources to better serve others.因此我常常独自一人思索,追寻我的内心,来更好的帮助他人。But on the more global level, what can we do?在全球范围内,我们能做些什么?We need three things.我们需要做好三件事。Enhancing cooperation:加强合作:Cooperative learning in the school instead of competitive learning,在学校里倡导合作式学习,而不是竞争式学习;Unconditional cooperation within corporations there can be some competition between corporations, but not within.在企业里鼓励无条件的合作,企业间可以有竞争,但不是企业内部。We need sustainable harmony. I love this term.我们需要持续的和谐,我喜欢这个词。Not sustainable growth anymore.不是持续的发展。Sustainable harmony means now we will reduce inequality.持续的和谐意味着消除不平等。In the future, we do more with less,未来,我们要以少及多,and we continue to grow qualitatively, not quantitatively.追求高质的发展,而不是高量的发展。We need caring economics.我们需要充满关爱的经济。The Homo economicus cannot deal with poverty in the midst of plenty,守旧的人无法解决贫富不均的问题,cannot deal with the problem of the common goods of the atmosphere, of the oceans.无法解决公共福利的问题,无法解决大气和海洋的问题。We need a caring economics.我们需要充满关爱的经济。If you say economics should be compassionate,如果你说经济应该充满关怀,they say, Thats not our job.他们会说,这不关我的事。But if you say they dont care, that looks bad.你要告诉他们,如果他们不在乎, 看起来很糟。We need local commitment, global responsibility.我们不但要对周边履行承诺和责任, 还要着眼整个世界。We need to extend altruism to the other 1.6 million species.我们需要把利他精神 传播给其他一百六十万种生物。Sentient beings are co-citizens in this world.我们都是一家人。and we need to dare altruism.我们要敢于弘扬利他精神。So, long live the altruistic revolution.愿利他精神得以恩泽天下。Viva la revoluci贸n de altruismo.愿利他精神得以恩泽天下。Thank you.谢谢。201503/365560

  It was a futuristic way of solving our transportation problem. I still think a lot about transportation--you never loose a dream, it just incubates as a hobby. Many things that people labor hard to do now, like cooking, cleaning, and driving will require much less human time in the future. That is, if we ;have a healthy disregard for the impossible; and actually build the solutions.这是未来解决我们交通问题的方式。我仍在思考很多有关交通的问题……你决不要放任梦想,而要把它当作一种习惯去培育。现在人们花大力气干的很多事情,如做饭、保洁、开车,今后只会占用很少的时间。也就是说,如果我们“理性地藐视不可能”,并确实找到解决方案,这一切就都会实现。I think it is often easier to make progress on mega-ambitious dreams. I know that sounds completely nuts. But, since on one else is crazy enough to do it, you have little competition. In fact, there are so few people this crazy that I feel like I know them all by first name. They all travel as if they are pack dogs and stick to each other like glue. The best people want to work on the big challenges. That is what happened with Google. Our mission is to organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful. How can that not yet you excited? But we almost didnt start Google because my co-founder Sergey and I were too worried about droping out of our Ph. D. program. You are probably on the right track if you feel like a sidewalk worm during a rainstorm! That is about how we felt after we maxed out three credit cards buying hard disks off the back of a truck. That was the first hardware for Google. Parents and friends: more credit cards always help. What is the one sentence summary of how you change the world? Always work hard on something uncomfortably exciting!我认为,实现雄心勃勃的梦想更为容易,我知道这听起来是一派胡言。但是,既然没有人能疯狂到做这件事情,你就没有竞争对手了。事实上,没有什么人如此疯狂,以致于我都知道他们的姓。他们勇敢前行,像胶水一样互相吸引在一起。优秀的人喜欢应对大的挑战。这就是在谷歌发生的事情。我们的目标就是组合全球的信息,使其随手可得,随处可用。那怎么不让人兴奋呢?但是我们当时真的不想启动谷歌,因为我和联合创始人谢尔盖都太担心拿不到士学位了。要是你觉得自己是暴风雨下人行道上的一条蚯蚓,那很可能你就真的走对路了。那就是我们刷爆了三张信用卡,从一辆货车的车尾买来硬盘后的感觉。那就是谷歌最早的硬件设备。家长和朋友们:多点儿信用卡总是有用的。如何用一句话总结你该如何改变世界?那就是在那些让人极度兴奋的事情上发奋努力。 /201309/256514


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