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At Least You Get a Choice至少你有所选择A newly deceased sinner had just entered hell, and was being shown around.一名罪人去世后,刚下地狱就被带往各处走走;Ill tell you how it works around here,; declared a particularly hideous devil. ;You get your choice of three punishments. Here the first. ;“我将告诉你这里的状况,”一位面目可憎的魔鬼宣布道“你必须在三种刑罚中选一个,这是第一种”The sinner watched in horror as he saw men and women repeatedly being immersed in boiling water.罪人看见男男女女反复地被浸入沸腾的热水中,吓得目瞪口呆;Here the second. ; The poor sinner shuddered as he saw untunate people being continually hounded by ferocious beasts and cruel demons.“再看第二种”可怜的罪人看到一些不幸的人被凶恶的野兽和残酷的妖怪不停地追赶,吓得直打哆嗦“And here the third. ” A group was standing knee deep in shit and sipping tea.“这是第三种”一群人站在深及膝部的粪池中喝茶;Well,this seems all right,; said the sinner.;Ill take this one.;And he joined the group.“这个看来还可以,我就选这个”罪人说着便加入了那群犯人No sooner had he done so than another devil yelled out:;OK, tea time over. Get back on your heads. ;就在他加入不久,一个魔鬼大声喊道:“午茶时间结束,回到头下脚上倒立的姿势” 60讲解Today key word is :resign It means to give up one office or position. To quit.辞职例句Mr. Lee resigned his position last month.李先生上个月辞去了他的职位延伸Now let learn the word in the news.He Jiong, a teacher and famous TV host has resigned from the university he works following freeloading allegations.Mr. He, a teacher with Beijing eign Studies University (BFSU) and a renowned entertainment show host. Qiao Mu, one of He BFSU colleagues, accused Hejiong of abusing public resources without working the university.The University has issued a statement refuting the freeloading rumor amid massive media attention.The statement says He was mainly assigned with campus image publicity and other tasks since a staff reshuffle, and that He had returned all his salaries during the - period.The statement also says that He has voluntarily resigned after serious consideration, and that the university welcomes media and public supervision.So, about school faculties responsibility, what are the basic requirements the staff in Universities to follow? the alumnus, how could they better contribute to the University? more about that, now joining us live on the phone line is:Anthony R. Welch, Professor of Education, University of Sydney.Notes:乔木在网上爆料何炅“编制在北外,好多年没来上过班,却仍在领工资”一事,引发关注天后,何炅辞去北外教师职务(新京报连续报道)乔木称,实名爆料此事件后,他的微私信迄今已收到0多页私信,每页条,“5000余条私信中几乎都是辱骂、恐吓和威胁,只有少数表示持”此外,他的手机号、邮箱、微信等个人隐私也被曝光在网上 793

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻19.Three nunsThree nuns were talking about their parish priest.They were discussing his room, which they took turns cleaning every week. They were surprised by some things they had found!One said, ;I found some porno magazines and I threw them away.;Another said, ;I found some condoms and I poked holes in them.;The third nun said, ;Oh shit!;Notes:1. Three nuns were talking about their parish priest.有三个修女在谈论她们的教区教士clergy泛指神职人员;priest通常是指天主教的教士,他们不能结婚,且必须禁欲;基督教的minister是可以结婚的信徒通常称呼他们为神父nun [n#65;n] n.修女 parish [#7;p#30;r#618;#63;] n.教区 priest [pri:st] n.牧师;僧侣. They were discussing his room, which they took turns cleaning every week.他们在讨论他的房间,那里每周由她们轮流打扫;turn;指“(轮流做某事时的)机会”,;take turns;指“采用轮流的方式做某事”,后接动名词若要表达轮到了谁,可以用It one turn3. They were surprised by some things they had found!她们对所发现的一些东西感到吃惊!句中的by也可以用at取代,使用by时,其被动语气较强surprised [s#601;#7;pra#618;zd] adj.吃惊的.One said, ;I found some porno magazines and I threw them away.;其中一个人说:“我发现了一些色情杂志,我把它们扔掉了”porno也可以写成porn,它们是pornographic和pornography的缩写形式porno [#7;p#596;:n#601;#650;] adj.色情的 porn [p#596;:n] adj.色情的 pornography [p#596;:#7;n#59;gr#601;fi] n.色情;色情文字pornographic [#7;p#596;:n#601;#7;gr#30;f#618;k] adj.色情的5. Another said, ;I found some condoms and I poked holes in them.;另一个人说:“我发现了一些安全套,我在上面戳了几个洞”6. The third nun said, ;Oh shit!;第三个修女说:“噢!可恶!”oh是表示恐惧、喜悦、惊讶、痛苦是所发出的感叹词,而shit则是生气、焦急时所发出的感叹词shit [#63;#618;t] interj.可恶!本节目可可原创节目, 3659

  讲解Today’s key word is MissionMission 任务;使命A mission is an important task (任务)that people are given to do.Here is an example:A classic line Tom Cruise said in the movie“Mission impossible” is Mission accomplished! 汤姆克鲁斯在电影不可能的任务中的经典台词就是任务完成!And the mission we are going to talk about today is not as dangerous as the one Tom Cruise took on in the movie. It’s a feel good mission. 任务代号: Operation Christmas Drop话说,在195年,有一个美国空军飞行员在关岛驻扎One day, he noticed residents on a small Micronesian island waving at them.每当他们飞过密克罗尼西亚岛上空时,岛上的居民都会向飞机招手这位空军士兵和他的战友们就猜想岛上的居民可能需要帮助吧Then, the crew gathered items from the plane and dropped them with a parachute(降落伞).于是,这个传统就慢慢的延续下来了Every year, the U.S. air ce drops food and toys on those remote(遥远的) islands during the Christmas season. This year, Australia and Japan have joined the mission the first time. The packages(包裹) they dropped on the island can support around ,000 people across 56 islands in Micronesia, the Mariana Islands and Palau(帕劳). 美国这是既送了温暖,有加强了和澳日小伙伴的关系Anyway, Christmas is coming. Even though you may think that Christmas is a festival from western countries, it is still a good opporty to spend some time with your loved ones and family.Do you have any plans Christmas Eve? You can share your plans Christmas with us on Wechat. Search A Y O English.Talk to you next time! 5396

  You and Me---Rosie ThomasYou and me, me and you There is so much that we`ve been through, through it all I've come to understand Gods love. And if tomorrow never comes know this twice, just know this once. Knowing you has made me able to go on. You and me, me and you There couldn’s be a better two, to be blessed and know the meaning of true love. And if you leave me I feel scared, fall apart so unprepared. But I dare to make it trough all on my own. Yes I dare to make it trough on my own内容来自: 65。

  英国每日电讯:研究人员称,对于那些夜里不能睡安慰觉的人来说,比如说新妈妈们或者上夜班的护士,尽管他们每天的睡眠时间足够,但睡眠的效果相当于他们只睡了四个小时.The Telegraph: Being woken up regularly during the night can leave parents and on-call workers feeling as sleep deprived as if they had only four hours rest a night.Researcher discovered that being pulled from a deep slumber by a crying baby or a frantic emergency call, causes the same confusion, depression and fatigue as being severely sleep-deprived.It means that even when people get a total of seven hours sleep a night, being ced to wake up regular minute feeds, or consultations, will leave them feeling like they had just four hours rest. 3955

  1、英镑:quid 单复数形式一样If I was with my friend and he asked me how much my mobile phone cost. I would probably reply “It was about 0 quid”、you took your time怎么这么久?轻微责备和调侃的语气 3、take your time 慢慢来,不着急It’s ok, take your time. We’ve still got a couple of hours. Or at school, your teacher might tell you to “take your time ing the test paper and it carefully.” 、have a row 吵了一架 I’m in the dog house today. Yesterday I had a row with my girlfriend. Now she won’t talk to me!5、in the dog house 做错事受惩罚、被冷落 6、sort of 差不多When I was young, my mother would ask me if I had finished my homework. I would often say, er… sort of. Meaning I hadn’t really finished it. 7. 包含why the long face?的经典笑话: a horse walks into a pub 一匹马走进酒吧, The barman says to the horse 酒保说: “Why the long face?” 为啥板着个脸额

  大家好,欢迎来到脑筋转转转,我是Maji.上期留给大家的问题为:What has ear but can’t hear? 什么东西有耳朵却听不见?下面给大家揭晓:An ear of corn 一穗玉米词汇讲解:ear n.听觉;麦穗If this news ever reaches her ears, shell be furious.这个消息万一传到她的耳朵里,她一定得大发雷霆Some people like eating the ear of wheat.有些人喜欢吃麦穗词组:believe one ears 相信所听到的话;bend an ear 留心听;close one ears 充耳不闻;talk sb ear 对某人唠叨不休;an ear of corn 玉米穗 下面给出今天的脑筋急转弯:What has a head but can’t think? 什么东西有头脑却不会思考?下期将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,我们下期节目见!Who is Stupid 谁愚蠢A teacher was trying to make use of her psychology courses. She started her class by saying, ;Everyone who thinks youre stupid, stand up!;一个老师在对学生们讲心理学,“谁认为自己蠢就站起来?”她一开始就说Little Johnny then stood up.小约翰尼站了起来The teacher said, ;Do you think youre stupid, Johnny?;“你认为你很蠢吗,小约翰尼?”老师问;No, maam, but I hate to see you standing there all by yourself!;“不是的,老师,我只是不喜欢看你一个人站着”1.trytry 常见的用法1,做名词have a try 试一试如:Why not have a try ? 为什么不试一试?,做动词1) try to do sth 试着做某事如:Well , well try to finish the homework in time. 那好我们争取及时完成作业) try one best 尽某人最大的努力如:Thank you . I will try my best . 谢谢你我会尽力而为的.stand upstand up表示站起来stand表示忍受,撑住,坚持的意思因为他有站立的意思吗站不住了,就是忍受坚持不住了啊其他用法:I can not stand you!我真受不了你!stand后面加名词和动名词I can not stand my team leader. 我受不了那个小领导 563

  这首歌选自Jewel年的民谣大碟Sweet and Wild,这同时也是她本人的第九张专辑此外,这首歌作为年电影Valentines' Day《情人节的主打歌之一收录在了该电影的原声带当中她随性、率真的歌声中传递着一股浓烈的感情,我们可以永远待在这里,也可以跟着你的脚步远走他乡虽然没有传统情歌的那种温馨浪漫的曲调,可听着却能给人一种力量,相信爱情的力量Jewel: Stay Here everI'm laying here dreamingStaring at the ceilingWasting the day awayThe world's flying byOur window outsideBut hey baby that’s OKThis feels so right it can't be wrongSo far, as I can seeWhere you wanna go babyI'll do anythingCause if you wanna go, Baby let's goIf you wanna rock, I'm y to rollAnd if you wanna slow downWe can slow down togetherIf you wanna walk, Baby let's walkHave a little kiss, have a little talkWe don't gotta leave at allWe can lay here everStay here everIf you wanna see that Italian tower leaningBaby we can leave right nowIf that's too farWe can jump in the car, and take a little trip around townThey say that CaliniaIs nice and warm this time of yearBaby, say the word, and we'll just disappearCause if you wanna go, Baby let's goIf you wanna rock, I'm y to rollAnd if you wanna slow downWe can slow down togetherIf you wanna walk, Baby let's walkHave a little kiss, have a little talkWe don't gotta leave at allWe can lay here everStay here everOh, it’s a big world a boy and a girlLetting go of it allHolding on to one anotherOh, there's a whole lot of world to discoverUnder the coversSo if you wanna go, Baby let’s goIf you wanna rock, I'm y to rollIf you wanna slow downWe can slow down togetherIf you wanna walk, Baby let’s walkHave a little kiss, have a little talkWe don't gotta leave at allWe can lay here everStay here everLet's just lay here everStay here ever





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