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听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):From an early-morning fixture on Detroit television to an advocate for legalized marijuana in Michigan, Anqunette Jamison has made quite a transition.The former Fox 2 Detroit anchorwoman walked away from her TV job to become a volunteer for MI Legalize, one of the groups thats been fighting to put the question of legalization before Michigan voters.Shes got a very personal stake in the fight for legalization: Jamison uses marijuana to help with her multiple sclerosis.For some time after being diagnosed, Jamison was taking ;all the conventional medications; and was ;incredibly sick.; Each medication had a nasty side effect which, she explained, would then be treated with another medication.;Within a year or two I went from a person who completed half-marathons to being on five or six different medications with a retail cost of 0,000 a year, and not feeling better,; she said. ;It would be one thing if I felt better, but I didnt.;When Jamison tried cannabis at her husbands suggestion, she said she was ;blown away. It alleviated so many of my symptoms.;As she learned more about the potential medical benefits of cannabis, the way the war on drugs has disproportionately targeted people of color, and the potential tax revenue legal marijuana could provide, Jamison decided she wanted to speak up.;I felt that I could sit on the sidelines and be like everyone else and have my medical marijuana card and be quiet and not say anything about what I see as injustice and what I see as wrong,; she said, ;or I can take a step and just say, this is my experience, and this is my truth. For those who are willing to listen, Im willing to speak.;In our conversation above, Jamison talks about why Michigan should legalize marijuana and the work shes doing with MI Legalize.201612/480990

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:from the ground up凡事得从头开始/全面地,彻底地Ground这个词最普通的意思是地面,from the ground up这个习惯用语来自建造房屋。建房的开头第一步是什么呢?我们都知道首先得从地面上破土动工打地基,接着才能一层一层地往上建造,所以中国有个谚语;万丈高楼平地起。; 它的含义就是凡事得从起点开始。好,我们通过一个例子来领会from the ground up这个习惯用语的意思吧。下面这段话是在说创办麦当劳快餐连锁店的Ray Kroc。Ray Kroc原来是一个小城里的小业主,但是后来却成为改变美国饮食习惯的重要人物。Ray Kroc started from the ground up with a little hamburger shop for people who wanted something to eat fast. Then he had an idea: lease his fast food system out to others. The result was thousands of McDonalds restaurants selling burgers around the globe.Ray Kroc起初开了家小小的汉堡包店为人们供应快餐,后来他想出了个主意:把自己的快餐作业体系租给别人,其结果是在全球各地涌现出成千上万家供应汉堡包的麦当劳快餐店。Ray Kroc从小城里一家小馆子做起,最终成了风行全球的连锁企业麦当劳的创始人。他可以说是从起点开始、从基础做起的,所以from the ground up这个习惯用语在这里的意思就是;从起点开始,从基础出发,;正相当于;万丈高楼平地起;这个中国谚语的含义。麦当劳的食品并不见得人人爱吃,但是麦当劳由于确实为人提供方便,解决一日三餐,所以能盛行全球而且还会经久不衰。有人开玩笑说,宇航员从太空遥望地球的时候都能看到麦当劳的标记:金黄色的圆拱形。这虽然是夸张,但是生动地表现麦当劳风行全球的气势,想想麦当劳的当初比比它的现在,你一定能体会from the ground up这个习惯用语;从头开始;的意思。有时from the ground up还可以解释为;完全;,或;彻底;。我们还是通过例子来领会这个习惯用语的第二种意思吧。有位先生要向你描绘他的朋友Bob。Bob是无线之声专业人才,在广播界有丰富的经验。Bob knows broadcasting from the ground up. Hes been a scriptwriter, a reporter, an editor, an announcer, a producer, just about everything else at radio stations. Hes even done some TV work although he doesnt like to talk about that.Bob对广播业务样样在行。他当过撰稿人、记者、编辑、播音员、制作人,有关之声的工作他几乎都做过。他甚至还从事过电视工作, 但是他却不愿意张扬。这段话告诉我们广播业务中各种各样的工作Bob都做过,可见Bob完全了解广播业务, 所以这里from the ground up这个习惯用语的意思是;全面地,彻底地;。 /201209/202293

Subject:I wish I could a fly on the wall. 迷你对话A: They are talking about thir paper! Have you finished your paper?他们正在讨论论文的事情!你的论文完成了吗?B: No, I am worrying about that these days. I wish I could be a fly on the wall.还没有,我这几天正在担心这事情呢,真希望能听偷听到他们的谈话。 地道表达 a fly on the wall 1. 解词释义成为一只伏在墙上的苍蝇才不会引起别人的注意。不光可以清清楚楚地偷听到别人的很机密的谈话,而且还相当隐蔽,做得到神不知鬼不觉,从而不会被别人发现。根据这一生动的想象,就有这个说法了:a fly on the wall。用之来比喻“偷听别人说话”。其英文解释为:If you say you would like to be a fly on the wall in a certain situation, you mean that you would like to be there secretly to see and hear what happens. 2. 拓展例句e.g. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when they discuss my future.在他们讨论我的前途的时候,我真希望能听到他们在说什么。e.g. Id give anything to be a fly on the wall when she tells him.当她高告诉他事情时,我真希望偷听到他们在说什么。e.g. Alice and Lily are commenting on my performance. How I wish I could be a fly on the wall to hear what they are saying.爱丽丝和莉莉正在我的表演,我多么希望能偷听到她们的谈话内容。 /201402/274709

第一, 迷你对话A: I think, for this thing, he has gone too far.在这件事情上,我认为他做得有点过分了。B: Why?为什么呢?A: You know, he shouted from the housetops that Susan had done such a thing.你知道吗,他大声宣告苏珊做的那件事情。B: Yeah, it’s nobody but she did that.是的,可的确是她不是别人干的。A: But I think we should spare her feelings.可是我觉得还是应该给她留点情面。第二, 地道表达from the housetops1. 解词释义From the housetops是副词性短语,意思是“公开地”“广泛地”。通常与declare,cry,shout,proclaim等动词连用。 短语shout/proclaim sth. from the housetops的意思就是“公开宣布某事”。2. 拓展范例e.g. He was so happy that he wanted to shout it from the housetops.他乐得真想让每一个人都知道这事。e.g. Even if he knew the solution to the problem, he would not cry from the housetops.即使他知道解决问题的办法,他也不会到处张扬的。e.g. Even if he knew the solution to the problem, he would not cry from the housetops.即使他知道解决问题的办法,他也不会到处张扬的。第三, 咬文嚼字1. go too far:太过分e.g. Don t go too far in the matter ; you may get into trouble if you do.这件事别做得太过分了,否则你会招来麻烦的。2. spare one’s feelings:不上某人的感情,给他留面子e.g. I wanted to spare my boss’s feelings so that I did not argue with him.我是给上司留面子,我才是没有跟他争论起来。3. nobody but:除了……没有别人e.g. Nobody but she knew it.除她之外无人晓得。e.g. He seems to trust nobody But you.他好像除了你以外,谁也不相信。 /201601/420250

大家好,欢迎来到。上一期与大家分享的话题是一些美式幽默,今天我们继续来学习。1. She is a big gossip.她是八卦夫人。Gossip指的就是八卦新闻, 但它也可以拿来形容一个人很八卦。所以She is a big gossip就是说她是个八卦夫人。或是你也可以说, She is gossipy。中文里讲的广播电台在美国倒是不常见,反而是有另一种说说 She is an information bureau (她是情报局) 也蛮有趣的。2. I cut the cheese.这是一句有味道的俚语。要怎么跟大家解释呢?在《芈月传》中,童年时期萌萌哒小芈月问小芈姝:“你会放屁吗?”然后在手臂上“放屁”将小芈姝逗得大笑。这句台词引起了网友的热议。一般人说放屁这个词都会用fart, 但是cut the cheese也有放屁的意思在里面。为什么呢?因为大家想想切cheese时会发出什么声音? 是不是和放屁很像呢?3. If the boys stare at you, they have guts to suck your teeth!如果男生盯著你看,他们就有胆亲你。这句话有三个地方很棒, 第一个是stare at you, 就是指盯著人家看的意思, have guts 就是说有胆子的意思, 而最后一个:suck是吸,suck your teeth 则是指亲嘴的意思,很有趣, 但是像这种句子是小孩子说的, 难登大雅之堂。亲嘴还有另外一个口语的用法: smooch。记得有一次我跟一个老外外出,看到一个告示语no smooching,那个老外当时觉得很好笑,我一看,下面的中文竟然是“禁止吸烟”,其实人家把smoking打成了smooching,这样在老外眼里看来就是“禁止亲嘴”了。今天给大家分享的句子很实在,也挺有味道的。短短的时光到这里和您说再见,感谢收听本期节目,下一期我们再会咯,拜拜!背景音乐:Jackson Browne - Sky Blue And Black本节目属 /201602/426962

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