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上迳镇妇幼保健医院诊疗中心怎么样 Less than a year after his company bought Italian luxury-yacht maker Ferretti, the chairman of a Chinese bulldozer maker with a cumbersome name says he isn#39;t done shopping. 在中国一家推土机制造企业收购意大利游艇制造商法拉帝(Ferretti)不到一年过后,这家名称复杂的公司的董事长又说,他的收购行动还没有结束。 Tan Xuguang, the chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group-Weichai Group, said the state-controlled machinery maker is planning more acquisitions and partnerships in Europe and the U.S. in the coming months. He declined to disclose details, saying only that the company has plenty of cash for acquisitions and plans to #39;diversify#39; its portfolio. 国有机械制造企业山东重工潍柴集团董事长谭旭光说,公司计划于未来数月在欧洲和美国展开更多收购与合作。他拒绝透露细节,只表示公司拥有充足的收购资金,并打算实现资产组合的多元化。 #39;This will be a genuinely global company,#39; Mr. Tan said in an interview Tuesday. Moments later, the stout 51-year-old approached the stage for a news briefing to the theme from #39;Star Wars.#39; A screen projected photos of him smiling with tanned Italian men-Ferretti employees-some of whom were wearing T-shirts emblazoned, #39;Weichai, we are one.#39; 谭旭光周二在接受采访时说,山东重工将成为一家真正的国际化公司。一会儿过后,现年51岁、身材偏胖的谭旭光伴随着《星球大战》(Star Wars)的主题曲走上舞台,开始举行一场新闻发布会。大屏幕上投射的照片显示他微笑着与皮肤黝黑的意大利男子合影。这些男子是法拉帝员工,其中一些人穿着印有“潍柴,我们是一家”的T恤衫。 The Ferretti marriage offers a glimpse at the ambitions of the state-owned Shandong Heavy. 从山东重工与法拉帝的联姻可以窥见这家国有企业的野心。 The company, founded in 1946, is run largely by Communist Party appointees and has 50,000 employees. Its less luxurious products-diesel engines, transmissions, spark plugs and the like-are made in a plant in Weifang, a city that boasts one-tenth of China#39;s chicken exports and a population of 8.5 million people. Shandong Heavy also owns engine maker Weichai Power Co., AONE -4.85%which is listed in Hong Kong. 成立于1946年的山东重工主要由中共指派的人员掌管,员工5万人。该公司的普通产品──柴油发动机、变速箱、火花塞等──是在潍坊的一座工厂生产出来的。潍坊拥有850万人口,中国十分之一的出口鸡肉都产自当地。山东重工旗下还有发动机生产商、香港上市公司潍柴动力股份有限公司(Weichai Power Co.)。 Shandong Heavy is among the ballooning number of Chinese companies making their mark overseas. Government leaders have been pushing China#39;s companies to buy overseas assets to broaden the nation#39;s economy beyond low-level manufacturing. 包括山东重工在内,越来越多的中国企业正在国际上扬名立万。为扩宽中国经济、使之超越低水平制造业务,政府领导人一直在推动中国企业收购海外资产。 Chinese auto-parts company Wanxiang Group Corp. this month agreed to invest 0 million for control of U.S. battery maker A123 Systems Inc. AONE -4.85%In May, China#39;s Dalian Wanda Group Corp. agreed to buy U.S. movie theater chain AMC Entertainment Holdings for .6 billion. 中国汽车零部件公司万向集团(Wanxiang Group Corp.)本月同意投资4.5亿美元取得美国电池生产商A123 Systems Inc.的控股权。5月份,中国大连万达集团股份有限公司(Dalian Wanda Group Corp.)同意斥资26亿美元收购美国影院连锁企业AMC Entertainment Holdings。 Deals have become more attractive to Chinese companies as the U.S. and European economies have weakened. But Mr. Tan, a former engineer with a gravelly voice and a rustic regional accent, said Shandong Heavy wasn#39;t just looking for a fire sale to make its global footprint; it intends to cooperate and compete with global peers. 在欧美经济走软之际,收购机会对中国企业的吸引力越来越大。但声音沙哑、有着质朴地方口音的前工程师谭旭光说,山东重工不只寄望于通过收购贱卖资产来布局全球,还打算跟国际上的同行展开合作与竞争。 #39;There#39;s been some misconception that Chinese companies are just going out to buy whatever is cheap, but we#39;re building a genuinely international company,#39; he said. Shandong Heavy listed revenue last year at 98.3 billion yuan (.46 billion). 他说,有人误以为中国企业走出去是碰到什么便宜就买什么,实际上我们是在打造一家真正国际化的公司。山东重工去年公布收入983亿元(154.6亿美元)。 The company, based in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong, in January agreed to invest 178 million (2 million) and to extend 196 million in credit to Ferretti in exchange for a 75% stake in the yacht maker. 总部位于华东省份山东的山东重工在今年1月份同意通过1.78亿欧元(2.22亿美元)的股权投资和1.96亿欧元的信贷,换取游艇制造商法拉帝75%的股份。 Ferretti Chief Executive Ferruccio Rossi said the Italian company#39;s Chinese owners have been very involved, sending workers who were born after 1980 and have more international experience than their older colleagues to Italy to oversee the acquisition. 法拉帝首席执行长费鲁乔#8226;罗西(Ferruccio Rossi)说,这家意大利公司的中国股东非常投入,曾派出国际经验比老一辈更丰富的80后员工前往意大利负责这次收购。 Ferretti plans to expand in Brazil, India and other emerging markets. 法拉帝计划在巴西、印度和其他新兴市场扩张。 Mr. Tan said he has left branding and design to the Italians. Shandong Heavy#39;s expertise is distribution and sales, he said, adding that he plans to open a manufacturing center in Shandong that will let Chinese boat buyers customize their purchases. 谭旭光说,他已决定把品牌推广和设计工作留给意大利人去做。他说山东重工的专长是分销和销售,并表示他打算在山东开一家制造中心,使中国买家能够量身定做自己的游艇。 China accounts for 10% of Ferretti#39;s sales, and Mr. Tan aims to expand that portion to one-third in the next five to 10 years. 中国市场约占法拉帝10%的销量,谭旭光计划在未来五到10年将这一比例扩大到三分之一。 Ferretti executives have said the company plans to open a sales base in Hong Kong and offices in the Chinese tourism hub of Sanya on the South China Sea#39;s Hainan Island. Ferretti also is expanding dealerships across China and is producing more varieties of boats, from 25-foot crafts in the low-million-dollar range to 250-foot superyachts that sell for more than 0 million. 法拉帝管理层曾表示该公司计划在香港开设一个销售基地,并在中国海南旅游中心三亚设立办事处。法拉帝也在扩大中国各地的经销商网络,并增加产品种类,从25英尺(7.6米)长、价格在几百万美元的游艇,到250英尺(76米)、售价超过1亿美元的超级游艇,都在其生产范围之内。 Mr. Tan said that despite the slumping global economy acquisitions will secure the company#39;s future in the consumer market and expand its base in machinery. 谭旭光说,虽然全球经济正在下滑,但收购将使公司在消费市场的未来得到保障,并使它在机械制造行业的根基得以扩大。 /201208/197356福清包皮该怎样做福建省福清市福清医院人流医院



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