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编者语:聆听内心的声音,听从引导你积极向上的直觉,而不是追随引诱你放弃自甘沉沦的魔鬼。从今天开始,掌握自己的命运,做自己的英雄!How To Be Your Own Hero如何做自己的英雄Trust that voice within, the good one, not the one that tells you to give up and go to the pub. Improve those problematic areas in your life by becoming your own hero.Step 1: Choose your Hero选择自己的英雄榜样First you must choose a personal hero; real, fictional, dead or alive. What are the qualities you look up to in this person?If you don't have a hero you can create one based on the qualities you most admire in people or would love to possess. Such as being confident, strong, assertive or authoritative. Step 2: Emulating your hero.模仿你的偶像To begin with simply consider the qualities of this hero and act some out in private. Get into their mindset by assuming their posture, using their expressions and striding in the same strong manner.Step 3: Re-enacting the past.重构过去 Consider some situations at work you think should have gone better. This may have been during a meeting or presentation, whilst on the phone or just chatting with your boss during lunch.Next play out these scenes as your hero. How would they have acted in the same situations? What would they have said or done?Step 4: Trying it for real.新的生活 Now you have to take on some of these characteristics. It may feel strange as you are not used to behaving this way.See how it feels to use these qualities in reality. Ask yourself whether you were just acting as your hero or if you were uncovering hidden attributes to your own personality. You will probably discover that you are not just pretending to be your hero – but that you are, in fact, your own hero. Article/201109/155404Your mum and I#39;ve been talking about it, and maybe it#39;s time you got your own place...我和你老妈一直在说这件事呢——或许是时候你找到自己的房子了…… /201706/512252汉斯·罗素林曾在印度学习,那时,他意料到亚洲可以重夺其经济霸主地位。在TED印度,他用他神奇的泡泡图表来预测中印两国何时会赶超美国。 Article/201212/217156The world#39;s most magnificent palace举世最为恢弘的宫殿is about to become its most notorious.即将名声渐毁Home to decadence on a truly royal scale.它是皇室颓废生活的温床Prostitution and gluttony.充斥着荒淫与饕餮Gambling and torture.与酷刑And enough sex to scandalised even the French.其间的恣情纵欲甚至让法国人不齿This is the story of a king who took Versailles,本片讲述了一位国王如何将凡尔赛turned it into his palace of pleasure,变为自己享乐的天堂and brought the monarchy to the brink of collapse.由此将君主制推向瓦解的边缘The waking ceremony of the Duke of Anjou, by grace of God,画面中这是天佑的安茹公爵King Louis XV, Monarch of France and Navarre,路易十五 法国与纳瓦拉的君主and just an 11-year-old boy.这年仅11岁男孩的起床仪式Louis will reign for 58 years,路易将执政58年but his whole life will be但他的一生都将被lived in the shadow of another man#39;s glory,另一个男人荣耀的阴影笼罩his predecessor, Louis XIV.那就是他的前任 路易十四Louis XIV was an incredibly tough act to follow.路易十四的功绩难以复制He is seen as The Great.人们视他为大帝He is the Conqueror of Europe.他是欧洲的征者He adds to France.他让法国空前强大He is the greatest monarch of the 17th century.是17世纪最伟大的君主He was the first act on the stage of Versailles.他是凡尔赛宫的第一位主人He was the Sun,他是太阳王he was Apollo, the Sun God.是太阳神阿波罗的化身Everything orbited around him.他是一切的中心The etiquette of the court, the day of the court,宫廷的礼仪 日常事宜the extraordinary life lived entirely in the public gaze.万众瞩目下的非凡生活In his patronage of the arts, in his building projects,他对艺术的赞助 他的建筑工程in his personal conduct, in the way he dressed,他的言行举止 着装风格the way he ate, the way he looked,用餐方式 外貌姿态the way he walked.甚至走路仪态From the fountains in his gardens to the silver by his bed,大到花园中的喷泉 小到床边的银器he had established a form of etiquette他建立了一套礼仪规则with the sole view of making the whole country of France仅仅为让整个法国的目光entirely focused upon his person and his power.都聚焦在他个人与他的权力之上 Article/201204/179352If you#39;re waking in the night sweating, and are looking for solutions for how to stop the sweats, this film will show you how to cool down and bring a little order into your life...如果你夜间醒来总是大汗淋漓,希望找到解决方法,这个短片可以教给你怎样变凉,让生活恢复一点秩序...Night sweats, or hyperhidrosis, are a fairly common problem, and can be a result of lots of things like infections, stress or side effects to medicine. Sometimes, however, they can be a sign of more serious complaints, which is why the first thing you should do is make an appointment to see your doctor. They#39;ll be able to work out why you#39;re sweating, and suggest potential changes to make tailored to your health and lifestyle.夜间出汗,或多汗症,是非常常见的问题,由许多原因造成,例如感染,压力或药物副作用。然而,有时可能是更加严重的疾病的迹象,所以,首先要跟医生预约。他们能够查明夜间出汗的原因,根据实际情况对你的健康和生活方式作出调整。But while you#39;re waiting for the day of your appointment, you might like to try the following, in case they help.但是在等待预约的时间里,你可以尝试以下方法,或许对你有帮助。Step 1: Watch Your Lifestyle1.注意生活方式Alcohol and drugs, including smoking can be a contributing factor, so cut these out. Don#39;t drink caffeine or any hot drinks up to three hours before you go to bed. Cut out spicy foods, acids (like citrusy fruits), sugars, fatty meats. Drink plenty of water.酒精,药物和吸烟都会造成夜间出汗,所以要戒掉。上床睡觉前三小时内不要饮用咖啡因或任何热饮料。不要食用辛辣食物,酸性水果,糖类和脂肪含量高的肉类。饮用足够的水。Get regular exercise, but not before bed: even a bout of rigorous nookie before bed is a no-no, even hours before.进行常规锻炼,但是不要在睡前进行:即使进行短暂的亲热也是不可以的,哪怕睡前几个小时也不可以。Step 2: Relax2.放松Get a proper nighttime routine, and wind down before bed. Relax, and go to bed at the same time each night, in time to get a good 8 hours kip. Don#39;t get worked up about the fact you might sweat, as anxiety may make things worse...!安排合理的夜间作息时间,睡觉之前平静下来。放松身心,每晚在同样的时间上床睡觉,保每晚有八小时的睡眠。不要老是纠结你可能会出汗,焦虑会让情况更加糟糕。Step 3: Keep The Bedroom Cool3.保持卧室凉爽Open a window if you can, or invest in a fan. The ideal temperature for sleeping is between 16 to 20 degrees celcius.如果可以的话打开一扇窗户,或者打开风扇。睡觉的理想温度是16至20摄氏度。Step 4: Quick Fixes4.权宜之计Talcum powder can help, but may be messy once sweating occurs. Antiperspirants can block pores, although this is clearly only a temporary fix.滑石粉有一定的效果,但是一旦出汗,就会弄的全身脏兮兮的。止汗剂会堵塞毛孔,尽管这只是暂时的方法。It might feel like wearing clothes is counter-productive, but many people report that light pyjamas and even a hat helps to regulate their body temperature. Natural fibres allow the skin to breathe better, so use those for night wear and bedding.A cold shower before bed may also help.穿件衣给人的感觉好像适得其反,但是许多人说薄一点的睡衣甚至一顶帽子都可以帮助调节体温。自然纤维可以让皮肤更好地呼吸,所以寝具和睡衣最好选择自然材料。睡前冷水洗澡也有帮助。Step 5: Herbal Remedies5.中草药疗法Remember, no hot drinks before bed. But Violet, Elder and Chickweed might help lower your body temperature. Plants that are said to improve oxygen flow such as dong quai, dandelion or yellow dock may also help, as could Vitamins E and D.Your doctor may be able to help you here, too, and be sure to consult them before use.记住,睡前不要饮用热饮料。但是紫罗兰,接骨木和繁缕都可以帮助降低体温。可以改善氧气流动的植物,例如当归,蒲公英或皱叶酸模,维他命E和D都有效果。你的医生也会给你提供建议,记住,使用之前一定要向他们咨询。Thanks for watching How To Deal With NightSweats.感谢收看“怎样应对夜间出汗”视频节目。 /201212/216798

America: Land of invention.美国,创新之地Hot dogs, jazz, the elevator, skyscrapers.热,爵士乐,电梯,天大楼俯拾皆是This is the story of the greatest innovation of all: the modern vertical city.本集讲述的是其中最伟大的创新:现代立体城市One world-famous icon has come to symbolize it.有个世界闻名的标志业已成为它的象征Amazingly, we very nearly didn#39;t have it.令人惊讶的是,当初我们差点与它失之交臂It#39;s 1885 and New York City has a big problem.1885年,纽约面临一个大问题A magnificent gift, but with some assembly required.收到一份豪礼但需自己组装Scattered across Bedloe#39;s Island这礼物散放在纽约港in New York Harbor in 214 crates.贝德罗岛的214个板条箱中They contain the largest statue in the Western world.箱中装的是西方世界有史以来最大的雕像It#39;s been donated by the people of France to celebrate the centenary of the Declaration of Independence.这是法国人民捐赠给美国的礼物以此庆祝美国独立宣言发表100周年Built in Paris, broken down into 350 massive pieces for the journey to America.这座雕像建于巴黎,为了便于运送到美国,它被拆成了350个巨大的组件That#39;s the problem.这就是问题所在The cost of reassembling it would be astronomical-- money New York does not have.把它重新组装起来将耗资巨大,纽约承受不起At least six other US cities are jockeying to give it a home.至少有6个其他的美国城市则恨不得把它弄到手New York City is in danger of losing the Statue of Liberty.纽约很有可能失去自由女神像Not if this man can help it.但这个人不会坐视不管Joseph Pulitzer, tenacious newspaper magnate,immigrant, self-made man.约瑟夫·普利策,坚韧不拔的报业大亨,白手起家的移民He owns the biggest paper in the US, ;The New York World.;他拥有美国最大的报纸 《纽约世界报》And he#39;s determined to keep Liberty in New York Harbor.他下定决心要把自由女神像留在纽约港Through his chain of newspapers, Pulitzer launches the biggest fund-raising campaign ever seen in North America.通过他的报业集团,普利策发起了北美有史以来最大的募捐活动It would be an irrevocable disgrace to New York City and the American republic to have France send us this splendid gift without our having provided even so much as a landing place for it.这对纽约市和美国公众都将是难以磨灭的耻辱,法国送给我们这样一份豪礼而我们却连区区容身之所都没法为它提供We must raise the money!我们必须筹钱More than a million people Pulitzer#39;s papers every day.每天有一百多万人阅读普利策的报纸;Enclosed, please find 25 cents, is my contribution to...;;It contains my little savings...;里面的25分钱是我给雕像的捐款 这些是我微薄的积蓄;... I resolved to send you the contents of the first jackpot.You will find enclosed .;我决定把我首次中的票钱捐出来,里面是4美元;The money we saved to go to the circus with.;这钱本来是我们存起来看马戏用的Donations flood in from all across the country, rich and poor, East and West.捐款从全国各地源源不断地涌来,捐款者不论贫富,不分地域Pennies and nickels, fives and tens,even thousands of dollars.捐款少则一美分,五美分多则五美元、十美元甚至几千美元In all, a staggering 121,000 donations...汇成了一个惊人的数字,十二万一千美元more than enough to keep this iconic statue in New York.把这座雕像留在纽约绰绰有余 /201212/211775

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