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The African slave trade was a conspiracy, unfortunately,可惜 奴隶交易是贪婪的欧洲人between avaricious Europeans and African elites.和非洲上层之间的一场阴谋Nzinga was a slave trader herself,like many of the monarchs in Africa at that time,恩津加自己就是个奴隶贩子 跟当时许多非洲统治者一样but she sold slaves, other Africans, captives in war,但她贩卖奴隶 其他地方的非洲人和战争俘虏to defend herself against the encroachment of the Portuguese.是为了保卫自己的家园不受葡萄牙人的侵犯But as the sugar trade expands,so does the demand for more African slaves.随着糖类贸易的发展 对非洲奴隶的需求越来越大Her former trading partners have turned against her.之前的贸易伙伴纷纷倒戈They now want her people as slaves.想要奴役她的人民In a mountain stronghold,she prepares to defend her kingdom and her people.在山里的一处要塞 她为保卫王国和人民做着准备Against her, not just the Portuguese but their new African allies.她要面对的 不仅是葡萄牙人 还有他们新的非洲联盟She was up against warlords,who were taking advantage of a market for people.她当时反抗的军阀 通过人口交易市场 从中牟利They were human traffickers and they were armed.这些军阀都是些人贩子 全副武装With Queen Nzinga,her sisters princesses Mukambu and Kifunji.跟随恩津加女王的是她的两个 姆卡布和柯福吉公主201603/429331TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201512/415907Not all South Koreans are happy about the current war games with the ed States.并不是所有的韩国人都高兴当前与美国的军事演习。For while many see the annual drills as reassurance of Washington’s support, faced with the threat from the belligerent North.This small group believe they simply raise tension on an aly tense Korean peninsula.虽然在许多人看来,年度演习是来自华盛顿持的保,面对好战朝鲜的威胁。但这小组人员认为这仅仅加剧了本已紧张的朝鲜半岛局势。The joint military exercise by South Korea and the ed States could only make the peninsula fall into the mire of war. We hope they will stop right now. The people of the North and South Koreans are one nationality and we should exclude external powers.韩国和美国的联合军事演习只会使半岛陷入战争的泥潭。我们希望他们现在就停止。朝鲜和韩国人民是一个民族,我们应该排除外部力量。The protest took place at South Korea’s southern harbour city of Busan where the US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis has arrived to participate in the drills.抗议发生在韩国南部海港城市釜山,美国约翰·C·史坦尼斯号航母来此参加演习。The exercises are an show of military might that the North sees as an threat of invasion. Amid its warnings of a possible preemptive strike in response, Pyongyang is said to be desperately seeking a missing submarine.美韩军事演习在朝鲜看来是入侵威胁。在警告可能会发动先发制人的打击中,据说平壤正迫切的寻找一艘失踪的潜艇。Details are scarce but reports from the US suggest that Kim Jong Un’s sub – which was apparently being secretly watched by the Americans – may have sunk after suffering a technical problem during exercises of its own.具体细节很少,但从美国的报道表明,在美国秘密监控下的金正恩潜艇,可能在自己演习中因为技术问题沉没了。译文属。 /201603/431211

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201602/425610When Michael came in, the crowd just stood up.迈克尔一开口 观众一致起立They actually broke a couple of chairs and seats in the auditorium.还不小心弄坏了会场好几把椅子lt was such a surprise.太令人震惊了And thats when everybody recognised the kind of talent that was there.人们就是在当时发现了他们的才能We wanted to win and we won.我们很想赢 也真的胜出lt was a really happy moment.那刻真的很开心lt was just... Cause that was the thing to win, Roosevelts talent show.因为大家的目标就是 要在罗斯福选秀获胜We win a Roosevelts talent show, its like signing a contract with Motown.在罗斯福选秀获胜 就犹如跟城唱片签约一般After the talent show ended,选秀结束后Joe decided that Reynaud and Milford werent going to be rehearsing with them.乔决定不让雷诺德与梅尔夫再跟他们一起练团And thats what kind of split everything off.这事让大家决裂Joseph was, in many ways, a frustrated musician.约瑟夫本身算是个不得志的音乐家He had a band called the Falcons.他曾经组过一个叫天应的乐团And l think to some extent he wanted to live vicariously我想就某方面来说 他很想要享受through the success, the possible success, of his chiIdren as musicians.自己孩子在音乐上的成就But Joseph is a vety complicated person,但约瑟夫是个很复杂的人and its not easy to paint Joseph with a wide brushstroke.没有办法简单形容的一个人Joe was a tyrant to them.乔对他们简直就像个暴君He was mean to them. He was evil to them.他对他们很不好 很邪恶201508/391401TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201601/421113

To get your head around this weird but crucial concept,为了便于各位理解这个古怪但关键的概念let me draw a simple analogy.我就来打个简单的比喻Imagine a man wants to build a hill on a flat piece of land.想象有个人想造出一座小山丘 在平地上The hill will represent the Universe.这山丘就代表宇宙To make this hill, he digs a hole in the ground为了造出山丘 他开始在地上挖洞and uses that soil to build his hill.用挖的土来堆出山丘But,of course, hes not just making a hill.但当然他不只是在堆山丘Hes also making a hole in effect,a negative version of the hill.他同时也挖出了洞 也就是山丘的负版本The stuff that was in the hole has now become the hill.洞里的东西现在成了山丘So it all perfectly balances out.两相平衡抵消This is the principle behind what happened这就是宇宙诞生right at the beginning of the Universe.背后的原理When the Big Bang produced a vast amount of positive energy,大爆炸产生巨大正能量it simultaneously produced the same amount of negative energy.同时也会产生 等量的负能量In this way, the positive and the negative add up to zero Always.如此正负相加为零 永远Its another law of nature.这是另一条自然法则So,where is all this negative energy today?而这些负能量如今何在呢?201603/431021Wolves are ruthlessly efficient pack hunters.狼是高效冷酷的杀手Just like us.和我们一样In this frozen world, 在这个天寒地冻的世界里 mankind makes a great leap forward.人类有了巨大的飞跃Fire turns caves into homes.火的诞生使洞穴变了家We sharpen animal bones into the first needles,我们第一次将动物的骨头磨成针And make tailored clothes for the first time.也是第一次剪裁成衣Clothing for us is fashion,衣对于我们来说是种时尚but for a man in the Ice Age, you have to keep your skin warm,但对生活在冰河世纪的人们而言 你得保暖you have to maintain a microclimate against your skin.你得保持局部气候的温暖And if you dont, you start to fall apart.如果不这样 就会面临死亡On the walls of the cave,在洞穴的墙上The most uniquely human invention of all.出现了人类所有发明中最为独特的一种Images of our lives and our world.那就是我们的生命和所生活的世界的图像Some of the first works of art.其中有人类最早的艺术品Theyre saying, ;I lived.;它们仿佛在说;我曾存在过;;I have a sense of my own identity. I am somebody.;;我是有身份的人 我是个人物;Thats really the beginning of humans这实际上是人类moving farther away from our animal roots渐渐脱离我们作为动物的本来特性into a new kind of creature.而进化成一种新生物的起点It might have been the first example of individuality.也许这就是最早的个性的体现We know we survived that period.我们知道我们闯过了那段艰难时期But its good see tangible physical evidence of that.但能看到有形的实体据真是太好了201508/393279

The first thing oxygen did was give the planet a vital protective shield,the ozone layer氧气做的第一件事是给地球加上了一层重要的保护罩 臭氧层It shielded the planet from lethal ultraviolet radiation coming from the Sun,它保护地球免受来自太阳的致命性紫外线辐射allowing complex life to flourish on the surface of our planet.使复杂生物能在地球表面繁荣生长The concentration of ozone in the atmosphere大气层中的臭氧层浓度is revealed in this colour-coded image.通过图中色码显露It shows the massive hole over Antarctica很明显可知南极洲有大量漏洞created by our recent pollution.由于近年来的污染Fortunately, the hole is shrinking.幸运的是漏洞在减少But oxygen didnt only protect the planet.但是臭氧层不止保护地球About 600 million years ago,大约六亿年前it ended the long reign of the stromatolite叠层石独占地球的历史终结and caused a revolution in the development of life.引起一场物种进化This is because oxygen is highly reactive这是因为氧气是高度活性的and can support far more energetic forms of life than bacteria.能持比病菌更有活力的物种Blessed with an oxygen-rich atmosphere, Earth became home感谢富含氧气的大气层,地球开始适合多样性to an extraordinary diversity of complex life.生物居住And ultimately, to us.同时,最根本的,我们人类201509/400822On May 18, 1980,1980年5月,Mount St Helen in the Pacific Northwest was ripped apart.美国圣海伦火山崩裂Within minutes, over 100 billion cubic feet of the mountain几分钟之内 超过1000亿立方英尺的火山物质slid down into the surrounding countryside.喷洒到四周区域Since the eruption, Mount St Helens has been fairly quiet.自从喷发以后 圣海伦火山一直相当平静But inside its vast crater, a giant cone of rock is growing.但是在它巨大的火山口里一块巨大锥状岩石正在生长Forced up by the pressure beneath,在下方不断上顶的压力作用下Mount St Helens is building for another eruption.圣海伦火山正在准备再一次爆发The irony is that subduction volcanoes are so highly explosive and destructive because they are so gassy,讽刺的是,俯冲带火山具有强大破坏力的原因在于它充满气体yet its the release of the gas thats crucial to the Earth.而它释放出的气体恰恰对地球至关重要That is the key to recycling carbon that is locked in the rocks back into atmosphere the carbon thatis locked in the rocks below.这是让锁在岩石中的碳重返大气层的关键The whole elaborate system works a bit like thermostat,整个精细体系有点像一个温控计一样进行调控maintaining the right temperatures for life.并将温度维持在适合生命的范围之内Ever since our planet formed four and a half billion years ago,自从地球45年亿年前形成以来Earths inner heat has been continuously struggling to escape.地球内部热量不断奋争出逃In ftact, you colud say that the whole history of the planet实际上 你能看到对地球整个历史而言has been driven by the immense heat trapped inside it.没有什么比控制地球热量更加重要No force on earth is more dramatic,地球上没有其它力量比火山更为动荡 more destructive,more violent than volcanoes.更具破坏性,更加暴力They are the life force of our planet.火山是我们行星的生命力量201509/396913Nearly two-thirds of the worlds unvaccinated children are living in conflict areas, according to new data from UNICEF. 据联合国儿童基金会的新数据,世界上大约三分之二未接种疫苗的儿童生活在冲突地区。South Sudan, Somalia and Syria are among the areas with the highest concentrations of children living without basic vaccines. Syrian immunization levels have dropped from 80 to 43 percent since the war there started five years ago. 南苏丹、索马里和叙利亚是儿童没有接种基本疫苗的最集中地区。自五年前战争开始以来,叙利亚免疫水平从百分之80下降到百分之43。The chief of immunization for UNICEF, Robin Nandy, says children cant get basic vaccines in those areas because sometimes clinics are deliberately targeted.联合国儿童基金会免疫负责人罗宾·南迪表示,这些地区儿童未能接种基本疫苗,因为有时诊所被蓄意攻击。Afghanistan closed 19 clinics in 2015 because of threats. It and Pakistan are the only two countries currently affected by polio.2015年阿富汗19家诊所因受到威胁关闭。它和巴基斯坦是目前唯一受小儿麻痹症影响的两个国家。The World Health Organization reports that over half of Syrias public hospitals are only partially operational or have closed because of the increase in attacks on clinics. 世界卫生组织报告称,超过一半的叙利亚公立医院只有部分运作或关闭,因为诊所遭袭击在增加。Most recently, UNICEF has announced a new campaign in Syria to vaccinate children and has rolled out a worldwide polio immunization program. 最近,联合国儿童基金会在叙利亚宣布一项新的活动,为儿童接种疫苗,并已推出全球性小儿麻痹症免疫计划。译文属。201604/439166

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