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A Scottish illustrator has been credited with boosting the fortunes of the global pencil industry after the surprise success of her ;colouring-in; books for grown-ups.一位苏格兰插画师专门为成年人设计的“填色图书”意外走红,由此推动了全球铅笔产业的迅猛发展。Johanna Basford#39;s books of elaborately-crafted fill-in drawings have tapped into a huge demand from those seeking to switch off from iPads, laptops and computer games.乔汉娜·贝斯福设计的一系列填色手绘书大都做工精致,并且极大地迎合了部分当代人的需求,为他们成功脱离平板、笔记本和电脑游戏找到了一个新出口。Now, having aly topped the Amazon best-seller lists, her tomes are also giving a massive boost in global sales for high-quality pencils, as colouring-in fans compete to make masterpieces of their work.目前,她的作品已位居亚马逊畅销排行榜榜首。大批填图爱好者们为了创作出自己的杰作都竞相购买铅笔,从而带动了全球优质铅笔的销量。Far from being a casualty themselves of the digital age, pencil manufacturers are now struggling to cope with demand, with Faber Castell, the world#39;s largest wood pencil manufacturer, revealing that it was now having to run extra shifts at its factories.在数字时代,铅笔生产商并没有想象中的悠闲,相反,他们想尽办法提高产量以满足庞大的市场需求。世界最大的木质铅笔生产商菲卡斯特近日透露,他们的工厂目前仍在加班加点生产铅笔。;People like colouring-in because they are fed up with digital,; Ms Basford, 32, told The Sunday Telegraph. ;There is something nice about picking up a pencil and a pen. You are not going to get interrupted by Twitter, and there is also a childhood nostalgia element to it. The last time you did a bit of colouring in, you probably weren#39;t about thinking about mortgage or Brexit.;32岁的贝斯福女士对《星期日电讯报》说道:“人们之所以喜欢涂色画本,是因为他们厌倦了数码产品。拿起笔来画画是一件让人愉快的事情。这样你就不会被推特上的消息打扰,而且还能让你回忆起小时候的美好时光。专心填色画画的你,也可以暂时不被住房贷款和(英国)退欧这样的事情困扰了。”Rather like other recent middle-class crazes like allotments, ukelele playing, and home-brewing and baking, colouring-in appeals to a nostalgia for a simpler, analogue era.近期,中产阶级盛行着各种活动,如侍弄小菜园、弹奏由克里里、自制葡萄酒、家庭烘培等等。但与这些不同,涂色手绘更多地是营造一种淳朴、简单的怀旧氛围。However, while it might be healthier than tucking into a home-made sponge cake inspired by the Great British Bake Off, there is still an element of a guilty pleasure to it.然而,尽管比起由英国家庭烘培大赛掀起的自制松糕热,涂色作画好似更为健康,但人们在享受绘画愉悦的同时,仍存有一丝罪恶感。For not everyone approves of university-educated adults dedicating their spare hours to a pastime that—in the view of critics anyway—ranks somewhere below puzzler books and Ludo.上过大学的人应该在这种消遣上花时间吗?并非所有人都认同——至少在批评家眼里是这样的:涂色画画比不上拼字和鲁多游戏。Leading the chorus of disapproval is the comedian Russell Brand, who produced a recent sketch entitled ;Adult Colouring Books: Is This the Apocalypse?;喜剧演员拉塞尔·布兰德是反对这种方式的主力,他为此画了一幅素描,题为“成人涂色书:是灾难吗?”;What has turned us into terrified divs that want to live in childish stupors?; he raged, accusing colouring-in fans of being scared of the modern world.“是什么让我们变成了胆小的巨婴?”他气愤地说道,指责涂色书迷们是在逃避现实。And what did Ms Basford say about detractors like Mr Brand? ;It#39;s a case of whatever makes you happy, there#39;s no right or wrong about it,; she said. ;Who knows, maybe he just hasn#39;t found the right colouring-in book yet.;那么贝斯福女士如何看待布兰德等人的评价呢?“这件事只与快乐有关,和对错无关,”她说。“谁知道呢,也许只是因为他还没找到他喜欢的那种涂色书而已。”As Ms Basford saw it: ;Colouring-in fans just love their pens and pencils, they become real artists. I get messages from people in New Zealand and Australia saying there are big shortages now. It#39;s really nice that something I was passionate about is now shared worldwide.;她认为:“热衷于涂色作画的人就是单纯地喜欢画笔,这时的他们是真正的艺术家。我听说新西兰和澳大利亚的铅笔市场现在供不应求。我热爱的东西能够被全世界的人喜欢,真是太棒了。”Ms Basford#39;s first three books of drawings have now sold some 16 million copies worldwide, with three million alone in China. A new one, Magical Jungle will come out in April.贝斯福女士最早发行的三本绘画书现在在全球已经售出了1600万册,光是中国市场销售量就达300万册。新书《魔法森林》将于四月份出版。;Colouring-in; clubs have formed worldwide, meeting in cafes and online to compare their works, and keeping the lead in the pencil of the stationery industry.世界各地纷纷成立了“涂色”俱乐部,会员们会在咖啡馆或网上比较各自的作品。这也促成了铅笔在整个文具市场的销售领先地位。 /201603/434526

Celebrating a birthday may not seem like a dangerous pastimebut too much happiness can be heart-breaking, according todoctors.  庆祝生日看上去并非一项危险的,但快乐爆棚则可能让你心碎,医生说。  Health experts have known for some time that sad events, suchas the loss of a spouse, can trigger a condition known as’broken heart syndrome’ which feels like a heart attack and can be fatal if not treated quickly.  卫生专家早已认识到伤心的事件,比如失去配偶,可以导致“心碎症”,这个症状类似心脏病,如果不尽快治疗则可能致命。  Now for the first time doctors have shown that over-excitement from happy events can also sparkthe condition, which they have named ’happy heart syndrome.’ In short, happiness can be lethal.  而现在,医生第一次实快乐的活动引起的过度兴奋也会促发该症状,这被称为“开心病”。简而言之,快乐也可以致命。  Since ’broken heart syndrome’ was first identified in 1990, doctors at the University HospitalZurich in Switzerland have been compiling a database of worldwide attacks which currently holds1750 patients.  自从‘心碎症”在1990年被首次发现,瑞士苏黎世大学医院的医生们从世界各地收集了一份目前拥有1750个病人信息的数据。  Most attacks were triggered by episodes of severe emotional distress, such as grief, fear andanger. Attending funerals was a common factor and one incident occurred after an obese patientgot stuck in the bath.  大部分的发病都由一连串的严重情绪不安引发的,例如伤心,恐惧和生气。参加葬礼是一个普遍的因素,其中有一个案例是一名肥胖病人被卡在浴缸里而导致发病。  But for 20 people the condition was precipitated by happy and joyful events, such as a birthdayparty, wedding, surprise farewell celebration, a favourite rugby team winning a game, or the birthof a grandchild.  但有20名病人的情况是因为参加了快乐愉悦的活动,比如生日派对,婚礼,惊喜式告别会,自己喜欢的橄榄球队赢了比赛,或者孙子诞生等。  Study author Dr Jelena Ghadri, resident cardiologist from University Hospital Zurich said doctorsshould enquire about happy events as well as sad, when diagnosing heart problems.  研究报告的作者苏黎世大学医院心脏科医生伊莲娜·加德里士说,医生应该在诊断心脏问题的时候,除了询问难过的事件,也要询问开心的事件。  ;We have shown that the triggers for ’broken heart syndrome’ can be more varied than previouslythought,; she said.  “我们实了‘心碎症’的诱因可以比之前认为的更多样,”她说。  ;A patient is no longer the classic ;broken hearted; patient, and the disease can be preceded bypositive emotions too.  “病人不再是经典‘心碎症’患者,这个病也可以由积极的情绪引起。”  ;Our findings suggest that happy and sad life events may share similar emotional pathways.;  “我们的发现明了快乐和伤心的活动可能分享了相似的情绪路径。”  The problem mostly affects women. 95 per cent of all patients in the database are female with anaverage age of 65.  这个问题主要影响女性。数据库中95%的病人都是平均年龄为65岁的女性。  Dr Christian Templin, principle investigator from University Hospital Zurich, said further researchwas needed to understand the exact mechanisms underlying both the ;broken; and “happy;heart variants.  苏黎世大学医院首席研究员克里斯汀娜·滕普林士说,还需要作进一步研究,以了解导致‘心碎’和‘快乐’两种不同心病的确切机制。  The new findings were published in the European Heart Journal.  这项新发现发表在《欧洲心脏期刊》中。 /201604/435528

Mankind has been turning beer into urine for centuries. Leave it to science to find a way to reverse that process.人类数百年来一直在将啤酒转化为尿液。现在交给科学,让其找到方法逆转这一过程。Scientists at Belgium#39;s University of Ghent say they#39;ve created a machine that turns urine into potable water, and fertilizer, using solar energy. The scientists have since crafted small batches of Belgian ale from the recycled water.比利时根特大学的科学家们近日宣布,他们已经制造出一种机器,可以利用太阳能将尿液转化为饮用水和肥料。这些科学家们已经利用循环水制作出了少量的比利时啤酒。;We call it from sewer to brewer,”Sebastiaan Derese, one of the researchers from the University of Ghent, told Reuters. ;We#39;re able to recover fertiliser and drinking water from urine using just a simple process and solar energy.;;我们叫它从尿水到酒水”,根特大学一名名叫塞巴斯蒂安·德雷瑟的研究员接受路透社采访时表示,;只要使用一个很简单的加工过程,再加上太阳能,我们就能从尿液中重新得到肥料和饮用水。”The machine collects urine in a big tank which is then heated in a solar-powered boiler. As the heated water evaporates it passes through a membrane, which separates the H2O from nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen. Those nutrients can then be used to enrich fertilizers for plants. The water is then diverted to a separate tank.该机器将尿液收集在一个大水槽里,然后在一个太阳能锅炉里加热。随着加热,水开始蒸发,然后通过一层薄膜将水和像磷,氮这样的营养成分分开。这些营养成分可以用来丰富植物的肥料。最后再将水转移到另一个单独的水槽中。Since the system requires no electricity, the researchers hope it can be used to provide clean drinking water for people in developing countries. According to Derese, the process could help organize agriculture in a more sustainable way throughout many rural communities more susceptible to drought.由于该系统不需要电力,研究人员们希望它可以用来为发展中国家的人们提供干净的饮用水。据德雷瑟表示,这个过程可以帮助许多易受干旱影响的农村地区以更可持续的方式组织农业。But the system can also be used for commercial purposes to quickly purify water where there are a lot of people—who have to go to the bathroom a lot—like sports stadiums, shopping malls and airports.但这一系统也可以用于商业目的,快速净化人多的地方。比如例如体育馆,商场以及机场中的水,在这些场所人们使用卫生间的次数很多。So the next time you take a swig of beer and think to yourself, ;this tastes like warm p---,” you might just be providing an accurate flavor profile.所以下次当你大口痛饮啤酒时,想一想;这味道像暖和的... ”你可能描述的是正确的味道。 /201608/458974

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