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  讲解文本:bland 清淡的,温和的,平淡无奇的He likes to eat bland food.他喜欢清淡的食物。This soup is too bland for me.这道汤对我来说太淡了。She said this with a bland smile.她这样说着,脸上现出了温和的笑容。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201605/442406

  unit 369 到朋友家做客dialogue 英语情景对话A:Good afternoon, Kate. Come in.A:下午好,凯特。快请进。B:Good afternoon, Mary.B:下午好,玛丽。A:Welcome to my home. Mom, this is my good friend, Kate. Kate, this is my mom.A:欢迎来我家做客,妈妈,这是我的好朋友凯特。凯特,这是我妈妈。C:Im pleased to meet you, Kate.C:很高兴见到你,凯特。B:Glad to meet you.B:很高兴见到你。C:Sit down, please. Would you like to have a cup of tea or coffee?C:请坐。喝茶还是咖啡?B:Coffee, please.B:咖啡,谢谢。C:Here is coffee, cakes and some fruit. Help yourself, please.C:达是咖啡、点心还有水果。请慢用。B:Thank you very much.B:非常谢谢您。A:This is a picture of my family, Kate. This is my mother, my father and that is my grandpa and grandma.A:凯特,这是我们的全家福。这是我母亲,我父亲,那是我爷爷奶奶。B:What a nice family!B:多好的一个家庭呀! /201603/433406。


  Todd: So, Al, you mentioned that you quit smoking.托德:艾尔,你说过你戒烟了。Al: Yes, I did.艾尔:对,我戒烟了。Todd: Now, I also heard that you quit drinking.托德:我听说你也戒酒了。Al: I did. Almost, about one week after I quit smoking, I quit drinking.艾尔:对。在我戒烟后一周期我也戒酒了。Todd: Wow! No more? No beer? No wine with dinner?托德:哇!你不再喝酒了?也不喝啤酒?晚餐也不搭配葡萄酒了?Al: No.艾尔:对。Todd: Nothing?托德:什么酒都不喝了?Al: No.艾尔:对。Todd: Never?托德:不喝了?Al: Nothing, never.艾尔:对,什么酒都不喝了。Todd: Have you even had a little bit since you quit?托德:你戒酒后有没有喝过一点酒?Al: No, I cant have a little bit. Its all or nothing for me so.艾尔:没有,我一点儿也不能喝。对我来说,我要么彻底戒酒,要么就不戒。Todd: Wow!托德:哇!Al: Yeah, nothing at all.艾尔:对,所以我一点儿酒都不喝了。Todd: Thats pretty tough to do. Well, I mean, you seem pretty happy, I mean.托德:做到这点很难。不过你看上去很快乐。Al: Im very happy.艾尔:我非常快乐。Todd: OK. So what, why did you stop drinking? Why do you think its better not to drink any alcohol?托德:好,那你为什么戒酒?你为什么觉得最好戒酒或者说戒掉酒精?Al: I dont, I mean, Im not against drinking the way I am against smoking. I knew that for me it was the best thing to do because drinking is getting in the way of other things I wanted to do with my life.艾尔:我戒酒的理由与戒烟不一样。我知道对我来说最好的办法就是戒酒,因为喝酒阻碍了我想奉献一生去做的事情。Todd: Right.托德:好。Al: So, and I didnt really, I drank a lot and I didnt enjoy it anymore.艾尔:我没有……我以前喝很多酒,我不再享受了。Todd: Yeah.托德:好。Al: That was the thing.艾尔:事情就是这样。Todd: Actually, I have to feel a little bit the same way. Im a social drinker. I only drink when Im with friends and I really dont like drinking because I dont like how it makes me feel afterwards, like if I have a glass of wine or beer, I cant work afterwards and that bothers me but its nice to have a glass of wine with a good meal.托德:其实我也有差不多的想法。我会在社交场合喝酒。我只在和朋友在一起的时候喝酒,我真的不喜欢喝酒,因为我不喜欢酒精给我带来的感觉,如果我喝一杯葡萄酒或啤酒,我之后就不能工作了,这令我很困扰,不过享用美食时搭配一杯葡萄酒还是不错的。Al: It is. Yes. There are things I miss about it but there are so many other good things that Ive got from not drinking so I look at the balance and the sacrifice and for me its worth it, not to drink. I can give up a glass of wine with dinner if get the other things Ive got from it, so.艾尔:没错。这是我会怀念的事情,不过不喝酒我能享受到更多好事,所以我平衡了一下,我觉得戒酒这种牺牲很值得。如果我戒酒能有所收获那我愿意放弃晚餐享用葡萄酒。Todd: Well, do you feel healthier? Does you body feel better?托德:你觉得这样更健康吗?你的身体感觉更好了吗?Al: I feel much healthier. I feel much more focused. My thinking is much clearer, and I like, I still go to bars and hang out with people and they drink and I dont and I go home, I love leaving a bar when Im still sober. I love that feeling. I dont know why its a fantastic feeling.艾尔:我觉得这样健康多了。而且让我更专注。我的思维更清晰,我依然会和朋友们一起去酒吧,他们喝酒而我不喝,我喜欢在离开酒吧回家的时候依然清醒的那种感觉。我喜欢这种感觉。不过我不知道为什么这种感觉这么棒。Todd: Well, sounds like something maybe I should consider. Thanks Al.托德:听起来我也应该考虑一下戒酒。谢谢你,艾尔。 译文属 /201502/360207栏目简介:很多人都说中国人喜欢说客套话,该客套的时候客套,不该客套的时候,大家都在客套。不光是中文,在英文中客套的词语也是满天飞。今天,Jeremy老师就将为您教授英语中的客套常用语。我们一起来看看吧!本期内容:go the extra mile 加倍努力(本栏目主播为:Teacher Jeremy,欢迎关注微:Jeremy杨家成) /201505/373455

  Language Pointsface with rolling eyes 白眼reversed hand with middle finger extended 竖中指up side down facethe nerd facehugging facehave your heart exclaimation mark ornamentwhite frowning faceslightly frowning faceunicorn face /201608/462025Lets take a break 让我们休息一下例句:Class is over. Lets take a break. 下课了,我们休息一下。 Weve been discussing the project for two hours, lets take a break. 我们已经讨论这个计划两个小时了,让我们休息一下。 A:Lets take a break, weve been working for six hours. 让我们休息一下,我们已经工作了六个小时。 B:Ill get you a cup of coffee. 我给你弄杯咖啡。 A:Make it tea, Ive been drinking too much coffee. 给我杯茶,我最近喝太多咖啡。 背景音乐:Mocca-I remember 更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201607/451247


  cult of personality/personality cult----个人崇拜大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。相信很多人和小强一样,都很反感个人崇拜这种东西,虽然历史和现实中还或多或少地存在,比如咱隔壁某个叫DPRK的国家就特别地严重。“个人崇拜”用英语怎么说呢?诶,听起来有点怪,叫cult of personality或者personality cult。A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods, to create an idealized, heroic, and at times, worshipful image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise.也就是说当一个人利用大众媒体、宣传或者其他途径来制造一个完美的、英雄的、甚或值得崇拜的形象,来让人们去盲目谄媚、颂扬的时候,个人崇拜就出现了。在这点上,我想现今的DPRK应该算是做到了极致。当然咱们国家历史上也有过类似的情形。我们来听下例句:While visiting North Korea in 1979, he noted that nearly all music, art, and sculpture glorified ;Great Leader; Kim Il-sung, whose personality cult was then being extended to his son, ;Dear Leader; Kim Jong-il.这个句子说的是记者布拉德利氠丁(Bradley Martin)的亲身经历,也就是:1979年他拜访朝鲜的时候,他注意到,几乎所有的音乐、艺术、建筑都在颂扬“伟大领袖”金日成,而对他的个人崇拜也延伸到了他的儿子“亲爱的领袖”金正日。不过,对于朝鲜我们还是浅笑辄止吧!“五十步笑百步”可是要不得的。这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。小强在微:@小强英语;小强在微信:englishonair。本栏目由原创,。 /201502/358589。



  Todd: So actually we talked a little bit about TVs in the past, what about TVs of the future? Nowadays you can watch television on this very tiny screens, like the ipod . What do you think about that?托德:我们聊过以前的电视,那未来的电视呢?现在可以在ipod这种小屏幕设备看电视。你觉得这个怎么样?Mark: Right. Ive just seen one of them for the first time. I think theyre fantastic. Theyre really great. Yeah, especially when traveling. But the future of TV, I was listening to an interviewer a few nights ago with Bill Gates and hes going to try and move from computers to TV — interactive TV — and this sounds good. Yeah, TV of the future. Sounds great.马克:对,不久前我第一次用这种设备。我觉得它们简直太棒了,真的非常好,尤其是在旅行时。至于未来的电视,几天前我刚刚看过一个比尔·盖茨的采访,他打算从电脑业转到电视业,他计划研究互动电视,这听起来很不错。未来的电视,听起来不错。Todd: So what was he saying about interactive TV?托德:有关互动电视他都说了些什么?Mark: He was talking about if it was a quiz show you could actually join in with the quiz and answer the questions, or if you were watching the Olympics then you could actually choose which events you wanted to watch, so sometimes if they are showing the olympics on TV theyll show running and then maybe theyll show swimming and maybe theyll show archery. If you didnt want to watch swimming you could choose your schedule and what to watch.马克:他谈到,也许你可以参与智力竞赛节目,回答问题,或者可以在看奥运会时选择想看哪个比赛项目,因为有时电视上放奥运会比赛时可能会播出跑步比赛、游泳比赛或是射箭比赛。如果你不想看游泳比赛,那你可以选择你想看的比赛。Todd: Wow, that would be cool.托德:哇,那听起来太酷了。Mark: Yeah, and also for sports you could maybe choose your own sports team, which would be good.马克:对,而且看体育比赛时还可以选择你持的球队,这真是个好消息。Todd: Yeah, I actually saw another thing on TV in the future, and they were saying because of what is happening now about buying television shows over the internet that soon there will be TV with no commercials. You just buy the program for one dollar and then you watch it without commercials.托德:对,我还听过一种有关未来电视的设想,在网上购买电视节目以后,可以得到没有广告的电视节目。你可能只需花一美元购买节目,然后就能观看没有广告的节目了。Mark: Yeah, that would be fun, yeah. That would be good. Hopefully, I want them to see them actually, I know they do a little bit, but Id like it so you can hook up your PC to your TV as well. I know you can a little bit, so download things on your PC and then watch on the TV.马克:对,这很有趣,很好。我知道现在已经有一点眉目了,我希望的是可以把电脑和电视连接起来。现在已经可以做到,这样一来就可以在电视上观看下载到电脑上的节目了。Todd: So when were old and grey well be able to tell our children ;In our day, we actually had to get up and turn the knob.;托德:我们老了以后可以和孩子们说,我们那个时代要走到电视那里去旋转旋钮来换台。Mark: Right, but its not so long ago. Only what — 10 years, 15 years ago?马克:对,不过其实也不是太长时间以前的事情。大概是10年或15年前吧?Todd: I know. Its crazy.托德:我知道。这太疯狂了。Mark: Things are moving fast.马克:时代进展的太快了。 译文属 /201511/411133

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