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武汉市区那个皮肤科最好武汉切除包皮要多少钱The idea of time travel is fascinating and interesting. And certainly, the newer ideas about how the university system constructed, raised the possibility that more dimensions than the 3-dimesions of space and one dimesion of time that we used to hear in the university exist.时光旅行既有趣又吸引人。当然,新观点指出宇宙组成有多维的可能性,人们认为在三维的基础上还有一维时间,自宇宙诞生之时就已开始的时间。The ideas that are often used in fiction where you travel faster than the speed of light in order to change the past. For example at the end of superman 1, superman whizzes around the planet earth, because he is shocked that the Louis Lanes just died. In the great earthquake caused by nuclear explosion when Lex Lothor detonates something.科幻小说中最常见的观点就是,当一个人的速度超越光速,他就能穿越时空改变过去。例如在《超人》1的结尾,超人不敢相信Louis Lane因核爆炸引发的地震而死去,他绕着地球飞行。He breaks the light barrier, travels faster than the speed of light, and then the earth starts go backwards, all of a sudden, Lois Lane rises from the dead.他打破了光的束缚,超越了光速,接着时空倒转,Louis Lane又活了过来。The fanciful ideas of travelling backwards through time by moving faster than the speed of light. Simply, mathematically dont work.超越光速穿越时空的这种奇幻的想法,从数学角度上看并不能实现。Michael J.Fox put plutonium in his lorry and he rocked back the time while plutonium does not have the enough energy to drive the time machine. To energize a time machine, to bend time into a presser, to punch a hole in the fabricated space and time would require the energy of the star. One version of a time machine uses whats called a wormhole. Think of a looking glass in Alice Wonderland. That looking glass is the wormhole. What happens if you go back in time, and kill your parents before youre born. Well, if you kill your parents before you are born, how could you be born because you just kill your parents before youre born. If you go back within time, and you saved Abram Lincon from being assasinated, you would have essentially saved somebody elses Abram Lincon, your Aram Lincon died. If you change the fabricated time, you are changing another parallel universe. These people are genetically identical to the people of your past. But theyre different.Michael J.Fox将钚元素放入车中,结果扭曲了时间,因为钚并没有足够的能量驾驭时间机器。时间机器需要能量来将时间压缩成环状,在重组的时空中创造一个时空洞,而这需要来自恒星的能量。影视作品中有一个版本的时间机器运用了虫洞的能量。《爱丽丝梦游仙境》中的镜子就是虫洞。另外,如果你回到过去,杀死还没有生孩子的你的父母。也就是说,你杀死了还没有生你时你的父母,那么你又怎么会存在呢,因为你的父母在生你前就已经死了。而如果你穿越时空,解救了被刺杀的林肯,实际上,你解救的林肯将不再是未来世界中的“林肯”,而在你未来时空中的“林肯”还是死了的。如果你改变了过去的时空,你就改变了未来的平行世界。在这个平行世界中的人们和你的过去世界中的人看似一模一样,但实际上他们是不同的。If I can go back any time in past to see any event, I think I will go back in the past about 3.5 billion years ago, to witness the creation of first molecules of life. I would like to go back to the time that the earth formed, that our sun formed and see how it was, and what exactly was the process that made it possible for our sun to collect together, and force of gravity in all that space dusts and gas coming together to form a star. When people aske: Is time travel just a philosophical structure or hypothetic or mathimatically show. The answer is its a combination of them all.如果我能回到过去的任何时间点,我想我会回到35亿年前去见第一个生命分子的诞生。我想回到地球和太阳成型的时期去看看究竟,去看看到底是什么关键步骤使我们的太阳最终聚集成型,我想去见宇宙尘埃和气体因引力和重力而聚集成星体。人们可能会问:时间旅行是属于哲学范畴,数学科学,还是一种科学假设。而就是这三者的结合。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201208/196715武汉睾丸拉尿痛怎么办 Vincent had been deliberately named after his uncle-another Vincent van Gogh, a hugely successful art dealer whom everyone called Uncle Cent.文森特这个名字是他的叔叔—另一个文森特·梵高特意取的。他的叔叔是一位非常成功的艺术品商人,大家都叫他“森特叔叔”。When Vincent was 16, he was packed off to The Hague where Uncle Cent had a gallery.梵高16岁那年,由于森特叔叔在海格有一家画廊,梵高的父母便把他打发到海格,He was going to be an art dealer too.想让他也成为一名艺术品商人。Vincent had a special post created for him as an apprentice clerk at the Haig Branch of Goupilamp;Co., the worlds most prestigious Art Franchise who demergered with Uncle Cent.文森特叔叔因此为梵高安排了一个特殊职位,让他在古皮尔公司的海格公司做学徒。古皮尔是全世界最有明望的艺术加盟公司,而海格公司便是由森特叔叔管理。It was a behind the scenes job at first dealing with Goupils extensive international paper work.最初,梵高做幕后的文书工作,处理古皮尔公司大量的国际业务。Amazingly, van Gogh turned out to be good at this and was soon promoted to front of shop.结果令人惊讶,梵高的文书工作做得非常好,不久便晋升到台前。Rich Haig clients would turn up here in their carriages and be met by the teenage Vincent command them on their test when sir and madam decided on their purchase.海格的有钱人们乘着马车来到这里,年轻的梵高便出门迎接他们。为了让他们付钱买艺术品,梵高仍然会称赞他们的品位。This is the three volume correspondence of Vincent to his brother Theo.这是由梵高写给弟弟蒂奥的信组成的三卷书。Its the biggest, heaviest and most celebrated epistolic package in art.它们是艺术界内最大,最重,最著名的书信集。I have tackled it a couple of times now, and it took me several months each go.这些信我已读过几次,每一次都会花费几个月的时间。注:听力文本来源于普特201206/188025咸宁市中心医院看男科怎么样

武汉哪家医院治疗皮肤病最好又便宜Back in Los Angeles, last-minute preparations are under way to get the dinosaurs y for the public.回到洛杉矶后,紧锣密鼓地展开了面向公众的恐龙展的最后准备。Its only now that you get a sense of just how many people have been involved in creating this exhibition, from the artists to the designers, to the teams that made the interactive media and mounts for the dinosaurs, all of it bring into life of decades of research that our current scientific understanding relies on.现在你意识到组织这场展会有多少人的参与,从演员到设计师,再到制作互动媒体和恐龙的撑架,这些都展现了我们当今科学家花几十年恐龙研究的成果。The exhibition consists of over 300 specimens. Its taken more than six years to complete and cost tens of millions of dollars.展览由300多个标本组成。花了六年的时间和数千万美元的成本。Weve created an exhibit that this part of the world has never seen.我们创建了一个从未见过的一部分世界。And its very rewarding for me to think about the millions of kids and the millions of people that during the next twenty years will visit this exhibit and will remember this exhibit for the rest of their lives.让我感到非常欣慰的是,在接下来的二十年里,会有数以百万计的孩子和成人将会参观这个展会,并且在他们的一生中留下深刻的印象。These animals look like something out of a comic book or a Hollywood studio, but they were real.这些恐龙看上去像漫画书里的或者是好莱坞工作室中的,但是它们是真实的。From a pile of dusty bones millions of years old, we can put a skeleton back together, flesh it out, tell what colour there creatures were and even say something about how they grew up.从一堆尘土飞扬有几千万年历史的骨头中,我们可以把骨骼拼凑到一起,充实肌肉,说出恐龙的颜色,甚至能说出他们是怎么生长的。I think this is a unique time to be a dinosaur paleontologist.我认为这是成为恐龙古生物学家的特别时刻。We are finding so much, discovering new dinosaurs and learning new things about them.我们找到这么多,发现新的恐龙,知道有关它的新知识。There are certainly still gaps in our knowledge, but I find it amazing just how much we do know about there extinct animals that no one has ever actually seen alive and that lived so many millions of years ago.我们掌握的知识还是有欠缺,但是我觉得我们发现了那么多有关我们从来都没有见过,已经灭绝了的恐龙的知识还是很了不起的。The creatures themselves are utterly all inspiring.恐龙本身是非常鼓舞人心的。But I think so is the incredible amount of work and vast numbers of people involved in reconstructing them so that we can come face to face with a dinosaur.但是我是这么认为的,很多重建工作的伙伴承受着难以置信的工作量,是大家的共同努力,今天才为观众们带来与恐龙面对面的展会。201302/227442武汉华夏属于几级医院 OAKSTERDAM university, a self-proclaimed “cannabis college” in Oakland, California, has been called everything from “the Princeton of Pot” to “the Harvard of Hemp”. Its founder, Richard Lee, has become the public face of the movement to legitimise marijuana. A paraplegic, he uses the drug for medical purposes, which is legal in California and 15 other states and in the District of Columbia. He also runs a dispensary for medical marijuana and sponsored a 2010 ballot measure in California to legalise marijuana completely in small amounts, whether medicinal or recreational. That measure failed narrowly, but the idea of legalization continues to win converts.奥克斯特丹大学自称是加利福尼亚州奥克兰市的“大麻学院”,也先后被人称为“大麻罐的普林斯顿大学”和“大麻的哈佛大学”。它的创始人理查德#8226;李在大麻合法化运动中已经是公众最耳熟能详的人。他是个截瘫患者,需要用大麻来治疗,这在加利福尼亚和其余15州,以及哥伦比亚特区是合法的。他同时也经营着一所药用大麻的药店,2010年在加利福尼亚州还发起了小剂量使用大麻合法化的投票统计运动,不管是用于医学还是活动。这次统计几乎失败,但大麻合法化的观念却继续赢得持,人们纷纷改变立场。Now, however, Mr Lee is busted, harassed and in danger of federal prosecution. This month, armed federal agents stormed into his house and offices to confiscate plants and documents. Mr Lee now says that, indicted or not, he plans to get out of his marijuana-related businesses.然而现在理查德#8226;李被逮捕了,还遭受了袭击,更面临着被联邦起诉的危险。就在这个月全副武装的联邦特工闯入他的房子和办公室,封掉了工厂,收缴了文件。不论是否会起诉自己,李说现在他都打算不再从事与大麻相关的生意。The raids on his properties are only the most telegenic instances of a much wider federal crackdown that has taken states and counties by surprise. Dispensaries and even landlords of dispensary-operators, all over California, Colorado and Montana have been getting menacing letters. Many have closed shop. Growers and users are by turns livid and scared. Some have protested. Others have ducked back into the black market, as in the old days before medical marijuana was allowed.查封理查德#8226;李德财产是联邦政府日益扩大的禁麻行动中最引人注目的做法,各州和市对这样的行动感到奇怪。遍布于加利福尼亚、科罗伦多和蒙太纳诸州的药店,甚至是药房的房东都收到了恐吓信。很多药店主关掉了药店。大麻种植者和使用者怒气冲冲后变得恐惧起来。有一些人抗议,而另一些人则转向大麻的地下市场,如同回到了药用大麻未被允许合法使用的岁月。The question is why the federal government is doing this. On the one hand there is a federal law, the Controlled Substances Act, which recognises no exception for medical marijuana and thus considers all use and trade of it criminal. But on the other hand the Obama administration originally signalled that it would not deliberately clash with the states about weed. In the so-called Ogden memo of , the Justice Department advised its lawyers to leave small-beer marijuana enforcement to the states and focus on graver crimes.为什么联邦政府会采取这样的行动?一方面,联邦法律《药物控制条例》将药用大麻列为监管项目,进而认定所有使用和买卖大麻行为违法。但另一方面奥巴马政府原先表示不会有意在大麻问题上与各州不合。在年所谓的奥格登备忘录中,司法部建议其法官们专注于更严重的犯罪,而将微不足道的大麻执法交与各州去执行。201204/178639武汉哪家医院治疗慢性前列腺囊肿好

武汉男科医院网站Business Biotech patents Taking it personally商业 生物技术专利 对人下药A legal fight over a new generation of medicine新一代药品的法律纠纷DRUG research is in dark times, as pipelines dry up and development budgets are cut.但有一束光带来了一线希望。But one shaft of light pierces the gloom.随着新药品种开发减少,药品的研发资金缩减,药品研究正处于黑暗时期。;Personalised medicine; promises to craft drugs for individuals.;个性化药品;承诺为个人定制药品。Genetic tests will identify those who will benefit from specific medicines.基因测试将识别出那些从特制药品中获益的人。Treatment will be more effective; waste will drop.从而加强治疗效果;降低浪费水平。Personalised medicine has sparked excitement among drugmakers, doctors, hospitals and patients.个性化药品让制药商、医生和病人均欣喜若狂。It has also sparked a legal brawl.这也引发了法律纠纷。On December 7th Americas Supreme Court heard arguments in Mayo v Prometheus.2011年12月7日美国高等法院听取了梅奥V普罗米修斯的辩论。The suit, despite a name that suggests an ancient liver sandwich, may be crucial for biotechnology firms.这一诉讼虽然以暗示古代肝三明治的名义进行,但是对于生物公司来说至关重要。America is the worlds hub for drug research.美国是全球药品研究中心。By definition, personalised medicine includes the study of genetic mutations and other personal characteristics.按定义,定制药品包括对于基因突变的研究和其他个性化特征。However, American law bars patents of nature and abstract ideas.但是美国的法律禁止给自然和抽象的概念颁发专利。The question is which discoveries in personalised medicine may be patented.问题在于个性化药品的哪一种发现可能授予专利。Prometheus is part of a series of suits over biotech patents.普罗米修斯公司是陷入一系列生物技术专利权之争的公司之一。Courts have been active because Congress has not.因国会无动于衷,法庭便积极地应对。A recent patent reform provided little clarity.最近的专利改革提供模棱两可的解释。Congress merely ordered a study of genetic testing.国会仅是指示对基因测试进行研究。Judges have been bolder: in July a federal court ruled that genes could be patented.法官们是更加的大胆:7月份联邦法庭裁决基因可获得专利。On December 7th the suits losers appealed to the Supreme Court.12月7日该案件的败诉方上诉至最高法院。But Prometheus may have greater practical import, says Hans Sauer of the Biotechnology Industry Organisation (BIO), a trade group.生物科技产业组织(BIO)的汉斯.萨奥尔说,但普罗米修斯案可能实际起的作用更大。Firms are studying genetic correlations that might predict a drugs efficacy or determine the cause of a disease.研究遗传相关的公司可能预计到药品的功效或决定疾病的缘由。Prometheus may determine whether methods using such correlations may be patented.普罗米修斯案可能裁定使用这种相关方法是否能授予专利。The fight has attracted the heavyweights of health care.这场官司吸引了卫生保健业重量级人物的眼球。On one side is Prometheus Laboratories, a Californian company that has patented a way to optimise certain drug treatments for individuals.一方是因优化某种个性化药物治疗的方法获得专利的加州普罗米修斯公司,On the other is the Mayo Clinic, a health and research centre.另一方是健康研究中心,梅奥诊所。Prometheuss supporters include BIO and several tech firms.普罗米修斯公司的持者包括BIO和几个高科技公司。Roche and Abbott, two big drugmakers, gave warning against invalidating patents on diagnostic tests.两大医药巨头罗氏制药和雅培公司对诊断试验专利无效提出了警告。Mayos allies include the American Medical Association.梅奥的联盟包括美国医学协会。The patents in question do not concern genetic tests, though the suits outcome will affect them.对于专利权的争议与基因测试无关,尽管这一案件的审理结果会影响到基因测试。They concern tests for the effectiveness of thiopurines, drugs that have long been used to treat gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohns disease.他们关心的是巯基嘌呤是否适当的测试。巯基嘌呤是一直用来治疗胃肠道功能失调如克罗恩病的药物。Their effect depends on how they are metabolised.该药物的是否有效取决于其是如何新陈代谢的。Neither thiopurines nor tests for metabolites (substances produced by metabolism) were new when Prometheuss patents were filed in 1998.在普罗米修斯公司申请专利时不管是巯基嘌呤还是代谢物(由新陈代谢引起的物质)的测试都不是什么新鲜事物。But the patents cover the process for determining whether a given dose produces concentrations of metabolites within a recommended range.但是这一专利包括决定是否给定的药物剂量在推荐范围内能产生大量的代谢物过程。The dose of thiopurines could be adjusted accordingly.巯基嘌呤的剂量可以随之调整过来。Prometheus sells a test based on its patents to hospitals and clinics.普罗米修斯公司因测试方法申请了专利权而将其卖给医院和诊所。In 2004 Mayo developed a competing test, with different recommended levels of metabolites.2004年梅奥研制出了有竞争力的测试,对代谢物使用不同的推荐指数。Prometheus sued.普罗米修斯公司以此状告梅奥诊所。Mayos lawyers say Prometheus has patented a mere observation of the bodys natural workings.梅奥的律师说普罗米修斯公司申请的仅仅是观察人体自然运行的专利。Let the claim stand, Mayo argues, and firms will win broad patents over basic biological relationships, stifling innovation.梅奥辩道,若让普罗米修斯公司胜诉,公司将超越基本的生物基础而获得广泛意义的专利权从而阻碍创新。Prometheus and its allies warn of an alternative apocalypse.普罗米修斯公司和其联盟则警告这是另一场大灾难。A judgment in Mayos favour, they contend, will undermine existing patents and shrivel investment in personalised medicine.偏向于梅奥的持方争辩道这将破坏现有的专利及导致对个性化药品的投资减少。The Supreme Court may not make such a broad judgment.最高法院可能不会做出广泛的评判。It may instead hand down a narrower ruling that leaves many questions unanswered.相反,最高法院有可能将采用较小范围的裁定使得许多问题悬而未决。A natural phenomenon may not be patented, but which applications of that phenomenon might be?自由现象有可能不会授予专利,但是自然现象的哪种应用属于专利范围呢?When studying genetic correlations, which so-called discoveries are truly novel?在研究遗传相关的命题时,哪一种所谓的发现是真的新鲜出炉?Eventually personalised medicine may transform patients care and firms business models.最终个性化药品可能转变病人的护理和企业的经营模式。In the near future, the greatest beneficiaries may be patent lawyers.在不久的将来,最大的的受益者将是打专利权官司的律师。 /201211/211584 Its Thursday, May 19th. Im Wilson Tang and its time to get loaded.今天是5月19日,周二。我是Wilson Tang,是时候接受今天的最新科技资讯了。Yesterday, we reported on a major Android security vulnerability that could have allowed someone to snoop a users identity over an unencrypted wifi connection. Google for its part has responded immediately by rolling out a fix on its servers which will require no action from users. Its expected to take the next few days in the centrally forces all Android devices to connect over HTTPS.昨天我们报道了安卓存在安全漏洞,别人有可能通过未加密的wifi网络获取用户信息。事件一出谷歌马上做出回应,进行修补工作,用户无需做任何操作。有可能接下来几天,谷歌会集中精力在安卓产品如何连接http的问题上。Amazon in Germany may have leaked the price of the anticipated HP Pre 3, at least in Germany the Pre 3 was listed at 449 Euros or 640 US dollars. Unfortunately the listing page did not have an availability date, and so far HP has yet to announce a launch date.德国亚马逊提前透露了惠普Pre 3的价格,在德国Pre 3的售价至少在449到640欧元。但不幸的是,亚马逊的清单页面没有标注日期,而惠普也没有公布发售日期。Amazon has entered the trade-in market for your old gadgets. To start on the new online punch shot program, users can now pick from a list of 2515 gadgets and must list their condition. Amazon in turn will let you know how much they will give you for your old iPod and send you a prepaid shipping label.亚马逊开办旧物回购业务。这项在线业务刚刚开始,用户有2515种物品可以通过亚马逊回收,但用户必须标明旧物的使用情况。亚马逊会回复用户,例如会付给你多少钱来回收你的旧iPod,并给用户预付的运费。Comcast has rolled out a new update to its iPhone and iPod touch Xfinity TV app. The new update allows users to access on demand just like the iPad version could since February. The app will let you watch 25 networks but only if youre on a wifi connection.3G is still a no goal.康卡斯特(美国最大的有线系统公司)升级了iPhone和iPod touch的Xfinity电视应用。从2月开始,新应用将允许用户可以自选视频,就如iPad版本一样。通过这款新应用,用户将可以观看25个网络电视频道,但用户必须有无线网络。另外这款应用还不具备3G功能。Quantum computer has been the staff of high-end physics and science fiction, but now you can buy your very own quantum computer. A company called D-Wave has launched the worlds first commercially available quantum computer, and it comes at a quip of 128 cubic processor that will make it much easier to break encryption keys. But the D-Wave I—as its called—will cost you a cool 10 million dollars to start.量子计算机一直应用于高端物理学和其他科学领域,但现在你也可以购买一台属于自己的量子计算机了。一款名叫D-wave的量子计算机成为了世界上首部商业用途的量子计算机,它具有128立方的处理器,这样将更加容易地破解加密密钥。但D-wave售价达到1千万美元之高。And finally, Angry Birds was announced for Windows Phone 7 months ago, but users should expect to be prepared to wait to get their pig busting fixe. Microsoft says that the new Angry Birds which was scheduled for release at the end of this month wont be available until June 29th.最后一条消息,7个月前《愤怒的小鸟》宣布将发布Windows手机应用,但用户们要再等一等了。微软表示本将于这个月底上线的《愤怒的小鸟》将推迟到6月29日与大家见面。Those are your headline for today. Im Wilson Tang for cnet.com and youve just been loaded.以上就是今天的头条。我是Cnet的Wiloson Tang,感谢您的收看。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201211/209071湖北省协和医院看男科怎么样武汉华夏医院男性科怎么样




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