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一图告诉你:钱都花哪儿啦 --3 :35: 来源: According to a new survey, a lot of Americans are blowing their budgets by eating out too often. Surveying 00 US residents and using data from the USDArsquo;s Cost of Food at Home reports, Hloom;a company that makes templates resumes, invoices, and the like;dug into what people feel theyrsquo;re wasting their money on.最新调查显示,许多美国人过于频繁地将金钱;挥霍;在外出就餐上一家制作简历、发票等模板的公司Hloom调查了00位美国居民并使用了美国农业部《家庭食品开报告的数据,探究人们认为自己把钱都浪费到哪儿去了While the answers varied based on age and gender, across the board, people listed eating out as their top money-waster (of the expenditures they'd be willing to cut back on). Almost 69 percent of all respondents said they spent too much money on restaurants.尽管不同年龄和性别的人群回答有所不同,总体看来,人们把外出就餐列为自己最愿意削减的第一大浪费性出约有69%的调查对象表示他们在餐馆花了太多钱A quarter of respondents admitted to wasting their cash on alcohol, and almost a fifth admitted to throwing money away on credit card interest. More than 30 percent said they wasted money by letting food expire or otherwise go uneaten, though few were willing to try to change that.四分之一的受访者承认把钱浪费在饮酒上,约五分之一承认花费在信用卡利息上超过30%的人称自己将食品放到过期或是剩下不吃而浪费了钱,尽管几乎没有人愿意试着改变However, more than percent of respondents said they werenrsquo;t wasteful with their money, to which we say, who are you, and do you know about online shopping?然而,有超过%的受访者说他们并没有浪费钱对此我们表示:你是谁啊,你知道网购不?More women admitted to wasting money than men: Almost percent of men consider themselves nonwasteful, the study found, compared to percent of women. But that may have a lot more to do with societal pressures to spend money on beauty and personal care (one study found women who wore makeup to work got paid more) and the higher prices women face purchases like hair cuts and dry cleaning;not to mention cultural stereotypes that women are bad with money and love to shop til they drop;than the reality of people's budgets.比起男性,有更多女性承认自己浪费金钱:研究发现,近%的男性认为自己并不浪费,而持此观点的女性只有%但这很可能与社会压力迫使女性在美容和个人护理上花费更多有关(一项研究显示化妆的职场女性薪水更高)并且较之实际预算,女性在理发和衣物干洗等项目上要承受更高的价格,更不必说;女性总管不好钱,热爱lsquo;买买买rsquo;;的文化成见了What you think of as a waste of money also varies by generation. Most Millennials aren't worried about wasting money on cable bills, but do say they're spending too much on streaming services.不同年代出生的人对;浪费钱;的理解也不相同千禧一代中的大多数不担心有线电视费钱,却表示自己在流媒体务上花了太多Itrsquo;s important to note that this is a self-reported survey, meaning that itrsquo;s not about what people are actually wasting their money on, but rather what they perceive as a waste of money. One person may think 0 a month spent on restaurants and bars is a huge waste of money, while another may consider it a normal part of life. Just because Millennials don't list cigarettes as one of their money-wasters doesn't mean they're not smoking, necessarily;just that they don't think it's a waste of their cash.需要注意的是,此研究是一项自陈报告,这意味着结果显示的不是实际花费情况,而是人们自己认为的浪费有人可能觉得每月在餐馆酒吧花上500美元非常浪费,而另一个人或许将其看作是正常生活的一部分千禧一代没把香烟列为浪费金钱的项目并不见得他们不抽烟,他们只是觉得买烟算不得浪费罢了Letrsquo;s not get, though, that going your daily latte will never make you rich. As financial experts and sociologists have pointed out, most people in America arenrsquo;t bankrupting themselves buying luxuries like fancy coffee or meals out. Over the past few decades, while the prices of education, housing, healthcare, and gas have risen significantly, salaries have gone down. So yes, paying your credit card bill off in full every month should be a big priority, but living like a hermit and never buying a meal out is a poor substitute meaningful public policy that makes necessary purchases like health care and rent afdable.尽管如此,别忘了,放弃每日的拿铁咖啡永远不会使你富有金融专家和社会学家已经指出,美国的大多数人并不会因为买些昂贵的咖啡和外出吃饭而破产在过去几十年,教育、住房、医疗保健和汽油的价格显著提高,薪水却降低了所以是的,每月全额付清你的信用卡账单应当是头等大事,但也不要像隐士一样生活,从不在外吃饭有效的公共政策应能确保人们能够付医疗保健和租房等必需开

灯光会影响人们对食物的选择 --01 ::5 来源: 如今,新的研究表明室内的灯光也许会令你不知不觉吃更多的东西在明亮的房间里,人们警惕度会更高,会做出更有前瞻性的决定 It’s no secret that sticking to your healthy diet is tougher when you eat out. There are the massive restaurant portion sizes, and sneaky calorie bombs (buffalo chicken salad, we’re looking at you!) — and now new research suggests ambient lighting can trick you into eating more too.众所周知,在外面吃饭的时候还想保持健康饮食是比较困难的饭店的食物分量很大,卡路里也极高(布法罗鸡肉沙拉,我们说的就是你!)如今,新的研究表明室内的灯光也许会令你不知不觉吃更多的东西 the study, published in The Journal of Marketing Research, the researchers began by looking at the orders of 0 diners at four chain restaurants. Half the diners were seated in dimly-lit rooms, and half were seated in well-lit areas. The diners who were sitting in low light ordered 39% more calories. Meanwhile the people in brighter surroundings were % to % more likely to choose healthy items (think grilled fish or white meat and veggies). In follow-up experiments, the researchers replicated these results with hundreds of colleged-aged students.发布于《行销研究期刊的一项研究指出,调查人员研究了来自家连锁饭店的0名用餐者的点菜单有一半的用餐者坐在灯光昏暗的房间,另一半坐在灯光明亮的房间前者点餐的卡路里总量要比后者高出39%而且,在明亮环境里的人有%-%的几率会倾向于选择健康食品(例如烤鱼、烤白肉和素菜)在后续实验中,调查员又研究了数百名大学生,得到了同样的结果What is it about brightness that leads us to eat smarter? “We feel more alert in brighter rooms and theree tend to make more healthful, ward-thinking decisions,” lead author Dipayan Biswas, PhD, explained in a press release.灯光的昏暗程度究竟是不是我们更明智选择食物的原因呢?第一作者Dipayan Biswas在一场媒体发布会上提出:“在明亮的房间里,人们警惕度会更高,会做出更有前瞻性的决定”In fact, the researchers found that when diners in dimly-lit rooms were given a coffee placebo (or simply asked to be more alert) they were just as likely as their peers in the well-lit rooms to make healthy food choices.事实上,调查员发现,当为坐在灯光昏暗房间里的用餐者提供咖啡安慰剂(或者仅仅告诫他们学会谨慎)时,他们也会像那些坐在灯光明亮的房间里的人一样,选择健康食品It seems making healthy choices has more to do with the brightness of your mental state than the brightness of the room. So don’t swear off candle-lit dinners yet.这样看来,是否能做出健康的选择更大程度上取决于自己的心理状态而不是室内灯光的昏暗程度所以,不要再抵触烛光晚餐啦The best way to avoid overindulging is to make yourself feel more alert, said co-author Brian Wansink, PhD, the director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab.康奈尔食物与品牌实验室的负责人,共同作者Brian Wansink士说,预防大吃大喝最好的方式是让自己时时刻刻处于警觉状态That could mean going a brisk walk bee dinner, or splashing some water on your face an instant energy boost. Pick-me-ups like these might actually be preferable, because as Wansink pointed out, mood lighting isn’t all bad. In prior research, his lab has found that people who eat in darkened rooms enjoy their food more, eat slower, and consume less overall.也就是说,在晚餐前快步走一会儿,或者在脸上洒点水,瞬间清醒一下这些提神儿方式很有用正如Wansink表示的那样,气氛灯光也不是一无是处他在之前的实验研究中,发现在昏暗房间里就餐的人会更加享受自己的食物,吃饭的速度也更慢,总体消费也比较低

现代约会守则:不要在第一次约会的时候接吻 -- 18::19 来源:chinadaily After how many dates would you kiss someone, send them a Facebook friend request or spend the night with them?约会几次后你会亲吻对方,发出脸谱网的好友请求或与其一起过夜?According to a new study exploring the dos and don'ts of dating, you shouldn't lock lips until the second date or connect on Facebook until at least the third. And don't even dream of jumping into bed with them bee the fourth rendezvous.根据一项对人们约会守则的新调查,直到第二次约会你才能与对方亲吻、至少第三次约会才能在脸谱网上联系甚至在第四次约会之前都不要梦想着与之同床共枕The research, commissioned by TLC’s new dating show Undressed, also suggests that men should be the first text after a successful date and women should respond within a quarter of an hour if keen.该研究由旅游生活频道(TLC)的新相亲节目《脱光委托进行,研究结果也表明,在一次成功的约会后男方应该首先给对方发短信,而如果女方对其很感兴趣应该在分钟内回复When it comes to messaging, a maximum of two kisses is all that is required as an end note.说到发短信,作为结束聊天的信号最多是两个吻Any more might be too 'over the top', while any less could apparently come across as ‘cold’. A definite no-no is waiting the other person to text first.两个以上可能会“太过”,而少于两个则可能给人明显“冷淡”的印象明确的禁忌是等待对方先发短信Half of the 1,500 Brits quizzed in the study said it was important their potential love interest to make contact first - which means the other half of daters will be left disappointed.受访的00名英国人中有一半表示,潜在的恋爱对象先联系自己很重要——这意味着另外一半的约会对象会感到失望It seems that 'playing it cool' isn't in vogue anymore either. A third of respondents said they would text back within a quarter of an hour, with only five percent saying they’d wait as long as two hours.看来“装酷”也不时尚了三分之一的受访者表示,他们会在分钟内回复短信,只有5%的人说他们会等长达两个小时后再回复Just 3 percent of people think that texting back straight away is a sign of being 'too keen' with the majority of Brits saying they are happy to get right back in contact with a love interest.仅3%的人认为立即回复短信是“太急切”的信号,大多数英国人表示他们很高兴立即收到爱慕对象的回复However, when it comes to communicating online it becomes even stickier territory.然而,当涉及到网上交流时,这就变成更加棘手的领域On average, the survey recommends that it's best to wait until some point between the third and fourth dates bee sending a Facebook friend request or following a beau on Twitter.该调查建议,平均而言,最好是等到第三次与第四次约会之间的某个时间发送脸谱网的好友请求,或在推特上关注情郎RULES OF DATING约会守则Send first text message: After one date发送第一个短信:一次约会之后Go first kiss: After two dates第一次亲吻:两次约会之后Send Facebook friend request: After three dates发送脸谱网好友请求:三次约会之后Spend the night: After four dates一起过夜:四次约会之后Allow your partner to undress you: After five dates让你的伴侣为你宽衣解带:五次约会之后Introduce partner to friends: After five dates把伴侣介绍给朋友:五次约会之后Jo Hemmings, behavioral Psychologist TLC’s Undressed, says that dating has become increasingly difficult in the technological era, with people having to 'carefully orchestrate' what they want to say.旅游生活频道《脱光节目邀请的行为心理学家乔-荷明斯说,在技术时代约会已经变得越来越困难,人们不得不“精心策划”自己想说的话She continued: 'The advance of smartphones has made dating both easier, and more difficult.她接着说:“智能手机的发展使约会变得更容易也更困难”'Our parents may have had nothing more complicated to worry about than when to ring a date up on the landline, but these days there are dozens of methods of communication that all have to be carefully orchestrated.'“我们的父母辈需要担心的最复杂的问题不过是用固定电话定下约会日期,但如今许多沟通手段都需要精心策划”Half of the survey participants said they'd looked up a potential date online bee meeting in person, to get a feel their personality and see more pictures - and percent revealed they’d cancelled a date after seeing something on social media they didn’t like.调查参与者中的一半表示,见面之前他们会在网上搜索未来的约会对象,来感受对方的个性,以及查看对方更多的照片——%的人透露,在社交媒体上看到自己不喜欢的东西后,他们会取消约会When actually on the date, there are countless faux pas to avoid - the worst of the lot being talking about an ex too much, followed by poor personal hygiene.在实际约会时,要避免无数种失礼——最糟糕的是过多谈论前任,其次是个人卫生太差One in ten said they would cancel a date with someone if they talked about themselves too much in messages.十分之一的人表示,如果对方在短信聊天时过多谈论自己,他们就会取消与对方的约会The reasons going cold after a date range from the banal to the bizarre, with one respondent admitting that he couldn’t stop staring at a date’s mole, and another saying simply, ‘They punched my cat.’在一次约会之后关系变冷的原因各种各样,有的老套,有的离奇其中一位受访者承认他情不自禁地盯着约会对象的痣,而另一个则说:“他们用拳头揍了我的猫”Although the study shows that three is the magic number when it comes to the number of dates needed bee an overnight stay, one in ten said they need more than ten meetings to get to that point.虽然这项研究显示,当说到一起过夜之前需要几次约会时,这个神奇的数字是三,但十分之一的人表示,要达到过夜的程度他们需要十次以上的约会Clare Laycock, head of channels at TLC #38; Investigation Discovery, said she hopes the survey results will help singletons successfully navigate the dating scene.克莱尔?莱科克是旅游生活频道以及调查探索频道的主管,她说希望调查结果能帮助单身人士成功驾驭约会现场Vocabularydos and don'ts:注意事项,行为准则rendezvous:约会faux pas:失礼,失态banal:陈腐的,平庸的,老一套的英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生朱善美编审:yaning

“微信图书馆”----妈妈再也不用担心我座位被占了 -- :: 来源: 考试临近,你是否总是在图书馆找不到座?即使好不容易起个大早,占了个座,中途你去了个厕所,却发现座位早已易主而最近,南京大学推出的;微信图书馆;受到了大家的欢迎,不少同学感叹:妈妈再也不用担心我的座位被占了Students in Nanjing University will no longer have to worry about their seats in the library being taken up by someone else when they temporarily leave their seats.如今,南京大学的同学们再也不用担心,自己离开一会后,图书馆的座位被占了;WeChat library;, a mobile-based online platm managing the use of library seats, started a trial operation at Nanjing University on Thursday to keep good order in some libraries, triggering a heated debate on campus.为了保图书馆的良好秩序,南大推出了一个移动在线座位管理系统平台;;;微信图书馆;该平台上周四开始试行,在校园中引发热议The platm runs on the universityrsquo;s official ;Going to the library; on WeChat, a popular instant-messaging and social-networking platm. Students can book seats, register their presence, report when they leave and reserve seats on the platm.具体可关注;我去图书馆;微信公众号,注册绑定后可使用该平台学生可以使用以下功能:签到、直接入座、暂时离开、暂离回位以及离开According to the rules, those who book the seat have the priority to use the seat, but they also have to observe a time limit. They must take the seat and scan the QR code on the seat within minutes of the library opening. If not, they will get a violation record.根据规定,用微信在线预约选座的人有优先使用所选座位的权利,但是必须要遵守时间限定早上开馆预约后,必须在分钟内到馆验就座,否则将记违规1次They also have to be back at the seat and report on the platm in minutes if leaving the toilet, 30 minutes book searching, and 90 minutes lunch or supper.该规则还指出,读者离开座位选择保留有相应的时间规定,如去卫生间分钟、查资料30分钟,用餐时间为90分钟Any violation will be recorded, and when three violations are registered, the system will automatically put the violator onto a blacklist.任何违规都会被记录下来,且累计达到3次,系统将自动列入黑名单Students reacted differently to the new rules.对此,同学们看法不一A university student, surnamed Ye, argued that the time limit was too strict as everyone has different habits. ;I think there must be someone who will break the time limit. Not everyone can be so self-disciplined,; he said.叶同学称时间限定太严格了,因为每个人的习惯不同;我想,肯定有人会打破时间限定的每个人不可能都约束得那么好;Another student, surnamed Shen, believes the new tool manages order well as it effectively prevents seats from being occupied when students leave temporarily.另一个沈同学认为这一工具可以管理秩序,也能有效防止同学们短时间离开后座位被占现象的发生Many students support the platm, as snatching seats has long been a issue. It is a positive change, they said, and at least it is better to use the platm and obey rules than not.很多学生持这一平台,因为占座对于大学生来说一直是一大问题他们说,这是一个积极的转变,有总比没有好

双语:极端组织宣布斩首第二位美国记者 -- 3::1 来源: The ISIS terror group has published a titled “A second message to America,” showing the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff.  恐怖组织ISIS公布了名为“给美国的第二条消息”的视频,视频中美国记者史蒂芬?索特洛夫被斩首  The also threatens the life of British captive, David Haines.  他们还在视频中威胁要处死英国人质大卫?海恩斯  Sotloff speaks to the camera bee he is killed, saying he is “paying the price” U.S. intervention.  索特洛夫被杀前对着镜头说,他为美国的干涉“付出代价”  The masked ISIS figure in the speaks to U.S. President Barack Obama, telling him, “Just as your missiles continue to strike our people, our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people.”  视频中蒙面ISIS成员对美国总统奥巴马说,“正是因为你们的导弹还在袭击我们的人民,所以我们的匕首将继续刺向你们的脖子”  Last week, Sotloff’s mother Shirley Sotloff released a pleading with ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi not to kill her son.  上周,索特洛夫的母亲雪莉?索特洛夫发布了一段视频恳求ISIS首领巴格达迪不要杀死她的儿子  “Steven is a journalist who traveled to the Middle East to cover the suffering of Muslims at the hands of tyrants. Steven is a loyal and generous son, brother and grandson,” she said. “He is an honorable man and has always tried to help the weak.”  她说,“史蒂芬去中东是为了报道被暴政欺压的伊斯兰信徒他是个忠诚慷慨的好儿子、好兄弟、好孙子他品德高尚,总是帮助弱小”  Sotloff appeared last month in an ISIS showing the decapitation of another American journalist, James Foley. The militant in the warned that Sotloff’s fate depended on what President Barack Obama did next in Iraq.  上月ISIS公布的另一美国记者詹姆斯?福莱的斩首视频中,索特洛夫也有出现视频中的武装分子警告道,索特洛夫的命运取决于接下来奥巴马将如何对待伊拉克  Steven Sotloff disappeared while reporting from Syria in August , but his family kept the news secret, fearing harm to him if they went public.  年8月,史蒂芬?索特洛夫在叙利亚采访时失踪,但他的家人因担心会给他带来麻烦,故而并未公开此事  Out of public view, the family and a number of government agencies have been trying to gain Sotloff’s release the past year.  过去一年里,他们和政府机构展开秘密救援行动,试图让索特洛夫获释

探访印度这个全亚洲最干净的村庄 --7 :: 来源: 在印度东部村庄Mawlynnong,保持卫生是人人都认真奉行的习惯,无论是蹒跚学步的孩子还是耄耋老人都不例外位于梅加拉亚邦的这个600多人的小村庄以印度最干净的村庄而闻名于世 In eastern India’s Mawlynnong village, tidying up is a ritual that everyone – from tiny toddlers to toothless grannies – takes very seriously. This small, 600-odd person town in the Meghalaya region is renowned as the cleanest village in India.在印度东部村庄Mawlynnong,保持卫生是人人都认真奉行的习惯,无论是蹒跚学步的孩子还是耄耋老人都不例外位于梅加拉亚邦的这个600多人的小村庄以印度最干净的村庄而闻名于世And India, that’s really saying something. Discarded bottles and crumpled food wrappers mixed with cow dung – and worse – are simply part of the topography in most of the country. So much so that prime minister Shri Narendra Modi launched the ambitious “Clean India Mission” (Swachh Bharat Abhiyan) in October with a goal of drastically sprucing up the country’s major cities by Mahatma Gandhi’s 0 birthday in 19.对印度而言,这的确值得大书特书在印度大部分地区,司空见惯的是丢弃的瓶子和皱巴巴的食品包装纸,还有混杂着的牛粪,情况甚至会更糟正因为如此,印度总理莫迪才于年月发起一项雄心勃勃的“清洁印度”计划,旨在到19年甘地0周年诞辰纪念日时,让印度各大城市的面貌焕然一新Mawlynnong is aly way ahead of the curve, though. It was declared the cleanest village in Asia in and the cleanest in India in by Discover India magazine. More recently, Modi acknowledged Mawlynnong as the cleanest village in Meghalaya and a model the rest of the county in a radio address. In May he highlighted it as “Asia’s cleanest village” in a celebration of the government’s successes (including the Clean India programme).而在这次清洁浪潮中,Mawlynnong已经一马当先在印度《发现杂志的评选中,该村庄被评为 年亚洲最干净的村庄和年印度最干净的村庄最近,在年的一次广播讲话中,莫迪将Mawlynnong称为梅加拉亚邦最干净的村庄和全国卫生典范年5月,在一次政府庆祝活动(包括印度清洁计划)中,莫迪强调,Mawlynnong是“亚洲最干净的村庄”This claim to fame stuck, and the village has become a regional legend and source of pride. Walk in, and all the typical rubbish is mysteriously, miraculously absent.走进村庄,所有的常见垃圾都踪迹全无,令人不可思议So how do you get a commy to become a model of cleanliness and sanitation in a country where this has long been a problem? The answer, it seems, is to start them young.那么,在一个长期存在卫生问题的国家,怎样才能让社区成为清洁卫生的典范呢?似乎是,卫生要从娃娃抓起Eleven-year-old Deity Bakordor starts her day around 6:30 am. Her chore, shared with all the village kids, is the beautification of the town. Teasel brooms in hand, the children storm the streets, sweeping up dead leaves and garbage bee school. The children are also responsible emptying the rubbish bins – which are surprisingly pretty, hand-woven, cone-shaped baskets scattered throughout town – and separating organic waste from burnable trash. Leaves and other biodegradable waste are buried (and eventually used as fertilizer); everything else is driven far from the village and burned. There are also dedicated town gardeners who maintain riots of public plants and flowers that line the footpaths, making a walk here incredibly pleasant.岁的Deity Bakordor在每天早晨的6:30开始新的一天与村子里其他孩子一样,美化村庄也是她要从事的日常事务上学前,孩子们会用起绒草做的扫帚清扫街道上的落叶和垃圾孩子们还要负责倒空垃圾箱垃圾箱为手工编织的锥形篮筐,在村庄各处星罗棋布,漂亮得出乎意料孩子们会将有机垃圾与可燃垃圾分开树叶和其他生物可降解垃圾被埋起来(最终作为化肥使用);其他垃圾则被拉到离村庄很远的地方烧掉另外,村子里还有专门的园丁负责维护步道两边的公共花草树木,使得在这里散步令人格外愉悦I asked Bakordor if she was happy to live in such a clean place. She nodded, shyly. And what if a visitor dropped rubbish on the ground, what would she do? She replied that she wouldn’t say anything to the visitor directly. But she’d pick it up.我问Bakordor,她是否愿意生活在这样一个干净的地方她害羞地点头我又问,如果有游客在地上丢垃圾,她会怎么做呢?她回答,她不会直接对游客说什么,但她会将垃圾捡起来Bakordor explained that in Mawlynnong, there’s normal daily cleaning children and adults, then extra on Saturdays when the village leader assigns out “social work” to be completed the good of the town. her, that might mean helping clean her school. It’s an impressive system, but even more impressive is that this is the norm. Cleanliness is deeply ingrained into living a good life here; it’s just what you do.Bakordor说,在Mawlynnong,孩子们和大人都要参加日常清洁工作,每逢周六,村子领导人还要分配为村子公益而完成的“社会工作”对她而言,就是帮助打扫自己的学校这种体系令人印象深刻,尤其是这已成为村里的规范维护清洁卫生在这里的良好生活中深入人心;这里的人们就是这样做的I peeked at the family’s pristine outdoor cooking area to see the fruit of these labours, and Bakordor’s grandmother, Hosana, held aside the curtain that leads to their two-room home. Sure enough, each area was immaculate: the floors freshly swept, the dishware sparkling, bedding folded.我悄悄观察这家人的户外烹饪区,想看看他们的劳动成果,Bakordor的祖母Hosana将通往他们两居室住处的帘子掀开当然,到处都完美无瑕,地板干净,餐具闪闪发光,床铺叠得整整整齐齐So where did this sanitation routine come from? No one knows sure, but, according to my guide Shishir Adhikari, it likely stemmed from an outbreak of cholera more than 0 years ago, and cleanliness was encouraged to control its sp. Early Christian missionaries probably helped implement and encourage the practice too.那么,这种讲究卫生的习惯从何而来呢?没有人确切知道,但据我的向导 Shishir Adhikari 所言,它来自0多年前爆发的霍乱,当时鼓励通过加强卫生控制霍乱的传播早期的基督教传教士可能也帮助实施和鼓励了这种做法The villagers are also of the Khasi people, a traditionally matrilineal society. Perhaps, with women in dominant roles in society, keeping the home and environment orderly also takes on a greater role, Adhikari and I speculated.村民们为卡西族,这是一个传统的母系社会Adhikari和我都推测,也许在女性发挥主导的社会,家庭和环境都会井井有条,这也起到很大的作用“We are Christians from more than 0 years back, and cleaning is learned from our elders,” said housewife Sara Kharrymba. “We pass on these skills, from me to my children, from them to their children.”家庭主妇Sara Kharrymba表示,“0多年前我们的先辈都是基督徒,我们从老人那里学会讲究卫生我们将这种技能传给孩子,从他们再传给下一代”In other words, this isn’t habit, it’s a long-time tradition. Kharrymba’s own day begins by cleaning their entire compound, she said.换言之,讲究卫生并不是一种习惯,而是一种长期传统她说,Kharrymba的一天从打扫整个住所开始While we chatted, she smiled at her six-year-old daughter, Sanjanai, who was swinging gleefully on a swing made of leftover plastic bags. The question of what to do with plastic garbage is still a big one, as burning it is toxic. Often the materials are reused, with containers repurposed as planters and bags turned into swings.在我们聊天时,她笑着望向六岁的女儿Sanjanai——她正在废塑料袋制作的秋千上欢快地荡着塑料垃圾该怎样处理依然是个大问题,因为燃烧塑料袋是有毒的材料往往被重复利用,废旧容器会被用作花盆,废塑料袋会被制成秋千“My kids know it’s different here,” Kharrymba said.Kharrymba 说,“我的孩子知道这里和别处不同”Her children haven’t been outside the village yet, she added, but “sometimes guests stay here, and they talk.” She described how every home in the village has a toilet (another major goal of the Clean India programme), and how good her children are at following the rules hygiene.She paused, staring out at the small pond on her property, whose water looked crystal clear. “I am very proud to live here,” she said.她补充说,她的孩子还没有出过村子,但“有时候到访的客人会讲起外面的情况”她还说,村里家家都有厕所,她的孩子们都有良好的卫生习惯她停下来,凝望着屋外的小池塘,那里的水清澈透明她说,“我为在这里生活感到自豪”

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