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湖北省新华医院治疗早泄多少钱武汉华夏男科医院切包皮An egg tumbled from the nest is fair game for Johnny Rook. Hell soon have his own brood to look after.一枚蛋从窝里滚落,这对约翰鸦来说再公平不过。他很快就可以照看自己的幼鸟。On another stretch of beach, the shoreline quakes with desperate battles to dominate. The stakes are unimaginably high. Only a privileged few elephant seal bulls will become beach masters, controlling dozens of females and reproducing abundantly.另一片海滩,在海岸线正在上演一场绝望的战斗。赌注令人难以想象的高。只有少数享有特权的海象最终将成为海滩的主人,控制数十只母海象并且可以尽情繁衍自己的后代。This is no place for a young male to stick his nose in. Usually trembling warnings make challengers back off, but not all.这个地方根本不适合年轻的一代。通常颤抖的警告让挑战者们纷纷退后,但并不是全部。词语解释:1. tumble v. 跌倒;滚下;坠落2. brood n. 一窝孵出的雏鸡(或雏鸟)3. privilege n. 特权201111/161636武汉华夏医院泌尿科专家 Transplant Chain Brings New Life A program matches willing kidney donors to strangers in need. The Kindness of StrangersLast year, we reported on a new approach to lifesaving kidney donations, a kind of Pay It Forward idea, pairing those in need with those willing to be donors for people they’ve never met. From that first selfless gift many are now enjoying a new chance at life. Here is A’s Barbara Pinto reports all involved have gathered for the first time. When we last saw Angela Hermione and Ron Berneil, they were heading into surgery. Ron was giving Angie, a total stranger, one of his kidneys. Now 15 months later. “I feel fantastic. He gave me a new life. He gave me my daughter back, for a long time to come.” In return, Angie’s mother then gave one of her kidneys to a woman she’d never met until this past weekend. The concept is called pair donation and allows anyone who needs the lifesaving kidney-transplant to get one as long as they find a willing donor. A computer program finds the best possible match. It started with Matt Jones, the father of five from Michigan who decided to give a stranger an incredible gift. “I decide, you know, I’ve got two, only needed one, if somebody else can have it and live a better life and it's a success.” Mat gave his kidney to Barbed Berneil, whose husband Ron was not a good match for her. In turn, Ron gave his kidney to Angie, whose mother Laurie was not a suitable donor. Laurie gave her kidney to Cecelia and the lifesaving chain took off. Dr. Michael Reef has arranged for 16 such transplants so far. “My hope is that we would get 3000 kidney transplants a year someday.”A year ago no one here could have predicted that the number of people associated with the chain of kidney transplants could fill a hotel ballroom. But they did, they’re celebrating an incredible generosity and life. “My hope, a year from now, we have another reunion, we have more chains, and not a single one of mis-broken, And that truly is a never ending chain.”Last week in Huston, Carrie Barrett added another link. “I have a beautiful wife, fabulous kids, you know, a great job, and I have the ability to donate a kidney.” He did for a woman he’d never met. Brander Charpar had grown sicker watching ten potential donors fall through. “Well, he’s not a stranger anymore, he’s definitely gonna be my best friend.” For the Charpar’s, Carrie’s gift is nothing short of a miracle and they will now pass on to another family. Barbara Pinto, A News, Pearisburg, Ohio. Incredible generosity indeed and we’re happy to say we play a small part in this chain. Carrie Barrett, who you saw on Barba’s piece found out about the pair donations when we reported on The First Transplants last year. You can learn more about the Alliance Prepared Donations by logging onto our website ANEWS.COM.200810/53801How do you like a behind-the-scenes look at one of the natures most luxurious full service, hippos spas.你怎么能够错过这个大自然创造的最豪华的全套务;;河马的水疗呢?Our dominant male hippo customer has aly arrived here at the Mezima Spring in Kenya, Africa. The carp goes right to work. It uses its wide, vast big mouth to scour the hippos hide. The hippo gets squeaky clean skin, and the fish gets a rich buffet of dead skin, algae and parasites.我们尊贵的公河马客人已经抵达非洲肯尼亚的Mezima温泉。鲤鱼径直去工作。它们使用巨大的嘴巴清理河马够不到的地方。河马的肌肤变得干净清洁,小鱼也从这些死皮当中享受到了美味,这顿丰富的自助餐中含有各种藻类和寄生虫。How about that tail that looks kind of like a toilet brush, the cichlid fish takes care of that. Now how about,well, how can I say this discreetly, the hippos hindquarters, where the hippo produces hippo dung. The barbel fish eagerly dives in here, especially when the hippo was in dung production mode. The barbel is so eager for what the hippo is trying to get rid of that they will race after him like an autograph seeker chasing a rock star.尾巴得有点儿像厕所刷该怎么办呢?淡水鱼将全程负责。现在,我该怎么谨慎的表达这种,恩,河马的,就是河马产粪便的那个部位呢?鲃鱼就在这里出没,尤其是当河马正处于;生产;的模式中。鲃鱼是如此的渴望河马排干净,不然这些鱼会像追摇滚明星要签名那样穷追不舍。Finally,the hippo opens its mouth, home of the good stuff. And fish rush in like hungry shoppers at a half-off big sale.最后,河马张开大口,把好东西都送进嘴里。鱼们就像遇到半价的疯狂购物者一样涌进。The hippo was enjoying the full treatment, and after its done, enjoys a relaxing yawn of relief. 河马享受着这一过程,当全部完成的时候,它用打哈欠享受着一种压力解脱的快感。词语解释:1. discreetly a. 谨慎地2. dung n. 动物的粪便201111/162052武汉华夏医怎么走

汉川阳痿早泄价格武汉割包皮的手术费用 U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday awarded retiring Defense Secretary Robert Gates the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The award came during a military tribute to Gates on his final day in office.奥巴马总统星期四授予即将退休的国防部长盖茨总统自由奖章。星期四是盖茨在任的最后一天,奥巴马总统是在赞扬盖茨对军队的贡献时颁发这一奖章的。It was an elaborate farewell ceremony outside the Pentagon with President Barack Obama joining Defense Secretary Robert Gates at the end of his more than four years in office.这是在五角大楼外精心准备的一次欢送仪式,在盖茨担任国防部长4年多时间的最后一天,奥巴马总统和他一道出席了欢送会。Gates is the only defense secretary in U.S. history to be asked to remain in office by a newly-elected president. He was first sworn in under Mr. Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, at a crucial point during the Iraq war.盖茨是美国历史上唯一一位被新当选的总统留任的国防部长。他最初是在伊拉克战争的关键时刻,在奥巴马总统的前任布什总统的领导下宣誓就职的。Gates oversaw a surge of American troops in Iraq and later in Afghanistan that analysts say helped turn around both military campaigns. 盖茨监管了美军在伊拉克以及后来在阿富汗的增兵行动,分析人士说,增兵扭转了美军在这两个战场的局面。At Thursday's ceremony, President Obama called Gates a "humble American patriot, a man of common sense and decency," and one of the nation’s "finest public servants."在星期四的欢送仪式上,奥巴马总统称他是美国一位谦虚的爱国者,一位通情达理的人和一位正派的人,还说他是美国最好的公职人员之一。“Bob, today you are not only one of the longest serving secretaries of defense in American history, but it is also clear that you have been one of the best,” he said.奥巴马说:“鲍伯,你今天不仅是美国历史上任职时间最长的国防部长之一,而且很清楚,你也是最好的之一。”As defense secretary, Gates made numerous trips to Afghanistan and Iraq, always making a point to visit the American men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line.在担任国防部长期间,盖茨多次前往阿富汗和伊拉克,而且总是要去看望在前线冒着生命危险的美国男女军人。201107/142848武汉市哪家男科医院比较好

武汉华夏男子不孕不育Gay marriage同性恋婚姻Cuomo's pride科莫的骄傲The Empire State lets them say: “I do” 纽约州让他们可以说:“我愿意。”THE Stonewall Inn, in New York’s West Village, is famous in gay history as the scene of riots against the police in 1969. On June 26th Roy O’Neill and Michael Gigl stood just across the street from it to watch the city’s Pride march. The couple’s daughter Kiera sat on Mr Gigl’s shoulders for a better view. This year’s march was even more joyous than usual. Some 36 hours earlier, New York had become the sixth and most-populous state to legalise same-sex marriage when the governor, Andrew Cuomo, signed the bill into law. It will go into effect on July 24th. After watching the vote on their sofa, Mr O’Neill and Mr Gigl proposed to each other. 在同性恋历史上,位于纽约西村的石墙旅店很有名,因为它见了1969年同性恋者对抗警察的暴乱。6月26日,Roy O’Neill和Michael Gigl站在旅店对面的街道上,观看了纽约的“骄傲游行”。这对情侣的女儿Kiera坐在Gigl的肩膀上,以便看得更清楚。今年的游行比往常更充满欢乐。大约36小时以前,州长Andrew Cuomo签署了一项法案使之成为法律,使纽约成为了第六个同性婚姻合法化的州,也是人口最多的一个。法律将在7月24日生效。坐在沙发上观看了投票之后,Mr O’Neill和 Mr Gigl向对方求婚了。Mr Cuomo cajoled, pressured and tirelessly negotiated to drive the bill through the state Senate, which is controlled by Republicans. In , the last time the issue went to Albany, it was rejected soundly. Not a single Republican supported it and eight Democrats voted no. This time four Republicans joined 29 Democrats to push it through. One, Mark Grisanti of Buffalo, opposed gay marriage for religious reasons, but could not justify denying to gay couples the 1,324 rights and legal protections the state offers married couples. “Who am I”, he asked, “to say that someone does not have the same rights that I have with my wife?”Cuomo威逼利诱,不屈不挠地协商,促使由共和党人控制的州参议院通过了这项法案。在年,这项议案最后一次提交到奥尔巴尼(纽约州首府),但被彻底否决。没有一位共和党人持,有八名民主党人反对。这一次,4名共和党参议员和29名民主党参议员共同持通过这样法案。其中一名来自布法罗的参议员Mark Grisanti 因为宗教原因反对同性婚姻,但他无法为剥夺同性恋夫妇该州赋予已婚夫妇的1324项权力和法律保护辩护。他说:“我有什么资格说我和我妻子享受的权力有人享受不了呢?”201107/143347 奥巴马接受访谈时出手打死苍蝇奥巴马之前不久在白宫接受电视采访时,发现屋内飞有一只苍蝇,就亲自用手把它拍死。  Well, you know, when we first got into the room, there was just a very large fly that was circling, and we didn’t quite know what to make cover it, tried to get it, tried to get it out of the room. We thoughtit was out of the room but when I was talking I noticed it circling around the president. It was quite persistent. He put his, er, he put his hand up in one… Let’s take a, take a list. I think we've got the a little bit sound here. P: hey, get out of here.G: that’s the most persistent fly I’ve ever seen. Nice!P: now, where were we?G: Yeah.P: That was an pretty impressive one. I got the sucker. What do you think, Gibson?G: that is very good. It’s right there.P: it’s right there. You wanna film that? Here it is. 06/74871三峡大学仁和医院男科武汉华夏医院挂号预约




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