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Science and Technolgy科技Another Earth?另一个地球?Home away from home远离家乡的家The existence of the most Earthlike planet yet has just been confirmed类地球行星的存在已刚被确认ONE of the more memorable slogans to come out of the climate-change talks in Durban over the past few days is: ;there is no planet B;. But what if there were? Over the past couple of decades astronomers have logged thousands of so-called ;exoplanets;—worlds which orbit stars other than the sun. On December 5th the scientists in charge of Kepler, a space telescope designed to look for such planets, confirmed their instruments discovery of its first Earthlike world. It is dubbed, rather unromantically, Kepler 22b.在过去几天的Durban气候变化会谈上提出的较难忘的口号之一就是;没有星球B;,但是如果有呢?在过去的几十年内,天文学家记载了数以千计的所谓的;外行星;---饶太阳以外的星球轨道运行的宇宙。12月5号,负责开普勒号的科学家确认他们的仪器发现了第一个类地球星体,开普勒号是专门为寻找这样的类地球星体而设计的太空望远镜。The existence of this planet, which circles a star 600 light-years away, in the constellation of Lyra, had previously been suspected. Kepler, which belongs to NASA, Americas space agency, works by observing dips in a stars brightness as a planet passes in front of it. It flags likely looking reductions as ;candidate planets;, of which Kepler 22b was one. But three passes are needed to confirm a planets existence, and Kepler 22b has now passed this test. Crucially, it orbits well within its stars ;Goldilocks zone;: neither too close nor too far away for liquid water (and therefore, perhaps, life) to exist on its surface.存在这么一个行星,它环绕天琴座星系中一颗600光年远的恒星运行,之前被怀疑的不存在,开普勒号,隶属于美国国家航空与宇宙航行局,即美国航天局,它通过观察当行星通过时恒星光亮度的变化来工作。它标识显现的光度弱化可能为候选行星,开普勒22b就是一个。但是一个行星的确认需要通过三个检测,开普勒22b现在已经通过检验。最重要的是,他环绕着其恒星的;适居带;很好地运行;不会太近也不太远(因此,可能,生命)液体水可能存在在上面。It joins two other Earthlike planets-Gliese 581d and HD 85512 b-discovered by another instrument within the past few years. In truth, the term ;Earthlike; is a stretch. Kepler 22b has a radius 2.4 times that of Earth, and if it is made from roughly the same stuff its surface gravity will also be about 2.4 times as strong. But NASAs astronomers remain unsure whether it is predominantly gaseous, liquid or solid.它加入了另外两个类地球行星——Gliese 581d 和HD 85512 b—在过去的几年里被另外的仪器发现的。事实上,;类地球行星;这个词言过其实,Kepler 22b半径是地球的2.4倍,如果它和地球的组成大致相同,它的表面引力也将大约高达地球引力的2.4倍。但是美国国家航天与宇宙航行局的天文学家仍不能确定它主要是气体的、液体的或是固体的。Nevertheless, Kepler 22b is the most promising exoplanet yet found. Unlike the others, which skirt the edges of their stars Goldilocks zones, Kepler 22b orbits comfortably within its own. NASAs researchers reckon its surface temperature is about 22°C, compared with 15°C (at least for now) on Earth. Its parent star is similar to the sun, again unlike those of the other two candidates, both of which orbit cooler, dimmer stars. Indeed Gliese 581ds parent is a red dwarf-the tiniest stellar species. That means its Goldilocks zone is so close to it that the planet may be tidally locked, as the moon is to the Earth. If that were the case, one side of Gliese 581d would be permanently lit (and heated) while the other experienced unending darkness.然而,Kepler 22b 是目前发现的最有希望的外行星。不像其他行星不在恒星的;适居带;,Kepler 22b 在它的;适居带;舒适地运行。美国国家航空与宇宙航行局的研究人员通过与地球表面温度15°C(至少现在是)比较,估算出它表面的温度大概是22°C。它的母恒星与太阳相似,这又与其他两个候选外行星不同,其他两个候选外行星都环绕较冷的、较昏暗的恒星运行。Gliese 581d的母恒星确实是一个红矮星---最小的星系。那意味着适居带;非常接近它以至于行星可能被潮汐力锁住,就像月亮对于地球一样。如果是那样的话,Gliese 581d的一面将会是常年光亮的(并很热),而另一面将会是无尽的黑暗。These three potentially habitable exoplanets may soon be joined by many more. In the two and a half years since its launch, Kepler has spotted 2,326 candidate planets. About 650 others have been discovered by other instruments. That plethora allows astronomers to start drawing conclusions about how common various sorts of planets are. Of Keplers haul, 9% seem to be of a similar size to Earth (though not all are in the Goldilocks zone of their star); a further 29% are Super Earths-planets substantially larger than Earth that are nevertheless rocky. Forty-eight of Keplers unconfirmed candidates look as if they orbit within their stars habitable zones; of those, ten seem to be Earth-sized.很快可能有更多的外行星加入这三个可能适合居住的外行星中。Kepler自发射以来的2年半里已经发现了2,326候选行星。其他仪器大约发现了另外650个行星。大量的行星使天文学家开始得出行星种类繁多的结论。Kepler捕获的行星中9%大小与地球相似(尽管不是所有的都在他们恒星的;适居带;);Kepler 发现的行星29%是超级地球---实质上比地球大,不过地球是岩石类行星。Kepler未能确认的候选行星48%看起来似乎是在;适居带;运行;其中,有10个与地球大小类似。The ultimate goal, of course, is to let astronomers make a plausible estimate of the total number of planets in the galaxy, of the number that could conceivably support life, and of the fraction of those that could (at least in theory) sustain human colonists. If only a few of Keplers possible Earthlike planets turn out to be real, that third number is likely to be in the millions.当然最终的目标是让天文学家对系的行星总数、确定可以维持生命的行星数和那些可以维持人类殖民者生命(至少在理论上)的行星比例做出一个接近可信的估算。如果Kepler类地行星中只有很少被明是真的,第三个数可能是数百万。Such knowledge will mark an historic transition, says Chris Lintott, an astronomer at Oxford University who is giving the Kepler team a hand with the data analysis, since the uncertainties around the question of whether life exists elsewhere will cease to be astronomical (how many suitable planets are there?) and become purely biological (how easy is it for life to get going, and how easy is it for it to become intelligent?). Based on the preliminary data, it looks as if there are numerous suitable planets. The science of exobiology may soon cease to be an oxymoron一位牛津大学的天文学家Chris Lintoot说这些知识是历史转变的标志,他对Kepler团队给以数据分析的援助,从此关于其他地方是否存在生命问题的不确定性将不再是天文学问题(有多少合适的行星),而是变成了纯粹的生物问题(生命开始难不难?进化到聪明难不难?)基于这些初始数据,似乎有许多合适的行星,外空生物学将不再是一个矛盾修饰。 /201210/202879

A 3D trip down the catwalk, British company Burberry capped off London fashion week with a 3D show, streamed live around the world. And fans could do more than just check out the latest styles. Anyone watching online could instantly order any of the items they wanted.看T型台上的3D盛宴,伦敦Burberry公司用一场全世界直播的3D时装展向伦敦时装周致敬。粉丝们不仅可以观赏最新潮流,在线观看的观众还可以马上订购看中的商品。Because you know this should be an international business and you know, weve got the, weve got the show here in London. But I also wanted to try to find a way that we could transmit the same energy and the same feeling to different locations around the world. And 3D technologys advanced enough now to be able to use it. And we are the first company ever to be able to do a live broadcast using 3D. So it was kind of a big challenge to ourselves.你应该知道,这是项国际商业,我们虽然在伦敦办了时装展览,但我努力想要把我们的能量,感觉传送到世界各地。现在的3D技术足以办到这一点。而我们是第一家能够将3D技术应用到时装表演中的公司,这也是对我们的一项挑战。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201206/185100

Science and Technolgy.科技。Social networking for scientists.科学家的社交网络。Professor Facebook.Facebook教授。More connective tissue may make academia more efficient.更多联系性的方面可以让学术界更加高效。GIVEN journalists penchant for sticking the suffix ;gate; onto anything they think smells of conspiracy, a public-relations consultant might have suggested a different name. But ResearchGate, a small firm based in Berlin, is immune to such trivia. It is ambitious, too-aiming to do for the academic world what Mark Zuckerberg did for the world in general, by creating a social network for scientists. And it is successful. About 1.4m researchers have signed up aly, and that number is growing by 50,000 a month.记者热衷把他们认为任何具有阴谋气息的事情加上后缀;门;这一字,一位公共关系顾问曾建议换一个名字。但是一家来自柏林的名为Researchgate的小公司对这种扯谈不为所动,他们雄心勃勃,一心想为学术界取得马克.扎克伯格如今为整个世界做出的成绩,那就是为科学家们也建立一种社交网络,他们做的很成功。如今已经约有140万的研究学者申请注册,而且这个数字正以每月5万人的势头不断上升。Non-scientists might be surprised that such a network is needed. After all, the internet was originally created mainly by academics for academics and Mr Zuckerbergs invention, Facebook, got its start on college campuses. But though the internet has speeded things up, it has not fundamentally changed how researchers are connected. Academic communities are still pretty fragmented, frequently making it hard for scientists to find others doing similar research. And results often are not shared across disciplines.非科研人员可能会好奇为什么需要这样一种网络。毕竟,因特网最初主要就是由学术人员创造并为他们自己务。马克.扎克伯格的发明—Facebook网站就是从大学学院里诞生出来的。纵然因特网加快了事物发展的速度,但并没有从根本上改变研究人员的联系。学术社区之间仍然相当零散,科学家们时常很难找到其他同他们做相似研究的人,取得的成果也很难在学术界内得以分享。To make things more efficient and interdisciplinary, ResearchGate wants to help the academic world to grow more connective tissue, as Ijad Madisch, one of the firms founders, puts it. As on Facebook, users create a profile page with biographical information, list their interests and research skills, and join groups. They can see what others with similar interests are up to and post comments. They can also upload their papers and create invitation-only workgroups.为了让事情变得更高效并加强学术间的联系。作为公司的创始人之一 ,Ijad Madisch成立了Researchgate以帮助学术界带来更多联系性的方面。在Facebook上,用户创建一个生物图形信息为主题的主页,列出他们的兴趣爱好和研究水平,然后加入群组,就可以看见与他们拥有相似爱好的人在从事什么并发表。他们可以上传自己的学术论文,还可以创建只供邀请才能加入的工作群组。the big question is whether ResearchGate will make enough money to keep its investors happy. So far, it is running on cash from Accel Partners and Benchmark Capital, two venture capitalists based in Silicon Valley. A third firm is expected to join them soon. But these people will want a return on their investment.最大的问题在于Researchgate能否赚足了钱来迎合它的投资者。目前,他们的运营资金来自Accel Partner和Benchmark capitial,这两家风投公司都来自硅谷。现在第三家公司很快就要参与进来。但是这些人关注的是投资带来的回报。Some of that may aly have come from the Max Planck Society, which runs many of Germanys best research campuses and had ResearchGate build it a private network. Over the longer haul, the firm hopes to charge companies and universities for using it to advertise jobs, and to operate a marketplace for laboratory materials. It has no plans to post other advertising, though, nor to charge its users directly.其中一些回报来自Max planck society,这家公司经营着很多德国最好的研究学院并在Researchgate上建立了一条私人网络。很长一段时间里,这家公司希望利用一些公司和大学来发布工作广告并付他们一定的费用,并且为实验室材料创造一个市场。它现在还没有考虑发布其他广告,也不会直接付给它的用户。At the moment, most of those users are in their 20s. Their favourite activity is to ask each other questions about practical research problems, from DNA-sequencing techniques to statistical tricks. They are also busy ing each others papers: more than 10m have been uploaded. (Most scientific journals now allow authors to post their work on ;personal web pages;, which includes profile pages on social networks, according to Dr Madisch.)目前,Researchgate大部分的用户都在20岁左右。他们最爱询问他人一些关于实用性研究的问题,从DNA压缩技术到统计技巧。这些人忙于沉浸在阅读他人的学术论文中:目前已上传的论文超过了1000万份。(据Madisch士的解释,大部分科普杂志如今允许用户将他们自己的成果发布在个人网页上,包括社交网络的帐号主页)The service certainly saves these young researchers trial and error, and therefore time and money. They will probably also like a new feature ResearchGate is planning to introduce in April: a feedback system which lets users rate each others contributions. This would allow them to build a reputation other than by publishing papers.这项务一定程度上避免了一些年轻研究者徒劳的尝试和他们所会面临的错误,即省时省财。他们可能也会喜欢Researchgate将在4月份发布的一项新功能:反馈机制 – 允许用户对他人的成绩评分。这会让他们在社交网络里树立一个良好的名声而不用出版论文。Scientists whose reputations are established may be more hesitant, though, and not just because they are set in their ways. Science is not only about collaboration but also about competition. This limits what people are willing to share. But Dr Madisch is optimistic. Those who have grown up with Facebook, he says, know that sharing will improve their research. And their older colleagues will eventually come around-or retire.对于已经拥有一定威望的科学家可能会有些犹豫不决,不仅仅是因为他们特立独行。科学包含合作与竞争,这会扼杀人们分享的念头。但是Madisch士对此并不悲观,他说:;这些从Facebook成长起来的研究者们知道分享会提高他们的研究水平。同时,他们年长一辈的同事们会最终认识到这点,或者有的干脆选择退休。 /201209/201441

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