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Quora分享:现在能做些什么 5年后受益匪浅? --3 :38: 来源:   Life Advice: What can I start doing now that will help me a lot in about five years?  咨询关于生活的建议:现在开始做一些什么事情,可以让我在5年之后觉得受益匪浅?  I will appreciate any suggestion. You might want to know that I'm 3 years old and currently a physics student with large desire progress, not only in my profession but also in all aspects of life.  我衷心感谢所有的意见你或许应该了解,我今年3岁,是一名物理系的学生我渴望在自己的专业上,以及生活的各个方面,不断进步  This question originally appeared on Quora. From my personal experience my answer would be:  这个问题最初在Quora上出现,对这个问题我的回答是:  1. Eat healthy and take good care of yourself.  饮食健康,照顾好自己  . Use minimum amounts of cosmetic products on your face and body, all of them (in larger or smaller amounts) are filled with harsh chemicals which travel from your skin straight to your blood stream causing many problems (which you can't always see or feel right away).  尽量不在你的脸上或身体上涂抹化妆品,所有的化妆品(量多或量少)都充满了有害的化学物质,从你的皮肤直入你的血液流,从而导致许多问题(你很难马上看见或者感觉到)  3. Exercise. Be physically active by doing something you enjoy, that way you will be experiencing double benefit.  锻炼积极锻炼身体,做你喜欢做的事情,这样你就可以收获双重好处  . Respect your family and your friends. Don't let them down, and never do something that someone else would do, do what you feel it's right thing to do. Be moreemphatic, you are not the only person in the world with the feelings.  尊重你的家人和朋友,不要让他们失望但是,不要因为别人会去做一件事就那么做,做你认为是对的事情,让自己更坚定一些,因为世界上不止你一个人有那样的感受  5. Read quality stuff! Reading brings to mind wisdom, the exchange of ideas, and quietcontemplation. Reading makes you richer and smarter.  阅读有质量的东西!阅读给思想注入智慧、让思想交流以及让你安静地沉思阅读让你更充实、更聪颖  6. Start learning new skills. Learning new language is always an advantage. Also, you can do a little research on skills that will become essential in the future, but that are also appreciated in your profession. example, you can learn using ICT effectively, including specialist software packages and some programming. You could also start researching about applications of your knowledge in other fields; it might give you some interesting idea.  开始学习一种新技能掌握一门外语总是一种优势而且,你可以稍稍研究下未来可能会变得很重要、在你的专业范围内也会被赏识的技能比如说,你可以学习有效地使用信息和通信技术,包括专业软件包和一些编程你也可以开始研究你的知识在其他领域的应用,这可能会给你带来一些有趣的灵感  7. Study hard and you will go far. Talent alone is not enough! It is known that people with less talent work harder, and lots of talented people think that their talent will do all the job. Well guess what, it won't, because not working on your talent and not perfecting it is not respecting it (by receiving a talent you also receive responsibility). Hard workers are the successful ones, and if they are also talented they are destined to do great things.  努力学习,你会走得更远单有才华也是不够的众所周知,比较没天赋的人工作得更努力,很多有才的人认为他们的才华可以胜任所有的工作你猜怎么着?是不可以,因为不利用不完善就是不尊重自己的才华(有才华也意味着有责任)努力工作的人是成功的人,如果他们刚好也是有才华的人,他们势必能做伟大的事情  8. Don't be too harsh on yourself or too self-critical, if you really feel you can't do something at this moment - take a break, make yourself comtable, even spoil yourself a little.  不要对自己太苛刻或者太过自我批判了,如果你真觉得自己现在没办法做成某事——休息一下,让你自己觉得舒,甚至可以稍微放纵一下自己  9. Try to see the world as much as your financial situation allows you. Try to save some money traveling (one of the best ways to spend it).  在经济状况允许的条件下,尽量多看看这个世界努力为旅行省一些钱(这是最好的花钱方式之一)  . There are a million different points of view on only one single thought or idea. Don't hold mindlessly to only one aspect, at least don't do that if you haven't understood all of the other ones. If you do not agree with someone else's actionsopinions at least try to understand them. Understanding someone does not mean you agree with him, but it does makes your view much much wider. And important thing you should have in mind is that everything in the world is changeable.  对于一个思想或者想法,人们可以有一百万个不同的观点不要没有头脑地固执于一个方面,至少在了解其他的方面前,不要急于采取行动如果你不同意别人的某些行为或者意见,至少尝试去了解它们理解某人不意味着你和他意见一致,这会让你的观点更加开阔你应该记住一件重要的事情,那就是世界上所有事物都是可以改变的  【小编科普】Quora是什么?  Quora是一个问答SNS网站,由Facebook前雇员查理·切沃(Charlie Cheever)和亚当·安捷罗(Adam D' Angelo)于年6月创办Quora一开始采用邀请制,吸引了很多明星和智慧人士;此后逐步开放,用户通过Google或者Facebook帐号即可登陆,这是为了防止搜索引擎索引内容,但同时又让大众都可以参与。

  • 古诗词汉译英:《论语中英文版 第七章 子路篇() -- ::5 来源: 第七章 述而篇()  子曰:“三人行,必有我師焉擇其善者而從之,其不善者而改之”  The Master said, "When I walk along with two others, they may serve me as my teachers. I will select their good qualities and follow them, their bad qualities and avoid them."    子曰:“三人行①,必有我师焉②择其善者而从之,其不善者而改之”    孔子说:“几个人在一起,其中必定有值得我学习的人选择他们的优点加以效法,与他们类似的缺点自己则要改掉”    ①三:古代常用作不定的数词,可译为“几个”行:走路,此处可理解为在一起  ②师:取法,效法    俗话说:“尺有所短,寸有所长”善于发现别人身上的优点与缺点的人,往往就是善于向别人学习的人孔子学无常师,从每个人身上都能学到东西所以他说:即使和少数几个人同路,其中必有可以做我老师的人,选择他的长处,我照着去做;他的缺点也能使我反省,促使我改掉自己的错误只要抱定“见贤思齐焉,见不贤而内自省也”的好学态度,无论什么环境,无论是什么人,自己都可以从中得到学习和提高  善于向别人学习,主动发现和寻找老师,不是容易的事有些人,以年长自居,以官高自居,以资格老自居,瞧不起别人,不愿向别人学习;甚至贬低别人,嫉妒别人这样的人,在孔子面前应该感到羞愧  以伟大自居者,一定渺小;不以伟大自居者,倒往往伟大自古皆然,将来也不会变。
  • 剧场表示,将戏剧做成可供观看的点播视频,在世界上尚属首例。
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