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Asian and Russian homebuyers who once made up a third of those buying property in London’s wealthiest areas have largely deserted the market this year as emerging market currencies plunged against sterling.曾经占伦敦最富裕地区三分之一购房者的亚洲和俄罗斯买家今年基本上放弃了这一市场,原因包括新兴市场货币兑英镑汇率大幅下挫。Properties in boroughs such as Kensington, where the average home price is 1.5m, were a sought-after asset among wealthy buyers seeking an investment in a global, politically stable city.房屋均价在150万英镑的肯辛顿(Kensington)等区的房产,曾经是寻求在政治稳定的全球城市置业的富裕买家们追捧的资产。But that has changed in 2015, in a shift that estate agents said was partly down to turmoil in emerging markets and partly to sweeping changes to stamp duty, increasing the rate for those buying homes worth more than 937,000 This includes rates of 10 per cent on the portion of the sale price above 925,000 and 12 per cent on the part above 1.5m.但这种情形在2015年发生了改变。房产经纪称,这种转变部分源自新兴市场的动荡,还有一部分原因在于英国印花税的大幅度改革——提高买价超过93.7万英镑的房产的税率。售价介于92.5万至150万英镑之间的部分执行10%的税率,超过150万英镑的部分按12%缴纳印花税。Asians made up 26 per cent of those buying homes in areas such as Kensington, Chelsea and Belgravia in the first three-quarters of last year, but that fell to 6 per cent in the same period of 2015, according to figures compiled exclusively for the Financial Times by Hamptons, a high-end estate agent. Chinese buyers were down from 9 per cent of the total to 3 per cent and Russians were down from 7 per cent to 1 per cent.高端房产经纪公司汉普顿斯(Hamptons)专门为英国《金融时报》汇编的数据显示,去年前三季度,在肯辛顿、切尔西(Chelsea)以及贝尔格拉维亚(Belgravia)等高档区购房的人群中,亚洲买家占26%,而这一比例在2015年同期下降至6%。中国买家的比例从9%下降至3%,俄罗斯买家从7%降至1%。The fall has coincided with a period of turbulence in Chinese equity markets, which sp to other Asian emerging markets, prompting falls in the region’s currencies against sterling. China’s renminbi is down 6.6 per cent since April.购房人数的减少正值中国股市动荡时期,此轮股市暴跌还蔓延至其他亚洲新兴市场,导致该地区货币兑英镑汇率出现下挫。自今年4月以来,人民币汇率已下跌6.6%。In Russia, the war in Ukraine and international sanctions, together with lower oil prices, have taken a big toll on the country’s economy. The rouble has shed 25 per cent against sterling since April and is down 53 per cent over the past two years.在俄罗斯,乌克兰战争、国际制裁以及油价下跌对该国经济造成了巨大破坏。自4月以来,卢布兑英镑汇率已下跌25%,过去两年间累计下跌了53%。Transactions in prime London boroughs were down 19 per cent in the first three-quarters of 2015 against a year earlier, according to LonRes research.研究公司LonRes提供的数据显示,2015年前三季度,伦敦高档区的房产交易量同比下降了19%。 /201511/411924

Not only does it share the rude taxi drivers, freezing winters and crowded metro carriages; Beijing now matches New York for billionaires, according to one annual ranking.根据一项年度排名,如今北京和纽约的共同之处不仅包括了粗鲁的出租车司机、寒冷的冬季和拥挤的城铁车厢,还在亿万富翁的人数方面赶超纽约。With 32 newly minted super-rich in the past year, China’s capital has become the billionaire capital of the world, the latest Hurun Global Rich List says, with a total of 100 to the Big Apple’s 95.最新一期的胡润全球富豪榜(Hurun Global Rich List)表示,算上过去一年新出现的32位超级富豪,北京已成为全球亿万富翁之都,总计100名超级富豪超过了纽约的95人。Despite its economic slowdown, more fortunes are being made in China than anywhere else in world, according to the report. The mainland added 74 dollar billionaires in the year to January 16 — more than in either of the previous two years — to make a total of 470.根据这份报告,尽管中国经济放缓,中国制造的财富却超过了全球其他所有地区。在截至1月16日的一年里,中国内地新增了74位身价至少10亿美元的亿万富翁——超过了之前两年的任何一年,令总人数达到470人。“We believe the boom in Chinese billionaires mostly happened in June 2015 after the stock market boom,” Rupert Hoogewerf, the creator of the list, told the Financial Times, explaining that China’s super-rich weathered the subsequent stock market collapse.该富豪榜的创始人胡润(Rupert Hoogewerf)向英国《金融时报》表示:“我们认为中国的亿万富翁人数激增主要发生在股市暴涨后的2015年6月。”他解释说,中国的超级富豪们挺过了随后的股市崩盘。Greater China, which includes the mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, ranks above the US as the region with the highest number of billionaires, counting 568, an increase of 90 from last year. The US clocks in with 535 billionaires, two fewer than last year.包括中国内地、香港和台湾在内的大中华区,排名超过了美国,成为拥有亿万富翁人数最多的地区,其拥有的亿万富翁人数为568人,比去年增加了90人。美国则有535名亿万富翁,比去年少了两人。Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group, remains Greater China’s richest person with a net worth of bn, just bn more than Li Ka-shing, the Hong Kong tycoon.万达集团(Wanda Group)董事长王健林依然是大中华区最富有的人,财富净值达260亿美元,只比香港富豪李嘉诚高了10亿美元。In addition to Beijing, Greater China accounts for four more of the world’s top 10 billionaire cities. Shanghai (50), Shenzhen (46) and Hangzhou (32) have risen up the ranks, while Hong Kong is down seven with 64.除了北京,大中华区还占了全球十大富豪城市的另外四个:上海(拥有50名富豪)、深圳(拥有46名富豪)、杭州(拥有32名富豪)排名均有所上升,而香港的富豪人数则减少了7人,至64人。The combined net worth of the Greater Chinese billionaires is .4tn, just under an eighth of the region’s combined 2015 gross domestic product.大中华区亿万富翁的总财富净值为1.4万亿美元,略低于该地区2015年国内生产总值(GDP)总和的八分之一。China’s growing clout in the rankings is even starker in the world of female “self-made” billionaires, according to Hurun, where the country dominates with 93 of the global total of 124.根据胡润报告,中国在排行榜中地位的上升,在女性“白手起家”亿万富翁这一块表现得更加突出,全球此类富豪总人数只有124人,中国以93人占据了绝对优势。The report also lists the number of global billionaires of Greater Chinese origin, bringing the total number to 630 — 29 per cent of the worldwide figure of 2,188.该报告还列出了全球源自大中华区的亿万富翁人数,其总人数达到630人,占全球总人数2188的29%。 /201603/429063





  Mobile phone users in China expected a pleasant surprise this month. Starting from October 1, a new policy adopted by the three giant cellphone operators - China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom - has allowed unused data from individual data packages to be carried over to the next month for use.中国手机用户在本月迎来了惊喜。从11月1号起,三大通信运营商——中国移动,中国电信和中国联通,采取了一项新的政策:当月个人数据包中未使用完的流量可以延长到下月使用。At the beginning, users of the three telecommunication companies hailed this policy, since they would have more free data to use in the next month and Chinese phone users#39; zealousness for mobile Internet is unrelenting.一开始,三大运营商的用户们对该政策的出台都很开心,因为他们从下月起就有更多的免费流量可以使用了,而现在的中国手机用户对于手机上网的需求是非常热忱的。However, even before Chinese users could enjoy the free extra package, inquisitive users found that since the adoption of the policy, the original data limits seem to be far more easily swallowed up, which means there wouldn#39;t be any unused data left for the next month. One user of China Unicom claimed that it took him only nine days to use up the data package of a month.然而,在用户们还未能享受到延长使用期限的流量包时,好奇的用户们就发现该政策公布后,原有的流量限额很容易就达到了,这意味着到了月底根本不会有剩余流量。一位中国联通用户宣称,他9天内就用完了一个月的流量包。Telecoms have become as essential a utility in modern life as water or power, and raising or lowering costs significantly affects people#39;s lives and finances. But disputes between consumers and service providers dominate discussion.移动通信已经成为现代生活中的重要物品,就像水和电一样不可或缺,通信成本的高低极大地影响了人们的生活和财政状况。但是消费者和务商之间的争执久居不下。Not long after mobile phones became popular in China about a decade ago, the country#39;s mobile operators were blamed for their tight grip over telecoms fees. Regulators allowed cellular operators to charge both callers and receivers, and it took years for them to switch to a one-way charging scheme, among a slew of initiatives. During the process, public complaints played a major role.十年前,手机在中国普及后不久,我国的移动运营商就因对通信费的严格控制而饱受诟病。过去,监管机构允许蜂窝运营商同时向来电者和接听者收费,采取一系列举措切换到单向收费机制则花了数年时间。在这一过程中,公众的抗议声起到了重要作用。It is too early to judge how long the disputes between telecommunication companies and consumers over data packages will last, since, according to media reports, the measurement of data usage is difficult to track. Companies are using ;user privacy; to avoid giving out any information.消费者和运营商之间关于数据包的战争还将持续多久还不可得知,据媒体报道,跟踪数据的使用情况是非常困难的。运营商以“用户隐私”为由拒绝给出任何信息。But ing through the complaints posted online by picky cellphone users, we can sense the public#39;s distrust of State-owned enterprises (SOEs).但通过阅读网络上讲究的手机用户的意见,我们能感受到公众对于国营企业的不信任。A survey done by the People#39;s Tribune Research Center in 2012 found that the public#39;s negative impression of SOEs came from the belief that they only rely on government support and their employees usually do easy jobs but get higher pay, yet their efficiency and sense of service lag far behind private and foreign enterprises.人民论坛研究中心在2012年做过一份调查,公众对于国营企业的负面印象来自于他们认为,这些企业仅仅只依靠政府的持经营,员工大多数做着简单的工作却拿高工资,但他们的务意识和工作效率却远远落后于私营企业和外企。Besides, they feel that the costs of daily life such as water, electricity and petrol are always on the rise and attribute this to the monopoly of SOEs. Even if SOEs do something positive, it doesn#39;t help much win back public#39;s trust.另外,他们把生活必需品的成本,诸如水,电和汽油的持续上涨,都归咎于国企的垄断。即使是国企做了一些有积极意义的事,也不能重赢民心。The current spat over the data package of the three State-owned telecommunication giants reflects the extent of public dissatisfaction. Amid the country#39;s thriving anti-corruption campaign and reforms, it shows the public#39;s enthusiasms for deepening reforms and making SOEs benefit domestic consumers.目前对三大运营商的数据包之争反映了公众不满的程度,在国家反腐倡廉的蓬勃发展和改革的环境下,它显示了公众对于深化改革,使国有企业有利于国内消费者的热情。 /201511/407545

  B News – A Bill Leak cartoon published in The Australian newspaper depicts an Aboriginal man who has forgotten his son#39;s name. Indigenous groups said the cartoon was ;ugly, insulting and embarrassing;. But the paper#39;s editor said the cartoon brought a ;crucial issue; into the public domain.B新闻 – 发表在《澳大利亚人报》上的比尔.利克的卡通画描绘了一个忘记儿子名字的男人。土著人团体说,卡通画“丑陋,侮辱人,令人难堪”。但该报编辑说,卡通画把一个“紧要问题”带入了公众领域。In the cartoon, a police officer is shown bringing an Indigenous child to his father, saying: ;You#39;ll have to sit down and talk to your son about personal responsibility.; The father, who is barefoot and holding a beer can, asks: ;What#39;s his name then?;画中显示一名警官把一个土著儿童带到其父面前说:“你得坐下来跟你儿子谈谈个人责任的问题。”赤着脚,拿着个啤酒罐的父亲问道:“那他叫什么名字?”The cartoon comes in the wake of debate about the Northern Territory#39;s juvenile justice system and high incarceration rates among Indigenous youth. It appears to be a response to comments from Indigenous leader Noel Pearson, who said that Aboriginal people needed to take more responsibility for the behaviour of their children.这幅卡通画出现之前,刚刚发生过有关澳大利亚北方领地的少年司法制度和土著青年中高监禁率的辩论。卡通画似乎是对土著领袖诺埃尔.皮尔逊的作出的回应 – 皮尔逊说,土著人需要对他们孩子的行为负起更多责任。The SNAICC, a non-governmental group for Indigenous children and families, called the cartoon ;disgusting, disrespectful, and hurtful;, adding: ;Those involved in publishing such a clearly racist cartoon should be ashamed and should issue a public apology to all Australians.;为土著儿童和家庭务的非政府组织“全国土著和岛民儿童保育秘书处”(SNAICC)称这幅卡通画“讨厌,无礼,伤人”,还说:“那些参与刊登这样一幅种族歧视明显的漫画的报纸应当感到羞耻,应当对全体澳大利亚人作出公开道歉。”The Australian newspaper typically takes a right-wing position on social affairs, favouring individual responsibility and free-market economics over government spending and intervention. But it dedicates substantial resources to Indigenous affairs.《澳大利亚人报》通常在社会事务上采取右翼立场,偏向个人责任和自由市场经济,而不是政府出和干预。但它为土著人事务奉献了大量资源。The newspaper#39;s editor-in-chief, Paul Whittaker, stood by the cartoon, saying too many people skirted around issues in Indigenous affairs. ;Bill Leak#39;s confronting and insightful cartoons force people to examine the core issues in a way that sometimes reporting and analysis can fail to do,; he said in a statement.该报主编惠特克持这幅卡通画,说太多的人回避土著人事务中的问题。“比尔.利克直面问题,富于洞察力的画以一种报道和分析有时无法做到的方式促使人们去审视核心问题。” /201608/461923


  The news for the watch industry is bad. “The headwinds are very strong — especially for watches,” warns Richard Lepeu, chief executive of Richemont, the Swiss luxury goods group whose brands include Cartier and Montblanc. The group’s sales in April 2016 were 15 per cent lower than the year before, in constant currencies.来自钟表行业的消息不容乐观。历峰集团(Richemont)首席执行官里夏尔#8226;勒珀(Richard Lepeu)警告称:“阻力很大,对于钟表行业来说尤其如此。”这家瑞士奢侈品集团旗下品牌包括卡地亚(Cartier)和万宝龙(Montblanc)。历峰集团2016年4月按固定货币计算的销售额较上年同期下降了15%。Statistics on foreign sales of Swiss watches show trouble across the industry: in the first quarter of 2016, exports were 8.9 per cent lower than in the previous year, according to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry. The trouble has been blamed on a range of factors, from China’s economic slowdown to a strong Swiss franc.瑞士钟表产品海外销售额的统计数据显示,整个钟表行业都表现疲软:根据瑞士钟表协会(Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry)的数据,2016年第一季度的出口额较上年同期下降了8.9%。这一局面被归咎于多方面的因素,包括中国经济增长放缓以及瑞士法郎走强。The industry’s hope is that this year will bring an improvement, particularly in the US. “The global environment is tough mainly because of the significance of Hong Kong as a market. There is an overhang of inventories, but I think the more affordable watches are aly selling better,” says Scilla Huang Sun, a luxury sector specialist at GAM Investment Management in Zurich.瑞士钟表行业寄望于今年的状况能有一定起色,特别是在美国市场。总部位于苏黎世的GAM投资管理公司(GAM Investment Management)奢侈品行业专家黄意芝(Scilla Huang Sun)表示:“全球市场环境较为严峻,主要原因在于香港作为一个市场,地位很重要。目前奢侈手表存在库存积压的情况,但我认为价位更加亲民的手表,销售情况已经开始好转。”Even as Hong Kong has suffered, sales in Japan have been lifted by a weaker yen, which has lost 12 per cent of its value against the dollar since its 2015 low. The US this year could also offer grounds for optimism, sector experts reckon. Last year, a stronger dollar led to European purchases displacing US sales, but those effects may start to weaken.即便香港市场形势不利,日本市场的销售额在日元走软的推动下已经有所上升,日元兑美元汇率较2015年的低点已经贬值了12%。行业专家认为,对美国市场今年也有理由保持乐观。去年美元走强导致销售额从美国向欧洲市场转移,但这些影响或已开始弱化。“We can see that the American continent is showing great potential and positive growth,” says Fran#231;ois Thiébaud, president of Tissot, the Swiss watch brand.瑞士钟表品牌天梭(Tissot)的总裁弗朗索瓦#8226;蒂埃(Fran#231;ois Thiébaud)表示:“我们看到,美国市场正展现出巨大潜力和正向增长趋势。”A recovery in the US would strengthen the case for those who expect traditional luxury timepieces to ride out the challenge from smartwatches. Mr Thiébaud argues that, contrary to the watch industry’s gloomy view, the arrival of the Apple Watch has not changed US attitudes. “A traditional watch is not just about giving time, but it is also about conveying emotions related to a gift or a certain time in life,” he says. “There is nothing emotional about an electronic device.”美国市场回暖能够持那些认为传统奢侈手表能够顶住来自智能手表的挑战的观点。蒂埃认为,不同于手表行业的悲观预期,苹果手表(Apple Watch)的出现并没有改变美国消费者的态度。“一块传统手表的价值并不仅仅在于提示时间,还能传递与一份礼物或者生命中某一时期相连的特定情感。而电子产品则不具备任何情感价值。”Nobody is rushing to predict a rebound, however. “The global economy is going to be very slow this year. It may take a couple of years for the industry to pick up,” says May Ling Tham, an analyst at Euromonitor International. In April, the International Monetary Fund warned the global economic recovery had “weakened further amid increasing financial turbulence”. It expected the global economy to grow by a modest 3.2 per cent in 2016 — roughly the same as last year but less than it had expected as recently as January.但目前还没有人急着做出钟表行业将会触底反弹的预测。欧睿国际(Euromonitor International)分析师May Ling Tham表示:“今年全球经济增长将会非常疲软,钟表行业或许需要好几年的时间才能有所回升。”国际货币基金组织(International Monetary Fund)今年4月警告称,“全球经济复苏进一步放缓,受金融动荡加剧影响。”该组织预计2016年全球经济增速将仅为3.2%——与去年基本持平,但低于其在今年1月份发布的预测值。In emerging markets — previously bright spots for luxury brands — “prospects across countries remain uneven and generally weaker than over the past two decades”, the IMF’s World Economic Outlook reported.在曾是奢侈品牌业绩亮点的新兴市场,国际货币基金组织在《世界经济展望》(World Economic Outlook)中指出,“各个新兴市场国家的经济增长前景仍然参差不齐,增长势头总体而言弱于过去二十年。”Watch and jewellery industry revenues are likely to follow such trends closely. “The health of luxury watch sales largely depends on GDP growth prospects and consumer sentiment,” says Thomas Chauvet, luxury sector analyst at Citigroup.手表和珠宝行业的销售收入很可能将紧跟上述趋势。花旗集团(Citigroup)奢侈品行业分析师托马斯#8226;肖维(Thomas Chauvet)表示:“奢侈品手表销售的景气程度主要取决于国内生产总值的增长前景以及消费者情绪。”But it is not a simple correlation. Watch sales have been buffeted by currency movements. The slide in Swiss watch exports has been exacerbated by the strength of the franc (1.20 to the euro before it was unpegged in January 2015, now 1.10), which has increased manufacturing and employment costs in Switzerland. A strong dollar and weak euro have offered “greater price arbitrage opportunities for tourists and facilitated the emergence of well-organised parallel markets, particularly in Europe”, notes Mr Chauvet.但这并不是一种简单的正相关关系。手表销售一直受汇率波动左右。瑞士手表出口额的下滑在瑞士法郎走强的影响下进一步恶化(瑞士法郎在2015年1月取消盯住欧元时的汇率为1.2瑞士法郎兑换1欧元,现在已经升值至1.1法郎兑换1欧元),后者导致瑞士境内的生产成本和雇佣成本上升。肖维指出,美元走强和欧元疲软为游客提供了“更大的价格套利空间,并有助于推动组织完善的平行市场的出现,特别是在欧洲地区”。Sales to the Chinese, meanwhile, are still being hit by the crackdown on offering gifts to authorities as part of the country’s anti-corruption drive.与此同时,中国市场的销售额仍然受到政府严厉打击向官员送礼的不利影响,这是中国反腐败运动的一个组成部分。The industry’s difficulties remain particularly acute in Hong Kong, where the effects have been worsened by excessive stock levels in an overcrowded market. Swiss watch exports to Hong Kong were almost a third lower in the first quarter of 2016 than a year earlier.手表行业所面临的困境在香港市场上依然表现得尤为突出,在过度拥挤的香港市场上,过高的存货水平进一步强化了这些不利因素的影响。2016年第一季度,瑞士对香港的手表出口额较上年同期近乎减少了三分之一。Richemont revealed recently it was helping dealers in Hong Kong with excessive inventories by buying back products — and either reallocating them to other markets or dismantling and recycling them.历峰集团近期宣布,正在通过回购产品的方式帮助香港境内库存过多的经销商——回购的手表要么被调转到其他市场销售,要么被拆解以后循环利用。In a report published in April, Euromonitor forecast that in the next five years the US would cede the title of the world’s biggest spender on watches to China. “The transfer of power from west to east had seemed on course to happen earlier, but was derailed by the Chinese government’s crackdown on ostentation and extravagant gifts, and by a depreciation of the Chinese currency since 2015,” the report noted.在4月份发布的一篇报告中,欧睿国际预计在未来五年内,美国将把全球第一大手表消费国的地位让给中国。这份报告写到:“从西方向东方的影响力转移似乎注定会在更短的时间内发生,但这一进程被中国政府严查铺张浪费和奢侈送礼的运动打乱,同时也受到了自2015年以来人民币贬值的影响。” /201607/457196



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