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西安521医院胃肠科网上挂号陕西老中医教你调养胃肠病That English exam was a real killer.那英语考试真的难的不得了。killer有杀手的意思,在俚语中可表示威力巨大或非常困难的事物;killer也可作形容词,表示棒极的,威力巨大的,极为困难的。He has killer muscles.他肌肉发达。有时从某些商店或网站上可看到他们称自己出售的东西为killer chocolate cake` killer cookies...如果你也能够做killer cookies那你就是a killer cook,这里的killer指的是优秀的,棒极的。蒋健棠----- /200803/28416乾县人民医院直肠炎肠炎十二指肠溃疡 Okay. Let#39;s talk about this book. No more funny stuff.好的 让我们来聊聊这本书吧 不要再和我开玩笑了No more funny stuff. Only heartbreaking and funny stuff.不会再和你开玩笑的 只有让你痛心的事 还有好笑的事情The book really is. I texted you.这本书其实 我发过短信给你I was on page two, and I texted you saying- I can#39;t .当我看到第二页的时候 我发短信跟你说 我读不下去了When is it coming out on audio book? More pictures. It#39;s really so well written.有声书什么时候能出版?等照片多一点的时候 这本书写得真的很好I mean that doesn#39;t surprise me, you#39;re a writer and you#39;re a brilliant writer.这并不令我惊讶 因为你本来就是名作家而且是一名很杰出的作家It#39;s so well written and in case people don#39;t know your life, 2012, right?这本书真的写的很好 怕大家不是很了解你 (你写的是)2012年的生活 对吗?Was the year that everything kind of happened if you#39;ll just explain.那一年发生了很多事 你给我们解释解释Yes. In 2012, I had pneumonia and then I contracted this potentially是的 那是2012年 我得了肺炎 我感染了这个可能会致死的deadly illness called C. Diff., where bacteria just eats your insides.病叫C扩散 就是细菌会侵蚀你的身体And then my mother died suddenly, accidentally, and我妈妈也突然去世了 很意外地去世了then I went through a break up and then I was diagnosed with invasive cancer.那一年我分手了 同时也被诊断为浸润性癌症This was all in four months.这些全在四个月内发生And so the book just is raking through all those moments,这本书几乎见了这一切because I put out an album and there#39;s also a documentary about that time period.虽然 我还做了一本相册 而且也有一部关于那段时光的纪录片But I felt like both of those were just skeletons of that time.但我总觉得 这些那些记录都是没有灵魂的 像个骷髅一样And this book really goes through every beat and it also updates where I am now,这本书真的记录了生活的每一个细节 我把我当时的状况都写了下来and it fills you in on where I came from, what my mother was like, and all of that.翻开这本书 记忆就会翻涌而来 我从哪里来 我的妈妈长什么样子 等等等等Yeah, boy. And we learn a lot about your mother. She was quite something.是的 我们也通过这本书了解了你的母亲 她挺厉害的She was. Yeah. She was very wild and very uninhibited and she was pretty crazy.她是挺厉害的 是的 她非常的放荡不羁 很疯狂Yeah. And, well, you should the book, obviously. There she is.是的 你们绝对应该读读这本书 我妈妈就是这样子的But it#39;s heartbreaking and brilliant and funny and everything that you are.但你们可能会觉得很痛心 觉得妈妈很厉害 又搞笑 像你一样So I can#39;t recommend it-所以 我不能推荐这本书I was handing it to Portia when I would go take a shower and she#39;d it and我去洗澡之前 把这本书给Portia看 然后她读了这本书I#39;d- we were back and forth with it and- But, it#39;s fantastic.我们俩 为这本书争论了很久 但是 这本书还是很棒的Well, thank you. Congratulations. Thank you. And now life is good.谢谢你 恭喜 谢谢 现在的生活很好You#39;re married. You have twins on the way. So that#39;s exciting. Yeah, it#39;s so exciting.你结婚了 将要有一对双胞胎宝宝 这很令人激动 是的 非常令人兴奋Yeah. Yeah, we got married in Pass Christian, Mississippi.恩 是啊 我们在帕斯克里斯琴结了婚 在密西西比州Which is, you have family and friends there.那里有你的家人和朋友Yes, my aunt lived in Pass Christian. So we have all these connections together.是的 我的阿姨就住在帕斯克里斯琴 所以我们之间还是有点关系的So you got married in Mississippi. Yeah. And you have twins on the way.所以你在密西西比结的婚?是的 你有一对即将出生的双胞胎宝宝Yes, due any day now. Is it really any day? Yeah. That soon?任何时候都可能出生 是真的任何一天吗?是的?这么快?Do you have names for them yet? No, we#39;re not naming them. No? Good idea.你给他们取好名字了吗?没有 我们还没有取名字 还没有?好主意Yeah. Let them name themselves. It#39;s rude. Why are we named by our parents?是的 让他们自己给自己取名字 这太随性了 为什么我们的名字是由父母决定的?It is. Let them name themselves. Yeah, we#39;re not gonna be rude parents.事实上是这样的 让他们自己给自己取名字吧 是的 我们要做一对随性的父母Stephanie and I have named each other cuz we couldn#39;t figure out what we should be called.斯蒂芬妮和我互相给对方取了名字 因为我们一直搞不明白应该如何称呼对方And I suggested the funny one and the pretty one. I see.所以我提议取了一个好玩的名字和一个好听的名字 了解And I#39;m gonna be the pretty one. Cuz I love the idea of我将会是那个好听的 因为我爱死这个主意了the kids going up and being like, the funny one said we could go out and play.比如说爱搞笑的那个孩子长大了 他说我们出去玩吧Well, you tell the funny one that the pretty one said.然后你告诉他 这是漂亮的那个说的And actually, their names are, we do have names. What are they? It was Max and Finn.其实 事实上 他们有名字的 我们取好了的 是什么?马克思和费因You did name them? Yeah. Max and Finn. Yeah. Adorable. Thank you. That#39;s adorable.你取得吗?是的 马克思和费因 是的 真可爱 谢谢你 这名字很可爱Cuz I had some suggestions. But now, nevermind. We don#39;t have middle names.本来我能给你们一些建议的 现在还是算了吧 我们还没有取中间名No. Tig#39;s book is called I#39;m Just a Person. It#39;s in stores now.还是算了 Tig的这本书名是 我只是个普通人 已经可以在书店买到啦You should it. It#39;s fantastic. We#39;ll be right back.你们应该拿来读一读 这本书超赞 我们很快回来 Article/201707/516008So when an ex-Jesuit called Titus Oates因此当名为提图斯·奥兹的前耶稣会信徒concocted a pack of lies about a plot to murder the king,捏造了一系列暗杀国王的谎言invite a French invasion and create a Catholic state under James,散布谣言称法国入侵 并要扶持詹姆斯建立一个天主教英国时he tripped the Guy Fawkes alert.他掀起了又一场;盖伊·福克斯阴谋; And when the magistrate investigating the charges当地方官调查这项指控时was found mysteriously murdered on Primrose Hill,他被发现 离奇地死于普林姆斯山 it seemed obvious that Oates knew what he was talking about.很明显奥茨所言非虚It set the jittery country right over the edge.这使得已经不安的国家 彻底爆发Anti-Catholic violence swept the country.反天主教的怒火横扫整个国家Riots, burnings, lynch mobs, kangaroo courts.暴乱四起 火光冲天 私刑泛滥For some politicians, the ugly mood of the country was a golden opportunity to press their favourite cause.对于一些政客来说 整个国家的紧张局面 却是他们实现一己私欲的最佳时机James, Duke of York,should never be allowed to sit on the throne.詹姆斯 约克公爵 将永远不能登上王位He had to be excluded.他必须被驱逐Anything to stop the cycle of religious wars from breaking out again.只要能够阻止 宗教战争在英国重演It was an extraordinary crisis in the history of the British monarchy.对于英国的君主政体 这无疑是一场巨大的危机For it stake were not only the lives of hundreds of those victimised by all the lies and hysteria,这次的赌注不仅仅是被谎言冲昏头脑的 无辜人们的生命but the fate of the polity itself.而是整个政体的命运Because to concede exclusion was to accept parliament had the right to judge who was fit or unfit to occupy the throne.因为同意放逐 也就是承认议会有权决定 谁能来登上王位And that was a concession Charles II was absolutely not about to make.而这个让步是查理二世 绝对不能接受的 /201704/505959陕西省第二人民医院肠部溃疡性结肠炎结肠炎

三门峡妇幼保健院胃肠科收费标准雁塔区胃下垂胃息肉胃囊肿胃糜烂胃结石 英语口语1+1:Rock the boat【1+1英文】Angela: "Everyone wants to go except for you. Why do you have to rock the boat?"【1+1中文】安吉拉:每个人都想去,只有你例外,为什么一定要捣乱呢?【1+1】People in a group on a small boat need to work together. If one person moves suddenly, the whole boat could rock dangerously.中文意思:捣乱,不合群。 /200605/6953咸阳妇幼保健院胃病胃肠网上预约咨询

西安省人民医院胃肠科多少钱Has anyone ever told you, ;Stand up straight!; or scolded you for slouching at a family dinner?有没有人曾经告诉过你:“不要弯腰驼背!”亦或是因为你在家庭晚餐的时候肩背佝偻而受到训斥。Comments like that might be annoying, but they#39;re not wrong.但所谓忠言逆耳,他们并没有错。Your posture, the way you hold your body when you#39;re sitting or standing,姿势,也就是你掌控自己身体的方式,例如坐姿和站姿is the foundation for every movement your body makes,不仅是你肢体做出每个动作的基础,and can determine how well your body adapts to the stresses on it.也能决定你的身体能承受多大压力。These stresses can be things like carrying weight, or sitting in an awkward position.这些压力可能来自于重物的搬运或者不正确的坐姿。And the big one we all experience all day every day: gravity.还有一项每天都在影响我们的:万有引力。If your posture isn#39;t optimal, your muscles have to work harder to keep you upright and balanced.如果你的姿势不标准,你的肌肉需要更紧绷来保持身体的直立与平衡。Some muscles will become tight and inflexbile. Others will be inhibited.一些肌肉将会变得紧绷而且僵硬。还有一些会被拘束从而让人不自在。Over time, these dysfunctional adaptations impair your body#39;s ability to deal with the forces on it.随着时间流逝,这些功能失调将会减弱你身体对外来压力的抵抗性。Poor posture inflicts extra wear and tear on your joints and ligaments,不良的姿势会给你的韧带和关节增加额外负担,从而撕裂它们,increases the likelihood of accidents, and makes some organs, like your lungs, less efficient.也会增加事故发生的可能性,同时让某些器官,比如肺的工作效率降低。Researchers have linked poor posture to scoliosis, tension headaches, and back pain,研究明,不正确的姿势可导致的症状有:脊柱侧凸神经紧张性头痛以及背疼,though it isn#39;t the exclusive cause of any of them.尽管不良姿势并不是这些症状的唯一诱因。Posture can even influence your emotional state and your sensitivity to pain.姿势甚至可以影响你的精神状态以及你对痛觉的敏感度。So there are a lot of reasons to aim for good posture.所以保持好的姿势是很必要的。But it#39;s getting harder these days.但最近保持好姿势越来越难了。Sitting in an awkward position for a long time can promote poor posture,长时间别扭的坐姿会进一步加重不良姿势,and so can using computers or mobile devices, which encourage you to look downward.电脑和手机的使用也会有同样效果,因为电子产品会促使你向下看。Many studies suggest that, on average, posture is getting worse.很多研究表明,通常来讲人们的姿势越来越糟糕。So what does good posture look like?所以正确的姿势看起来是什么样的呢?When you look at the spine from the front or the back, all 33 vertebrae should appear stacked in a straight line.当你从前方或者后方观察脊椎时,所有的33根脊椎骨看起来应该在同一条直线上。From the side, the spine should have three curves:从侧面观察,脊柱应该有三个曲线。one at your neck, one at your shoulders, and one at the small of your back.一个在脖子处,一个在肩膀处,还有一个小弯曲在背部。You aren#39;t born with this s-shaped spine. Babies#39; spines just have one curve like a ;c.;这个S曲线不是与生俱来的。婴儿的脊椎只有一个弧度,就像字母C一样。The other curves usually develop by 12-18 months as the muscles strengthen.其他的弯曲通常会在12-18个月发育成型,与肌肉力量的增长同步。These curves help us stay upright and absorb some of the stress from activities like walking and jumping.这些弯曲帮助我们直立,并帮助我们分担一部分来自于走路和跳跃的压力。If they are aligned properly, when you#39;re standing up,如果它们被排成一条直线。当你站立时,you should be able to draw a straight line from a point just in front of your shoulders,你能够画上一条直线,从你的肩膀正前方to behind your hip, to the front of your knee, to a few inches in front of your ankle.经过臀部的正后方、穿过膝盖的前方,直到你脚踝前方几英寸。This keeps your center of gravity directly over your base of support,这让你的重心正好在你的撑面的正上方,which allows you to move efficiently with the least amount of fatigue and muscle strain.让你能够更有效率的移动,同时减少了肌肉的绷紧与疲劳。If you#39;re sitting, your neck should be vertical, not tilted forward.如果你正坐着,你的脖子应当是竖直的,而不是向前倾斜。Your shoulders should be relaxed with your arms close to your trunk.你的双肩应当放松,双臂靠近躯干。Your knees should be at a right angle with your feet flat on the floor.你的膝盖应在正确的角度,且脚掌平放接触地面。But what if your posture isn#39;t that great?不过万一你的姿势没有那么好呢?Try redesigning your environment. Adjust your screen so it#39;s at or slightly below eyelevel.试着重新设定你所处的环境。调整你的屏幕,使其刚好或略低于你的平视视线。Make sure all parts of your body, like your elbows and wrists, are supported, using ergonomic aids if you need to.确保你身体的每一个部分,比如肘和腕关节都有撑物,必要的时候使用人体工程学的辅助设备。Try sleeping on your side with your neck supported and with a pillow between your legs.试着侧睡,并让脖子得到撑,以及双腿之间夹一个枕头。Wear shoes with low heels and good arch support, and use a headset for phone calls.穿低跟或能撑足弓的鞋,并用耳麦接电话。It#39;s also not enough to just have good posture.但是,仅仅拥有好的姿势是不够的。Keeping your muscles and joints moving is extremely important.保持关节和肌肉的持续运动是非常重要的。In fact, being stationary for long periods with good posture can be worse than regular movement with bad posture.事实上,长时间以正确的姿势保持静止不动甚至比用不好的姿势做寻常运动更糟糕。When you do move, move smartly. Keep anything you#39;re carrying close to your body.所以要明智的移动。保持你所搬运的人或物靠近你的身体。Backpacks should be in contact with your back carried symmetrically.背包需要对称地紧贴在背上。If you sit a lot, get up and move around on occasion, and be sure to exercise.如果你长时间坐着,每隔一段时间起身在周围走动一下,另外一定要锻炼。Using your muscles will keep them strong enough to support you effectively,经常锻炼肌肉让它们保持强健,以便于让它们更有效地为你务,on top of all the other benefits to your joints, bones, brain and heart.另外这对你的关节、骨骼、大脑以及心脏都有好处。And if you#39;re really worried, check with a physical therapist, because yes, you really should stand up straight.而且如果你实在很担心,你可以去找理疗师做检查,因为是的,你真的应该站直。 Article/201706/515119 从零开始学口语 第19讲:健康(上) 相关专题:英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐日常口语会话120分钟 /200808/46351渭南蒲城县医院肠部溃疡性结肠炎结肠炎陕西妇幼保健医院胃病胃肠收费标准



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