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云南大理妇幼保健人民中心中医院生孩子价格大理女性附件炎的影响熊孩子苹果商店掰弯iPhone 6(图) -- ::57 来源:   Rumours about Apple’s bending iPhone 6 Plus show no signs of dying down.  iPhone 6 Plus能被掰弯的传言愈演愈烈  In a five-minute , two -year-old boys step into an Apple store to try to bend a gold iPhone 6 Plus.  在一个5分钟的视频里,名岁少年走进苹果商店想要掰弯一个金色iPhone 6 Plus  They use so much pressure that the screen on the phone pops out, causing the teenagers to say they have to run away or ‘they would have ended up paying it’.  他们用了很大力气,以至于手机屏幕都崩开两名少年说他们必须跑掉以免赔偿  The boys then ask a shop worker whether or not an iPhone 6 Plus could bend.  随后他们问店里的一名工作人员iPhone 6 Plus能不能被掰弯  It is believed that the thinner model, as well as the use of aluminium metal in its design, causes the frame to dem.  据信,iPhone6的机身会变形是因为做的更薄,加之使用了铝金属  Apple has acknowledged there are issues with new iPhones bending under some circumstances, but it added that it has only received nine official complaints.  苹果宣称确实有iPhone在某些情况下变形的情况,但他们称目前只有9起对此的正式投诉大理市可视人流手术费用 伊朗男子重5公斤 身材如真实版绿巨人 --5 :: 来源: Sajad Gharibi,今年岁,来自伊朗,现在他的体重已经达到了5kg,他在Ins上放出了自己裸着上半身的照片后引起了网友的广泛关注 A huge weightlifter has been dubbed the Iranian Hulk after astounding social media with his sheer physical size.一个重量级的举重运动员的壮实肌肉震惊了社交媒体,他被称为“伊朗绿巨人”Sajad Gharibi, , from Iran, is said to weigh almost and a half stone and almost all of it is muscle.今年岁的Sajad Gharibi,来自伊朗,据说他的体重已经达到了.5英石(约5kg),全身基本都是肌肉The giant man with a fierce expression has a following of over 59,000 followers on Instagram where he posts about what he does best - weightlifting.他在Instagram上传了自己举重的照片,再加上凶狠的表情,使他的粉丝数达到了59000人But his Instagram doesn’t feature the type of food and workout posts most weightlifters and workout obsessives share, instead it displays an array of gobsmacking topless photos of himself and unpretentious pictures of him going about his day to day life.不过,他的Instagram主页上并没有像大多的举重选手和健身达人们那样,特别介绍他的饮食和锻炼情况,而是分享了一系列令人咋舌的光着上身的照片,以及低调的日常生活图片His huge frame and bulging muscles have earned him the name of Hulk or Hercules.他大号的体型以及结实的肌肉为他赢得了“绿巨人”“大力神”等名号He can lift up to 5 kilogrammes (386 lbs), which is more than he weighs and he takes part in the powerlifting category of competitions. He has also participated in bodybuilding competitions representing his country.他能举起5公斤(386磅),这可比他的体重还要重他参加过力量举重类的比赛他还代表伊朗参加过健美大赛Since getting gaining a following on his social media s, the Persian Hercules has quickly become an internet sensation as netizens express their amazement at his impressive build.自从在社交媒体有了不少粉丝后,这位波斯绿巨人迅速成为网红,网友们对他让人印象深刻的体型表示惊叹He writes in Persian but uses English hashtags such as #strongman #strongbody #big #mucsles and #powerful.他的文是波斯语,不过他使用如#强壮的人#健壮体型#大号#肌肉#力量等英文标签In his free time, Gharibi also likes to take pictures with objects that look smaller when held next to him.在生活中,Sajad偶尔喜欢跟一些比自己小的事物合照In one photo he sidles up to a can of Fanta orange.在一张照片里,他贴着一罐芬达汽水合影邢台市长鞠躬道歉 承认救灾不足 --5 :56:56 来源: 3日晚,河北省邢台市政府召开新闻发布会邢台市市长董晓宇鞠躬道歉,承认救灾不足 The mayor of Xingtai City in north China’s Hebei Province apologized Saturday night inadequate responses to the storms that have caused 5 deaths and missing in the city.星期六晚,中国北部河北省邢台市市长就本次暴雨灾害应对不力,造成5人死亡及人失联向民众道歉Dong Xiaoyu said the government had underestimated the intensity of the rainfall, been insufficient in emergency ability, and late and inaccurate when it came to disaster assessment.邢台市市长董晓宇表示,政府对这次短时强降雨强度之大,来势之猛,预判不足各级干部抗大洪、抢大险、救大灾的应急能力不足,灾情统计、核实、上报不准确、不及时"I am deeply sorry failing to protect people’s lives and properties, no matter howserious the natural disaster is," Dong said.他说,“无论面对多大的天灾,作为一级党委、政府,没能保护好人民群众生命财产安全,我深感内疚”"On behalf of the city Party committee and government, I pay deepest condolences to the victims and their relatives, and apologize tothe public."“我代表市委、市政府向所有遇难者表示沉痛哀悼,向遇难、失踪者亲属和受灾群众,向全社会诚恳道歉”Dong said the city has initiated an ability investigation and will punish those responsible the tragedy.他表示,目前,邢台市已启动责任追究程序,对这次抗洪中工作不力的责任人将给予处分Torrential rain and floods have left 1 people dead and 1 others missing in Hebei as of 6 p.m. on Saturday, according to the provincial civil affairs bureau.据河北省民政局数据,截至星期六下午6点,特大暴雨已造成河北省1人死亡,1人失踪大理做无痛人流好的妇科医院

大理人流打胎价钱哥伦比亚政府与反政府武装签署最终停火协议:结束五十年内战 -- ::58 来源: 全部哥伦比亚人一同庆祝政府与最大反政府武装“哥伦比亚革命武装力量”签署最终停火协议,结束了长达五十年的内战 Colombians are celebrating the signing of a ceasefire by the government and the Farc rebel movement, which ended 50 years of civil war.全部哥伦比亚人一同庆祝政府与最大反政府武装“哥伦比亚革命武装力量”签署最终停火协议,结束了长达五十年的内战In the capital, Bogota, people took to the streets, hugging each other and singing the national anthem.在首都波哥大,人们走上街头,互相拥抱并唱起国歌The announcement is seen as one of the last steps bee a full peace deal is signed, which is expected within weeks.该停火协议是全面和平协议签署前的最后一步,全面和平协议据估计会在几周内签署The longest-running insurgency in the Western hemisphere left some ,000 people dead and millions displaced.西半球旷日持久的叛乱造成了大约000人死亡以及百万人流离失所Thursday’s announcement in Havana caps mal peace talks that started three years ago in the Cuban capital.周四的协议签署于哈瓦那帽正式和谈,这场和谈是三年前在古巴首都开始的But it does not mark the start of the ceasefire, which will only begin with the signing of a final accord.但是和谈并没有带来停火,停火只在最后协议签署后才开始Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos has previously said he hopes to sign that by the end of July.哥伦比亚总统Juan Manuel Santos之前说过他希望停火协议能在七月底之前签署The Farc in the 1st Century is a strange beast.二十一世纪的哥伦比亚革命武装力量是一只可怕的猛兽Gone is the bipolar vision of the Cold War, and gone too are most of the group’s original intellectual architects, many killed in combat.冷战时的两级景象结束了,但是大部分的学识渊的建设者也不在了,他们大多死在了战场上Today, somewhat anchorless, the rebels continue to go through motions of an armed insurgency but they know a new future is beckoning.到今天,仍然有一些事情没有彻底平息,反政府军还在继续进行武装叛乱活动,但是他们知道新的未来已经来临了They remain primed war - machine guns by their beds, handguns under their pillows, all night lookouts keeping watch an enemy that no longer seems to be searching them.他们仍然延续着战争时候的习惯——藏在床上,手放在枕头下,整夜地巡视以防敌人偷袭,但是再也没有人会来偷袭他们了Thursday’s announcement included:周四签署的停火协议内容包括:A commitment that rebels will lay down arms within 180 days of a final peace deal反政府武装承诺会在最终的和平协定签订后的180天内缴械The creation of temporary transition zones and camps the estimated 7,000 rebels为反政府武装分子建立临时过渡区和营地,据估计约有7000人A provision that no civilians will be allowed to enter Farc camps, to guarantee rebel security不允许任何平民进入哥伦比亚革命武装力量的营地以保障反政府军的安全A provision that UN monitors will receive all the group’s weapons联合国观察员将会收到该组织所有的武器大理市鹤庆县妇幼保健人民中心中医院怎么样好吗 年轻人为什么越来越穷?(双语) -- 19:01:37 来源:chinadaily 你穷吗?每天拼了命的干活,却发现付宝里的钱越来越少?!放心,你不是一个人在穷 近英国卫报的一项调查说:全世界年轻人都一样越来越穷在美国,30岁以下的年轻人比退休人群要穷在英国,退休人群可配收入的增幅相当于年轻人收入增幅的3倍看到这里,是不是稍稍有点放心,毕竟全球那么多小伙伴跟我们一起穷!But 穷要穷的明白,我们为什么会越来越穷呢? 讲真,要找一个自己喜欢又能赚钱的工作真心不易啊那些年我们无人问津的简历啊,连起来可以绕地球800多圈了吧! 仅以欧盟去年的数据为例:The average unemployment rate among young people in EU countries in April was .7 percent, while the total unemployment rate stood at 9.7 percent. 好不容易有了工作,才发现,有一种穷叫穷忙(Working poor)!比如小编我,每天废寝忘食的写微信,一到月底依然是月光! 一位叫做何帆的经济学家说:;Generation born in 1960s and 1970s could earn a good living by working hard. However, generation born in 1980s and 90s are having a great pressure;. 社会上各种门槛越来越多,上升通道无比拥挤,职场竞争超级激烈,光靠努力工作很难迅速发家致富奔小康(但还是要努力工作哦,不然一点机会都没有啦) 努力工作一整月,好不容易熬到发工资那天,才发现:信用卡要还了!房租要交了!新电影上映了!女朋友的生日到了! In an of the National Business Daily, it states that, in China, people have to spend at least 0% of their salary to rent a flat in major cities. 要吃饭,要买房,要谈恋爱,要看电影,还要旅行,钱就这样随风而逝! 有时候,会忍不住扪心自问:真的是我不够优秀,不够努力吗?什么时候才能兑现当初的承诺,让爸爸妈妈过上好日子啊? 有时候,面对生活的苟且,听那些成功人士大谈“诗和远方”,还真是想呵呵他们一脸啊~ 好,重点来了!有没有年轻人省钱的方法和小窍门呢? I don't know!作为月光族和working poor的小编是无能为力了?大家有什么省钱tips快砸向爱吃鸡腿的小编吧!大理东方妇科医院网上预约

大理白族人民医院在哪里外国人都用啥表情包? -- 19:5: 来源: 现在表情包几乎已经成为了网络聊天必不可少的东西了,中国网络用户“斗图”可谓群魔乱舞,但是外国人都喜欢使用什么表情包呢? The people of France and Italy live up to their romantic stereotypes, the Spanish prefer to flex their muscles while the British and Americans mainly seem to be weary.法国人和意大利人保持了他们一贯浪漫的态度,西班牙人却更喜欢展示自己的肌肉,而大多数英国和美国人则看起来很疲倦This is the view of the world that appears when looking at the most popular emojis that are used on Twitter in different countries.通过统计各个国家推特用户们最喜欢的表情,就可以看到这些国家存在着这样的倾向The list was compiled ahead of World Emoji Day this Sunday, and seems to challenge some stereotypes while confirming others about different nations.这份榜单刚好在本周日的“世界表情包日”前推出,似乎会改变人们对某些国家的刻板印象The unquellable positivity of Americans, example, seems to be lacking from their use of emojis as they seem to most often use the weary face icon.举例来说,从使用的表情包来看,美国人似乎不像人们认为的那样积极乐观,他们最经常使用的是一张疲惫的脸Turkey, by comparison, favours a more classic smiley face.和美国人相比,土耳其人更喜欢一张经典的笑脸France and Italy most often use heart shaped emojis related to love - perhaps not surprising countries that are most commonly regarded as the most romantic in the world.法国和意大利的人则更经常使用和爱有关的心形表情--也许对这两个被认为是世界上最浪漫的国家来说并不是一件让人惊讶的事Surprisingly, however, the Japanese also seem to like using a beating heart emoji that is often used to denote love.但是令人吃惊的是,日本人似乎也非常喜欢使用一个跳动的心脏的图案,这个图案一般被用来示爱Saudi Arabia uses a rather bizarre blue heart, which could be seen as rather cold hearted. South Koreans seem to prefer a symbol of kissing lips.沙特人很喜欢用一个怪异的蓝色的心形图案,这可能被看作是想表达自己很“冷漠”的意思韩国人则更喜欢亲吻的嘴唇In Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, countries known their love of rhythm, people favour musical notes..在巴西、哥伦比亚和阿根廷这些以喜好音乐而出名的国家,人们最喜欢的是音乐符’World Emoji Day’ has been designated as July because the date famously features on the ’Calendar’ emoji in iOS operating systems.7月日是“世界表情包日”,因为在iOS操作系统中,“日历”表情上面的日期就是7月日To celebrate the day, Twitter analysed how emojis are used around the world.为了庆祝这一天,推特分析了全球用户的表情包使用情况Somewhat expectedly, Australians are optimistic Tweeters, choosing the thumbs up emoji. Perhaps more surprisingly, the Germans also use the symbol, despite often being characterised as somewhat serious.跟预期的差不多,澳大利亚的推特用户们很乐观,他们最喜欢竖起大拇指的表情但是让人非常吃惊的是,德国人也喜欢使用这个表情,尽管他们经常给人以很严肃的印象South Africans are keen on putting their hands in the air and the Spanish like to show off their arm muscles.南非人喜欢使用一双手的那个表情,而西班牙人则更喜欢展示肌肉的表情While people in India and Mexico are more religious or spiritual, favouring the ’person with folded hands’.印度和墨西哥的人更加虔诚一些,他们更加喜欢“双手合十”的表情In May last year, emoji was named as the world’s fastest growing language.去年5月份,表情包被称之为全世界发展最快的语言Earlier this week, Google revealed a series of new emojis in efts to better embrace the diversity of its many users.本周早些时候,谷歌发布了一系列新表情包,以此来更好的吸引其多样化的用户群The new emojis include new professions, from rock star to scientist, each available in both male and female, and across all skin colours.谷歌的新表情包有摇滚明星和科学家等个新职业,每一种职业都有男性和女性两种表情,并且涵盖了所有的肤色In addition to this, 33 existing emojis are set to be updated to include a version both genders.另外,谷歌还把已有的33个表情进行了更新,使得每一个表情都有男女两种版本 奥运临近,巴西里约热内卢宣布进入财政紧急状态 -- :38:55 来源: 在距离巴西奥运会开幕还剩不到50天之际,巴西里约热内卢州州长却宣布进入财政紧急状态 The Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro has declared a financial emergency less than 50 days bee the Olympics.在距离巴西奥运会开幕还剩不到50天之际,巴西里约热内卢州州长却宣布进入财政紧急状态Interim Governor Francisco Dornelles says the "serious economic crisis" threatens to stop the state from honouring commitments the Games.里约代理州长弗朗西斯科.多内莱斯表示,“严重的经济危机”正妨碍里约州兑现对国际奥运会作出的承诺Most public funding the Olympics has come from Rio’s city government, but the state is responsible areas such as transport and policing.虽然筹备奥运会的公共基金大半来自里约市政府,但里约州也要为公共交通和治安警务等领域负责Interim President Michel Temer has promised significant financial help.巴西临时总统米歇尔.特梅尔已承诺将全力提供财政持The governor has blamed the crisis on a tax shortfall, especially from the oil industry, while Brazil overall has faced a deep recession.里约州长将危机归因于税收不足,特别是来自石油行业的税收此时,巴西全国都面临严重的经济衰退The measure could accelerate the release of federal emergency funds.这一举措将加速联邦应急基金的下拨Rio state employees and pensioners are owed wages in arrears. Hospitals and police stations have been severely affected.里约州的雇员和退休人员被拖欠了工资和养老金医院和警察局也深受影响What has gone wrong in Brazil?巴西究竟是怎么了?In a decree, Mr Dornelles said the state faced "public calamity" that could lead to a "total collapse" in public services, such as security, health and education.多内莱斯在颁布令中说,里约州面临“公共灾难状态”,这将导致公共务体系的“全面崩溃”,包括安保、健康、和教育The state has projected a budget deficit of .5bn this year.里约州今年财政赤字估计将高达55亿美元Rio’s mayor Eduardo Paes said on Twitter the state’s decision "in no way delays the delivery of Olympic projects and the promises assumed by the city of Rio".里约市长爱德华多-帕埃斯发推文说,州政府的决定“不会延迟奥运项目的完工,里约市承诺能做到”There are also concerns over an outbreak of the Zika virus, which has been linked to birth defects, and the impact it could have on the city’s tourism.此外,人们还担心寨卡病毒的爆发会影响里约的旅游业寨卡病毒会导致出生缺陷Rio expects about 500,000 eign visitors during the Olympics.据估计,奥运会期间,里约将接待大约50万名外国游客大理哪家医院治疗宫颈炎比较好云南省大理做人流医院



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