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Were fucking fancy.我们真是怪。Its not that you cant, its that youre not willing to give up dumb shit for a better life.不是你做不到,而是你不愿意放弃垃圾去追求更好的生活。Youre not willing to go backwards.你不愿意走回头路。Youre not willing to make yourself dramatically happier,你不愿意让自己更快乐,to move out of your home and downsize and go into a different neighborhood.你不愿意搬家、裁员、进入不同的环境。Youre not willing to go backwards. That to me is fascinating.你不愿意走回头路。这对我来说很有趣。The fact that things, whether home, car, watch, clothes, going out,事实上,所有的东西包括住宅、汽车、手表、衣、旅行,is holding people back from a substantially happier life, is fascinating to me都在阻碍人们获取更幸福的生活,这个事实很有趣。And something that we need to debate.这些也是我们需要讨论的问题。Because at the end of the day, that one at-bat is all we got.因为一天结束时,一次上场就是我们的所有收获。And so if I can absolutely push you one tangible item,所以如果我能给你们列出具体的一点,I see some people have pads and pens, and Im fascinated by that.我看到人们有平板电脑和笔,我迷上它们了。Go, y? Go to a fucking, F-U-C-K-I-N-G, retirement home,写下来,准备好了吗?写F-U-C-K-I-N-G,养老院、spend time, collect data, realize regret is the worst, and do something about it.消磨时间、收集数据、意识到后悔是最糟糕的,那就开始改变吧。201706/515070In this American English pronunciation , were going to go over linking consonant to consonant.在这个美式英语发音视频里,我们来看一看辅音和辅音之间的连读。Linking is an important part of American English.If we break between each word, it sounds very choppy.连读是美式英语里面很重要的一部分。如果我们在每个单词之间都停顿的话,听起来就会很不连贯。But in American English, we like to link words together for a smooth sound.但是在美式英语中,我们会将单词连读起来,以此来达到通顺的效果。Ive aly made s on linking Vowel to Vowel and Consonant to Vowel.我之前已经做过关于元音与元音之间、辅音与元音之间连读的视频了。Linking Consonant to Consonant happens all the time in American English.辅音和辅音之间的连读在美式英语里很常见。In that sentence right there it happened four times: ng-kk, nt-tt, nt-hh, and ll-th.在上面那个句子里,它就出现了四次:ng-kk, nt-tt, nt-hh 和 ll-th。We cant cover every example of linking consonant to consonant as there are simply too many combinations for this , but I will give you some examples.我们不可能涉及到每一个辅音和辅音连读的例子,因为有太多的组合,这一个视频里不可能涉及到所有的组合,但是我会给你们举一些例子。First lets talk about linking the same consonant.Take the example ;gas station;.首先,我们来讨论相同辅音的连读。比如说“gas station”。Its not ;gas station;, with two separate Ss, its ;gas station;: one S, connecting the two words.不能读成“gas station”,两个分开的S,而要读成“gas station”,用一个S连接两个单词。;Im going to the gas station.;I aly used this example last year when I took a road trip.;Im going to the gas station.;我在去年旅行的时候已经用过这个例子了。Click here to see that , or go to the description.Another example: ;some might, some might.;点击这里看那个视频,或者去看视频介绍。另一个例子:;some might, some might.;Again, not ;some might;, but ;some might;, connected with one M.;Some might think so.;同样的,不是“some might”,而是“some might”,用一个M连接。;Some might think so.;The rule gets a little complicated when we bring in Stop Consonants.The six stop consonants are t, d, p, b, k, and g.当加入顿音辅音时,连读规则就变得复杂一些了。六个顿音辅音是 t, d, p, b, k 和 g。When these meet in between two words, like ;hot today;, you have to stop the air to signify the first consonant, then release the sound into the next word.当这些辅音出现在单词之间时,比如“hot today”,你要停顿一下来表示第一个辅音,然后再发下个单词的音。So, its not ;hahtoday, hahtoday;, but ;hot today;, with a stop, ;hot today, hot today;.因此,不是“hahtoday, hahtoday”,而是“hot today”,中间停顿一下,;hot today, hot today;。So to make that stop, Im just holding the air in my throat, for a fraction of a second, ;hot today, hot today.;因此停顿的时候,我将气息保留在喉咙处,停留不到一秒的时间,;hot today, hot today.;Another example, ;bad dog;.Its not ;baadog;, but ;bad dog, bad dog, bad dog;, with a stop.另一个例子,“bad dog”。不是“baadog”,而是;bad dog, bad dog, bad dog;,停顿一下。This is true in general when were linking a stop consonant to any other consonant.在把顿音辅音和其他的任何辅音连读时,这个规则一般都是适用的。For example, ;peanut butter, peanut butter; – stopped T, released B, ;peanut butter;.比如,;peanut butter, peanut butter;——顿音T,发出B音,;peanut butter;。Not ;peanuh butter, peanuh butter;, with no stop, but also not ;peanut butter; with a released T, but ;peanut butter, peanut butter.;;Flip phone.;不是;peanuh butter, peanuh butter;,没有停顿,也不是;peanut butter;,发出T音,而是;peanut butter, peanut butter.;;Flip phone.;Here we stop the sound with the lips in position for the P, then go straight into the F consonant without releasing the P.在这里,当唇部做出P音的形状时停顿,然后直接发辅音F,不发P音。;Flip phone, flip phone.;Its not ;flip phone;, with a full release, and its not ;flihphone;, with no stop of air.;Flip phone, flip phone.;不是;flip phone;,将P音完全发出,也不是;flihphone;,没有停顿。We have to stop the air.;Flip phone, flip phone.;我们必须停顿。;Flip phone, flip phone.;This way of linking ending stop consonants to words that begin with another consonant is a great trick to add to your English if you havent aly.这种将单词结尾的辅音与其他以辅音开头的单词连读的方法是一个很好的技巧,如果你还没有用过这种技巧的话,可以把它加入你的英语当中。Some students have trouble with this, and add an additional schwa sound between words in order to link in these situations.一些学生在做这个时有点问题,会把单词中间加入一个弱读音,以此来在这些情况下连读。So ;hot sauce; becomes something more like ;hot-uh-sauce, hot-uh-sauce;.所以,;hot sauce;变成了;hot-uh-sauce, hot-uh-sauce;。So remember, dont release that ending stop consonant, just stop the air.因此要记得,不要把结尾的顿音辅音发出来,停顿一下就好了。For all other cases, youll just need to isolate the two sounds in question and practice.对于所有的其他情况,你只需要把两个音分开练习就好了。Lets take for example ;Its a tough one;.Here were linking the F and W sounds.Practice them separately, ff, ww, ff, ww.比如说;Its a tough one;。在这里,我们要把F音和W音连读。把它们分开练习,ff, ww, ff, ww。Now practice them together, sliding slowly from one sound to the other, ff-ww, ff-ww.现在把它们放在一起练习,慢慢地从一个音滑向另一个音,ff-ww,ff-ww。Really think about what youre moving to transition in-between these two sounds.想一下在这两个音之间你要怎样过渡。In this case, my bottom lip was touching the bottom of the top front teeth, ff, and then the lips round out.在这个例子中,我的下唇抵着下排牙齿的上端,发出ff音,然后双唇放松。My tongue doesnt have to move.;Ff-ww, ff-ww, tough one, tough one.;;Tough one. Its a tough one.;我的舌头不需要移动。;Ff-ww, ff-ww, tough one, tough one.;;Tough one. Its a tough one.;So, isolate the sounds, practice them separately, practice them together slowly, speed them up and put them back into the context of the words and eventually the sentence.所以,把音分离出来,然后分开练习,放在一起慢慢练习,加快速度,然后把它们放回单词里,最后放回句子里练习。Lets look at one more example.Well link the N sound to the R sound: On Rachels desk.让我们再看一个例子。我们要把N音和R音连读:On Rachels desk.Here, my lips and tongue have to move.;Nn, rr, nn, rr.;Now link them together slowly: ;nn, rr, nn, rr.;在这里,我的唇部和舌头都要动。;Nn, rr, nn, rr.;现在慢慢地把它们连在一起:;nn, rr, nn, rr.;You may see my lips are rounding a little bit as Im making the N, thats in preparation for the R, ;nn, rr.;你可能看到我在发N音时唇部稍微有一点圆,这是在为R音做准备,;nn, rr.;The tongue goes from having the top part of the front of the tongue at the roof of the mouth here, ;nn, rr;,舌头位置的变化是,从舌头前面部分接触上颚,“nn, rr”,to having the front part of the tongue touching nothing as the tongue pulls back for the R.到舌头收回,为发R音做准备时,舌头前面部分不接触任何位置。So for the R, the middle part of the tongue is touching the roof of the mouth, or maybe the insides of the teeth, about here.因此,发R音时,舌头中间的部分是抵着上颚的,或者是牙齿的里面,大概在这里。;Nn-rr. Onn-Rr, Onn-Rrachels.;Im really feeling the tongue move up and then back, ;on Rachels, on Rachels.;;Nn-rr. Onn-Rr, Onn-Rrachels.;我真的感觉到了舌头向上移动,然后再回来,;on Rachels, on Rachels.;;On Rachels desk.;Check out the other s that Ive made, that address some consonant to consonant linking.;On Rachels desk.;看一下我做的其他视频,那些视频讲了一些辅音和辅音之间的连读。Take any short text and look for words that should link consonant to consonant.选择任何的短文章,然后找一些带有辅音和辅音连读的单词。For each case, think about what kind of linking it is.Is the consonant the same?Is the first consonant a stop consonant?对于每个例子,想一下它是哪种类型的连读。辅音是一样的吗?第一个辅音是顿音辅音吗?Practice it slowly.Linking is a crucial part of smoothing out speech, sounding American.慢慢练习。连读是在做到演讲通顺、听起来更美式当中一个很重要的部分。Put an example of a simple sentence where you would need to link consonant to consonant below in the comments.在下面的里写出一个简单的你认为需要连读辅音的句子。Practice with the sentences that everyone else puts!Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.练习一下其他人的句子!这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201707/516339Do you think Im coming to play football?你觉得我是来打橄榄球的吗?I am football.我就是为橄榄球而生的。Away Away Away. Omaha.让开,让开,让开。奥马哈。The Pain says Omaha. Hes talking about me.佩恩在说奥马哈的时候,就是在说我。I got the arm, the rest is coming.我取得了成绩,其他的东西就会随之而来了。Hey Raw! Steve! People are calling my record safe now.嘿,罗!史蒂夫!继续加油,就能破了我的纪录了。Lets go, time to thrive.加油啊,伙计们。Hold it safe, bro. Baby, I got you.放轻松,我可以的。Wanna slant, curl, post? Any route is my best route.要我排个序?每一场都是我最好的那场。Know what happens when you run into a boy like me?没有我那样的?People show up at your front door.那人们只是在你门前经过而已。Frank is out! You what?弗兰克下场!什么?Ill take your job, and Ill retire you.我将取代你的位置,你要离场了。Im fast. There aint nothing you can do about it. Touchdown!我非常快。你对此毫无办法。达阵得分!Youll see me coming, but youll never be able to stop me.我来了,但是你阻挡不了我。201703/499081

This region has a large population of grizzlies这个地区灰熊数目很多who are considered by some experts to be the most aggressive species of bear.有些专家认为 灰熊是最具攻击性的熊类之一Well, at least we get some protection from bears up here.至少在这儿上面 我可以远离熊 保护自己Doesnt feel very stable, though.就是感觉不太牢固Its dry up here in the attic but its far from cozy阁楼上很干燥 但却一点也不暖和And this willow is great for sleeping on.Its really good and springy.睡在柳木上感觉非常好 非常有弹性Its like natures mattress.像是天然的床垫Reaching up on their hind legs,a grizzly could get me from here.如果灰熊直立起来 还是可以从下面就抓到我What I need is an early warning system.我需要一个防熊预警系统Im gonna use paracord to make a trip wire我准备用降落伞线作个绊索which will run right across the doors and windows.You know that will do.设置在所有门和窗户前面 这种装置很有效Ive tied an old pitchfork to the wire and put a section of stovepipe on the ground.把旧的干草耙系在线索上 然后将一段烟囱放在地上This is just gonna act as like like a trip wire,这样摆放后 就形成一个绊索了so if anything comes in through the windows or the doors, and trigger this当有东西从窗户或门进来时 碰到机关And knock all of that tin,and then well know all about it.就会打翻这个烟囱 我们就知道有东西进来了See, the weathers definitely worsening outside, anyway,which means its even more likely看 外面的天气明显越来越糟了 就是说 动物们更有可能that animals are gonna be seeking a bit of refuge in here.到这儿来躲避风雨201608/460319

I wanted to know youre all about inspiration我知道你是个很有动力的人and everything Ive been feeling a little bit unmotivated and我最近对任何事情都缺乏动力Ive been feeling like I should be doing something我一直觉得我应该做些事儿or I should be, just I feel like I should be pulled in like it is an unfeeling uninspired face或者我应该 我觉得在我沮丧时应该被拉一把okay thats my question how do you get when you lose inspiration or you lose motivation那么我的问题是 当你失去热忱或失去动力的时候如何应对how do you get it back你怎么重新点燃那团火I get it back by remembering that you might die tomorrow, thats true我的方法是提醒自己 你可能明天就死了 这是真事儿so Im inspired by practicality and reality我从实际和现实中受到启发and the truth, which is it is ridiculously impossible to become a human being那就是 你知道要当个人类有多难吗?I am one, I have other good things going for me as a human being and我是一个人类 因此我的人生也有很多美好的事物Im just grateful.所以我感到知足You, your dwelling and looking at what you dont have versus你想到的和看到的都是你没有的东西looking at what you have if you actually looked at what you had为什么不去看你所拥有的事物呢?your health, you know, living in America你的健康 或者是出生在美国等等you know who the heck knows what would be on your list我不知道你的人生清单里有什么是值得感恩的if you actually spend all your time looking at that如果你真的把时间用在那的话versus I dont have a million dollars, Im not famous, I dont have this而不是一直纠结于我没有一百万 我没有名气 我没有这没有那if you spent all your time on what you have versus what you dont have把你的时间都花在所拥有的而不是没有的事上you will be the happiest girl on earth你会是全世界最开心的人201706/512817Pros and Cons: Going to Disneyland in China老外去上海迪士尼的利与弊Tonight were gonna be taking a look at the pros and cons of going to Disneyland in China. You hear about this?今晚我们要来看去中国迪士尼的利与弊。你知道这件事吗?Yes.知道。This is big news. I love theme parks. Disney just unveiled their newest theme park opening next June in Shanghai. This is the first one ever in the country. So lets take a look at the pros and cons of going to Disneyland in China. Here we go.这可是条大新闻。我爱主题乐园。迪士尼刚公开他们明年六月在上海开幕的最新主题乐园。这是中国首座。所以我们来看看去中国迪士尼的利与弊吧。开始。Pro: Its a park built for kids. Con: Its a park built ;by; kids. Now thats intriguing! I was like... one way to do it.利:这是座建给孩子的乐园。弊:这是座“由”孩子建的乐园。那倒有趣了!我会说……这也是一种方法啦。Someones gotta build it.总得有人去盖。Whatre you doing? Get back to work!你在干嘛?滚回去工作!I dont work here!我不在这工作啊!Oh, sorry! I thought youre my foreman.噢,抱歉!我以为你是我的工头。No, Im just a kid.不是,我只是个小孩。Pro: Its just like what youd find in America. Con: Because its made in China. There you go. Thats where—most things are.利:中国迪士尼里的东西就像美国的一样。弊:因为是中国制造的。没错。那是——大部分的东西都是。Stems home—makes you feel like youre at home.源自家乡——让你觉得宾至如归。Pro: Going home with a popular souvenir. Con: A smog mask with mouse ears. So thats it. Thats...thats cute.利:带着热门伴手礼回家。弊:一个有老鼠耳朵的防尘口罩。就是这样。那……那蛮妙的。Yeah, thats cute.嗯,满可爱的。Yeah.对啊。Makes you feel like you were there.让你觉得像置身中国一样。Exactly.没错。Pro: You can buy merchandise with fun, pretend money. Con: Or as thats known in China, ;American dollars.; So, thats good. There you go. Its cute. Its cute. Yeah, its cute. Play with it.利:你可以用有趣的玩具钞买东西。弊:或在中国称作“美金”。所以,很好啊。给你。这真可爱。好可爱。没错,好可爱。拿去玩吧。Oh, look at it! George Washington.噢,你看!华盛顿耶。Pro: Seeing Donald Duck. Con: Hanging upside down in a butchers window. Hey, dont...利:看见唐老鸭。弊:被倒挂在肉贩的橱窗里。嘿,不要这样……Culture! Its cultural! Its called Peking duck.文化!那是文化!那叫北京烤鸭。Yeah, culture...对啊,文化……Who are we to judge? We dont judge!我们凭什么?我们不去批判的!Yeah! Its actually quite delicious.对啊!烤鸭其实满好吃的。Yeah, it is.对,真的。How rare...how rare is it?这几分……这几分熟啊?Help me...help me... Oh my God!救救我……救救我……噢我的天啊!Hey! What are you doing?嘿!你在做什么?Get out of here!滚出去!What are you doing?你在做什么?Why is there a talking giant mouse here?这里怎么有一只会说话的大老鼠?Hey man, lets kill him!嘿老兄,来杀了他吧!This is what happens when you legalize drugs.这就是让毒品合法化的情况。I saw a talking dog...我看见一只会说话的……Pro: Seeing a sign with the same Chinese symbols as your tattoo. Con: Realizing your tattoo doesnt mean ;Inner Strength,; it means ;Restrooms This Way.; How would I know? I dont speak Chinese, dude!利:看见和自己刺的中文一样的标志。弊:发现你的刺青图案不是“内在力量”的意思,而是指“内急走这边”。我哪会知道?老兄,我又不会说中文!Yeah! I dont it.对啊!我看不懂。I find...I find inner peace when I go to the restroom.我找……我去厕所的时候会找到心灵平静。Yeah! Exactly. And outer peace.没错!完全正确。还有外在的平静。Yes.对。Pro...利……Number two symbol...大号的标志……Oh...no, no, no. Stop! Im flushed, Im flushed.噢……不不不。停!我冷静不下来、我冷静不下来了。Pro: Traveling all the way to China to go to Disneyland. Con: Because your Ashley Madison account got hacked and you need to lay low for a while. Like, gotta get out of here. Do what you gotta do.利:千里迢迢跑到中国去迪士尼。弊:因为你的偷吃帐号(注)被骇了,所以你需要低调一阵子。像是,得闪人了。做你该做的事吧。And finally, pro: They even have an exhibit honoring America. Con: ;The Hall of Presidents Who Owe Us Money.;最后,利:他们甚至有纪念美国的展览。弊:“欠钱美国总统纪念堂”。Thats nice. There you go! Thats the pros and cons.真不赖。好了!那就是利与弊。注:原文中 Ashley Madison 为一推广婚外情约会的交友网站。201606/449019I spent a soaking night in the chinese jungle.我在中国丛林中度过了湿漉漉的一夜The rain has eased for a moment,雨势变弱一阵子了and Im checking the traps to see if theyve caught anything.而我要检查下有没有捕到什么Ive got a rat thats squashed under this.我抓到只老鼠 压扁在这下面了Its funny, cause, actually, the more elaborate,这很搞笑 因为实际上更精确的bigger deadfall trap didnt get anything,but this really simple figure-of-four大型的陷阱 都抓不到什么 但这个非常简单的四角固定的trap that Ive used loads of times before has worked.我用过很多次的陷阱 却有收获了But Im gonna keep the rat for later.但等会儿再想老鼠的事Now the rain has stopped,I want to make some progress through this jungle whilst the goings good.现在雨已经停了 我要在丛林中前进 赶在一切都很顺利时The jungle has thinned a little now,and I can make quick progress here.现在丛林的密度已经变小一些了 我能在这里走快一些Its important to the terrain and I can make quick progress here.so you can pick up features ahead of you.通过观察地形 来了解树木非常重要 因为你可以了解前面的情况Sometimes moving through the jungle efficiently is just about finding your rhythm.有时候在丛林里有效的前进 就是寻找到你的节奏You can see loads of rainwater has collected just in the bowl of this tree.你能看到许多雨水淤积在 这棵树的树洞里It rained loads last night.昨夜下了很多雨In the jungle, where youre sweating so much and its so humid, youve got to keep drinking.在丛林里 你会流很多汗 而这里很潮湿 所以你要一直喝水The easiest way of getting this out,use a bit of bamboo.最简单的弄出它的方法是 用一些竹子And its a technique that the San Bushmen in Africa showed me.Just drink it straight up.这个技术是那些 非洲以采集狩猎为生的人教给我的 就直接喝吧You should always avoid drinking from stagnant pools,but I know this water is fresh because it rained so much last night.你要始终避免饮用死水 但我知道这水是干净的 因为昨晚的雨下得太大了201607/456853

For the first time in more than 50 years, a commercial flight from the U.S. has landed in Cuba.50多年来,来自美国的商业航班首次降落在古巴。JetBlue Flight 387 took off with much fanfare from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Wednesday with about 150 passengers on board. 51 minutes later, the plane touched down safely in Santa Clara, Cuba.周三,在一片喧嚣中载有约150名乘客的捷蓝航空387航班从弗罗里达州劳德代尔堡起飞。51分钟后,飞机安全降落在古巴的圣克拉拉。Among the planes 150 passengers was U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, who announced eight airlines have been authorized to schedule flights to Havana as early as this fall.在50名乘客中有美国交通部部长安东尼·霍尔斯,他宣布有8家航空公司获准计划飞往哈瓦那。This doesnt mean Cuba is open for tourism, though,the U.S. still has travel restrictions on Cuba, which the White House cant lift without Congress help. Right now, travel to Cuba still has to fall under one of 12 approved reasons to be legal.尽管如此,这并不意味着古巴的旅游业是开放的,美国对古巴仍有旅行限制,没有国会的持,白宫无法将其解除。现在,到古巴旅游仍受12项准许原因合法的影响。But the U.S. government hopes to approve more airliners and travel routes between the two countries in the future — provided Cuba can upgrade its airport infrastructure to meet the demand.但美国政府希望未来两国之间能批准更多的航班和旅游路线,如果古巴可以提升机场基础设施以满足需求。译文属。201609/464064Pro-Donald Trump rallies and anti-Trump protests converged across the country Saturday, and in some cities, violence followed.周六,亲特朗普集会和反特朗普抗议在全国各地展开,在一些城市暴力事件紧随其后。At least three people were injured in Berkeley, California. Police made 10 arrests and confiscated bricks, bats and pipes.加利福尼亚伯克利至少三人受伤。警方拘捕10人,没收砖头、球棒和钢管。Two people were arrested in Nashville and four in Olympia, Washington, after police say the demonstrators assaulted an officer.两人在纳什维尔被捕、四人在华盛顿奥林匹亚被捕,警方称示威者袭击了一名警察。Six people were arrested in St. Paul, Minnesota,five of whom are facing riot charges after allegedly lighting fireworks inside the state Capitol.六人在明尼苏达的圣保罗被捕,其中五人在州议会大楼内点燃烟花,面临暴乱指控。Other ;March 4 Trump; rallies were staged in Austin, Texas; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Indianapolis; and several more cities. Those, too, were met by anti-Trump protesters, but no arrests occurred.其它“3月4日特朗普”集会发生在德克萨斯州奥斯丁,弗吉尼亚比奇,印第安纳波利斯以及其它几个城市。这些也遭遇到反特朗普抗议者,但没有发生任何逮捕行动。译文属。201703/495986TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463925

How much we love in Andrew, hes letting it rock down? Im angry with you.安德鲁把头发放下来之后我们有多喜欢他?我生气了Why? You will rock like LOreal advertisement. You work there, you look exceptional.为啥啊?你现在看起来像从欧莱雅的洗发广告走出来的,真得超帅。But youre a very committed and dedicated actor.你是个很敬业很努力的演员。Now whats the best thing that you have to learn because of job?你为了工作学过的最开心的一件事是什么?Its reality to do this show with you, just so you know.跟你一起做节目真的很难熬,你懂的Well, Im finding it very easy to be here with you. Maybe thats why were different.但我觉得跟你在一起很轻松啊,也许这就是我们的不同之处Admittedly, I just love you so much. And I know you so intimately in the outside of the work.我可喜欢你了,你下班之后啥样我一清二楚Andrew, do not let the hat out of the bag.安德鲁,你可不能把我的秘密抖出来了Oh, they know. They can tell.你不说他们也看得出来It was one time. We had a few drinks. I wasnt drunk at all.有一次,我们喝了点儿酒。我可没醉I was drunk on love, but now you got a girlfriend, girlfriend.我陷入爱河了。现在你有了女朋友No, go on. Yeah, skills. What do you have to learn?不,继续。嗯,演技方面,你要学什么?I have to learn how to be a priest.我必须学习如何成为一名神父。With this incredible judge priest father James Marton in New York.詹姆斯·马顿是纽约的一位虔诚正直的神父And its just kind of wild.这部剧有些离奇。Cause you know, especially, cause that project, that directors want to make it so long,因为导演想让这部剧看上去真实on the late night at home, is was carpentry,晚上回去,我们练习木工手艺but carpentry is something has been one of my kind of hobbies,我一直喜欢木工手艺because as actors, we dont have anything to really hold on to ever, thats just like solid.因为作为演员,我们无法切实地感受到像固体一样的东西,And kind of fleeting, and kind of this mistical thing that doesnt really exist,有些事物是稍纵即逝的、虚幻的、不存在的,its tangible... and thats probably what Im looking for, make something I can feel and hold.它是真实的...这大概就是我要学习的,创造一些能感知和触摸的事物。Its very comforting. Comforts me. I dont know.它抚慰了我,我觉得很安心。Im going to leave my hand here. I dont know if Ive ever acted.我要用手抚摸着它,我不知道这是真实存在的还是我演出来的Im so hot for you. This is just bringing it all back.我真的迷上你了。你让我想起了我们过去的时光。Because thats how it started. This is exactly how he gets you in.我们就是这么开始的。他就是这样让你们迷上他的。He goes, look—he goes, look, that table, its something I want to touch it and its made of wood.他说,看呐,就是那张桌子,我想抚摸它,它是木头做的Its what he does. Its what he does. Quit playing games with me.他经常这么干,他就是这么干的,你别跟我耍花招201706/512514The hat went back on, always a very bad sign.他戴上帽子 这总是个不祥的信号Cromwell marched up and down the chamber now shouting that the Lord had done with them克伦威尔在议会中来回踱步 呵斥着主已对他们失望透顶and had chosen instruments more worthy of their calling.并选择了更值得召唤的仆从Some poor soul tried to stop him in full spate,有些可怜人试图阻止他滔滔的言语but Cromwell was in exterminating angel mode and brushed him aside contemptuously.但克伦威尔已经暴跳如雷 完全不理会他人的阻拦;You are no parliament!; He bellowed,;I say, you are no parliament!;你们根本就不配叫议会 他大吼道 我说 你们就不配叫议会With that, he called in the musketeers.边说着 他把火兵叫进来The boots entered heavily, noisily.Parliament was shut down.沉重且嘈杂的脚步声逼近 议会被关闭了This was a depressingly modern moment,a classic coup detat, in fact.这是近代史上令人惋惜的一刻 是一场典型的武装政变At this point, cromwell crossed the line from bullying to outright dictatorship.至此克伦威尔从拥兵自重 迈入绝对的独裁时期In so doing, he undid at a stroke,the entire point of the war he himself had fought由此一举 他彻底背叛了 自己当年亲赴沙场征战的初衷against the kings unparliamentary conduct.即结束国王的专制统治Cromwell liked to claim he was striking a blow against ;Ambition; and ;Avarice;,克伦威尔想要声明 他会坚决打击;野心;和;贪欲;but what he really wounded, and fatally,was the Commonwealth itself.但真正被他严重伤害的 却是全体人民 /201704/502812You asked for it. So in this American English pronunciation ,你们要求过这个,所以,在这个美式英语发音视频里,were going to do a Ben Franklin exercise where we take real American English conversation我们会选取一个真实的美式英语对话,把它做成一个本·富兰克林练习,and analyze the American accent to improve listening comprehension and pronunciation skills.然后分析美式发音,提高听力理解和发音技巧。First, lets listen to the whole conversation.首先,我们来听一下整个对话。HaQuyen, this is Tom. Hi. Hi. Nice to meet you. How are you? Nice to meet you, too.HaQuyen,这是Tom。 你好。 你好。 见到你很高兴。 你好吗?见到你我也很高兴。Have you guys met before? Um...你们之前见过吗? 呃......I dont think so. No, not, not in person. But youve told me about him.我想应该没有。 没有,没有见过真人。但是你跟我说过他。Okay. It seems like you have because Ive known both of you for so long, but... Yeah.好吧。看起来你们好像见过,因为我已经认识你们两个很久了,但是...... 是啊。Never overlapped. Yeah, well, its about time!从没有过交集。 是啊,不过,现在是时候认识了!Now for the analysis.现在开始分析。HaQuyen, this is Tom.HaQuyen,这是Tom。Did you notice how the second syllable of ;HaQuyen; and the syllable ;Tom; were the most stressed?你注意到了吗?“HaQuyen”的第二个音节和“Tom”这个音节是最重的。They had that up down shape. Especially ;Tom;, which came down in pitch at the end of the sentence.它们都有先升后降的形状。尤其是“Tom”,它的音调在句尾降了下来。HaQuyen, this is Tom.HaQuyen,这是Tom。We want this shape in our stressed syllables. The two words ;this is; were flatter and quicker.我们在重读音节里会有这样的形状。而“this is”这两个单词就更平,更快。HaQuyen, this is Tom. (loop two times) Hi. Hi.HaQuyen,这是Tom。(循环两次) 你好。 你好。Both words, ;hi, hi, hi;, had that up down shape. ;Hi. Hi.;这两个“hi”都有先升后降的形状,“hi, hi, hi”, 你好。 你好。Hi. Hi. (loop three times) Nice to meet you.你好。 你好。(循环三次) 见到你很高兴。These two phrases happened at the same time.这两句话是同时说出来的。HaQuyen said, ;Nice to meet you.; Whats the most stressed word there? Nice to meet you. (loop two times)HaQuyen说,“Nice to meet you.”这里最重的单词是哪个呢?Nice to meet you. (循环两次);Meet;. ;Nice; also had some stress, a little longer. ;Nice to meet you.;是“Meet”。“Nice”也有一些重音,稍微长一点。“Nice to meet you.”The word ;to; was reduced. Rather than the OO vowel, we have the schwa. ;Nice to, to, to.;单词“to”被略读了。我们把它读成了弱读音,而不是OO元音。“Nice to, to, to.”Nice to meet you. (loop two times)见到你很高兴。(循环两次);Nice to meet you.; What did you notice about the pronunciation of this T?见到你很高兴。你注意到这个T的发音了吗?Nice to meet you. (loop two times)见到你很高兴。(循环两次)It was a Stop T. ;Meet you.; There was no release of the T sound.这是个顿音T。“Meet you.”T音没有被发出来。Nice to meet you. (loop two times)见到你很高兴。(循环两次)Toms phrase, ;How are you? How are you?;Tom的句子, 你好吗? 你好吗?How are you? (loop two times)你好吗?(循环两次)He stressed the word ;are;. ;How are you?;他重读了单词“are”。“How are you?”How are you? (loop two times)你好吗?(循环两次)Youll also hear this with the word ;you; stressed. ;How are you?;你还会听到单词“you”被重读。“How are you?”How are you? Nice to meet you, too.你好吗?见到你我也很高兴。Tom really stressed the word ;too;.Tom还重读了单词“too”。Nice to meet you, too. (loop two times)见到你我也很高兴。(循环两次)It was the loudest and clearest of the sentence.它是句中音最重最清晰的单词。Nice to meet you, too. (loop two times)见到你我也很高兴。(循环两次)He, like HaQuyen, also reduced the word ;to; to the schwa. ;To, nice to, nice to meet you.;他像HaQuyen一样也把单词“to”略读成了弱读音。“To, nice to, nice to meet you.”Nice to meet you, too. (loop two times)见到你我也很高兴。(循环两次)Also, again like HaQuyen, he made a Stop T here. He did not release the T sound. ;Meet you.;像HaQuyen一样,他这里也把T读成了顿音。他没有把T音发出来。“Meet you.”Nice to meet you, too. (loop two times) Have you guys met before?见到你我也很高兴。(循环两次)你们之前见过吗?I put a little break here, between ;guys; and ;met;, while I thought about what I was going to say.在“guys”和“met”之间,我停顿了一下,想了想我要说什么。Have you guys met before?你们之前见过吗?Did you notice my pronunciation of T? A Stop T.你注意到我发的T音了吗?是个顿音T。Met before?见过吗?We tend to make Ts Stop Ts when the next word begins with a consonant.当后面的单词以辅音开头时,我们会把T发成顿音T。Or, when the word is at the end of a thought or sentence.或者,当这个单词是在一句话或一个观点的结尾时,我们也会把它发成顿音T。Met before? (loop two times) Have you guys met before?见过吗? (循环两次) 你们之前见过吗?What do you notice about the intonation of the sentence? How does it end?你注意到这句话的语调了吗?它是怎样结尾的?Have you guys met before?你们之前见过吗?;Before?; It goes up in pitch.“Before?” 它的语调上升。Have you guys met before?你们之前见过吗?Thats because this is a yes/no question. A question that can be answered with yes or no goes up in pitch at the end.这是因为它是一个简单疑问句。简单疑问句的语调在句尾要上升。Other questions, and statements, go down in pitch.其他的问句和陈述句语调要下降。I dont think so.我想应该没有。;I dont think so, I dont think so.; Again, there was a clear stop in sound here. ;I dont think so.;我想应该没有。我想应该没有。这里又有一个很明显的顿音。“I don’t think so.”I dont thinks so. (loop two times)我想应该没有。(循环两次);I dont think so.; The words were not connected. ;I dont, I dont, I dont think. I dont think so.;我想应该没有。单词之间没有连接。“I don’t, I don’t, I don’t think. I don’t think so.”;Think; was the most stressed word there. ;I dont think so.;“Think”是这里最重的单词。我想应该没有。Feel your energy go towards it and then away from it in the sentence. ;I dont think so.;你的能量要用到这个单词上,然后在句子中慢慢减弱。“I don’t think so.”I dont think so. No, not, not in person.我想应该没有。 没有,没有见过真人。The first ;not; was a Stop T, as HaQuyen did not continue. ;Not, not. Not in person.;第一个“not”是一个顿音T,因为HaQuyen没有继续发音。 没有,没有见过真人。The second T, though, was a Flap T because it links two vowels together. The AH vowel, and the IH as in SIT vowel.而第二个“not”则是一个浊音T,因为它连接了两个元音。AH元音和SIT里的IH元音。Most Americans will make the T between vowels a Flap T, which sounds like a D between vowels. ;Not in (loop three times). Not in person.;大多数美国人会把元音之间的T发成浊音T,它听起来就像元音之间的D音。“Not in (循环三次). Not in person.”Not in person. (loop two times)没有见过真人。(循环两次);Person; is a two syllable word. Which syllable is stressed?“Person”是一个双音节词,哪个音节被重读了呢?Not in person. (loop two times)没有见过真人。(循环两次)The first syllable. ;PER son.;重读的是第一个音节。“PER son.”The second syllable doesnt really have a vowel in it. Its the schwa sound.第二个音节里其实并没有元音,它是一个弱读音。But when the schwa is followed by N, you dont need to try to make a separate vowel, ; son, son, person, person.;但当弱读音后面是N的话,你就不用再去发一个单独的元音了。“ son, son, person, person.”Not in person, (loop two times) but youve told me about him.没有见过真人。(循环两次)但是你跟我说过他。How is the T pronounced in ;but;?“but”里的T音是怎样发音的呢?But youve told me about him. (loop two times)但是你跟我说过他。(循环两次)Its a Stop T, ;but youve, but youve;. Whats the most stressed, the most clear word in this phrase?它是一个顿音T,“but you’ve, but you’ve”。这句话里音最重,最清晰的单词是哪个呢?But youve told me about him. (loop two times)但是你跟我说过他。(循环两次)Its the verb ;told;. ;But youve told me about him.; The sentence peaks with that word.是动词“told”。“But you’ve told me about him.”这句话的高潮在这个单词这里。但是你跟我说过他。(loop two times)但是你跟我说过他。(循环两次)HaQuyen dropped the H in ;him;.HaQuyen把“him”里的H省略了。We do this often with the words ;him;, ;he;, ;his;, ;her;, for example. Also, ;have; and ;had;.我们通常会在单词“him”, “he”, “his”, “her”里这样做,还有“have”和“had”。But youve told me about him. (loop two times)但是你跟我说过他。(循环两次)Now the T comes between two vowels. Whats that going to be?现在T出现在了元音之间,要怎么做呢?A Flap T. ;About him, about him.; Just flap the tongue on the roof of the mouth.它要变成浊音T。“About him, about him.”用舌头拍打上颚。But youve told me about him. (loop two times) Okay.但是你跟我说过他。(循环两次)好吧。I didnt really pronounce the OH diphthong here, it was more like a schwa, ;okay, okay.;我并没有把复合元音OH发出来,它更像一个弱读音,“okay, okay.”; Kay; had the shape of a stressed syllable. ;Okay.;“ Kay”具有重读音节的形状。“Okay.”Okay. (loop two times) It seems like you have...好吧。(循环两次) It seems like you have...In the first part of this sentence, what is the most clear, the most stressed syllable?在这句话的第一部分里,音最清晰,最重的音节是哪个呢?It seems like you have (loop two times)看起来你们好像见过(循环两次)Its the word ;seems;. ;It seems like you have.; (loop two times)是单词“seems”。看起来你们好像见过(循环两次)It seems like you have (loop two times) because Ive known both of you for so long, but.看起来你们好像见过 (循环两次)因为我已经认识你们两个很久了,但是......What about in the second half of the sentence. Whats the most stressed syllable?那么在这句话的第二部分里,最重的音节是哪个呢?because Ive known both of you for so long, but. (loop two times)因为我已经认识你们两个很久了,但是......(循环两次);Known.; ;Because Ive known both of you for so long.; ;Long; is also stressed, its also a longer word.是单词“Known”。因为我已经认识你们两个很久了“Long”也是重读单词,音也更长一些。because Ive known both of you for so long, but. (loop two times)因为我已经认识你们两个很久了,但是......(循环两次)Even though this sentence is very fast, it still has longer stressed words, ;seems;, ;known;, ;long;.即使这句话非常快,它还是有音更长的重读单词,“seems”, “known”, “long”。Its important to keep your stressed words longer, even when youre speaking quickly. This is whats clear to Americans.即使你说话很快,也要把重读单词读得更长一些,这一点很重要,对于美国人来说也很明显。because Ive known both of you for so long, but. (loop two times)因为我已经认识你们两个很久了,但是......(循环两次)The less important words, the function words, will be less clear and very fast. And sometimes, well change the sounds.次要的单词,虚词,它们会不那么清晰,也会更快。有时,我们会改变它们的发音。For example, in the word ;for;. That was pronounced with the schwa, ;for, for, for;. Its very fast.比如单词“for”。它被读成了弱读音,“for, for, for”,非常快。For so long, (loop two times) but.For so long, (循环两次) but.How did I pronounce the T in ;but;?我是怎样发“but”里的T音的呢?For so long, but. (loop two times)For so long, but.(循环两次)It was the end of my thought, it was a Stop T. ;But, but.; I stopped the air.它位于我观点的结尾,是一个顿音T。“But, but.”我停顿了一下。For so long, but. (loop two times) Yeah.很久了,但是......(循环两次) 是啊。Toms interjection, ;yeah; : stressed. Up down shape. ;Yeah, yeah, yeah.;Tom的插入语,“yeah”:重读,先升后降的形状。“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”Yeah. (loop two times) Never overlapped.是啊。(循环两次) 从没有过交集。Can you tell which is the stressed syllable in ;never;? Which is longer?你能分辨出“never”里面哪个是重读音节吗?哪个音更长?Never overlapped. (loop two times)从没有过交集。(循环两次)Its the first syllable. ;Ne ver.; What about in the next word?是第一个音节。“Ne ver.”那么下一个词呢?Never overlapped. (loop two times)从没有过交集。(循环两次)Again, its the first syllable. ;O verlapped. Never overlapped. Uh uh. Never overlapped.;也是第一个音节。“O verlapped. Never overlapped. Uh uh. Never overlapped.”Never overlapped. (loop two times)从没有过交集。(循环两次)Notice the –ed ending here is pronounced as a T, an unvoiced sound. Thats because the sound before, P, was also unvoiced. ;Overlapped, overlapped.;注意这里的 ed结尾读成T,不发音。这是因为前面的P也是不发音的。“Overlapped, overlapped.”Never overlapped. (loop two times) Yeah, well, its about time.从没有过交集。(循环两次) 是啊,不过,现在是时候认识了!Did you notice that Tom didnt really make a vowel here. ;Tsabout, tsabout.; He connected the TS sound into the next sound.你注意到了吗?Tom在这里并没有发出元音。“Tsabout, tsabout.”他把TS音与后面的音连了起来。Well, its about time. (loop two times)不过,现在是时候认识了!(循环两次)How is this T pronounced?这个T是怎么发音的呢?Well, its about time. (loop two times)不过,现在是时候认识了!(循环两次)A Stop T, because the next sound is a consonant.它是一个顿音T,因为后面的音是辅音。Well, its about time.不过,现在是时候认识了!Lets listen again, following along with our marked up text.让我们跟着我们做过标记的文本再听一遍。Youll hear two different speeds, regular pace, and slowed down.你会听到两种速度,常速和慢速。HaQuyen, this is Tom. Hi. Hi. Nice to meet you. How are you? Nice to meet you, too.HaQuyen,这是Tom。 你好。 你好。 见到你很高兴。 你好吗?见到你我也很高兴。Have you guys met before? Um...你们之前见过吗? 呃......I dont think so. No, not, not in person. But youve told me about him.我想应该没有。 没有,没有见过真人。但是你跟我说过他。Okay. It seems like you have because Ive known both of you for so long, but... Yeah.好吧。看起来你们好像见过,因为我已经认识你们两个很久了,但是...... 是啊。Never overlapped. Yeah, well, its about time!从没有过交集。 是啊,不过,现在是时候认识了!HaQuyen, this is Tom. Hi. Hi. Nice to meet you. How are you? Nice to meet you, too.HaQuyen,这是Tom。 你好。 你好。 见到你很高兴。 你好吗?见到你我也很高兴。Have you guys met before? Um...你们之前见过吗? 呃......I dont think so. No, not, not in person. But youve told me about him.我想应该没有。 没有,没有见过真人。但是你跟我说过他。Okay. It seems like you have because Ive known both of you for so long, but... Yeah.好吧。看起来你们好像见过,因为我已经认识你们两个很久了,但是...... 是啊。Never overlapped. Yeah, well, its about time!从没有过交集。 是啊,不过,现在是时候认识了!Well listen one last time. This time, youll repeat.我们来最后听一遍,这次,你来重复。Youll hear each sentence or sentence fragment three times.每句话或句子片段听三遍。Repeat exactly as you hear it, paying attention to intonation, sounds, and stress.根据你听到的内容来重复,注意语调,发音和重音。HaQuyen, this is Tom. (loop three times)HaQuyen,这是Tom。(循环三次)Hi. Hi. (loop three times)你好。 你好。(循环三次)Nice to meet you. How are you? (loop three times)见到你很高兴。 你好吗?(循环三次)Nice to meet you, too. (loop three times)见到你我也很高兴。(循环三次)Have you guys met before? (loop three times)你们之前见过吗?(循环三次)Um... I dont think so. (loop three times)呃......我想应该没有。(循环三次)No, not, not in person. (loop three times)没有,没有见过真人。(循环三次)But youve told me about him. (loop three times)但是你跟我说过他。(循环三次)Okay. (loop three times)好吧。(循环三次)It seems like you have (loop three times)看起来你们好像见过(循环三次)because Ive known both of you (loop three times)因为我已经认识你们两个(循环三次)for so long, but... (loop three times)很久了,但是......(循环三次)Yeah. (loop three times)是啊。(循环三次)Never overlapped. (loop three times)从没有过交集。(循环三次)Yeah, well, its about time! (loop three times)是啊,不过,现在是时候认识了!(循环三次)Now the conversation, one more time.现在再来听一遍对话。HaQuyen, this is Tom. Hi. Hi. Nice to meet you. How are you? Nice to meet you, too.HaQuyen,这是Tom。 你好。 你好。 见到你很高兴。 你好吗?见到你我也很高兴。Have you guys met before? Um...你们之前见过吗? 呃......I dont think so. No, not, not in person. But youve told me about him. Okay. It seems like you have because Ive known both of you for so long, but... Yeah.我想应该没有。 没有,没有见过真人。但是你跟我说过他。 好吧。看起来你们好像见过,因为我已经认识你们两个很久了,但是...... 是啊。Never overlapped. Yeah, well, its about time!从没有过交集。 是啊,不过,现在是时候认识了!Great job. If you liked this , be sure to sign up for my mailing list for a free weekly newsletter with pronunciation s sent straight to your inbox.做得好。如果你喜欢这个视频的话,一定要报名我的邮件列表,这样你的邮箱就可以每周收到免费的发音视频。Also, Im happy to tell you my book American English Pronunciation is available for purchase.还有,很高兴告诉你我的美式英语发音书已经开售了。If you want an organized, step by step resource to build your American accent, click here to get the book, or see the description below. I think youre going to love it.如果你想要系统的,按部就班的资源来练习你的美式发音,点击这里来买书,或者阅读下面的介绍。我觉得你会喜欢的。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201706/513773

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