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大理妇幼保健人民中心中医院可以做引产吗McCain VP Choice Likely to Please Conservatives佩林:共和党首位女副总统候选人   Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain has chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate, describing her as a tough political fighter. Governor Palin, who is a relative political unknown, and only the second woman to run on the national ticket of a major U.S. political party. 美国共和党总统候选人、参议员约翰.麦凯恩选择阿拉斯加州州长佩林作为他的竞选夥伴,并形容她是一位坚强的政治斗士。佩林此前在美国全国范围内不是很出名。到目前为止,她是美国主要政党总统及副总统候选人提名历史上的第二位女性。Palin, 44, was elected governor in 2006 as a political reformer, becoming the first woman and the youngest person to serve as Alaska's chief executive. 现年44岁的佩林是2006年以改革派的身份被选为阿拉斯加州州长的。她是阿拉斯加州历史上头一位女性州长,也是最年轻的州长。With an 80 percent approval rating, she has been outspoken on political ethics. 民调显示,佩林州长在阿拉斯加民众当中的持率高达80%;她以大力强调廉政而著称。McCain passed over a number of better known contenders, announcing his choice in an appearance before supporters in Dayton, Ohio. He calls Palin a fighter for principles, from outside of Washington, with working class roots. 麦凯恩参议员放弃了好几位更有声望的候选人,选择佩林作为这次竞选中的副总统搭档。麦凯恩上星期五在俄亥俄州的竞选集会上宣布了他的决定。他称赞佩林坚持原则,来自华盛顿政治圈以外,而且是工人出身。"I found someone with an outstanding reputation for standing up to special interests and entrenched bureaucracies, someone who has fought against corruption and the failed policies of the past, someone who has stopped government from wasting taxpayers' money on things they don't want or don't need, and put it back to work for the people," McCain said.  麦凯恩说:“我找到了一位勇于面对特殊利益集团以及各种官僚势力的竞选夥伴,她勇于打击腐败,打击过去那些失败了的政策,不让政府再把纳税人的钱浪费到人们不想要、也不需要的项目上,而是把这些钱投资到纳税人身上。”The mother of five children, including one born this past April with Downs Syndrome, Palin is a strong opponent of abortion. That is an important issue for conservative and evangelical voters, whose support is key to McCain in his bid to win the presidency.  佩林是5个孩子的母亲,她的5个孩子当中年纪最小的、即今年4月出生的孩子患有唐氏综合症。佩林坚决反对堕胎,这对于保守派选民和福音派基督教徒来说,都是极其重要的,而这些人的选票,正是麦凯恩这次要赢得总统大选的关键。Political analysts also see the selection of Palin as an effort to win over Democratic and independent women voters who were disappointed by Senator Hillary Clinton's loss in the Democratic Party primary process to Senator Barack Obama. It's the first time a woman has been selected to run on a Republican national ticket, and only the second time a woman has been chosen for a major party slot. Democrat Geraldine Ferraro was selected as the vice-presidential candidate in 1984 by Walter Mondale.  政治分析人士同时也把麦凯恩选择佩林做副手这一举措,看作是为了要赢得民主党派和独立女性选民的票,那些人因为希拉里.克林顿在民主党的初选当中,输给了奥巴马参议员,而感到非常失望。佩林州长这次被麦凯恩参议员选为副总统搭档,是历史上头一次有女性作为共和党总统大选中的候选人搭档,也是美国历史上第二次有女性代表主要政党出来竞选副总统。1984年,民主党总统候选人蒙代尔选择了费拉罗女士作为他的竞选搭档。Palin made a pointed reference to her status as a woman candidate as she appeared with McCain one day after the Democratic convention ended in Denver, Colorado, suggesting that Clinton supporters should now shift their support to the Republican ticket.  佩林在接受麦凯恩参议员提名的时候,强调了自己是女性这一点,并且暗示希望从前持希拉里.克林顿的那些选民,能够转而持由她和麦凯恩两人组成的共和党团队。"It was rightly noted in Denver this week that Hillary left 18 million cracks [people who voted for Clinton] in the hardest 'glass ceiling' in America, but it turns out the women of America aren't finished yet, and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all," she said.  佩林州长说:“这个星期在丹佛市,希拉里在美国最坚硬的玻璃天花板上留下了个1800万个裂缝,但美国女性并未善罢甘休,我们可以一劳永逸地打破这个玻璃天花板。”Senator McCain also may be attempting to counter voter concerns about his age. If elected, he would be 72 when sworn in as president. 麦凯恩参议员挑选佩林作副手,同时可能也在试图减低选民对他年纪的疑虑。如果他当选,他在宣誓就职的时候已经72岁。Palin praised McCain for his military service in Vietnam, saying he has the foreign policy experience needed for the presidency, and political independence necessary to change the way Washington works.  佩林称赞麦凯恩的越南战争经验,说他拥有担任总统需要的外交政策经验,以及政治上的独立,来改变首都华盛顿的政治运作。"No leader in America has shown these qualities so clearly, or presented so clear a threat to business-as-usual in Washington, as Senator John S. McCain," said Palin. "This is a moment when principles and political independence matter a lot more than just the party line, and this is a man who has always been there to serve his country, not just his party." 她说:“在美国,从没有一位领导人像麦凯恩参议员那样,如此清楚地展现了这些特质,或是如此清楚地对一成不变的华盛顿官场作风展现了威胁。在现在这个时刻,原则与政治独立比政党路线更重要,麦凯恩总是在需要的时候为国家务,而不是仅为他的政党务。”The surprise choice of Palin came after Barack Obama formally accepted the Democratic presidential nomination, with a major speech before 80,000 people in a stadium in Denver, Colorado. 麦凯恩宣布他挑选佩林这个叫人惊讶的抉择,是在奥巴马正式接受民主党总统候选人提名,并且在科罗拉多州的丹佛市的一个体育场,在8万人面前发表重要演讲之后。Analysts say McCain is taking a huge political risk by choosing a relative political unknown, in contrast with the Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden, a Washington veteran who has extensive foreign affairs experience. Palin and Biden both have sons in the military and National Guard who will be deploying to Iraq.  分析家说麦凯恩选择一位名不见经传的人作为副手,是政治豪赌。相比之下,民主党的副总统候选人乔.拜登是华盛顿的老牌政治家,拥有丰富广泛的外交事务经验。President Bush in a statement Friday said McCain's selection of Palin shows Americans can trust him to make wise decisions. 布什总统星期五发表声明说,麦凯恩选择佩林,显示美国人可以信任他能够做出明智的选择。200809/47182南涧县b超多少钱China's President Arrives in Quake Zone as Concern Turns to Survivors胡锦涛抵四川 救灾焦点转向生者 China's President Hu Jintao arrived in Sichuan province Friday to support earthquake relief efforts. The death toll, now at more than 22,000, is expected to pass 50,000. Concern is now turning to providing for survivors. 中国国家主席胡锦涛星期五抵达四川省,援抗震救灾工作。目前统计的死亡人数为2万2千多人,预计会超过5万。目前关注焦点正在转向地震的生存者。After arriving in Sichuan Mr. Hu went directly to the earthquake disaster zone. China's president joins Premier Wen Jiabao, who greeted him on arrival, in touring areas devastated by Monday's 7.9 quake. 胡锦涛主席抵达四川省后直接赶赴地震灾区,和迎接他的温家宝总理一起视察了遭受地震严重破坏的地区。星期一的地震为里氏7.9级。Mr. Wen called the earthquake the most destructive since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. 温家宝总理称这次地震是中国1949年建国以来破坏性最大的一次地震。胡锦涛在飞往四川的飞机上评估了救灾的情况。Speaking on the plane to Sichuan, Mr. Hu assessed the relief situation. He said the challenge is still severe, the task remains extremely difficult and time is pressing. 胡锦涛说,面临的挑战仍然很严峻,任务仍然非常艰巨,而且时间非常紧迫。Thousands of people are believed still buried beneath collapsed homes, offices, and schools. Few of them are expected to still be alive. 据信仍有上万人被埋在倒塌的房屋、办公楼以及校舍下面。幸存者恐怕寥寥无几。In the town of Dujiangyan, a large mechanical digger scoops slabs of concrete and twisted metal rods from a massive pile of rubble.  在都江堰,一台大型挖掘机正在从一大堆废墟中铲走混凝土石板和扭曲的金属条。Volunteers and rescue workers dig through what used to be an apartment building in hope of finding survivors.  志愿者和救援人员正在一个公寓楼的废墟中挖掘,希望找到幸存者。China's leaders have vowed to continue rescue work, but as each day passes the odds of finding survivors go down.  中国领导人誓言继续救援工作,但是每过一天,发现幸存者的机会就会减少一些。Rescue workers have reached the epicenter of the quake, bringing much needed medical, food, and temporary housing supplies. 救援人员已经抵达震中地区,带去急需的药品、食品和临时房屋搭建物资。But, supplies are short and China's weak health care system is struggling to cope with the large number of wounded. 但是救援物资依然短缺,中国脆弱的医疗系统正奋力处置大量的伤员。Tens of thousands of survivors are now living on the streets in tents. 数万名幸存者目前栖身在街头搭建的帐篷里。Jiang Weixin is China's Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. 中国住房与城乡建设部部长姜伟新谈到这次地震造成的损失。He says more than four million homes in Sichuan collapsed or were damaged. 姜伟新说,四川省有四百多万住房倒塌或毁坏。Hundreds of thousands more homes collapsed in neighboring provinces. 附近省份还有数十万住房倒塌。Jiang says water, sewage, and electricity networks were severely damaged. 他说供水、排污和供电网络都严重受损。Thousands of aftershocks have set back efforts to clear roads to quake-hit areas. 清理通往灾区道路的工作也因为数千次余震而受到影响。On Friday afternoon a 5.9 magnitude aftershock hit Lixian, near the epicenter of the quake, cutting off roads and severing communications.  接近震中的理县星期五下午发生5.9级余震,切断了道路交通和通讯。200805/39244大理永平县做人流医院

大理市巍山彝族回族自治县做四维彩超最好的医院大理民族医院收费好不好Scripts:The race for the high-end consumer is on. BMW is putting in in the high gear on the green. CN auto reporter Phil LeBeau has this tough assignment once again this morning. Ah, I didn't even think about that, Dr. Phil, go forward, Dr. Phil. Joe, anytime you can spend the morning at Cog Hill, watch the sun rise like this, pretty good gey. I'm here with Tom Purves, the president of BWM North America the man who is in charge of BMW in North America. We are gonna talk about the BMW championship in a little bit and the reason that we are here. But first, I wanna ask you about auto sales, August numbers are gonna be reported later today, and you have the first numbers from BMW, and you had a blockbuster month. Tell me about that. Yes we did,I mean we had over 26,000 BMWs sold and this is about 18% better than last year which for us is preciously great, we are delighted. And we had extremely good sales of our Mini brand as well, over 4000 vehicles so it's been a record August for us.So you were looking at sales being up roughly 20% year over year, year to date coming in to August you're up roughly 8 %, you've heard the same commentary out there that consumers are pulling back, people are not going out and buying new cars and trucks. Yet you are not seeing that, why?Well, first of all, I think anybody who has got great new products is doing well in what is essentially a flat market. we are seeing some delinquencies with our financial service's company, ah, slightly up on last year. But I really do believe that the package that we are offering the consumers the moment is remarkable. We are one of the, we are the only brand that has full maintenance included in the price of the car. And I think we are the smart buy at the moment.You're up, Mercedes is up, Lexus is up, are the luxury brands ,are you insulated from what you are seeing in the economy right now in terms of people saying it is not the right time to buy a new model?Classically, the luxury brands have some insulation and you see a turndown in the higher volume products before you do in the luxury market. so I've, some extent, been expecting to see a reduction in demand and I am delighted in the fact that we are not seeing it at BMW at least not as August 2007. And you told me that back in March of last year when you started to see the data about housing turning down you expected ultimately to see a slowdown,and yet we are only seeing that with mass brands at this point. Yes,and classically, property foretells the story for the car business. On the other hand, what we are seeing with property is that it is in sectors, in locations, is not totally all across the markets, and we have some very very strong markets where we are just seeing business continue. I know Joe Kearney has a question for you,Tom. Joe, go ahead.I do, and it's a long term question, Phil and Mr. Purves you think BMW, you think performance. you think you are gonna go here to here with some power and with some speed. Long term you think carbon footprints, you think Prius, you think hybrid. Does BMW have to reposition itself with the, with... since that riding is on the loaf and it's not going to be all about performance down the road. No, I don't believe so, I mean we've taken this whole business of sustainability very seriously for many many years now. No a car company has done more to improve the fuel efficiency of its product range of last ten years, and BMW in fact, we just won an accolade last week on that very subject. One of the reason we had such a good Auguest we had a great new BMW 3 series with a 2.8 litre, 3 and half litre engines, brand-new engines. They not only produce more power but they are actually more fuel- efficient at the same time. So I believe that together with work we are doing to introduce diesels into the ed States next year. We have hybrid technology coming along and here at Cog Hill we have four of our hydrogen part 7 series which are really the cars of the future. We are in pretty good shape. So long as we deliver to the customer better fuel- efficiency as well as better performance , and BMW is a clever buy. Alright, um, If you heard where the Nicholson's playing next week?No, You knew the question was coming. I knew the question was coming I'm sure Phil will do the right thing and when I speak to the commissioner later today. I'm sure I am gonna hear some good news. (Tom Purves, the...) Sounds like he's gonna play.I hope so.The president of BWM North America Tom, thank you very much for joining us today on Squawk Box. BMW championship kicks off, tees off I should say Thursday. They've aly got some good news with auto sales for August and certainly they're gonna enjoy that here. Guys?Back to you. All right.Notes:tee off: to get startedon the loaf: in a situation of straying or wabbling200807/43997大理市不孕不育Global Financial Crisis Hits Banks in London, Other World Markets金融危机击倒英国大威胁世界As the financial crisis claimed more victims this week on Wall Street, the rest of the world's markets and banks have been in turmoil. In Britain, 45,000 banking jobs are now in jeopardy. 这个星期,随着华尔街 一家又一家的金融机构在当前的金融危机中败北,世界其他地区的金融市场和也同时陷入混乱。在英国,四万多个职位现在都显得岌岌可危。Another financial titan has fallen in Britain. This time, it is the ailing mortgage giant HBOS which owns Halifax Bank and the Bank of Scotland. Lloyds Bank has agreed to take over HBOS but, reports say, that has put 40,000 jobs on the line.  英国又有一家金融巨头轰然倒下。这一次是英国最大的抵押贷款哈利法克斯苏格兰(HBOS)。这家业巨头拥有哈利法克斯和苏格兰。英国的劳埃德(Lloyds TSB)已经同意以122亿英镑收购哈利法克斯苏格兰,但是并购之后势必大量裁员,受影响的四万多职员都感到前途未卜。The buyout comes as fears of a global financial collapse following the heavy losses among some of the world's biggest financial institutions. Wall Street investment bank Lehman Brothers went into bankruptcy this week, and other large investment houses have been sold off or propped up by the U.S. government. 最近世界最大的一些金融机构接连垮台,人们担心一场全球性金融风暴正在来临。华尔街大投行雷曼兄弟公司这个星期宣布破产,其他机构有的被对手并购,有的被政府挽救。Central banks from the U.S., Japan and the European Union have pumped hundreds of billions of dollars into the banking system to stave off a collapse. Stock markets have suffered sharp losses. 为了防止系统垮台,美国、日本、欧盟、加拿大等国的中央通过大笔注资来联手救市。股票市场几天来出现罕见的大起大落。In Russia, trading on the country's main stock exchanges was halted two days this week because of the turmoil. When regulators suspended trading at mid-day Wednesday, Russia's RTS Index of leading stocks had fallen nearly 6.5 percent, adding to its 50 percent drop since June 1.  在俄罗斯,主要的股票市场在混乱当中被停盘两天。在市场监管人员星期三宣布股市停止交易的时候,俄罗斯交易系统指数下跌了6.5%。从6月1日到现在,俄罗斯股市已经下滑了50%。But Roland Nash, head of research, Renaissance Capital, says Russia should not worry. "It shouldn't have a longer term impact on the Russian economy," he said. "Russian economy is being driven by a lot of factors which is still very very much in place. In that sense Russia has one of the most healthy macro-economies in the world today."  但是复兴资本公司研究部主任罗兰德·纳什说,俄罗斯不必过分担忧。“这不会对俄罗斯经济造成长期影响。俄罗斯经济受到很多因素的推动,而这些因素现在大多一如既往。从某种意义上讲,俄罗斯在全世界都是最健康的经济体之一。”The outlook is less rosy for Britain after new figures show unemployment on the rise. The collapse of Lehman Brothers cost 5,000 jobs in London at its European headquarters.  可是英国的前景却并不那么好,尤其是最新的经济数据显示,英国的失业率正在上升。单单是雷曼兄弟公司破产就导致其设在伦敦的欧洲总部的五千多人失去工作。Taine Randell works in London as a broker. He trades in oil and says while his job is safe, financial positions for others will be scarce.  泰恩·兰德尔是伦敦的一位石油期货经纪人。他庆幸自己还有一份工作,但是他说,金融领域的职位现在是越来越少了。"The repercussions, I think, with the financial sector is going to be huge," said Randell. "There's not going to be as much money floating around and as a result there's not going to be as many people employed to get it."  “金融领域受到的影响将是巨大的。由于资金的流动不像以前那么多了,结果受雇的人也不会像以前那么多了。”But there are those who say that this is just another cycle. Business analyst Robbie Clayton says after the boom, now it is time for the bust, and the world economy will recover.  不过,也有人说,这只不过是一次周期性变化。商业分析师罗比·克雷顿说,在高潮过去之后,现在又到了低潮的时候了,世界经济总是会复苏的。"You know, for the last 10 years it's been a pretty good ride," he said. "Now things have obviously got to where they are, but it is a cycle and there will be new developments and the show will go on."  “你知道,在过去的十年中,经济一直都是相当好的。现在又到了走衰的时候了,这是一个周期。今后还会有新的发展,事情都会循环往复下去。”But with so much volatility, experts say the final curtain is unlikely to drop on the global credit crunch any time soon.  然而目前的局面是如此的反复无常,专家们说,全球信贷危机看来在短期内并不会尘埃落定。Vanessa Rossi is an international economic expert and says the Asian economies are under threat. 瓦尼萨·罗斯是一位国际经济学家。他指出,亚洲经济也受到威胁。"I think it is important to see this as a rather big rock that could drop in a pool in Asia and could cause massive ripples all across these economies so I think China will be working very hard so its own reasons to prevent such a slump but it will also be critical for many of these other economies," she said.  “我认为,重要的是我们要看到这块巨石有可能落到亚洲的某个池子里,有可能引起巨大的波澜,波及各个经济体。所以我认为,中国出于自己的原因将会非常努力地防止经济滑坡,对于其他经济体来说目前也是非常关键的时候。”On the streets of London's financial sector, many say they have been left in shock and are simply waiting to see what will happen next. 在伦敦金融区的大街上,很多人都说,他们对这场金融危机感到吃惊不小,然而他们也只能耐心等待,看看接下来会发生什么。200809/49441大理洱源县做体检多少钱

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