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弥渡县上环多少钱大理孕前检查及项目大理急性盆腔炎怎么样医疗 Pay packages for expats often include extra cash for employee housing, private schools and security. Next up: Extra money for air pollution?驻外员工的薪酬方案通常包括额外的住房、私立学校和安保补贴,以后是否还将包括空气污染补贴?Coca-Cola Co. now offers environmental hardship pay for employees who have relocated to China, where smog has reached harmful levels in several cities, the company said this week.可口可乐公司(Coca-Cola Co.)本周表示,将向其驻华外籍员工提供环境困难补贴。中国部分城市的雾霾污染已达到有害的水平。A spokesperson for the Atlanta-based beverage giant declined to confirm the value of the wage premium or how many employees are eligible for the benefit. The Australian Financial Review reported the allowance to be around 15% of an employee#39;s base salary.可口可乐的一位发言人未实这一补贴的金额以及有多少员工有资格获得这项福利。据《澳大利亚金融报》(Australian Financial Review)报道,这一补贴或为员工基本工资的15%左右。It is not uncommon for multinational companies to provide hardship allowances to incentivize employees to work in China, in part because of the heavy levels of smog, said Ed Hannibal, global leader of the mobility practice at HR consulting firm Mercer LLC. He said the value of hardship pay will depend on where the office is located, as some cities have higher levels of pollution than others.人力资源咨询公司美世咨询(Mercer LLC)迁移业务的全球负责人汉尼巴尔(Ed Hannibal)表示,一定程度上受严重雾霾水平影响,跨国公司为了鼓励员工在中国工作而提供困难补贴并不罕见。他还说,环境困难补贴的金额将取决于办公室设在哪个城市,因为一些城市的污染情况比另一些更严重。#39;They will provide that as a compensation tool in order to offset the severe living conditions and to keep people on the ground,#39; Hannibal said. Many companies also pay for air or water purification systems to be installed the homes of China-based employees, he said.汉尼巴尔称,跨国公司提供这样的补贴来补偿在恶劣的生活环境下受到的不良影响,好让雇员继续留下来。他表示,许多公司还出资为在中国工作的员工安装空气或水净化系统。Panasonic Corp., the Japan-based electronics maker, offers a #39;lifestyle differential allowance#39; that compensates for several factors that impact quality of life, including air pollution, a spokesman said.日本电子产品生产商松下电器产业公司(Panasonic Corp.)的发言人称,该公司为员工提供“生活方式差别津贴”,用以补偿因一些因素而给生活质量造成的影响,其中就包括空气污染。Exposure to smog has been linked to respiratory problems such as asthma and emphysema. The U.S. Embassy in Beijing alerts American expatriates in China when air-pollution levels reach dangerously high levels and provides an air quality monitor for several cities on its website.暴露在雾霾空气中一直被认为可能引发哮喘和肺气肿等一些呼吸道疾病。美国驻北京大使馆在空气污染水平上升至危险程度时会给在华美国公民发出警报,同时还在其网站上提供中国几个城市空气质量的监测值。This week, the Air Quality Index for Beijing registered unhealthy levels of pollution, according to the website.美国大使馆网站显示,本周,北京的空气质量指数(AQI)的监测值显示污染水平为“不健康”。 /201407/312731Chinese food- or at least some portion of it - may be soon joining the likes of kimchi and Mediterranean food on Unesco#39;s list of intangible cultural heritage items.中国美食,或者至少是其中一部分,可能将很快加入韩国泡菜和地中海食物的行列,进入联合国教科文组织(Unesco)的非物质文化遗产名录。The Chinese Cuisine Association, which tried to get Chinese cuisine on the list in 2011 when it proposed more than 30 foods and food-preparation techniques, is making another go at getting Chinese food on the organization#39;s list. But this time, they#39;re making a more targeted recommendation.中国烹饪协会在2011年就曾试图让中国美食加入非物质文化遗产名录,并在当时申报了逾30种食物和烹饪技艺。如今,该协会再次作出尝试,然而这一次,他们的推进更加具有针对性了。#39;One thing is certain,#39; says Bian Jiang, the association#39;s vice director. #39;We#39;re not going to get Chinese cuisine in general listed.#39;该协会副会长边疆称,有一件事是确定的,那就是该协会将不再会把中国美食打包申请了。The association tried that tactic in 2011, he says. But the attempt didn#39;t even make it past Beijing#39;s Ministry of Culture, which has to approve all Unesco bids.他说,该协会在2011年曾尝试过这一策略,但是甚至都没有在中国文化部获得通过。“申遗”均需要先获得文化部的批准。So this year, the association is putting together a panel of experts to narrow down the list.所以今年,该协会召集了一个专家团队来缩短名单。#39;Chinese cuisine is so complicated and complex that it#39;s hard for the Unesco officials to understand it as a whole,#39; Mr. Bian says. #39;In the end, we will probably choose one specific food, like dumplings, or a kind of cuisine technique,#39; such as pickling, he says.边疆称,中国美食体系庞大、复杂,Unesco官员把它作为一个整体去理解是很难的。他说,最终他们可能将会挑选一种特色食品(例如饺子),或者一种烹饪技巧(例如腌制)。The intangible cultural heritage list is Unesco#39;s attempt to honor things like rituals and community-based activities, intended especially for cultures that may not have Machu Piccus or Parthenons. The intangibility, in turn, sometimes translates into something as tangible as food and its preparation. In 2013, both Koreas#39; kimjang - the making and sharing of kimchi - and the Mediterranean diet made the list. The Mediterranean diet, Unesco says, brings about moments #39;of social exchange and communication, an affirmation and renewal of family, group, or community identity,#39; which might be translated into drinking wine at three-hour lunches.Unesco设立非物质文化遗产名录,目的在于对仪式和民俗文化表示敬重,尤其是对可能没有马丘比丘(Machu Piccus)或帕特农神庙(Parthenons)的文化。而非物质这个词,有时候就可以解读为美食及其工艺这类的东西。在2013年,韩国的泡菜(既包括制作又包括分享)以及地中海餐饮都进入了该名录。Unesco称,地中海餐饮反映了社会交流和沟通,是对家庭、集体或者社区身份的一种确认和延续,这也许可以解读为在一顿吃了三个小时的午餐时喝酒。So which Chinese foods should make the Unesco list? Opinions are nearly as diverse as Chinese cuisine itself.那么,哪些中华美食应该被列入Unesco文化遗产名录呢?就像玲琅满目的中华美食一样,人们给出的也是五花八门。Judith Farquhar, author of #39;Appetites: Food and Sex in Post-Socialist China,#39; says she#39;d go for dumplings.《饕餮之欲:当代中国的食与色》(Appetites: Food and Sex in Post-Socialist China)一书的作者冯珠娣(Judith Farquhar)说,她认为饺子该上榜。#39;They have a certain symbolic form, they have an inside and outside, and include meat and grain, the two fundamental divisions of food for Chinese cuisine,#39; she says. #39;Dumplings have a social life - they#39;re made in groups and eaten in groups.#39;她说,饺子有特定的符号形式,有外表有内在,兼有肉和小麦这两种中华美食的基本元素。饺子拥有社交生活,它们成群做好,吃的时候也是成群下肚。Qu Hao, a Chinese chef who won the China Golden Chef Award given by The Chinese Cuisine Association, recommends braised sea cucumber with leeks because it #39;enjoys a long history,#39; he says. #39;Many famous Chinese chefs have contributed to the development of this dish, and it#39;s now widely known by Chinese people, even though it is a Shandong specialty. #39;曾被中国烹饪协会授予“中华金厨奖”荣誉称号的屈浩推荐大葱烧海参,理由是这道菜历史悠久。他说,许多中国名厨为这道菜的发展做出了贡献,虽然这是一道山东名菜,但在国内家喻户晓。Tim Sedo, a history professor at Concordia University in Montreal who makes a YouTube cooking series with his wife, has a different idea: Hangzhou food.康卡迪亚大学(Concordia University)历史学教授塞多(Tim Sedo)给出了不同的:杭州菜。塞多和他的妻子制作烹饪系列视频,并在YouTube上发布。To make a long story short, a famous Song dynasty hero named Yue Fei defended the country from northern invaders and became a folk hero and a symbol of loyalty. The story goes that he died in a Hangzhou prison - betrayed by his captors.一些杭州菜具有历史渊源,宋代名将岳飞英勇抵抗大金国的侵略,成为名族英雄以及忠诚的象征。但他遭人背叛,据说是在杭州的一个牢中被毒死的。Hangzhou, in turn, #39;has a lot of food that represents the people#39;s hatred for these people,#39; he says, such as the fried b, youtiao, which stands for #39;the frying of the two characters#39; who betrayed Yue Fei, says Mr. Sedo.塞多说,正因为如此,在杭州有很多食物代表了对陷害岳飞的那些人的憎恨。例如油条,代表对陷害岳飞的两个人物施以下油锅的酷刑。Mindi Schneider, a professor at the International Institute of Social Studies at the Hague in the Netherlands, goes one step further in her idea, recommending indigenous Chinese pig breeding - and the fatty pork that you get from it.在位于海牙的国际社会科学研究所(ISS)担任教授的谢敏仪(Mindi Schneider)提出了更进一步的想法,推荐中国本土生猪养殖技术以及所得到的高脂肪的猪肉。#39;China is the actual home of the pig, which was domesticated there between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago. And each place has a local adapted pig breed. It#39;s really diverse. You really need to preserve that indigenous livestock breed,#39; she says. Ms. Schneider published a four-page proposal for her idea.她说,中国是饲养家猪的鼻祖,早在6,000至10,000年前就实现了家猪饲养。每个地方都有当地培育的生猪品种,各有不同。这些本土牲畜品种很有必要被保留下来。谢敏仪发表了一份四页纸的报告来阐述其想法。No surprise that Shi Xiusong, chef and general manager of Da Dong Roast Duck restaurant, recommends his restaurant#39;s specialty dish as a combination of inheritance and innovation with a storied history. Meanwhile, Shu Qiao, editor of the Chinese Epicure magazine and an author of several books about food, recommends fermented tofu and Shaoxing wine.大董烤鸭店的厨师兼总经理石秀松推荐自己餐厅的特色菜肴,称其兼具传奇历史的继承和创新。与此同时,中国杂志《悦食Epicure》主编兼几本美食书籍的作者 俏推荐了臭豆腐和绍兴黄酒。Unesco, for its part, has nothing to say about this stage of the process. #39;We cannot speak about any specific possible nomination,#39; writes Frank Proschan, the Paris-based chief of the Programme Implementation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Section at Unesco.Unesco未透露评选的进程。该机构非物质文化遗产名录规划实施部门主管Frank Proschan称,他们不能谈论任何特定的提名。After the Chinese Cuisine Association picks its top choice, it goes to the Ministry of Culture in March. In June or July, the Ministry will make its application to Unesco, but the results won#39;t appear until the following November, Mr. Bian says.边疆说,中国烹饪协会确定其首选提名后,将在明年3月申报至文化部。明年6月或7月,中国文化部将向Unesco申报,要到11月份才会有结果。China has had luck with other intangibles on the Unesco list: using the abacus for mathematical calculations (2013), shadow puppetry (2011), acupuncture and moxibustion (2010) and block printing (2009). Maybe someday dumplings or fatty pork will join the canon.在Unesco非物质文化遗产名录上,中国已取得的收获包括:使用算盘进行数学教学(2013年),皮影戏(2011年),针灸艾灸疗法(2010年)以及雕版印刷(2009年)。或许有一天饺子或高脂肪的猪肉也将上榜。 /201409/325355大理市人民医院妇产中心

大理市漾濞县无痛人流医院大理哪家医院治阴道炎好 This is the shocking moment a baby was allowed to crawl perilously close to the edge of a steep cliff in Norway so that her parents could snap a keepsake photograph. Dressed in a pink outfit and cap, the young child was accompanied by four adults, who were at least a few feet away from her, and would have faced certain death if she had rolled in the wrong direction.这真是一个惊险时刻!一对父母为了给孩子拍纪念照,让自家的小婴儿趴在挪威的一座陡峭的悬崖边缘,情况特别危险。小朋友穿着粉色的衣,带着帽子,身边虽然有四个大人围着,但大人们都离她至少有几英尺远,如果她稍微滚偏一点点,便注定要葬身崖底。Hiker Fred Sirevag, who snapped the chilling photo on Saturday afternoon, said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he encountered the scene as he made his way up to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), a steep cliff that has a 1,982ft drop.登山者弗雷德·希瑞瓦格周六下午拍下了这张让人后怕不已的照片,他表示当他爬到布道台看见这场景时,他简直不敢相信自己的眼睛。布道台是一座陡峭的悬崖,有1982英尺深。‘It’s a straight drop. You don’t want to go too close because it’s pretty scary. You’d be pretty much dead if you fall down there.’“悬崖非常陡峭。你不会想要靠的太近,因为这太吓人了。如果你从这儿掉下去,差不多就死定了。”Mr Sirevag snapped the photo and considered walking down to say something to the group, but they scooped up the baby and moved on.希瑞瓦格拍了照之后就想走下去对这群人说点什么,但他们很快就把孩子抱走离开了。Mr Sirevag added: ‘I think they put the baby into a great risk. A baby can easily tip around and it’s really unpredictable and you never know when that will happen.希瑞瓦格补充说道:“我觉得他们这样做给孩子带来了很大的危险。孩子很喜欢动来动去,你根本没法预测孩子的行动。”Preben Falck, CEO of the Stavanger Tourist Association, encouraged people to use extreme caution when they hike up to Pulpit Rock.斯塔万格旅游者协会CEO普雷本·法尔克提醒人们在攀登布道台时要万分小心。He told the Norwegian News Agency: ‘I have taken my children to Preikestolen and kept them at a safe distance away from the edge.他告诉挪威新闻社:“我也曾把我的孩子带去布道台,但我一直让他们和悬崖边保持着安全的距离。”Pulpit Rock towers over a fjord in the municipality of Forsand and is one of Norway’s most popular attractions, drawing tens of thousands of holidaymakers every year.布道台立于福桑区的一处峡湾之上,是挪威最受欢迎的景点之一,每年都会吸引成千上万名游客。Last year, a Spanish man plunged to his death while taking photos, reigniting the debate over whether a security fence should be installed to protect visitors.去年,一名西班牙男子在此拍照时不慎跌落,葬身崖底,此事引发了众议,一些人认为应该在悬崖边安装护栏保护游客。But Falck believes a fence or signs would spoil the experience: ‘We cannot put up signs telling that parents should not put their children down near the edge. Nor do I think we should put up fences and secure the area.’但是,法尔克认为增加护栏或标语会破坏此处的美景:“我们不能立起标语牌提醒父母不要让孩子靠近悬崖边。我认为也不应该为了安保竖起护栏。” /201410/334736大理无痛治疗腋臭

大理市妇产科哪个医院好#39;Sit-still competition#39; in Guangdong;发呆大赛;在广东省展开More than 100 people took part in a ;sit-still competition; in Qingyuan, Guangdong on Sunday, with challengers required to sit motionless on a stage for an hour.5月31日,广东清远举办了一场别开生面的;发呆大赛;,吸引了上百人前来参加。Participants, whose ages ranged from 6 to 60, had to endure several rounds of ;attacks;, where ;trouble makers; danced in front of them, tried to pass food and water and cracked hilarious jokes.参赛者年纪最大的60岁,最小的6岁,统一坐在一个舞台上,以一个表情与姿势发呆一个小时。现场设置有干扰环节,比如让;捣乱分子;在发呆者面前跳舞、给发呆者递上食物和水、给他们讲爆笑笑话等等。The top three places were all won by children, who seemed to be more noise-proof than adults.坚持到最后的;呆神;冠、亚、季军均是小朋友,比起大人,他们似乎更能抗干扰。 /201506/378216 漾濞县治疗尿道炎多少钱大理弥渡县孕前检测多少钱




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