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黔东南州输卵管吻合术贵阳/治精子畸形公立医院Japan has taken a decisive step away from its postwar stance on defence with a vote in parliament allowing the deployment of military force abroad in combat roles.日本在允许海外部署军事力量的议会表决中,就战后防御立场迈出了决定性的一步。Until now Japan’s armed forces have not been allowed to fight in UN operations, or deployments with its allies. Opposition MPs dragged themselves to the podium to vote, and made vociferous declarations against the move, with several complaining Japan was meekly doing the USA’s bidding.到目前为止,日本的武装部队不允许参与联合国行动或及盟国部署。反对党议员上台投票,并极力宣称反对此举,有人抱怨日本乖乖的听从于美国。But no avail. The change was approved, and after the vote the prime minister said it was all about peace, not foreign agression.但无济于事。这项变更被批准了。投票表决后日本首相称这是关于和平,而不是对外侵略。The legislation will protect Japan and our peaceful way of life…and prevent war. I believe the legal basis allowing our children and future generations peace has been established.立法会防止战争,保护日本以及我们和平的生活方式。我相信这项让我们的孩子以及后代和平的法律基础已经建立。It is so regrettable that the government ignored all the objections and enacted the legislation. This has scarred Japan’s pacifism, constitution and democracy.令人遗憾的是,政府无视所有的反对意见制定了立法。此举使日本的和平主义、宪法以及民主伤痕累累。Critics note the new law will allow Japan’s hi-tech defence industry to export for the first time, opening a lucrative new market. Pacifists demonstrated outside parliament during the vote, as many Japanese are deeply uneasy about abandoning 70 years of pacifism.批评人士指出,新的法律将首次允许日本出口高科技国防工业,打开了一项有利可图的新市场。选票期间,和平主义者在国会门外抗议,对放弃70年来的和平主义深表不安。译文属。 /201509/399971贵阳/取节育环费用要多少 Chinese poet Wang Guozhen passes away at 59中国诗人汪国真逝世 享年59岁Well-known Chinese poet Wang Guozhen has died of liver cancer. He passed away in Beijing on Sunday morning, aged 59.中国著名诗人汪国真因肝癌不治于周日早上在北京301医院去世,享年59岁。Wang was also a calligrapher and painter.汪国真同时也是书法家,画家。He was one of the few poets of the recent decades who is still remembered by a large number of people, especially the middle-aged, in China.他是中国近最近几十年仍被大多数人熟知的少数几位诗人之一,尤其是中年阶层。In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Wang#39;s popularity among literature fans soared.在上世纪80年代后期及90年代早期,汪国真在文坛的人气急剧上升。And he had a lasting impact.他的影响力深远。In a speech during the APEC meetings in 2013, President Xi Jinping ed Wang#39;s lines “No roads too long to be measured by feet; No mountains too high to be conquered by man;.在2013年亚太经合组织会议期间,习近平主席的演讲中引用了汪国真的诗句:“没有比人更高的山,没有比脚更长的路。”Web users expressed their sadness and showed their respect for the Wang#39;s death, with many saying he was a great poet who influenced their youth.网络用户表达了哀悼之情以及对汪国真的深深敬意。许多人说他是一位伟大的诗人,他就是他们的青春。 Article/201504/372282You#39;re far more likely to be in a car accident in winter than in summer. Cut the odds by taking simple precautions and following these common-sense driving tips.冬季驾车发生事故的风险比夏季高得多。采取一些预警措施,遵循下面常识性的驾车建议,减少事故几率。You Will Need你需要Preparation准备Unworn tires未破损的轮胎A bag of sand一袋沙子Concentration集中精力Patience耐心Steps步骤Step 1 Check your vehicle1.检查车辆Prepare your car for the winter. Check your tires for wear and proper inflation. Check the condition of your windshield wipers and the levels of your antifreeze and wiper fluid. In snowy regions, consider buying snow tires or tire chains.车辆做好迎接冬天的准备。检查轮胎的破损程度,充气状况。检查挡风玻璃雨刷和防冻剂,擦窗液的水平。在经常下雪的地方,考虑使用雪地专用轮胎或轮胎防滑链。If your tire ts are worn to a depth below 5/32 of an inch they’re no good for winter use.如果轮胎胎面破损深度超过5/32英寸,则不适合冬季使用。Step 2 Be prepared2.做好准备Keep a bag of sand in your trunk to help with tire traction in case you get stuck. Always warm up your car and defrost all windows. Turn on your headlights.车厢中放一袋沙子,万一车辆被困可以用来牵引轮胎。先发动一下让车子暖起来,所有车窗都要解冻。打开车灯。Step 3 Test road conditions3.检查道路状况Start slowly. Test your braking and steering response to see how much traction your tires have.慢一点启动。检查刹车和转向装置,看一下轮胎有多大的牵引力。Step 4 Slow down4.减速慢行Take your time. Going too fast on slippery roads will result in skids. Don#39;t use cruise control and use low gear for added traction.开车慢一点。在湿滑的道路上驾车速度太快会导致打滑。不要使用恒速操纵器,加速时使用较低的档位。Step 5 Anticipate problems5.提前预料到问题Anticipate problems. Look for black ice, blowing snow, and traffic slowdowns or stops. Watch for bridges and overpasses, which freeze before the rest of the road. Leave extra room between yourself and the car in front of you.提前料到有些问题的出现。检查黑冰,飞雪和车流减慢或停滞状况。观察桥梁和天桥,两者都比道路的其他位置更易结冰。和前面的车辆保持足够的距离。Allow four car lengths between yourself and the car ahead of you for every 10 miles per hour of speed.对于每10英里每小时的车速,和前面的车辆应该保持4辆汽车车长的距离。Step 6 Turn corners safely6.安全转弯Slow down before you begin to turn. As you turn, release the brakes. Once the turn is complete, accelerate to maintain control.开始转弯前放慢速度。转弯的时候刹车。转弯结束后加速来控制车辆。Step 7 Prevent skids7.防止打滑Avoid sudden breaking or swerving. Break gently and evenly, and ease up if you start to skid. Don’t pump antilock brakes; apply steady, firm pressure on the pedal.防止突然刹车或转向。轻柔均匀地刹车,如果开始打滑的话放开刹车。不要使用防锁死刹车系统,踏板力度要稳定有力。Snowflakes are clear. Refracted light makes snow appear white.雪花是透明的。折射光线使雪呈现白色。 Article/201412/346983贵州天伦不孕不孕医院

贵阳天伦不孕医院在哪里Memorial services held for blast victims天津爆炸事故举行追悼会 全城哀悼Nearly a week after the massive explosions in Tianjin, three memorial services have been held near the site of the accident.天津的爆炸事故已经过去将近一周,今天在事故现场附近举行了3场追悼会。The services took place in three separate locations.追悼会分别在三个不同地点举行。One was held in the core area of the blasts, where soldiers and police officers paid tribute to the deceased firefighters.其中一场追悼会在爆炸核心区举行,武警部队、公安干警向已逝去的消防员们致哀。Another service was held at the Port of Tianjin, less than three kilometers from where the explosions occurred.另一场追悼会在离爆炸地点不到3公里的天津港口举行。The third memorial service was at a local park, where Tianjin officials paid tribute to the victims.第三场追悼会在当地的一个公园举行,天津官员出席追悼会向遇难者致哀。 译文属 Article/201508/393777贵阳/取环哪家医院好 贵阳查不孕天伦更佳

贵阳天伦妇科医院在那儿Zoroastrians don#39;t have that option, everywhere that is Zoroastrian has been conquered by Islam. And so as a result there is an increasing,sort of, spiral of decline to the degree that now in the land of its birth-in Iran-Zoroastrians are a tiny, tiny minority.;可琐罗亚斯特教徒没有这样的选择。他们曾经的国度全都被伊斯兰占领了。如今就算在琐罗斯特教的发源地伊朗,其教徒数量也为数不多。But if Zoroastrians today are relatively few in number, some of their faith#39;s core teachings about the eternal conflict of good and evil, about the ending of the world, are still very powerful today. The politics of the Middle East are still haunted, and in some measure shaped, by belief in an eventual apocalypse and the triumph of justice-an idea that Judaism, Christianity and Islam all derived from Zoroastrianism. And when politicians in Teheran talk of the Great Satan, and politicians in Washington denounce the Empire of Evil, one#39;s tempted to point out that: ;Thus Spake Zarathustra;.虽然教徒的数量不算多,但他们的一些核心教义,如世界的善恶之争,以及世界末日的观念,依然有巨大影响。如今中东依然政局不稳,末日启示和正义必胜等观念仍在某种程度上影响着政局。这些观念都源自琐罗亚斯特教,如今为犹太教、基督教与伊斯兰教共有。德黑兰政治家提到的“大撒旦”,华盛顿政治家所谴责的“邪恶帝国”,这些都是“查拉图騰拉如是说。” Article/201506/380721 贵阳/市哪家医院孕前检查贵州天伦医院收费贵吗



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