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广州省妇幼医院妇科人流花都做不孕检查大概多少钱广州天河中山医院治不孕不育 The Chinese started to refer to the South China Sea as a core interest alongside Taiwan and Tibet in other words, a subject on which there could be no flexibility.在对话中,中方代表将南中国海与台湾、西藏一道列为核心利益——换句话说,这是一个不容商榷的话题。They warned that China would not tolerate outside interference, she wrote. On the flight home from Beijing, I took stock with my team. 他们警告称,中国不会容忍外来干涉,她写道,从北京飞回国途中,我与我的团队慎重地分析了形势。I thought China had overplayed its hand.我认为中国高估了自己的实力。The administration decided to start calling out Beijing over its actions in the South China Sea. 美国政府决定开始挑战中国在南中国海的行为。Jeff Bader, then Asia director at the National Security Council, and former assistant secretary of state Kurt Campbell prepared the ground before the Hanoi meeting by briefing governments that harboured complaints about the Chinese. 时任国家安全委员会亚洲事务主管杰#8226;贝德(Jeff Bader)与前助理国务卿库尔特#8226;坎贝Kurt Campbell)为河内会议召开做足准备,向对中方抱有不满的政府知会美方立场。Over the past few years, the US has expanded security co-operation with Vietnam and the Philippines, both of which are involved in territorial disputes with China, and backed a court case brought by the Philippines. 过去几年中,美国扩大了与越南、菲律宾的安全合作(两国都与中国存在领土争端),并持菲律宾针对中国提出的一起诉讼案。An international tribunal ruled in July that many of China’s claims in the South China Sea were unlawful.今年7月,一家国际仲裁庭裁定中国在南中国海的多项主张都为非法。For all their occasional disagreements on the Middle East, Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton were much more aligned when it came to Asia. 虽然在中东问题上偶有分歧,但涉及亚洲问题时,奥巴马和希拉里的看法要一致得多。Indeed, the biggest competition within the administration was over who should take credit for the strategy the White House or the state department not over its ideas.实际上,政府内部争得最厉害的不是围绕这一战略的思想,而是谁是这一战略的功臣,白宫还是国务院?There were times when Tom Donilon [a former national security adviser] thought she was too tough on China, or Jeff Bader. 有时,(前国家安全顾问)汤姆#8226;多尼Tom Donilon)认为她对中国太过强硬,杰#8226;贝德也会这么想。But not Obama, says one former senior official. He never really had any romantic attachment to the idea that we need to always have smooth Sino-US relations.但奥巴马不,一位前美国高级官员表示,他从来没有不切实际地抱着我们需要一直保持平稳的中美关系的想法。The one exception was over the case of Chen Guangcheng, the blind activist who took refuge in the US embassy in Beijing in 2012 and who after several days of negotiations while Mrs Clinton was in Beijing for a summit eventually received asylum in the US. 陈光诚事件是一个例外,这位盲人维权012年进入北京美国驻华大使馆寻求庇护——当时希拉里正在北京参加一个峰会——经过几天的谈判,陈光诚最终得以到美国避难。According to senior officials, Mr Obama was highly critical of the state department’s decision to let Mr Chen into the US embassy.据美国高官称,奥巴马严厉批评了国务院让陈光诚进入美国大使馆的决定。Along with the Hanoi meeting, the stand-off over Mr Chen was another piece of evidence for those in Beijing who believe Mrs Clinton to be a relatively hardline voice about China, both on security issues and human rights. 除了河内会议,中美在陈光诚事件上的僵持也使得北京一些人士更加相信希拉里在安全和人权问题上代表着对华相对强硬的声音。Indeed, Chinese suspicions about Mrs Clinton date back to the 1995 World Conference on Women in Beijing, when she insisted that women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights remarks that were not broadcast in China.事实上,中国方面对希拉里的怀疑可以追溯至1995年在北京召开的世界妇女大World Conference on Women),当时她坚称妇女权利即人权,人权即妇女权利——这些言论未能在中国播出。As a result, many analysts in China would expect a prospective Clinton administration to be more willing to confront Beijing. 因此,中国许多分析人士预计,有望入主白宫的希拉里将更愿意与北京方面对抗。She has always been hard on China since her first visit in 1995, says Chu Shulong, an international relations expert at Tsinghua University. That’s her style.995年首次访问中国以来,她一直对中国保持强硬态度,清华大Tsinghua University)国际关系专家楚树龙说,这是她的风格。Shi Yinhong, another international relations expert at Renmin University, agrees: Hillary will be tougher on China than Obama.来自人民大学的另外一位国际关系专家时殷弘同意这种观点,他说:在对华态度上,希拉里将会比奥巴马更加强硬。From the start, the decision to push back against China in the South China Sea and the increasing US presence in the region have won strong, bipartisan support in Washington, where there are few disagreements with the basic ideas of the pivot. 在南中国海对抗中国并扩大美国在亚太地区存在的决定从一开始就在华盛顿得到两党的大力持——华盛顿在转向亚洲的基本战略思想上鲜有不同意见。Within the administration, the only real debate has been about the pace of US naval operations in contested areas in the South China Sea.在奥巴马政府内部,真正的辩论只围绕着美国海军在南中国海争议海域的行动步伐。However the pivot has not been without its critics. 然而,也并非没有人批评转向亚洲战略。Hugh White, a former Australian defence official and an influential observer on Asia, believes that the US is not prepared for the huge risks and costs that would be required to actually shift China’s strategy.澳大利亚原国防部官员、颇具影响力的亚洲问题观察家#8226;怀Hugh White)认为,美国没有准备好应对切实转变对华策略所必然带来的巨大风险和成本。The pivot’s architects assumed that a merely symbolic reassertion of US power and resolve would be enough to make China back off, he argues. 他辩称:‘转向亚洲’战略的设计者以为,只要象征性地彰显美国实力和决心就足以让中国退让。China’s assertive posture in the East and South China Sea today is strong evidence that they were wrong.中国如今在东中国海和南中国海上摆出的强硬姿态明显表明,这种想法是错误的。Flawed deal?有缺陷的TPP?So how would President Clinton act in Asia? For all her input in defining the Obama administration’s strategy to the region, during the election campaign she has turned against one of its central planks, the 12-nation trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. (China is not involved in TPP.)那么,希拉里总统将会在亚洲怎么做?尽管希拉里参与制定了奥巴马政府的亚太战略,但在选战期间,她转变态度反对该战略的核心内容之一,也就是包括12个成员国家(不含中国)的《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定TPP)。Should Mrs Clinton win the election, the ideal situation for her would be for Congress to approve the trade deal before her inauguration. 如果希拉里赢得选举,对她来说,理想的情况将是国会在她宣誓就职前批准TPP。But if that does not happen, she would face the difficult choice of whether to reopen an agreement which she has described as central to American influence in the region, but which she now believes to be flawed in practice. 但如果国会没有批准TPP,她就会面临是否重启该协议的艰难抉择——她曾说TPP对美国在亚太地区的影响力至关重要,但后来又认为该协议在实践中存在缺陷。One former US official who worked closely with the Obama administration on China argues that Mrs Clinton would push more strongly on commercial issues and would be far less patient with the restrictions Beijing places on doing business in its own market.一位曾密切参与奥巴马政府中国事务的美国前官员表示,希拉里将会在商业问题上施加更大压力,也更加对中国政府对在华外资企业施加的限制没有耐心。I don’t think she’ll be willing to park the competitiveness agenda as it relates to China to get, say, a global climate deal, he adds. 他补充称:我不认为她会愿意为了签署什么协议——比如说全球气候协议——而搁置与中国相关的竞争力议程。President Obama wanted China’s help on the Iran deal, he wanted the climate deal and he was willing to shelve other more nettlesome issues in order to get them.奥巴马总统在伊朗协议上希望得到中国协助,他也希望签署气候协议,他就愿意为了签署这些协议而搁置其他更棘手的问题。The sharpest dilemma would be on the South China Sea. 最棘手的将是南中国海问题。The approach Mrs Clinton started to outline in Hanoi in 2010 was to pressure China to back away from efforts to dominate the region, by demonstrating the regional and US opposition. 希拉010年在河内概述的策略是通过展示亚太各国和美国的反对,从而迫使中国放弃主导该地区的努力。Instead, Beijing has plunged ahead full speed, dramatically increasing over the past three years its efforts to build artificial islands that might one day serve as military bases.结果是,北京方面全力以赴,在过去3年大举建设有朝一日可以用作军事基地的人造岛屿。Among Mrs Clinton’s Asia advisers, the approach being debated is a slightly stepped-up version of the Obama pivot a series of steps aimed at forging a deeper network of allies and partners that can act as a deterrent to China and reinforce US ideas about trade and freedom of navigation.希拉里的亚洲事务顾问们正在辩论的策略比奥巴马的转向亚洲略有强化,即一系列旨在打造更深层次的盟友和合作伙伴网络的举措,它们可以威慑中国,并强化美国提出的关于贸易和航行自由的观点。The sorts of proposals being discussed include having another aircraft carrier permanently stationed in the region; expanding missile defence in South Korea; increased deployments to the island of Guam; and sending more planes and ships to the Philippines.正在讨论的建议包括让另一艘航空母舰永久驻扎在亚太地区;扩大韩国的导弹防御系统;增加关岛军力部署,以及向菲律宾派遣更多的飞机和军舰。They sound like small, incremental steps, but over time they will add up into a regional framework that can influence China’s rise, says one former official advising the Clinton campaign. 一位为希拉里竞选团队提供建议的前官员表示:这些听起来像是渐进的小步骤,但随着时间推移,它们将累积为可能影响中国崛起的地区框架。The Clinton team is still betting, in effect, that China has overplayed its hand.希拉里团队实际上仍在押注中国高估了自己的实力。来 /201609/465878President Barack Obama has set a goal to admit 110,000 refugees into the ed States during the 2017 fiscal year, which is about 10,000 more than his initial goal and about 30 percent higher than this year.美国总统奥巴马计划在2017财年将美国接纳的难民人数增加1万。这比他原先计划的人数多1万人,也比今年增0%。Secretary of State John Kerry announced the new resettlement goal during a closed session with members of the House and Senate judiciary committees Tuesday, according to media reports.据媒体报导,美国国务卿克里星期二在众议院和参议院司法委员会的闭门会议上宣布了这项新的安置目标。The last time the U.S. set a resettlement goal as high as Obama’s was during Bill Clinton’s presidency in 1995, when Clinton agreed to accept 112,000 refugees. During the 2015 fiscal year, the U.S. admitted just 70,000 refugees.美国上一次定下像奥巴马设定的这么高的安置目标是在1995年比尔·克林顿担任总统期间。当时他同意接纳11000名难民。美国在2015财年只接纳了7万难民。The report, which was obtained by Politico, said the Obama administration wants to admit a “significantly highernumber of refugees from Syria next year.据美国政治新闻网报道,奥巴马政府希望在明年接纳“人数明显增多的”叙利亚难民。Obama will likely formally announce the refugee plan before he attends a summit on refugees during next week’s General Assembly meeting at the ed Nations.奥巴马下周出席联合国大会关于难民问题的峰会前,可能会正式宣布这项难民安置计划。来 /201609/466462清远治疗多囊卵巢什么医院最好

天河那家阴道紧缩手术做的好Donald Trump intends to close his charitable foundation to reduce the number of potential conflicts of interest he faces, as the New York property mogul prepares for his inauguration on January 20 as the 45th president of the US. 唐纳特朗Donald Trump)打算关闭他的慈善基金会,以减少他面临的潜在利益冲突的数量。这位纽约房地产大亨正准备在10日的就职典礼上宣誓就任,成为美国5任总统。In a statement released on Christmas Eve, Mr Trump said he had instructed his lawyers to dissolve the charity without providing details on timing. The president-elect has faced considerable scrutiny over his charitable foundation and his business empire, with critics demanding that he sell off his businesses to completely eradicate any possibility of conflict of interest. 特朗普在平安夜发表的声明中表示,他已指示他的律师解散这个慈善机构,但没有说明具体时机。当选总统的慈善基金会和商业帝国受到了大量关注,批评者要求他出售自己的企业,以彻底消除任何利益冲突的可能性。“The foundation has done enormous good works over the years in contributing millions of dollars to countless worthy groups, including supporting veterans, law enforcement officers and children,Mr Trump said. “However, to avoid even the appearance of any conflict with my role as president I have decided to continue to pursue my strong interest in philanthropy in other ways.“多年来,该基金会为无数值得持的组织(包括持退伍军人、执法人员和儿童的组织)贡献了数百万美元,做了巨大的善事,”特朗普表示。“然而,为了避免与我作为总统的角色形成哪怕是任何貌似的冲突,我决定以其他方式继续追求我对慈善事业的强烈兴趣。”Mr Trump has faced criticism over the foundation following critical stories by the Washington Post, which discovered problems, including a lack of evidence of much charitable giving. The foundation also acknowledged breaking Internal Revenue Service rules by engaging in “self-dealinga revelation that came after the Washington Post reported that some money had been used to settle business lawsuits. 特朗普在《华盛顿邮报Washington Post)发表了批评性的报道后在基金会问题上受到批评,该报发现了种种问题,包括没有多少慈善捐赠的据。该基金会还曾承认违反美国国税局(IRS)的规则,从事“自我交易”;此前《华盛顿邮报》报道称,一些资金已被用于了结商业诉讼。The New York attorney-general also banned the foundation from taking donations in the state because it had failed to register properly and to file audited accounts, and is continuing an investigation into the charity. It remained unclear on Saturday how that investigation would impact the timing of the closing of the foundation. 纽约州检察长也禁止该基金会在该州接收捐款,因为它从未妥善注册,也未能提交经审计的账目;纽约州正在继续调查该慈善机构。截至上周六,尚不清楚那项调查将如何影响该基金会关闭的时机。While dissolving the foundation would remove one possible conflict of interest, Mr Trump has not explained what he will do with his business empire, beyond saying that his two adult sons will run it. His daughter Ivanka, and her husband Jared Kushner, are expected to move to Washington and work inside the White House.尽管解散基金会将消除一个可能的利益冲突,但特朗普至今没有解释他会如何处理自己的商业帝国,只是说他的两个成年儿子会接手日常经营。预计他的女儿伊万卡(Ivanka)和她的丈夫贾里德.库什Jared Kushner)将移居华盛顿,在白宫内工作。Democrats have criticized Mr Trump, saying he had not taken sufficient steps to avoid broader conflicts of interest. 民主党人批评特朗普,称他没有采取足够步骤来全面避免利益冲突。来 /201612/485728广州黄埔人流哪家好 广州天河长安医院hcg检查

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