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Devote some of your leisure, I repeat, to cultivating a love of ing good books. tunate indeed are those who contrive to make themselves genuine book-lovers. book- lovers have some noteworthy advantages over other people. They need never know lonely hours so long as they have books around them, and the better the books the more delightful the company. From good books, moreover, they draw much besides entertainment. They gain mental food such as few companions can supply. Even while resting from their labors they are, through the books they , equipping themselves to perm those labors more efficiently. This albeit~ they may not be deliberately ing to improve their mind. All unconsciously the ideas they derive from the printed pages are stored up, to be worked over by the imagination their future profit. 76673常用英语句子大全 --9 :5: 来源: 常用英语句子大全想要练好口语?这不是纸上谈兵的事,小编在这里为大家整理了一些常用英语句子,让我们一起开始行动吧! 1.I’m an office worker. 我是上班族    .I work the government. 我在政府机关做事    3. I am going to my uncle's. 我去我叔叔家   .I like your sense of humor. 我喜欢你的幽默感    5.She is doing nothing right now. 她现在没做什么事情   6.I’ll call you. 我会打电话给你    7.She is doing some cooking. 她在煮东西    8.I want something to eat. 我想吃点东西    9.I need your help. 我需要你的帮助    .I would like to talk to you a minute. 我想和你谈一下    .I have a lot of problems. 我有很多问题    .I hope our dreams come true. 我希望我们的梦想成真    .I’m looking ward to seeing you. 我期望见到你    .I’m supposed to go on a diet get a raise. 我应该节食涨工资    .I heard that you’re getting married. Congratulations.听说你要结婚了,恭喜!    .I see what your mean. 我了解你的意思    .I can’t do this. 我不能这么做    18.Let me explain why I was late. 让我解释迟到的理由    19.Let’s have a beer or something. 咱们喝点啤酒什么的    .Where is your office? 你们的办公室在哪?    1.What is your plan? 你的计划是什么?    .When is the store closing? 这家店什么时候结束营业?    3.Are you sure you can come by at nine? 你肯定你九点能来吗?    .Am I allowed to stay out past ? 我可以十点过后再回家吗?    5.The meeting was scheduled two hours, but it is now over yet. 会议原定了两个小时,不过现在还没有结束    6.Tom’s birthday is this week. 汤姆的生日就在这个星期    7.Would you care to see it sit down a while? 你要不要看坐一会呢?    .Can you cover me on Fridayhelp me tell me how to get there? 星期五能不能请你替我个班你能帮我吗你能告诉我到那里怎么走吗?    9.Could you do me a big favor? 能否请你帮我个忙?    30.He is crazy about Crazy English. 他对疯狂英语很着迷    31.Can you imagine how much he paid that car?你能想象他买那车花了多少钱吗?    3.Can you believe that I bought a TV ?    33.Did you know he was having an affaircheating on his wife? 你知道他有外遇了吗?欺骗他的妻子吗?    .Did you hear about the new project? 你知道那个新项目吗?    35.Do you realize that all of these shirts are half off? 你知道这些衬衫都卖半价了吗?    36.Are you mind if I take tomorrow off? 你介意我明天请假吗?    37.I enjoy working with you very much. 我很喜欢和你一起工作    38.Did you know that Stone ended up marrying his secretary? 你知道吗?斯通最终和他的秘书结婚了    39.Let’s get together lunch. 让我们一起吃顿午餐吧    0.How did you do on your test? 你这次考试的结果如何?    1.Do you think you can come? 你认为你能来吗?    .How was your weekend ? 你周末过得怎么样?    3.Here is my card. 这是我的名片    .He is used to eating out all the time. 他已经习惯在外面吃饭了    5.I’m getting a new computer birthday present. 我得到一台电脑作生日礼物    6.Have you ever driven a BMW? 你有没有开过“宝马”?    7.How about if we go tomorrow instead? 我们改成明天去怎么样?    8.How do you like Hong Kong? 你喜欢香港吗?    9.How do you want your steak? 你的牛排要几分熟?    50.How did the game turn out? 球赛结果如何?    51.How did Mary make all of her money? 玛丽所有的钱是怎么赚到的?    5.How was your date? 你的约会怎么样?    53.How are you doing with your new boss? 你跟你的新上司处得如何?    5.How should I tell him the bad news? 我该如何告诉他这个坏消息?    55.How much money did you make? 你赚了多少钱?    56.How much does it cost to go abroad? 出国要多少钱?    57.How long will it take to get to your house? 到你家要多久?    58.How long have you been here? 你在这里多久了?    59.How niceprettycoldfunnystupidboringinteresting.    60.How about going out dinner? 出去吃晚餐如何?    61.I’m sorry that you didn’t get the job. 很遗憾,你没有得到那份工作    6.I’m afraid that it’s not going to work out. 我恐怕这事不会成的    63.I guess I could come over. 我想我能来    6.Is it okay to smoke in the office? 在办公室里抽烟可以吗?   65.It was kind of exciting. 有点剌激    66.I know what you want. 我知道你想要什么    67.Is that why you don’t want to go home? 这就是你不想回家的原因吗?    68.I’m sure we can get you a great good deal. 我很肯定我们可以帮你做成一笔好交易    69.Would you help me with the report? 你愿意帮我写报告吗?    70.I didn’t know he was the richest person in the world.我不知道他是世界上最有钱的人    71.I’ll have to ask my bosswife first.我必须先问一下我的老板老婆    7.I take it you don’t agree. 这么说来,我认为你是不同意    73.I tried losing weight, but nothing worked. 我曾试着减肥,但是毫无效果    7.It doesn’t make any sense to get up so early.那么早起来没有任何意义    75.It took years of hard work to speak good English. 讲一口流利的英语需要多年的刻苦操练    76.It feels like spring I’ve been here bee. 感觉好象春天到了我以前来过这里    77.I wonder if they can make it. 我在想他们是不是能办得到     78.It’s not as cold hot as it was yesterday. 今天不想昨天那么冷热    79.It’s not his work that bothers me; it’s his attitude. 困扰我的不是他的工作,而是他的态度    80.It sounds like you enjoyed it. 听起来你好象蛮喜欢的    81.It seems to me that be would like to go back home. 我觉得他好象想要回家    8.It looks very nice. 看起来很漂亮    83.Is everything under control? 一切都在掌握之中吗?    8.I thought you could do a better job. 我以为你的表现会更好    85.It’s time us to say “No” to America. 是我们对美国说不的时候了    86.The show is supposed to be good. 这场表演应当是相当好的    87.It really depends on who is in charge. 那纯粹要看谁负责了    88.It involves a lot of hard work. 那需要很多的辛勤工作    89.That might be in your favor. 那可能对你有利    90.I didn’t realize how much this meant to you. 我不知道这个对你的意义有这么大    91.I didn’t mean to offend you. 我不是故意冒犯你    9.I was wondering if you were doing anything this weekend. 我想知道这个周末你有什么要做    93.May I have your attention., please? 请大家注意一下    9.This is great golfing swimming picnic weather. 这是个打高尔夫球游泳野餐的好天气    95.Thanks taking me the movie. 谢谢你带我去看电影    96.I am too tired to speak. 我累得说不出活来    97.Would you tell me your phone number? 你能告诉我你的电话号码吗?    98.Where did you learn to speak English? 你从哪里学会说英语的呢?    99.There is a TV show about AIDS on right now. 电视正在播放一个关于爱滋病的节目    0.What do you think of his new job this magazine? 你对他的新工作这本杂志看法如何 常用英语句子“命运让我们成为兄弟,没有人可以各自独立 我们送入别人生命里的,转而又回报给我们自己”You Cannot Fix a Real FaithWhen I learned that members of my team, boys whom I had trusted and to whom I had devoted intense training and guidance---when I learned that these boys had been fixed by professional gamblers, my faith and belief in the basic integrity of youth received a severe blow. Any weaker confidence in the principles upon which I have tried to base my life might well have folded under its ce. Yet I can honestly say that my belief in the real decency of the great majority of our young men and the value of athletics is as strong as ever. The indiscretions of a few youngsters cannot destroy a faith built up by thirty-four years of experience with other boys who have justified that faith.  Throughout the years I’ve seen thousands of boys getting important training on the athletic field. I have seen them learn honestly and fair play, and I’ ve seen them learn to subordinate themselves the benefit of their team. What is more important, I’ve seen them take the lessons they have learned here into the situations they’ve had to face in later life. Many of the boys I’ve helped to teach have become outstanding members of their commies.  I realized that the responsibilities of any teacher are great and that those of a coach who spends more time with his pupils than any other teachers are even greater. Not only do I spend more time, but I feel emotionally closer to them, seeing and sustaining my students when they lose as well as when they win.  Because of this peculiarly intimate relationship with the members of my team in their most impressionable and mative years, I know that I can exercise great influence good or bad on them. I try by the example of my own character and actions to set them a standard of moral behavior. this reason, I have always tried to be very clear in my own mind about the principles in which I believe.  Take the desire to win, fundamental with every competitor. Naturally, it’s important to me, both as a player and coach and as a human being. I believe the competitive urge is a fine, wholesome direction of energy. But I also realize that the desire to win must be wedded to an ideal, an ethical way of life. It must never become so strong that it dwarfs every other aspect of the game or of life.  As a coach I have always tried to emphasize that winning is not enough. The game must be played right. I have often said that I would rather see my teams lose a game in which they played well than win with a sloppy permance that reflected no credit, except that it was sufficient to win. So I’ve tried to develop a way of thinking that sees life, and the things I do, as a whole, with every act relating to anther set. This puts things in true perspective.  I believe in the resilience, in the bounce, of youth. I get rich satisfaction from working with young people, providing leadership and friendship during the tortuous but exciting years that shape them toward maturity. I honestly think no more worthwhile activity could occupy my time.Edwin Markham has summed it up better than I could. He wrote  "There is a destiny that makes us brothers,  None goes his way alone,  All that we send into the lives of others,  Comes back into our own." 9

I used to watch her from my kitchen window, she seemed so small as she muscled her way through the crowd of boys on the playground. The school was across the street from our home and I would often watch the kids as they played during recess. A sea of children, and yet to me, she stood out from them all.我以前常常从我家厨房的窗户看到她,她强行挤过操场上的一群男孩子,对这些男孩们来说,她显得那么矮小学校在我家的街对面,我经常看到孩子们在下课时间打球尽管有一大群的孩子,但我觉得她是最吸引我注意的一个I remember the first day I saw her playing basketball. I watched in wonder as she ran circles around the other kids. She managed to shoot jump shots just over their heads and into the net. The boys always tried to stop her but no one could.我记得第一次看到她打篮球的情景看见她绕着其他孩子旁边游走的时候,我感到十分惊奇她设法跳起投篮,球恰好越过那些孩子的头顶飞入篮筐那些男孩总是拼命地阻止她,但没有人可以做得到I began to notice her at other times, basketball in hand, playing alone. She would practice dribbling and shooting over and over again, sometimes until dark. One day I asked her why she practiced so much. She looked directly in my eyes and without a moment of hesitation she said,"I want to go to college. The only way I can go is if I get a scholarship. I like basketball. I decided that if I were good enough, I would get a scholarship. I am going to play college basketball. I want to be the best. My Daddy told me if the dream is big enough, the facts don't count." Then she smiled and ran towards the court to recap the routine I had seen over and over again.另外一些时候,她一个人练球,我开始注意观察她的举动她一般是一遍遍地练习运球和投篮,有时直到天黑有一天,我问她为什么这么刻苦地练习她直视着我的眼睛,不假思索地说“ 我想上大学只有获得奖学金我才能有钱去上大学因为我喜欢打篮球,所以我决定了,只要我成为一个出色的球员,我就能获得奖学金我将能够到大学去打篮球我想成为最棒的球员我父亲告诉我说,如果梦想远大,就一定可以克艰难险阻”说完她笑了笑,跑向篮球场,又开始我之前见过的一遍又一遍的练习Well, I had to give it to her--- she was determined. I watched her through those junior high years and into high school. Every week, she led her varsity team to victory.嘿,我真了她——她是个有决心的人我看着她这些年从初中升到高中每个星期,由她带领的学校篮球队都能够获胜One day in her senior year, I saw her sitting in the grass, head cradled in her arms. I walked across the street and sat down in the cool grass beside her. Quietly I asked what was wrong. "Oh, nothing," came to a soft reply. "I'm just too short." The coach told her that at"5'5" she would probably never get to play a top ranked team -- much less offered a scholarship -- so she should stop dreaming about college.在她读高中的某一天,我看见她坐在草地上,头埋在臂弯里,我穿过街道,坐到她旁边的清凉的草地上,轻轻地问她发生了什么事她轻声回答:“哦,没什么,只是我太矮了”原来篮球教练告诉她,以她五英尺五英寸的身材,几乎是没有机会到一流的球队去打球的,更不用说会获得奖学金了,所以她应该放弃想上大学的梦想She was heartbroken and I felt my own throat tighten as I sensed her disappointment. I asked her if she had talked to her dad about it yet.She lifted her head from her hands and told me that her father said those coaches were wrong. They just didn't understand the power of a dream. He told her that if she really wanted to play a good college, if she truly wanted a scholarship, that nothing could stop her except one thing -- her own attitude. He told her again," if the dream is big enough, the facts don't count."她很伤心,由于感受到了她的失望,我也觉得自己的喉咙发紧我问她是否与她的爸爸谈过这件事她从臂弯里抬起头,告诉我,她父亲说那些教练讲得不对他们根本不懂得梦想的力量她父亲说,如果她真地有心去代表一个好的大学打篮球,如果她真的想获得奖学金,任何东西也不能阻止她,除非她自己没有这个心他又一次跟她说:“如果梦想远大,就一定可以克艰难险阻”The next year, as she and her team went to the Northern Calinia Championship game, she was seen by a college recruiter. She was indeed offered a scholarship, a full ride, to a Division I, NCAA women's basketball team. She was going to get the college education that she had dreamed of and worked toward all those years.第二年,当她和她的球队去参加北加利福尼亚州冠军赛时,她被一位大学的招生人员看中了那所大学真地为她提供了一份全面资助的奖学金,并且她进入了美国全国大学体育协会其中一个女子甲组篮球队她将接受到她梦想过的并为之奋斗了多年的大学教育It's true If the dream is big enough, the facts don't count.这句话说得真好:如果梦想远大,就一定可以克艰难险阻 8191The lives of most men are determined by their enviroment.They accept the circumstances amid which fate has thrown them not only resignation but even with good will.They are like streetcars running contendedly on their rails and they despise the sprightly flitter that dashes in and out of the traffic and speeds so jauntily across the open country .I respct them; they are good citizens,good husbands,and good fathers ,and of course somebody has to pay the taxes; but I do not find them exciting. I am fasinated by the men, few enough in all conscience , who take life in their own hands and seem to mould it in to their own liking. It may be that we have no such thing as free will, but at all events, we have the illusion of it. At a cross-road it does seem to us that we might go either to the right or to the left and ,the choice once made, it is difficult to see that the whole course of the world's history obliged us to take the turning we did. 801Suppose someone gave you a pen — a sealed, solid-colored pen. You couldn’t see how much ink it had. It might run dry after the first few tentative words or last just long enough to create a masterpiece (or several) that would last ever and make a difference in the scheme of things. You don’t know bee you begin. Under the rules of the game, you really never know. You have to take a chance! Actually, no rule of the game states you must do anything. Instead of picking up and using the pen, you could leave it on a shelf or in a drawer where it will dry up, unused. But if you do decide to use it, what would you do with it? How would you play the game? Would you plan and plan bee you ever wrote a word? Would your plans be so extensive that you never even got to the writing? Or would you take the pen in hand, plunge right in and just do it, struggling to keep up with the twists and turns of the torrents of words that take you where they take you? Would you write cautiously and carefully, as if the pen might run dry the next moment, or would you pretend or believe (or pretend to believe) that the pen will write ever and proceed accordingly? And of what would you write Of love? Hate? Fun? Misery? Life? Death? Nothing? Everything? Would you write to please just yourself? Or others? Or yourself by writing others? Would your strokes be tremblingly timid or brilliantly bold? Fancy with a flourish or plain? Would you even write? Once you have the pen, no rule says you have to write. Would you sketch? Scribble? Doodle or draw? Would you stay in or on the lines, or see no lines at all, even if they were there? Or are they? There's a lot to think about here, isn't there? Now, suppose someone gave you a life... 69

Please Dress Me in RedIn my dual profession as an educator and health care provider,I have worked with numerous children infected with the virus1) that causes AIDS.The relation ships that I have had with these special kids have been gifts in my life.They have taught me so many things,but I have especially learned that great courage can be found in the smallest of packages).Let me tell you about Tyler.Tyler was born infected with HIV;his mother was also infected.From the very beginning of his life,he was dependent on medications to enable him to survive.When he was five,he had a tube surgically3) inserted in a vein) in his chest.This tube was connected to a pump,which he carried in a small backpack on his back.Medications were hooked up5) to this pump and were continuously supplied through this tube to his bloodstream.At times6),he also needed supplemented oxygen to support his breathing. Tyler wasn't willing to give up one single moment of his childhood to this deadly disease.It was not unusual to find him playing and racing around his backyard,wearing his medicine-laden backpack and dragging his tank of oxygen behind him in his little wagon.All of us who knew Tyler marveled7) at his pure joy in being alive and the energy it gave him.Tyler's mom often teased him by telling him that he moved so fast she needed to dress him in red.That way,when she peered through the window to check on him playing in the yard,she could quickly spot him. This ded disease eventually wore down8) even the likes of a little dynamo9) like Tyler.He grew quite ill and,untunately,so did his HIV-infected mother.When it became apparent that he wasn't going to survive,Tyler's mom talked to him about death.She comted him by telling Tyler that she was dying too,and that s he would be with him soon in heaven.A few days bee his death,Tyler beckoned) me over to his hospital bed and whispered,“I might die soon.I'm not scared.When I die,please dress me in red.Mom promised she's coming to heaven,too.I'll be playing when she gets there,and I want to make sure she can find me.”By Cindy Dee Holms 850My mother is a kind and gentle woman. She is very busy from morning till night. As a teacher she works diligently and efficiently. As Mother, she takes good care of us and gives us every comt. I have an elder brother. He and I both love her dearly, as she loves us. My mother has been teaching maths at a middle school in my home town. She goes to the school early in the morning and does not return home until late in the afternoon. She loves her students and cares them. She treats them with patience and teaches them well. her excellent qualities and very good teaching results, she is always praised and respected by both her students and colleagues alike. And she has been chosen or elected as a model teacher several times. My mother is a thrifty and industrious woman. She never buys expensive or fancy dresses herself; she goes occasionally to buy some inexpensive and high-quality clothes us. She never goes to luxurious restaurants to enjoy expensive meals. She merely eats a humble meal outside when she is too busy. She lives a busy yet simple life, without any complaints. As soon as she comes back from school, she sets about doing housework sweeping the living room and bedreooms or cleaning the furniture, and putting everything in good order. Besides, she prepares nice dishes us to eat. She seems to be on the go all the time. As she has been very busy working hard every day, she looks older than she really is. Her face is wrinkled, and her hair has turned silver white. But she looks as cheerful and happy as ever. Often she says to us, "Work while you work, and play while you play. That is the way to be happy and gay. If you do not work, you will become lazy and of no use to society." What a piece of good advice this is! I never get it and always bear it in my mind. This advice of hers will always serve as a guide to my action. My mother is great indeed, and I always feel proud of her. 19Icebergs Icebergs are among nature's most spectacular creations, and yet most people have never seen one. A vague air of mystery envelops them. They come into being ----- somewhere ------in faraway, frigid waters, amid thunderous noise and splashing turbulence, which in most cases no one hears or sees. They exist only a short time and then slowly waste away just as unnoticed. Objects of sheerest beauty they have been called. Appearing in an endless variety of shapes, they may be dazzlingly white, or they may be glassy blue, green or purple, tinted faintly of in darker hues. They are graceful, stately, inspiring ----- in calm, sunlight seas. But they are also called frightening and dangerous, and that they are --- - in the night, in the fog, and in storms. Even in clear weather one is wise to stay a safe distance away from them. Most of their bulk is hidden below the water, so their underwater parts may extend out far beyond the visible top. Also, they may roll over unexpectedly, churning the waters around them. Icebergs are parts of glaciers that break off, drift into the water, float about awhile, and finally melt. Icebergs afloat today are made of snowflakes that have fallen over long ages of time. They embody snows that drifted down hundreds, or many thousands, or in some cases maybe a million years ago. The snows fell in polar regions and on cold mountains, where they melted only a little or not at all, and so collected to great depths over the years and centuries. As each year's snow accumulation lay on the surface, evaporation and melting caused the snowflakes slowly to lose their feathery points and become tiny grains of ice. When new snow fell on top of the old, it too turned to icy grains. So blankets of snow and ice grains mounted layer upon layer and were of such great thickness that the weight of the upper layers compressed the lower ones. With time and pressure from above, the many small ice grains joined and changed to larger crystals, and eventually the deeper crystals merged into a solid mass of ice.

Roll Away the StoneI enjoy life because I am endlessly interested in people and their growth. My interest leads me to widen my knowledge of people, and this in turn compels me to believe in the common goodness of mankind. I believe that the normal human heart is born good. That is, it’s born sensitive and feeling, eager to be approved and to approve, hungry simple happiness and the chance to live. It neither wishes to be killed, nor to kill. If through circumstances, it is overcome by evil, it never becomes entirely evil. There remain in it elements of good, however recessive, which continue to hold the possibility of restoration. I believe in human beings, but my faith is without sentimentality. I know that in environments of uncertainty, fear, and hunger, the human being is dwarfed and shaped without his being aware of it, just as the plant struggling under a stone does not know its own condition. Only when the stone is removed can it spring up freely into the light. But the power to spring up is inherent, and only death puts an end to it. I feel no need any other faith than my faith in human beings. Life Confucius of old, I am absorbed in the wonder of earth, and the life upon it, and I cannot think of heaven and the angels. I have enough this life. If there is no other life, than this one has been enough to make it worth being born, myself a human being. With so profound a faith in the human heart and its power to grow toward the light, I find here reason and cause enough hope and confidence in the future of mankind. The common sense of people will surely prove to them someday that mutual support and cooperation are only sensible the security and happiness of all. Such faith keeps me continually y and purposeful with energy to do what one person can towards shaping the environment in which the human being can grow with freedom. This environment, I believe, is based upon the necessity security and friendship. I take heart in a promising fact that the world contains food supplies sufficient the entire earth population. Our knowledge of medical science is aly sufficient to improve the health of the whole human race. Our resources and education, if administered on a world scale, can lift the intelligence of the race. All that remains is to discover how to administer upon a world scale, the benefits which some of us aly have. In other words, to return to my simile, the stone must be rolled away. This too can be done, as a sufficient number of human beings come to have faith in themselves and in each other. Not all will have such faith at the same moment, but there is a growing number who have the faith. Half a century ago, no one had thought of world food, world health, world education. Many are thinking today of these things. In the midst of possible world war, of wholesale destruction, I find my only question this are there enough people now who believe? Is there time enough left the wise to act? It is a contest between ignorance and death, or wisdom and life. My faith in humanity stands firm. 753Inmation is PowerIn such a changing,complex society merly simple solutions to inmational needsbecome complicated.Many of life’s problems which were solved by asking family members,friends or colleaguesare beyond the capability of extended family to resolve.Where to turn expert inmationand how to determine which expert advice to acceptare questions facing many people today.Adding to societal changes today is an enormous supply of inmation.The individual now has more inmation available than any generation,and the task of finding that one piece of inmationrelevant to his or her specific problem is complicated,time-consuming and sometimes even overwhelming.Coupled with the growing quantity of inmationis the development of technologieswhich enable the storage and delivery of more inmationwith greater speed to more locations than has ever been possible bee.Computer technology makes it possibleto store vast amounts of data in machine-able files,and to program computers to locate specific inmation.Telecommunication developmentsenable the sending of messages via television, radio,and very shortly,electronic mail to bombard people with multitudes of messages.Satellites have extended the power of communicationsto report events at the instant occurrence.Expertise can be shared world wide through teleconferencing,and problems in dispute can be settled without participantsleaving their homes andor jobs to travel to a distant conference site.Technology has facilitated the sharing of inmationand the storage and delivery of inmation,thus making more inmation available to more people.In this world of change and complexity,the need inmation is of greatest importance.Those people who have accurate, reliable up-to-date inmationto solve the day-to-day problems,the critical problems of their business,social and family life,will survive and succeed.“Knowledge is power”may well be the most critical requirement of all people. 8939关于“休息”(rest)的日常英语 -- :5:3 来源: 我真想睡个午觉I want to take a nap.I want to take a nap. (我真想睡个午觉)But you just woke up. (你不是刚刚起来吗?)I want to take a catnap. *catnap “打盹”、“小睡一下儿”Id like to lie down a while. (我想躺会儿)我去躺一会儿Im going to lie down. *用于稍感疲劳的时候Im going to take a rest. (我休息一会儿)你在装睡啊!Youre pretending to be asleep.Youre just pretending that youre asleep.Youre not really asleep. (你其实没睡吧!)I know youre still awake. (我知道你还没睡)你睡着了吗?Were you sleeping?Were you asleep?没有,还没睡呢No, I was awake.你能给孩子换块尿布吗?Will you change the baby diaper? *diaper“尿布”Will you change the baby diaper? (你能给孩子换块尿布吗?)Again? (又要换呀?)Will you change the baby diaper? (你能给孩子换块尿布吗?)I just changed it ten minutes ago. (分钟前我刚换过的)想尿尿吗?Do you need to pee? *主要对小孩子用该尿尿了It time to go wee-wee. *主要对小孩子用It time to go pee-pee. *对儿童用wee和pee,对婴幼儿用重叠wee-wee和pee-pee的形式表示“小便”蒙一儿Peekaboo! *孩子们在玩藏猫游戏时常用大人有时也半带玩乐地使用Peekaboo! (蒙一儿)Do it again. (再来一次)胳肢胳肢Kuchi-kuchi-koo. *胳肢婴儿时用大人有时开玩笑时也用我们来投球吧Let play catch.Let play catch. (我们来投球吧)Great! (好呀!)Let play ball.漏水了The water is leaking.The pipe is leaking. (水管漏了)全是灰呀It so dusty. *dusty“到处都是灰尘”、“沾满尘土”It so dusty. (都是灰啊!)I didnt notice. (我倒没注意)It needs to be dusted. (得扫扫了)这间屋子通风真差It stuffy in this room. *stuffy 房间等地方“通风不好”、“憋闷得慌”The air is thick. (这里真闷)I cant breathe in this room. (这屋让人喘不过气来)The air is dense. (空气混浊)这个房间很通风It drafty in this room. *drafty “有穿堂风的”你能去喂喂吗?Will you feed the dog? *feed “喂食”Please give the dog some food.你去遛遛吧?Will you take the dog a walk?帮我照看一下弟弟和啊Take care of my brother and sister.Take care of my brother and sister. (帮我照看一下弟弟和)You bet. (放心吧)请(给植物)浇点水Please water the plants. *water在这里是动词“浇水,洒水”Can I help? (要我帮忙吗?)Yes, please water the plants. (好吧,请帮我给花浇浇水)啊!怎么这么乱呀!What a mess! *母亲看到孩子们的房间时常说的一句话Look at the mess!What a pigsty! * 含有脏得像个猪窝的语气帮帮我吧Help me.Help me. (帮帮我吧)What do you want me to do? (我能帮你做什么呢?)把你的屋子收拾收拾Clean up your room.Clean up your room. (把你的屋子收拾收拾)But Im watching TV now. (可我正在看电视呢)Straighten up your room.Tidy up the room.帮我打扫打扫卫生Help me clean up the house.洗涤灵用完了Were out of dish detergent. *“洗衣粉”是laundry detergentWere out of dish detergent. (洗涤灵用完啦)Ill go get more. (那我去买一瓶)你能把衣晾上吗?Would you put up the clothes to dry?*put up是“向上挂”的意思,但在这里表示“晾衣”你能帮我把衣叠起来吗?Will you help me fold up the clothes? *fold up“叠整齐”把地扫扫Please sweep the floor. *sweep“扫”、“打扫”把厨房的池子洗干净Please scrub the sink. *“洗”一般用动词wash和clean来表示,但是“使劲搓洗”这一动作,用scrub表示最合适我得用吸尘器吸吸我房间了I have to vacuum my room. *vacuum“用吸尘器打扫”掸掸柜子上的土Please dust the shelves. *dust“掸土”Please wipe the shelves. (请擦一擦柜子)请拖拖地Please mop the floor.你能把那件衬衫熨熨吗?Will you iron the shirt?我的裙子得熨了I have to iron my skirt. *iron不仅是名词,它还可以用作动词“熨”我们去超市买东西吧Let go grocery shopping.We need more milk. (还得再买点牛奶)Let go grocery shopping. (那我们去超市买吧)公园里人挤人The park was crowded.The park was filled with people.今晚能帮我照看一下孩子吗?Can you baby-sit tonight? *baby-sit“父母不在时帮忙照顾孩子”Can you baby-sit tonight? (今晚能帮我照看一下孩子吗?)Sure I can. (当然可以) 日常英语 英语口语

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