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栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201509/398670A scan was looking at the density of my liver by passing vibrations through it.探测器正在通过振动查看我的内脏The harder the liver had become by alcohol the less vibrations would pass through.硬化越严重 反馈的振动就越多The important figure is this one重要的参数是这个the stiffness value and thats well within the normal range这个刚度值在正常的范围内so I would say thats a normal liver stiffness.所以结果是正常的-That#39;s reassuring to you and me. -Immensely.-那让我们都放心了 -的确是But there was a catch.但还有个问题Apparently unless I had advanced liver disease no test would pick this up显然 检查只能查出很严重的内科疾病and by the time you feel the symptoms of liver damage要是已经出现症状 肝脏已严重受损you have a one-in-three chance of immediate death!三个这样的人中 一个会立即死去Without opening me up所以我并不愿意the best predictor of my liver was something I didnt want to think about.乐观地估计我的健康状态We come down to history我们再从你的饮酒习惯being the most important investigation of a patients alcohol来看一下你的情况whether theres alcohol playing a role in damaging the liver.看看你的肝脏是否收到酒精损坏It#39;s quite interesting how your drinking habits虽然你的饮酒习惯have changed over your lifetime.已经改变了不少However you are drinking excessively但是你的饮酒量and well outside the recommended limits for a male.还是远超过成年人的推荐值重点解释:1.pass through穿过; 透过; 流过例句:The waterway is wide for many ships to pass through.这条河很宽,足以使很多船通过。2.think about考虑;回想例句:The time is approaching when we must think about buying a new house.我们要想一想买新房子的事了,时机即将来临。3.play a role in在 ... 中起作用; 扮演角色例句:He was invited to play a role in this TV play.他被邀请在这个电视剧里扮演一个角色。 Article/201507/387117

  Skiing Steeps陡坡滑行we#39;re goona look at three essential skills when skiing steeper slopes下面我们来学习在陡坡上滑雪时需要掌握的三项基本技能edge control foot rotation and separating the lower and upper body立刃,拧转和上下身分离these skills is important on the piste as they are off and it#39;s realy going to help control the speed as the gradient increase这些技能对道内和道外滑雪控制速度很重要,也有助于在陡坡上控制速度。the first thing we#39;re look at is edge control首先我们来讲一下立刃these days on modern skies everybody#39;s a little bit to obsessed by how much edge they can get on the ski如今人们有点太过于痴迷于滑雪时能达到的立刃角度and good skier can it a skill are but they#39;ve also got the ability and skill to flatten and fai l when the skis flat高水平选手可以达到很高的立刃角度,但是他们也有能力和技巧做放平滑行以及感受滑板是否处于平放状态。and that what we#39;re gonna start try here下面我们就来尝试做一下all am I do is flat in the skis and slide then gently edge我要做的就是放平滑板滑动然后慢慢地立刃flatten the skis gently edge放平滑板然后慢慢地立刃flatten and edge放平然后立刃it may be suprised that is actually harder to flatten in the skis gently into edged skis你可能会感到吃惊,因为实际上放刃滑雪比立刃滑雪要困难。keep practicing and try from both directions继续练习,并试着从两个方向练习。edge flatten stop be the other way立起,放平,然后我们从另一个方向试试flatten edge flatten edge放平,立起,放平,立起。that is filling comefortable is flating the ski with a look at the relationship between flattening and rotating既然你已经熟悉滑雪板放平了,我们就来看一下放刃和拧转的关系because they go hand in hand if I put lot of edge onto the ski and try to turn my foot因为他们是紧密相连的,如果我给滑板一个很大的立刃角度,并试着拧转it#39;s going to be virtually impossible to acturely make that for rotate那是不可能转得动的but if the ski flat on the snow its much easier movement so it#39;s a real skill to feel you can flatten the skis and rotate at the same time但是如果滑板与雪面是平行的,拧转就非常容易。所以让滑雪板平行与雪面并同时拧转雪板是项很重要的技能。release the edges rotate feet释放边刃并拧转。now you#39;ve got two movement working together flatten the skis roating the feet skis it s time to look at the last piece to the puzzle现在你能联合运用放平与拧转动作了。下面我们看谜题的最后一块拼图。ant that seperate the body what we#39;re looking for is the ability to keep the chest facing down the hill那就是上下身分离。我们首先要学会上身一直面向山下(面向滚落线)下半身转弯turning the feet below it#39;s a good exercise to help that can hold the poles back halfway down为了便于练习,我们手握在雪杖的半腰处,facing down the hill and hold them up right now what you can do is imagine that there is a contant letterbox上身面向山下,把雪杖这样举起,就像是在雪杖间举起一个箱子一样。in between those poles but i m gonna to look down and keep my hands and chest facing down the hill all the way down然后我会目视山下,我的手部和上身都一直面向山下let#39;s give it while hold in front looking down keep my body facing down the hill我们来试一试。雪杖握在前,往前看,在转弯时一直保持上身面向山下Lots of control through the turn在转弯过程中需要很好地控制skidding controling my speed搓雪,控制速度so would get the poles back in our hands now once we got that然后我们重新拿好雪杖to reach each of the pole plant there isn#39;t one side position where pole go in当收回来时,杖尖并不是点在雪板的一侧but on a steeper slope当在一个陡坡上时put on more down the slope here rather than around by the skies把雪杖点在山下的方向,这里,而不是雪板的前方that would concorage good position remember the upper body separation保持姿势,并注意上下身分离and also do something very importend on steeper slope一定要在陡坡上做drive and pull you towards the next turn它会迫使你面对并倒向山下I really wanna let my body go confidently towards the next turn我也希望我能自信地上身面对并倒向山下you think like this你这样想一下,this is my skis this is me if I gonna point my skis down the hill这是我的滑雪板,这是我。如果我把滑雪板转向山下,it#39;s come to this angle now if I go with next turn我和雪板之间就会形成一个角度(这是不正确的形态)。如果我也一起面对并倒向山下,it#39;s very good chance as I m coming into the beginning that turn I#39;m standing on my feet最有可能的是,我和我刚开始站着时的角度一样。and I#39;m balanced继而维持了平衡if I don#39;t drive my confidently toward the next turn如果我不能面对并倒向山下my skis are gonna point downhill on stay where I am我的雪板转向山下,而我留在原处and it#39;s good chance I#39;m gonna be in the back seat极有可能我会后座lot of pressure on the tails at skis and there#39;s no way体重压在雪板后部I#39;m gonna be on the right rotate turn my feet and get the back break那我就不能正确的拧转并使板尾离地so watch down here my poles gonna beet down the slope那么,向山下看,把雪杖点在雪板下方I#39;m really gonna draw at my body down towards the next turn with confidence我要自信地把上身面向并倒向山下。release the edges释放边刃的压力plant the poles rotate the feet make sure full these movment linked together点杖,拧转,动作连贯。keep the upper body facing down hill with good rephym pole plant you bring all together保持上半身朝向山脚方向,伴随着有节奏的点杖,我们就能将整个动作联起来。combine all these element keep practicing and you#39;ll find yourself in steeper slope with new confidence in将所有的动作结合到一起,不断地练习,之后你就会有信心面对陡坡了。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。 Article/201508/391575


  Lagos, Nigeria,a city on the coast of Africa and built on a lagoon,is struggling with a major water crisis.非洲沿海并建立在泻湖上的城市尼日利亚拉各斯,现在正面临重大的水危机。The U.N. estimates only 10 percent of the people living in Lagos have access to local water utilities. But that system is in disrepair, so even they#39;re in trouble.联合国估计,生活在拉各斯的居民只有百分之10能使用当地自来水。但是自来水系统年久失修,所以即使他们也陷入了麻烦。The 90 percent without access to the utility system have to find their own water. Many people drill their own boreholes or buy from local water vendors.没有自来水公共系统的百分之90居民不得不自己找水。许多人自己钻井或从当地水供应商处购买。The government recently passed an environmental law that addresses water and sanitation in Lagos. Part of it lays out new fines for those local vendors who sell water without the proper license.政府最近通过了一项环保法律,解决拉各斯水和卫生设施问题。部分包括新的罚款,对那些没有适当许可而贩卖水的当地小贩。Activists were worried the new rules would apply to private citizens, too, but the government says individuals are still allowed to collect water for personal use.活动人士担心,新的规定将适用于公民个人,但政府表示,个人仍然允许打水供个人使用。And Lagos#39; Water Corp. says it has a plan to improve the city#39;s water supply by 2020. But there are allegations that loans from the world bank haven#39;t been put toward that goal.拉各斯自来水公司表示,它已经计划到2020年提高城市供水。但有指控称,来自世界的借贷没有用作实现那个目标。译文属。 Article/201703/498981

  将近30年来,约翰弗朗西斯一直靠双脚和航行行走于世界各地,被称为“地球行者”,他向人们传达尊重环境保护环境的理念(其中的17年里,他没有开口说过话)。这段演讲有趣而有深意,特伴有班卓琴演奏。 Article/201411/341612

  Skip the midnight pizza run and try some of these healthy—and fast—dorm-friendly dishes.不要在午夜匆忙预订批萨,尝试下面这些健康便捷,又适合在宿舍制作的食品。You Will Need你需要Instant oatmeal; Non-fat yogurt; Peanut butter or other nut butters; Whole grain pita and tortilla; Eggs; A whole potato燕麦片,脱脂酸奶,花生酱或其他坚果酱,全谷皮塔饼和玉米粉圆饼,鸡蛋,一整个土豆,Garnishes like nuts, fruit, maple syrup, granola, cheese, and sour cream坚果,水果,糖枫汁,格兰诺拉麦片,奶酪和酸奶油,Whole-grain offerings like crackers, pasta, b, bagels, and English muf薄脆饼干,意大利面食,面包,炸圈型的硬面包和英国松饼等全谷食品And deli meat or tuna熟肉或金鱼Steps步骤STEP 1 Eat oatmeal1.食用燕麦Eat oatmeal. It#39;s fast, healthy, filling, and affordable. Dress it up with a spoonful of jam, a sprinkling of nuts or dried fruit, a dollop of peanut butter, or a drizzle of maple syrup.食用燕麦。这种食品非常快速,健康,饱腹,而且经济实惠。加入一调羹熟肉,撒点坚果或干果,一块花生酱,或者一滴糖枫汁来调味。Instant oatmeal takes just a couple of minutes to make but can be packed with sugar, so look for plain varieties.燕麦片只需几分钟就能做好,但是可能含有过多的糖分,所以选择比较普通的品种。STEP 2 Eat non-fat yogurt2.食用脱脂酸奶Reach for a non-fat yogurt. It’s full of protein and calcium, and it’s great with some banana, granola, raisins, or nuts. It’s also a smart dessert.享用一些脱脂酸奶。其中含有丰富的蛋白质和钙,与香蕉,格兰诺拉麦片,葡萄干或坚果搭配也非常完美。而且也是非常棒的甜食。STEP 3 Eat nut butters3.食用花生酱Know your nut butters. Peanut butter sets the standard, but there#39;s also almond, cashew, and even soybean butter. Try a spoonful on apples,celery, whole-grain crackers, and even plain pasta.了解你的坚果酱。花生酱是标准,但是也有杏仁酱,腰果酱,甚至大豆酱。食用苹果,芹菜,全谷薄脆饼甚至普通意大利面时都可以加一勺。STEP 4 Use whole grain pitas amp; tortillas4.使用全谷皮塔饼和玉米粉圆饼Use whole grain pita b and tortillas for eating on the go. They#39;re perfect for holding scrambled eggs, tuna salad, or cheese and lean deli meat.忙碌时可以食用全谷皮塔面包和玉米粉圆饼。用来卷炒鸡蛋,金鱼沙拉或奶酪和熟食瘦肉都非常完美。STEP 5 Scramble eggs5.炒鸡蛋Scramble some eggs. Crack them into a mug, beat in milk or water, and microwave for about a minute. Top with cheese, onions, and lean ham or chicken, and pair with a whole-grain b, bagel, or English muffin.炒几个鸡蛋。把鸡蛋敲入一个马克杯,在牛奶或水里打散,用微波炉加热一分钟。上面加上奶酪,洋葱,瘦肉火腿或鸡肉,搭配全谷面包,炸圈型的硬面包或英国松饼。STEP 6 Bake a potato6.烤土豆Bake a potato. Stab a potato with a fork and microwave it for 8 to 10 minutes, flipping it halfway through. Carefully slice and top the hot potato with cheese, chicken, and sour cream.烤一个土豆。用叉子叉一个土豆,微波炉加热8至10分钟,中途翻过来。小心地切片,顶部加上奶酪,鸡肉和酸奶油。Studies show that the average first-year college student gains about half a pound a week!研究显示,大一新生平均每周体重增加0.5磅! /201411/345336You can stay healthy despite diabetes with these strategies for keeping your blood sugar controlled.遵循下面控制血糖的方法,即使患有糖尿病,也可以保持健康。You Will Need你需要A balanced meal plan平衡的餐饮计划Healthy foods健康的食品Regular eating habits规律的饮食习惯Carbohydrate and sugar contents碳水化合物和糖含量A doctor医生Exercise运动Relaxation techniques放松技巧Non-starchy vegetables (optional)不含淀粉的蔬菜(可选)Sugar-free drinks (optional)不含糖的饮料(可选)Steps步骤Never change your diet without first consulting your physician.要改变饮食习惯,一定要先向医生咨询。STEP 1 Eat healthy1.饮食健康Follow a healthy, balanced meal plan that includes carbohydrates, protein, and fat, as well as vitamins, minerals, and fiber.遵循健康平衡的饮食计划,包含碳水化合物,蛋白质,脂肪,以及维生素,矿物质和纤维在内。Fill up on non-starchy vegetables, such as greens, peppers, broccoli, and green beans.用不含淀粉的蔬菜来充饥,比如绿叶蔬菜,辣椒,西兰花和四季豆。STEP 2 Eat regularly2.饮食规律Don#39;t skip or delay meals. Keep your metabolism running strong and avoid overeating later by enjoying regular meals and snacks.每餐不要省略或延后。享用规律的餐饮和零食,保持有力的新陈代谢,避免稍后暴饮暴食。STEP 3 Count carbs3.计算碳水化合物Count carbohydrates to consistently control the amount of sugar in your bloodstream.计算碳水化合物,坚持控制血液中的糖含量。STEP 4 Don#39;t drink too much sugar4.不要喝太多含糖饮料Be mindful of the carbs and sugar present in drinks, such as regular sodas and juices, and limit your intake of these beverages.警惕饮料中的碳水化合物和糖,比如汽水和果汁,限制这些饮料的摄入量。Carry your own sugar-free drinks when you are away from home. Good choices are bottled water, club soda with lemon or lime slices, sugar-free soft drinks, and unsweetened or artificially sweetened tea.外出的时候自己携带不含糖的饮料。良好的选择包括瓶装水,加柠檬或青柠片的汽水,无糖软饮料,无糖或人工甜味剂的茶。STEP 5 Take your meds5.携带药物Make sure to take medication that your doctor prescribes as directed.一定要随身携带医生开的药物。STEP 6 Get your blood pumping6.锻炼Exercise regularly to keep your blood sugar down and maintain a healthy weight.经常运动,将血糖维持在较低水平,保持健康的体重。STEP 7 De-stress7.放松压力Use relaxation techniques, such as slow, deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation, to reduce the level of sugar-elevating stress hormones in your blood.使用放松技巧,比如缓慢的深呼吸和渐进性肌肉放松技巧,降低血液中刺激血糖增加的压力荷尔蒙水平。Approximately 22 million people in the U.S., or 8 percent of the population, have diabetes.美国大约2200万人,也就是大约8%的人口患有糖尿病。 /201411/341220

  To get some idea of this extraordinary distance为让大家更直观地认识这段惊人的距离and the challenge it presents,和它所意味着的挑战I#39;m going to imagine that we could hitch a ride想象一下,如果我们能搭上on the fastest man-made object in existence.现存最快的人造交通工具Voyager one was launched in 1977.旅行者一号 1977年发射Now over 30 years old,30多年后的今天it#39;s traveled more than 13 billion miles.它航行的路程已逾130亿英里It#39;s mission so far has taken it to Jupiter and Saturn.它已完成了到木星与土星航行By using their gravity to boost speed,借用行星的重力作用加速the little spacecraft has entered the record books.这艘小型飞船已被载入了史册It might not look fast,或许这样看起来不快but Voyager is racing through space at 11 miles a second.却在以每秒十一英里的速度于宇宙中穿梭On Earth, 11 miles a second looks like this.在地球上,秒速十一英里是这样的It#39;s 39,000 miles an hour.时速三万九千英里At this speed, we could circle the globe one and a half times in an hour.以此速度,我们每小时能绕地球一周半How long would it take a spaceship那么一艘速度达到旅行者号的飞船 traveling at Voyager#39;s speed to get to the nearest earth-like planet, Gliese?究竟要多久能抵达最近的类地行星葛利斯呢The answer reveals the true scale of the cosmos.问题的让我们真正见识了宇宙之浩淼For even traveling at 11 miles a second,即使秒速达到11英里the journey to Gliese would still take over 350,000 years.到达葛利斯仍需三十五万年以上I think we have a chance to我认为我们还是有机会become a lasting part of the ever-changing universe成为这瞬息万变的宇宙中永恒的一部分and to discover what other wonders it might hold,并去探索它的众多奥妙but to do this, we will have to develop但为达到这一目的,我们必须在new technology on an enormous scale.科技发展上跨出一大步And that#39;s going to take some serious engineering.而这将需开启巨大的工程There are many in the field of cosmology who believe as I do,宇宙学领域有观点与我一致的众多专家that finding ways to travel great distances认为找出一种在太空远距离航行的方法will be essential to keeping human life amazing in the universe.是让人类在宇宙中幸存的关键If we could build a machine如果我们能建造一台机器capable of traveling to other solar systems,在其他太阳系中穿梭we would open up a fascinating possibility.我们将开创一种美好的可能The survival of the human race for billions of years.即人类在数亿年后依然幸存 Article/201510/405841


  Research suggests Vitamin C may help reduce the研究表明,维生素C或能降低罹患risk of stomach cancer, and Vitamin E may help胃癌的风险,维生素E则能降低lower the incidence of prostate and colon cancers.前列腺癌和直肠癌的风险Selenium may also reduce the risk硒也能降低癌症风险for prostate and lung cancers.比如前列腺癌和肺癌Evidence has shown a general conclusion that is从这些科学研究中我们可以得出quite clear. ;People who eat a mostly plant-based;常吃植物性食物的人diet that contains plenty of fruits, vegetables,罹患癌症的风险会降低,比如水果whole grains, beans, and moderate amounts蔬菜,天然谷物,豆类of nuts have lower cancer risks.;和适量的坚果Experts at the American Institute of Cancer Research美国癌症研究中心(AICR)的or the AICR believe that a diet rich in fruits and研究人员表示,水果和蔬菜vegetables such as citrus, tomato, peppers, berries,比如柑橘,番茄,辣椒,草莓grapes, broccoli, cabbage, and grains like spinach葡萄,花椰菜,圆白菜,谷物,菠菜and kale should provide all the antioxidants we need和羽衣甘蓝能够为我们提供所有for good health and lower cancer risk. The simplest我们所需的抗氧化剂,预防癌症advice is to eat a diet that is mostly brightly最简单的建议就是,多吃色丰富的蔬菜colored vegetables and fruits, along with whole grains和水果,同时食用天然谷物和豆类and beans. There are so many health protectors这些食物中都有很多对健康有益的物质naturally found in these foods that scientists科学家们认为estimate eating a large variety every day每天大量食用这些食物may lower cancer risk by at least 20%.能够将患癌风险降低20%Here you see a list of foods that are thought to下面是一些人们认为能够预防癌症的fight cancer. These foods are beans; berries;食品,它们是豆类,莓类cruciferous vegetables; dark green, leafy vegetables;十字花科植物,深绿色植物和大叶植物flaxseed; garlic; grapes and grape juice; green tea;还有亚麻仁,大蒜葡萄和葡萄汁,绿茶soy; tomatoes; and whole grains.大豆,番茄以及天然谷物Berries are a good source of Vitamin C and Fiber.莓类是维生素C和纤维素的重要来源According to the AICR, foods high in Vitamin C根据AICR,富含维生素C的食物probably protect against cancer of the esophagus;或可以降低患食管癌的风险while foods containing dietary fiber can probably而富含纤维素的食物或许能够decrease one#39;s risk of developing colorectal cancer.降低患直肠癌的风险All berries, but particularly strawberries and所有的莓类,尤其是草莓和raspberries, are rich in a substance called ellagic覆盆子,都富含鞣花酸acid. In laboratory studies, this phytochemical根据实验室实验,这种植物化学物质has shown the ability to prevent cancers of the skin,能够预防皮肤癌bladder, lung, esophagus, and breast. Research膀胱癌,肺癌,食道癌和乳腺癌,研究表明suggests that ellagic acid seems to utilize several化鞣酸能够同时对几种different cancer-fighting methods at once.癌症产生效果It acts as an antioxidant. It helps the body它是一种抗氧化剂,能够使身体中的deactivate specific carcinogens, and it helps slow致癌物失去活力,它还能减缓the reproduction of cancer cells. Blueberries contain癌细胞的增值速度,蓝莓含有a family of phenolic compounds called anthocyanosides,一系列酚类物质,叫做花色素which many scientists believe are among the most科学家们认为,它是目前发现的potent antioxidants yet discovered.功效最强的抗氧化剂Spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, leaf lettuce,菠菜,羽衣甘蓝,长叶莴苣,卷心菜mustard greens, collard greens, chicory, and Swiss白芥末嫩叶,羽衣甘蓝嫩叶,菊苣和chard are excellent sources of fiber, folate, and a瑞士甜菜都富含纤维素,叶酸和wide range of carotenoids such as lutein and类胡萝卜素,例如叶黄素zeaxanthin along with saponins and flavenoids.玉米黄质和皂角苷 Article/201511/407603

  China, Malaysia committed in MH370 search马方搜寻MH370客机与中方保持密切沟通合作During a meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the two countries will continue working together in the search for missing flight MH370.在会见马来西亚总理纳吉布期间,中方外交部长王毅表示两国将继续努力寻找失去联系的马航MH370航班。;We empathize with the relatives of the passengers on MH370.“我们对马航MH370航班上乘客的家属表示同情。We feel their pain and suffering.我们和他们一样感同身受。We will provide further explanations after the identification results come out.结果出来后我们将为大家进一步的解释说明。And we will also urge the relevant departments to do a good job in the next steps, such as with the compensation settlement,; said Wang.我们还将在接下来的环节中敦促相关部门尽职尽责做好补偿安置等的工作。” 译文属 Article/201508/390980

  They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so make sure you’re not enabling your kids#39; irresponsibility by doling out the cash. If they don#39;t learn to manage money, it may cost them their future.人们常说,有其父必有其子,所以有计划地给孩子零用钱,以免孩子在用钱方面没有责任感。如果他们不学会理财,将来会付出代价。You Will Need你需要Discipline纪律Allowance零用钱Planning skills计划技巧Budget预算Savings account储蓄账户Prepaid debit card预付借记卡Sound investment strategies (optional)合理的投资策略(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Model behavior1.以自己的行为作榜样Model the behavior you desire. Get your house in order and discipline yourself before you curb them, so that your advice and counsel has credibility.你想孩子有什么样的行为,以身作则。开始约束他们之前,把房子整理得井然有序,严于律己,这样你的建议和忠告才有说力。STEP 2 Say no2.说不Say no to your teen. Many parents lack the gumption – don’t be one of them.向你的孩子说不。许多父母缺乏进取心——不要成为他们中的一员。STEP 3 Control their spending3.控制出Help control your teen#39;s spending by educating them about wants and needs. Allowing them to have a credit card only temporarily forestalls the conversation about responsibility.帮助孩子控制出,教育他们学习欲望和需求的不同。允许他们暂时拥有一张信用卡,预先进行关于责任感的对话。STEP 4 Use allowance4.使用零花钱Use allowance as a tool through which they can experiment with their own money, allowing them to suffer the consequences when money is wasted. The results will be priceless.用零花钱作为一个工具,让孩子用自己的钱亲身体验,让他们承担钱被浪费掉的后果。所取得的结果将是无价的。Many financial companies offer services for monitoring your teen’s credit card account.许多理财公司提供监督家中青少年信用卡账户的务。STEP 5 Teach planning5.教他们制定计划Teach them to plan, which may include getting a part-time job to purchase desired objects.交给他们制定计划,或许包括为了购买渴望已久的物品而做兼职工作。STEP 6 Help them make a budget6.帮助他们制定预算Help them develop a budget, teaching them to acknowledge each expenditure and to organize their basic material desires.帮助他们制定预算,教给他们确认每一项花费,组织基本的物质需求。STEP 7 Set saving goals7.制定储蓄目标Set goals for a savings account aimed at future needs like college, trips, and marriage. Agree to reinforce this with small matching contributions on your part.制定储蓄账户目标,用于将来的需求,例如大学,旅游和婚姻。自己也可以做出相应的贡献,使该目标得到强化。Teach sound investment strategies to your teen, or have someone who knows what they’re doing help.教给孩子合理的投资策略,或者让知道自己在做什么的人帮忙。STEP 8 Allow a pre-paid card8.允许他们持有预付卡Allow the teen to have a prepaid debit card instead of a credit card. There is no government bailout authority that will reinforce poor money management for your family.允许孩子持有一张预付卡,而不是信用卡。没有任何政府救援机构会帮助你的家庭处理糟糕的财务管理状况。By 2008, over 91 million U.S. households had at least one credit card.截止到2008年之前,超过9100万美国家庭至少持有一张信用卡。 Article/201502/361288

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