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From running to jumping and climbing trapezes in his spare time, there is not one physical activity Dash Meagher doesnt like. He is just three years old, but incredibly aly possesses a six-pack.在空闲时间从跑到跳再到爬吊架,似乎没有一项体育活动是Dash不喜欢的但是令人吃惊的是,他才三岁却有了六块腹肌;I first noticed Dash had the beginnings of a six pack about six months ago when I was changing his nappy. He curled his feet up towards the sky and I saw it and sent a picture to his dad saying do you see what I see? He too young to realize he has it of course, but he aly incredibly muscly and just loves to exercise.; the Canberra toddler mum Ursula told Daily Mail Australia.Dash的妈妈Ursula告诉每日邮报:;我第一次注意到Dash开始有六块腹肌是在他六个月时,当时我在给他换尿片他会把脚往上伸,我看到后发了一张照片给他爸爸,并问他:‘你看到我看到的了么?他太小了,自然意识不到自己的腹肌,但是他已经非常强壮,很喜欢运动;While Ursula herself says she likes running, she insists that she is not a crazy fitness fanatic. ;I m reasonably fit, as is his dad, but Dash love of exercise really came from his love of the outdoors. He outside every day, come rain or shine. I used to run with him in the pram when he was a baby, and as soon as he hit two, I took him out on what I thought would be a gentle jog. Dash ended up running four kilometers!;尽管Ursula本人很喜欢跑步,但她坚称自己不是那种健身狂热者;我的强健处于一个合理的范围,正如他爸爸一样,Dash对运动的热爱来自他对户外的热爱他每天都在外面,不管雨天晴天,他还是个婴儿的时候,坐在婴儿车里,我推着他跑步他一到两岁,我本打算带他进行短距离的慢跑,但他最后跑了四千米;Despite being the picture of health now, Dash Meagher hasnt always been so fit and healthy. ;Dash was an IVF baby and was expected to be two weeks early and smaller than average,; says Ursula, ;Instead he was two weeks late, ten pounds. He started walking at and a half months, climbing the coffee tables and kitchen sides – he has this constant energy! Im truly blessed to have such a healthy little boy.;尽管现在很健康,但是Dash并不是一直这样健壮;Dash是个试管婴儿,本应该在早两周的时候出生,所有人都以为他要比正常婴儿小结果他虽然晚出生了两周,却有磅重个半月时开始走路,爬咖啡桌、爬厨房,有着源源不断的能量我非常幸运有这么一个健康的孩子;Dash favorite exercise is jumping. Ursula takes him to an indoor trampolining centre as often as possible, where he will bounce more than two hours at a time.; his second birthday we built Dash an outdoor activity centre. He just loves it.;Dash最喜欢蹦来蹦去Ursula总是带他去一个室内蹦床,他每次都要玩超过两小时;Dash两岁生日的时候,我们为他建了一个室外活动场,他可喜欢了; 093

The number of Chinese traveling to the US during China National Day holiday is expected to rise remarkably, in keeping with an expected overall increase the whole year, tourism industry insiders said.据旅游业内人士称,国庆假期期间赴美旅游人数预计将大幅增长,符合全年赴美游客人数整体上涨的预期Bookings travel to the US during the National Day holiday, from Oct 1 to 7, are almost triple the number from last year, according to a report released by lvmama.com, a major online travel booking platm.大型在线旅游预订平台驴妈妈旅游网发布的报告显示,月1日至7日国庆假期期间赴美游的预订量同比增长近3倍Ni Jiali, general manager of Lvmama.com outbound tourism department, said the rise resulted from beneficial tourism policies adopted by both China and the US.驴妈妈出境游事业部总经理倪佳丽称,中美两国实施的旅游优惠政策是增长的原因Such factors as the mutual approval of visas allowing multiple entries within years and the launch of new direct flights between the two countries are also making a difference, according to Ctrip, a leading online travel agency.领先在线旅游代理商携程表示,中美互发年多次入境签以及两国间开通新的直飞航线等因素对此也有影响Bookings at Ctrip travel to the US during the weeklong holiday have increased by 0% over the same period last year, making the US the fourth-favorite destination Chinese tourists during the holiday.携程有关国庆七天长假期间美国游产品的预订量比去年同期增长0%,使美国成为国庆期间第四大最受中国游客喜爱的目的地The number of Chinese tourists traveling to the US has increased greatly in the past decade. Last year alone saw nearly .7 million - a fourfold increase from the number in .过去年来,中国到美国旅游的游客人数有了大幅的增长仅年全年就有70万人次,比年增长了四倍;I believe that with the help of all these happenings around the Sino-US tourism year, this number will not only swell during the upcoming weeklong holiday, but also the whole year,; said Ni.倪佳丽表示:“我相信在中美两国旅游年的刺激之下,这个数字不仅在即将到来的国庆黄金周会剧增,全年都将保持上升势头” 697

投资风险Risk of investmentA: Well, Im thinking of establishing a food joint venture of big scale.我正在考虑建立一家大规模的食品合资企业B: That great. We have so many favorable conditions you to invest in China.那很好啊,在中国合资企业有很多优待A: Yes, China is a big country with a large population, rich resources and a comparatively low level of wages and salaries. However, the problem is that were still doubtful of investment in China.是的中国是一个大国,人口众多,资源丰富,而且工资水平低然而问题是我们仍然对在中国投资表示怀疑B: Let me put your mind at ease. The way I see it, a joint venture means, primary, less taxation and more benefits the investors.让我来解除你的顾虑吧依我看,搞合资企业,对于投资者来说,首先可以少上税,多收益A: That sounds good.听起来不错B: Well, a joint venture means preferred treatment the investors. A joint venture pays less income tax or even no income tax at all under certain conditions in the first five profit making years.搞合资企业,投资者可以享受到优惠的待遇合资企业头5个获利年度可以省缴所得税,在某种情况下,甚至完全不缴所得税A: Profit-making years? You mean the years of production?获利年度?你是指生产年度吗?B: No. I mean the years when you make a profit. What more, all lawful rights and interests of eign investors are protected by Chinese law.不,我指的是企业生产开始产生利润的头5年而且,外国投资者的一切合法权益都受到中国法律的保护A: Oh, I see. It is very good.我明白了,不错!;think of somethingdoing something;意思是;考虑到某事情,多指考虑某事情的可能性,未作出决定亦未采取行动;,例如:You cant expect me to think of everything! (你不能指望我把什么事情都想到了!)又如:Theyre thinking of moving to America.(他们有意移居美国) 8

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