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The World Health Organization says those exposed to the worst levels of radiation during the Japanese nuclear disaster have a higher risk for developing certain types of cancer.世界卫生组织表示,在日本核灾难中那些受到核辐射最严重的人更容易患某种癌症。In a report Thursday, the U.N. agency said the most affected were those near the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. Around 110,000 people in the area were evacuated in March 2011 after a massive earthquake and tsunami caused a meltdown in the plant#39;s nuclear reactors and sent radiation spewing into the surrounding area.世界卫生组织星期四在一份报告中说,受核辐射最严重的是福岛第一核电厂附近的居民。2011年3月大地震和海啸导致福岛核电厂的核反应堆出现核泄漏,使其周围地区受到核污染后,大约有11万人被撤离该地区。The WHO report says there is little to no risk of increased cancer rates among those outside the Fukushima area.世界卫生组织的报道说,福岛以外地区的居民患癌症的可能性并没有增加。But the agency estimates there is up to a 70 percent increased risk of thyroid cancer among females exposed as infants in the most contaminated area. The risk of leukemia increased by 7 percent for males exposed as infants.但是该组织估计,核污染最严重地区的女婴,成人后患甲状腺癌的可能性增加了百分之七十,受到同样核辐射的男婴,患白血病的可能性增加了百分之七。 /201303/227727。

Many of us do, including a US shopkeeper who just scooped 8 millionin the Powerball lottery – the fourth largest prize in the game#39;s history. 我们大多数人都这么认为,包括刚在“威力球”票赢了3.38亿美元——该票史上的第四大奖的一名美国店主。Before the last Powerball jackpot in the ed States, tickets were beingsnapped up at a rate of around 130,000 a minute. 在美国威力球最新的头奖开奖前,票以一分钟13万张的速度被抢购一空。But before you place all your hopes and dreams on another ticket, here’ssomething you should know. 但是,在你把全部希望和梦想放在另一张票前,有些事是你必须知道的。All the evidence suggests a big payout won’t make that much of a differencein the end.所有据表明赚了大钱到最后并不会带来太大的差别。Winning the lottery isn#39;t a ticket to true happiness, however enticing itmight be to imagine never working again and being able to afford anything youwant. 中票并不能让你真正感到快乐,尽管想象着无须再工作且可以负担得起你想要的一切是多么地诱人。One study famously foundthat people who had big wins on the lottery ended up no happier than those whohad bought tickets but didn#39;t win. 一项研究惊奇地发现赢了巨额票的人到最后比那些买票却没赢的人还要不快乐。It seems that as long as you can afford to avoid the basic miseries of life,having loads of spare cash doesn#39;t make you very much happier than having verylittle.看来只要你生活基本不贫困,有很多的余款并不会让你比只有很少余款的人更快乐。One way of accounting for this is to assume that lottery winners get used totheir new level of wealth, and simply adjust back to a baseline level ofhappiness – something called the “hedonic tmill”. 其中一个解释是大奖得主习惯了新的财富水平,然后重新调整回到快乐的基线水平——这就是所谓的“快乐水车”。Another explanation is that our happiness depends on how we feel relative toour peers. 另一个解释是我们的快乐建筑在和同辈人的比较上。If you win the lottery you may feel richer than your neighbours, and thinkthat moving to a mansion in a new neighbourhood would make you happy, but thenyou look out of the window and realise that all your new friends live in biggermansions.如果赢了票让你觉得比邻居还富有,想着搬进新的邻里的大厦也许能让你开心,但是当你往窗外一看,发现新朋友们都住在更大的大厦里。Both of these phenomena undoubtedly play a role, but the deeper mystery iswhy we#39;re so bad at knowing what will give us true satisfaction in the firstplace. 两种现象无疑地起了作用,但是更深入的谜是首先为什么我们一点都不明白什么才能带来真正的满足感。You might think we should be able to predict this, even if it isn#39;tstraightforward. 你可能心想我们应该可以预知的,即使它并不是那么简单。Lottery winners could take account of hedonic tmill and socialcomparison effects when they spend their money. 大奖得主可以在花钱的时候顾虑到“快乐水车”和社会比较的影响。So, why don#39;t they, in short, spend their winnings in ways that buyhappiness?所以,总而言之,为什么他们不把钱花在让他们快乐的地方上?Picking up points要点摘录Part of the problem is that happiness isn#39;t a quality like height, weight orincome that can be easily measured and given a number (whatever psychologiststry and pretend). 一部分的问题是快乐并不是]像高度,重量还是收入那般容易衡量,并提供一个数字(无论心理学家如何尝试及自以为)。Happiness is a complex, nebulous state that is fed by transient simplepleasures, as well as the more sustained rewards of activities that only makesense from a perspective of years or decades. 快乐是复杂朦胧的状态,由短暂简单的快事以及经年累月有意义的活动带来更持久的回报所组成。So, perhaps it isn#39;t surprising that we sometimes have trouble acting in away that will bring us the most happiness. 因此,也许毫不惊讶地,我们有时不能够做让我们得到最大快乐的事。Imperfect memories and imaginations mean that our moment-to-moment choicesdon#39;t always reflect our long-term interests.不完美的记忆和想象力意味着我们即时的选择不常反映出长期的利益。It even seems like the very act of trying to measuring it can distract usfrom what might make us most happy. 甚至企图衡量这些利益看起来搅乱我们追求快乐。An important studyby Christopher Hsee of the Chicago School of Business and colleagues showed howthis could happen.芝加哥大学商学院的奚恺元和他的同事做了一个重要的实验展示这是怎么回事。Hsee’s study was based around a simple choice: participants were offered theoption of working at a 6-minute task for a gallon of vanilla ice cream reward,or a 7-minute task for a gallon of pistachio ice cream. 奚恺元的实验围绕着一个简单的选择:参与者可选择做6分钟的工作换取一加仑的香草冰淇淋为报酬,或是做7分钟的工作换取一加仑的开心果冰淇淋。Under normal conditions, less than 30% of people chose the 7-minute task,mainly because they liked pistachio ice cream more than vanilla. 正常的情况下,少过30%的人只因为喜欢开心果冰淇淋甚于香草而选择7分钟的工作。For happiness scholars, this isn#39;t hard to interpret –those who preferredpistachio ice cream had enough motivation to choose the longer task. 对研究快乐的学者而言,这并不难解读——那些更喜欢开心果冰淇淋的人有足够的动力选择了更长的工作。But the experiment had a vital extra comparison. 可是这项实验有一个很重要的额外比较。Another group of participants were offered the same choice, but with anintervening points system: the choice was between working for 6 minutes to earn60 points, or 7 minutes to earn 100 points. 另一组参与者也被给予同样的选择,但隔了一个分数制度:选择工作6分钟得60分,或工作7分钟得100分。With 50-99 points, participants were told they could receive a gallon ofvanilla ice cream. 参与者被告知50至99分能够得到一加仑的香草冰淇淋。For 100 points they could receive a gallon of pistachio ice cream. 100分可以得到一加仑的开心果冰淇淋。Although the actions and the effects are the same, introducing the pointssystem dramatically affected the choices people made. 虽然行为和结果相同,分数系统的引入显著影响人们做的选择。Now, the majority chose the longer task and earn the 100 points, which theycould spend on the pistachio reward – even though the same proportion (about70%) still said they preferred vanilla.现在,大部分的人选择更长的工作以得到100分,换得开心果冰淇淋奖赏——即使相同比例的人(约70%)仍直言他们比较喜欢香草。Based on this, and otherexperiments [5], Hsee concluded that participants are maximising theirpoints at the expense of maximising their happiness. 根据这个结果及其它实验[5],奚恺元得出的结论是参与者牺牲了快乐以追求最高分数。The points are just a medium – something that allows us to get the thingthat will create enjoyment. 分数只是个媒介——一种让我们得到使我们快乐的事情的东西。But because the points are so easy to measure and compare – 100 is obviouslymuch more than 60 – this overshadows our knowledge of what kind of ice cream weenjoy most.可是因为分数十分容易衡量及比较——100明显地多过60——遮盖了我们最喜欢的冰淇淋种类的认知。So next time you are buying a lottery ticket because of the amount it ispaying out, or choosing wine by looking at the price, or comparing jobs bylooking at the salaries, you might do well to remember to think hard about howmuch the bet, wine, or job will really promote your happiness, rather thansimply relying on the numbers to do the comparison. 所以下次当你因为可能赢得的金额而买票,根据价格挑选酒,或是根据薪金比较工作,与其仅仅依靠数字作比较,不如想想赌注、酒或工作能带给你多少快乐。Money doesn#39;t buy you happiness, and part of the reason for that might bethat money itself distracts us from what we really enjoy.金钱买不到快乐,而且一部分的原因可能是金钱本身搅乱了我们做真正喜欢的事情。 /201303/232839。

People with delayed sleep phase disorder struggle to go to sleep at night and to wake early in the morning睡眠期失调遭推迟的人努力早睡早起Experts believe sufferers have internal body clocks that are slower than 24 hours专家认为生物钟失调者是因为生物钟慢了24小时This means they are out of sync with daily rhythms生物钟与日常节奏不同步Most of us love a good lie-in on the weekends. But for some people, getting out of bed each morning is a daily struggle that can disrupt their lives.我们大部分人都喜欢在周末睡个懒觉,但是对于一些人来说,每天早上最受折磨的就是挣扎着从床上爬起来。Now, researchers believe they have found out why some people struggle to sleep at night and reach for the snooze button in the morning - their body clocks are set too slow.为什么有些人尽量早睡就为了能早起,现在,研究人员认为他们找到了原因,就是因为他们的生物钟被设置得太慢了。A team from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, are investigating delayed sleep phase disorder, which is characterised by a persistent inability to fall asleep and wake at a conventional time.澳大利亚阿德莱德弗林德斯大学的一个研究小组调查研究了睡眠期失调遭推迟,其特征就是迟迟无法入睡无法按时醒来。Struggle to wake up for work? Your internal body clock may be out of sync挣扎着起床上班?生物钟与生活节奏不同步It affects up to 15 per cent of teenagers but can be a life-long condition.这一现象影响了15%的青少年但这种情况不会终身伴随的。Study leader, Professor Leon Lack, said initial results showed that the internal body clocks, of those with the disorder ran slower than average.此项研究的牵头人利昂·兰克说,初步的研究结果表明身体内部时钟失调相对平均时钟慢了一些。#39;Late sleepers can’t get to sleep until 2am or 3am at the earliest, or in some cases as late as 4am, which makes it very hard for them to get up for their commitments the next day,#39; he said.晚睡的人到了凌晨两三点才睡,有些晚睡的人甚至到了凌晨四点才睡,对于他们而言很难保第二天按时起床。#39;We’ve been investigating what causes people to be late sleepers and one of the most plausible explanations we’re perusing is that their body clocks run longer than 24 hours.我们已经调查研究了什么原因导致总有晚睡的人,其中一个貌似合理的解释就是他们的生物钟长于24小时。#39;Most people have a 24-hour body clock, it’s a natural rhythm that influences sleepiness and core body temperature but for people with delayed sleep phase disorder it takes longer to complete the cycle so they tend to go to bed later and wake up later.#39;大部分人的时钟是24小时,但对于晚睡的人而言,自然节奏影响了睡意和体温,睡眠期失调遭推迟要花很长时间才能完成这个周期,因此他们倾向晚睡晚起。Circadian rhythms are followed by most living things and follow a daily cycle that are governed by our internal body clocks. They influence sleep and wake cycles, body temperature and the release of hormones.生理节奏受我们身体内部生物钟的生活和日常规律配。他们影响睡眠和清醒周期、体温、荷尔蒙的释放。They can be affected by environmental factors, such as light levels, and so disrupted by flying across time zones and working night shifts.他们受环境因素影响,例如光亮度、飞行时差、晚班工作。Professor Lack said wider tests with a larger population would now need to be conducted to confirm the findings.兰克教授说对较大一个人群进行了广泛试验,现在需要确认这些研究结果。#39;If we establish what we’re expecting to find it will reinforce therapies that we know can help, such as bright light therapy to induce alertness in the mornings and melatonin to encourage earlier evening sleepiness,#39; he said.如果我们所期望的结果能成立的话,那么找到加强疗法是会有帮助作用的,例如明光疗法来引导早上清醒,褪黑素有助于晚上早睡,他说。#39;Exposing people to a bright light as early in the day as possible informs the body clock that it should be awake so therefore they fall asleep and wake up earlier on subsequent nights.#39;人们白天尽早暴露在明光环境下,提醒生物钟该清醒了,因此他们的身体逐渐就调整到了早睡早起的状态He said it was imperative to find a cause of the condition as it affected so many people.他说找出这种现象的原因势在必行,因为影响了如此多的人。#39;It causes young people to be late for school and when they do get to school they’re inattentive until their body clock finally wakes up.这种现象导致学生上学迟到,即使到了学校他们也是不清醒的,只有生物钟清醒了才能彻底清醒。#39;Adults can also have trouble holding down jobs because they’re always running late for work so it does have a detrimental effect on lives,#39; he said.成年人在早上上班时也存在这种现象,总是上班迟到,因此对生活影响不利,他说。 /201303/229062。

People are at their most attractive entering their thirties according to new research which suggested women are ;most beautiful; at 30 and men ;most handsome; at 34.根据最新研究,人们在三十多岁时最有魅力——30岁的女性“最漂亮”,34岁的男性“最帅气”。The study of 2,000 people across the ed States found women were considered to have reached their peak at 30, start to show signs of ageing at 41, stop looking ;sexy; at 53, and are ;old; at 55.这项调查了全美各地2000名对象的研究发现,人们认为女性在30岁时最有魅力,41岁时开始变老,53岁起看上去不再“性感”,而55岁时就真正“老了”。Men looked their best at 34, start to show signs of ageing at 43, stop looking good at 58, and are ;old; at 59.男性在34岁时最有魅力,43岁开始变老,58岁时相貌不再吸引人,而59岁时就真正“老了”。According to the survey, carried out by Allure magazine, there was a discrepancy in the ideal age for women depending on who was looking. Men thought women were most beautiful at 29, while women themselves thought the best age was 31.根据《Allure》杂志的调查,女性的理想年龄也因人而异。男人认为女性在29岁时最漂亮,而女人自己则认为31岁最美好。High profile women currently aged 30 include Hollywood stars Anne Hathaway and Kirsten Dunst, and Mad Men actress Elisabeth Moss。现年30岁的卓越女性包括好莱坞明星安妮·海瑟薇、克尔斯滕·邓斯特,以及《广告狂人》的女演员伊丽莎白·莫斯。Men aged 34 include the actor James Franco, star of Oz The Great and Powerful which is currently dominating the UK box office。现年34岁的男性有《魔境仙踪》中的男演员詹姆斯·弗兰科。电影《魔境仙踪》现在在英国可谓是称霸票房。Jillian Mackenzie, deputy editor of Allure, told The Daily Telegraph: ;In the past it (the ideal age) may have been a little bit younger. Anti-ageing is such a huge topic now and people want to look younger for longer. You see celebrities who are looking amazing into their fifties。《Allure》杂志的副主编Jillian Mackenzie对《每日电讯报》表示说:“要是以前,‘理想年龄’或许还要更小。现如今‘抗衰老’是个热门话题,人们都希望能看上去更年轻。所以,有 些名人年过五十了还是相当迷人。”;Across the board the ages for men were quite a bit older than for women and it#39;s interesting that men get an extra four years.;“总体看来,男性的理想年龄比女性的还要晚四年,很有意思。”When respondents were asked to use a word to describe grey hair on men the top answer was ;distinguished,; but for grey hair on women it was ;old。;当受访者被要求用一个词形容白发男性时,得到的是“高贵”;而相应的白发女性则被形容为“老了”。Asked to name celebrities who have aged well, actor George Clooney was by far the top choice among both sexes and all ethnic groups, ahead of Sean Connery, Bill Clinton, and actors Brad Pitt and Richard Gere。当问及谁是“老来俏型”名人时,乔治·克鲁尼的排名遥遥领先于所有男女明星,然后依次是肖恩·康纳利、比尔·克林顿、以及演员布拉德·皮特和理 查·基尔。The top choice for women who have aged well was less clear, but actresses Meryl Streep, Jamie Lee Curtis and Julia Roberts all ranked high。而女性相应的排名并不十分明朗,但梅丽尔·斯特里普、杰米·李·柯蒂斯还有茱莉亚·罗伯茨的排名都很靠前。The research showed the average age people start using anti-ageing creams was 37 for both men and women, while 42 per cent of women and 18 per cent of men said they would consider anti-ageing injections or plastic surgery。研究发现,男性和女性开始使用抗衰老面霜的平均年龄为37岁。42%的女性和18%的男性表示,会考虑抗衰老注射或整容手术。Five per cent of those questioned said they had aly had plastic surgery or injections such as Botox。而5%被调查的人员表示自己已经整过容或注射过肉毒杆菌素等。 /201303/232485。

这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:身边住着这么一个,每每让你心里“羡慕嫉妒恨”的邻居,克莱尔脑门得多画多少竖条啊~!译者:koogle内容来自: /201305/240685。

espresso - a strong coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through fine coffee grounds  意式浓缩咖啡:意式浓缩咖啡口感香浓强烈,它是以少量将近沸腾的水、借由高压冲过研磨得很细的咖啡粉末而冲出来的咖啡。  cappuccino - a drink consisting of a shot of espresso with steamed milk and foam  卡布奇诺:卡布奇诺是在一份意式浓缩咖啡中加入蒸汽牛奶和泡沫牛奶。(传统的卡布奇诺咖啡是三分之一浓缩咖啡,三分之一蒸汽牛奶和三分之一奶泡)  latté - an espresso drink, but with more milk than a cappucino  拿铁:拿铁咖啡是意式浓缩咖啡与牛奶的经典混合。与卡布奇诺相比,拿铁中要加入更多的牛奶。  américano - espresso diluted with hot water  美式咖啡:加入热水稀释的浓缩咖啡。  mocha - a variant of a latté with chocolate added  卡咖啡:卡咖啡是在拿铁的基础上加入巧克力的咖啡。  macchiato - espresso with a dollop of hot, foamed milk  玛奇朵:玛奇朵就是在意式浓缩咖啡上加上一份热奶泡。  Starbucks Terms 星巴克专用  Frappuccino? - Starbucks brand of a coffee drink blended with ice  星冰乐:星巴克的招牌饮料,由意大利浓缩咖啡、低脂牛奶、砂糖、干果胶粉、可可粉、冰块混合而成。  Tall - 12 ounce, small size  中杯:约350ml  Grande - 16 ounce, medium size  大杯:约470ml  Venti - 20 ounce, large size  超大杯:约590ml- /201308/251686。