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摘要:数字13 一个广为流传的迷信是13不吉利。许多饭店就不设13房间。有人不愿意在13号出发旅行,特别赶上当天是星期五。One of the most widesp superstitions is that thirteen is unlucky, and so general is this idea that many hotels do not have a room number thirteen. Some people will not start a trip on the 13th day of the month, especially if it happens to be a Friday. Various explanations have been given as to the origin of this superstition. The most popular explanation is that there were thirteen persons at the Last Supper, Judas being frequently represented as the thirteen. The superstition about the number thirteen is universal. We can find it in France, England, throughout almost the whole of Europe, and in America. It has long been a matter of etiquette in France to avoid having exactly thirteen guests at a dinner or party, and the person who is invited to fill the fourteenth seat at the table is usually known as quatorizième. The English writer Joseph Addison, who wrote early in the 18th century, tells us a story about the superstition in his time:“I remember I was once in a mixed assembly that was full of noise and mirth, when on a sudden an old woman unluckily observed there were thirteen of us in company. This remark struck a panic terror into several who were present, insomuch that one or two of the ladies were going to leave the room; but a friend of mine, taking notice that one of our female companions was big with child, affirmed there were fourteen in the room, and that, instead of portending one of the company should die, it plainly forebode one of them should be born. Had not my friend found this expedient to break the omen, I question not but half of the women in the company would have fallen sick that night.”Nowadays few people take the number so seriously as people in Addison’s time. /200907/76405Self-treatments using baking soda, ash and hydrogen peroxide provided online with no dental experience, can strip tooth enamel and cause lasting damage to the gums, experts cautioned.   专家提醒,网上流传的用苏打粉、灰末和过氧化氢进行牙齿美白的方法,若没有牙医的指导,会损伤牙釉质,给牙齿带来永久的伤害。  The techniques are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to expensive professional treatment, especially among teenage girls.  目前这些美白方法广受欢迎,尤其是受到少女们的追捧,并逐渐取代了昂贵的专业美白治疗。 But dentists said some of the methods can erode the enamel covering of the teeth, making them appear darker rather than whiter.  但牙医提醒说,有些方法可能会损伤覆盖在牙齿上的牙釉质,反而让牙齿显得更黑。  Up to 100,000 people undergo some type of teeth whitening treatment each year, ten times more than did so five years ago.  近年来,每年进行牙齿美白的人数已经达到10万人,是五年前的十倍。  But for many people the process is prohibitively expensive, costing up to £1,300($2,096) for laser treatment and as much as £700($1,128) for professional bleaching.  但是对于很多人来说,进行专业牙齿美白的费用太过高昂。激光美白的费用是1300英镑(约2096美元),专业牙齿漂白至少需要700英镑(约1128美元)。 Professor Andrew Eder, clinical director of the London Tooth Whitening Centre, said using baking soda repeatedly would strip the teeth of enamel, leaving them browner and more sensitive, while salt would scratch the enamel and any use of acid was especially damaging.  伦敦牙齿美白中心临床主任安德鲁 埃德尔教授表示,反复使用小苏打会损害牙釉质,牙齿会变得越发暗沉、敏感;用盐可能会刮伤牙釉质;而使用任何盐酸美白牙齿带来的伤害则更大。 /201011/117713

三分之一员工上班打瞌睡Hey you! Dozing at your desk! Wake up, go home and get more sleep!That could be the message from a survey released Monday by the National Sleep Foundation. The survey of 1,000 people found participants average six hours and 40 minutes of sleep a night on weeknights, even though they estimated they'd need roughly another 40 minutes of sleep to be at their best.Roughly one-third of those surveyed said they had fallen asleep or become very sleepy at work in the past month.Just how big a deal that is depends, of course, on your job. Last week, the chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission acknowledged it should have done more to investigate a tip that security guards routinely took naps while on the job at a Pennsylvania nuclear plant.It wasn't until a tape of guards sleeping in a "y room" at the Peach Bottom plant in south-central Pennsylvania surfaced several months after it got the tip that the NRC announced in September a special investigation.While sleepy workers know they're not performing as well as they could during the day, work is what's keeping them up nights, according to the survey, which found workdays are getting longer and time spent working from home averages close to four-and-a-half hours each week.It seems people are also trying to squeeze in more time for themselves and their families, even if it means less sleep. The average wake up is at 5:35 a.m. and it's followed by about two hours and 15 minutes at home before heading out to work, according to the survey. Average bedtime is 10:53. 嘿!上班时间打瞌睡?!快醒醒,回家补觉!这可能是美国全国睡眠基金会于本周一公布的一项调查得出的结论。这项共有一千人参加的调查发现,调查对象在工作日期间每晚平均睡眠时间为6小时40分,不过他们觉得自己仍需要补充大约40分钟的睡眠才能达到最佳状态。约三分之一的受访者称,在过去一个月中,他们曾在上班时间睡着或感到昏昏欲睡。这个问题到底有多严重?这当然取决于你的工作。宾夕法尼亚一家核电站曾传出保安经常在上班时间睡觉的消息,美国核管理委员会主席于上周承认,对这一事件的调查力度还不够。宾夕法尼亚州中南部的Peach Bottom核电站的保安在“待命室”内睡觉的录像在美国核管理委员会得知这一秘密消息的几个月后曝光。在此之前,美国核管理委员会已于九月份宣布将展开一项特别调查。调查表明,睡眠不足的员工知道自己的工作表现不够理想,但工作忙是导致他们晚睡的主要原因。调查发现,如今人们的工作时间越来越长,每周在家工作的平均时间接近四个半小时。此外,人们仍在尽可能地为自己和家人挤出更多的时间,尽管这意味着睡眠时间会减少。调查显示,人们每天的平均起床时间为5点35分,出门上班之前能在家待大约两小时十五分钟,平均就寝时间为10点53分。 /200803/30960

Thousands of British nurses think it is fine to have an affair with one of their patients, according to research.Almost one in 10 nurses think breaking the age-old taboo of starting a relationship with one of their patients is acceptable while one in six said they knew of a colleague who had a sexual relationship with a patient they were looking after.The findings, published by the Nursing Times, will add weight to the controversial remarks by Conservative peer Lord Mancroft that nurses are "promiscuous" and "unprofessional".Mancroft faced a backlash after he claimed he was ignored by nurses and forced to listen while they discussed their drunken antics and sexual encounters while being treated for gastroenteritis at the Royal ed hospital in Bath last summer.The survey's findings suggest many of the UK's 400,000 nurses are prepared to run the risk of being struck off for sleeping with patients and also that relationships between nurses and patients are not uncommon.In January the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) issued strict new rules reminding nurses that they face disciplinary action if they embark on a sexual relationship with a current patient.The rules also say that relationships with former patients will often be deemed unacceptable. The regulations have proved contentious with nurses who say many such relationships end in marriage.The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) says the survey findings, of 3,600 nurses, are "very concerning". 一项调查显示,英国有数千名护士认为与病人发生暧昧关系可以接受。近十分之一的护士认为打破传统禁忌、与病人谈恋爱可以接受;六分之一的护士称,她们的同事与自己护理的病人发生过性关系。这项在《护理时代》上发表的调查结果将为英国上院议员、保守党人曼克劳弗特对护士的一番有争议的评价提供“据”,他认为护士“生活混乱”、“缺乏职业道德”。去年夏天,曼克劳弗特因患肠胃炎前往位于巴斯的皇家联合医院就治,他称在其住院期间,护士们对其不管不问,反而在那讨论她们喝醉后的滑稽动作和性话题。曼克劳弗特的这番言论遭到了强烈抨击。而这项调查结果表明,在英国的四万名护士中,有很多人会不顾被开除的风险,与自己的病人发生关系;此外,护士与病人谈恋爱已不是什么新鲜事。优质医疗健康护理委员会于今年1月发布了行业新规,根据新规定,如果护士与正在接受治疗的病人发生性关系,将会受到严厉的纪律处分。规定中还提到,即使病人出院后,这种行为也不可接受。但这些规定遭到了护士们的异议。她们称,很多这样的恋情最后都开花结果。该调查共有3600名护士参加。皇家护士学院称,调查结果“非常令人担忧” /200803/29699

Feeling stressed or anxious at an inability to access the Internet? Don't worry, you're not alone and now there's a word for it: "discomgoogolation."Nearly half of Britons -- 44 percent -- are discomgoogolation sufferers, according to a survey, with over a quarter -- 27 percent -- admitting to rising stress levels when they are unable to go online."The proliferation of broadband has meant for the first time in history we've entered a culture of 'instant answers,"' said psychologist Dr David Lewis, who identified discomgoogolation by measuring heart rates and brainwave activity.The term comes from "discombobulate," which means to confuse or frustrate, and Google."A galaxy of information is just a mouse click away and we have become addicted to the web," added Lewis. "When unable to get online, discomgoogolation takes over."It was surprising to see the stress this led to brain activity and blood pressure in participants both increase in response to being cut off from the Internet."The survey also found 76 percent of Britons could not live without the Internet, with over half of the population using the web between one and four hours a day and 19 percent of people spending more time online than with their family in a week.Forty-seven percent of those polled believed the Internet was more important in people's lives than religion, with one in five people paying the Internet more attention than their partner.Commissioned by information service 118118, the YouGov poll questioned 2,100 Britons during the first week of July. 上不了网就会觉得焦躁不安?别担心,你并不是个特例,如今很多人都有这种“谷歌依赖症(discomgoogolation)”。据一项调查显示,近一半的英国人(44%)患有“谷歌依赖症”,超过四分之一的人(27%)承认自己在无法上网时会感到压力增大。心理学士大卫#8226;刘易斯说:“宽带网络的普及让人们有史以来首次进入了一个‘速答’文化时代。”刘易斯士通过测量人的心率和脑波变化识别“谷歌依赖症”。“Discomgooglation”一词是“discombobulate”(混乱、丧气)和Google(搜索引擎“谷歌”)两个词的合成。刘易斯说:“如今,你只要轻轻一点鼠标,无数资讯就尽在眼前,我们已经对网络产生了依赖,一旦上不了网,就会感到坐立不安。”“没想到上不了网产生的压力竟然会引起人大脑活动的加速和血压升高。”此外,调查发现,76%的英国人称自己离开网络活不下去,超过一半的人每天的上网时间为一至四个小时,19%的人每周上网的时间比与家人共处的时间还要多。47%的受访者认为,在生活中网络的意义大于宗教信仰;五分之一的人对网络的关注多于自己的伴侣。受118118信息务台的委托,英国YouGov民意调查机构在7月的第一周共对2100位民众进行了调查。 /200809/49807

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