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Tracking Hummer's Mysterious Buyer摘要:几乎每个关注通用汽车(General Motors)破产案的人都在问同一个问题:收购通用汽车旗下悍马(Hummer)品牌的这家中国公司到底是何方神圣?Google searches shot up exponentially Tuesday for China's Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co.Nearly everyone following the General Motors bankruptcy case is asking the same question: Who is the Chinese company buying GM's Hummer?Not many have a good answer, not even some veteran industrial analysts. 'I don't know the Sichuan company,' said Scott Laprise, an analyst at CLSA Ltd. in China tracking the auto and steel industries.It isn't just on Google, and it isn't just in the U.S. Before Tuesday's news hit the Web, only a handful of results showed up for Sichuan Tengzhong on baidu, the largest Chinese search engine.The top results? Job posts on a migrant workers' Web site and chat room conversations about its possible salary. One Sichuan local wrote in a bulletin board that Tengzhong pays its employees about 3,000 yuan a month, or about 0.Tengzhong's own Web site said the company specializes in producing construction equipment and special-use vehicles. According to China Security News, a leading financial newspaper in the country, Tengzhong has never made its own consumer vehicles.Little is known about the finances of the closely held company. China News Net, an official Chinese news site, said Tengzhong expected revenue in 2007 of 3 billion yuan, or 0 million. As bankers estimate the Hummer deal's price as less than 0 million, the question remains, is Tengzhong biting off more than it can chew. Tengzhong's interest in the gas-guzzling Hummer brand seems somewhat counterintuitive, as the company just entered the business of making wind-turbine gearboxes last year.Chinese mainstream news and individuals expressed mixed feelings. Some took great pride in the prospect of making Hummer a Chinese brand, while others think Tengzhong is only buying something GM wants to get rid of. This acquisition is an irrational reaction in a time of financial crisis. China has a great number of rich people who are dying to own a piece of the great brand,' wrote Mihai Keman on Sina forum, China's biggest news portal.According to a report from Xinhua, China's official news agency, China's government is reviewing the deal. /200906/72962。

Yet another wealth report has put tiny Singapore on the top of its charts this time, as the wealthiest nation in the world by GDP per capita, beating out Norway, the U.S., Hong Kong and Switzerland. 又有一份财富报告将小国新加坡列为榜首。这次,新加坡击败挪威、美国、香港和瑞士,成为世界上按人均国内生产总值(GDP)计算最富裕的国家/地区。 The report, released in March by Knight Frank and Citi Private Wealth, estimates that Singapore#39;s GDP per capita at US,532 in 2010, measured by purchasing power parity is the highest in the world, topping Norway (US, 226), the US (US, 511) and Hong Kong (US, 301). The report also predicts that Singapore will hold its place as the world#39;s most affluent country in 2050 (by GDP per capita), followed closely by Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea who will displace Norway and Switzerland as the world#39;s richest places. 据莱坊(Knight Frank)和Citi Private Wealth3月份发布的这份报告估计,新加坡2010年按购买力平价衡量的人均GDP为56,532美元,是全球最高的,超过了挪威(51,226美元)、美国(45,511美元)和香港(45,301美元)。报告还预计,2050年新加坡将保持其世界最富裕国家/地区的地位(按人均GDP计算),紧随其后的是香港、台湾和韩国,它们将超过挪威和瑞士成为世界最富有的地方。 This figure is no doubt bolstered by the staggering number of millionaires in the city-state, which Knight Frank and Citi Private Wealth predict will only keep growing. According to their estimates, Singapore will see a 67% increase in centa-millionaires over the next four years an über-wealthy class with over US0 million in disposable wealth. Earlier reports, like the Boston Consulting Group#39;s Wealth Report released in June, said Singapore has the highest percentage of millionaire households in the world, a title the city-state has held on to for two years running. 这个数字无疑是在这个城市国家令人咂舌的百万富翁人数的撑下取得的。据莱坊和Citi Private Wealth预测,新加坡的百万富翁只会继续增多,而不会减少。据它们估计,未来四年,新加坡可配资产超过一亿美元的超级富豪人数将增加67%。此前包括波士顿咨询公司(Boston Consulting Group)6月份发布的“财富报告”在内的多份报告说,新加坡是世界上百万富翁家庭比例最高的,这已是它连续第二年获此殊荣。 Singapore is not the lone beneficiary of Southeast Asia#39;s wealth explosion, and according to the report the number of people in the entire region with more than US0 million in disposable assets (excluding property, for example) has increased by 80% in the past five years. Between 2010 and 2011, the number of these centa-millionaires grew 13% - higher than the global average at 6% - and will grow by 44% by 2016. Correspondingly, some Southeast Asian cities have seen property prices increase significantly in the past year, including the Indonesian island of Bali where property prices increased 15% and Jakarta, where they increased by 14.3%. 新加坡并不是东南亚财富出现爆炸性增长的唯一受益者。据上述报告说,过去五年中,东南亚地区可配资产(不包括自住的房产)超过一亿美元的富豪人数增加了80%。2010年至2011年,这类富豪人数增加了13%,高于全球6%的平均增幅,到2016年时这类富豪的人数还将增长44%。相应地,过去一年里部分东南亚城市的房价大幅上涨,印度尼西亚巴厘岛的房价涨了15%,雅加达的房价则涨了14.3%。 There are now 18, 000 people with US0 million or more in disposable assets in Southeast Asia, China and Japan, according to Knight Frank#39;s estimates more than North America, which has 17, 000, and Western Europe with 14, 000. 据莱坊估计,目前东南亚、中国和日本可配资产超过一亿美元的富豪有1.8万人,比北美(1.7万)和西欧(1.4万)都要多。 Still, these ultra-high net worth individuals are not completely confident that their large masses of wealth will be completely unaffected by turbulence in the world economy and changing political situations, according to surveys conducted by Knight Frank. In Singapore, the wealthy are most afraid of the impact of the global financial crisis on their wealth, but those in Hong Kong are more worried about the devaluation of currency and those in India are most worried about domestic inflation. 尽管如此,据莱坊进行的调查显示,对于自己的巨额财富在全球经济的动荡和瞬息万变的政治局势中是否将毫发无损,这些高净值超级富豪并非信心十足。在新加坡,有钱人最担心全球金融危机对自己财富的冲击,但香港富豪更担心港元贬值,印度富豪则最担心国内通货膨胀。 With its high density of Louis Vuitton boutiques, luxury nightclubs and multi-million dollar property, Singapore is also growing in importance as a city for the world#39;s high net worth individuals. Surveys asking über-wealthy individuals to rank cities in terms of #39;economic activity, political power, quality of life, knowledge and influence#39; found that Singapore was the fifth most important city for the world#39;s wealthiest individuals. Here, the city-state was beaten by London, New York, Hong Kong and Paris, indicating that the world#39;s most global cities continue to lure the rich. 凭藉其林立的路易威登(Louis Vuitton)专卖店、豪华夜店、价格动辄数百万美元的房产,新加坡作为一个城市对全球高净值个人来说也变得越来越重要。调查请受访的超级富豪按“经济活动、政治实力、生活质量、知识和影响力”这五项指标对各城市进行排名,结果发现,新加坡对全球富豪来说是第五大最重要的城市。在这方面,这个城市国家不及伦敦、纽约、香港和巴黎,看来世界上那些最全球化的大都市对有钱人的吸引力丝毫不减。 According to Knight Frank, even respondents in Asia-Pacific put London and New York ahead of Hong Kong and Singapore an indication that economic growth may not be the most important factor when a high-net worth individual chooses his city of residence. 据莱坊说,就连亚太地区的受访者也把伦敦和纽约排在香港和新加坡之前,这表明经济增长可能并非高净值个人选择居住城市时所考虑的最重要因素。 In the next 10 years, according to the report, Shanghai will be the fourth-most important city for the world#39;s wealthy with the #39;relative anonymity of… secondary cities#39; like Chongqing and Dalian likely to change in the near future, evidenced by an explosion of a luxury goods market in cities that are not yet on the map of the world#39;s wealthy. 据上述报告说,未来10年,上海将成为对全球富豪来说第四大最重要的城市,而重庆和大连等相对籍籍无名的二线城市,其排名在不久的将来则可能出现变化,据就是在尚未获得全球富豪关注的多个城市出现了奢侈品销售的大幅增长。 The Knight Frank and Citi wealth report notes that #39;many of those fast-growing Chinese cities… performed significantly less well for freedom of expression and human rights something that may hinder any future ascent to the top of the overall ranking.#39; 莱坊和Citi Private Wealth发布的财富报告指出,中国很多迅速增长的城市在言论自由和人权方面的表现要差很多,这可能阻碍其未来跻身总排行榜前列。 /201208/195393。