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He was born in Lezhi, near Chengdu, Sichuan, into a moderately wealthy magistrate's family.A comrade of Lin Biao from their guerilla days, Chen was a commander of the New Fourth Army during the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945), spearheaded the Shandong counter-offensive during the Chinese Civil War, and later commanded the Communist armies that defeated the KMT forces at Huai-Hai and conquered the lower Yangtze region in 1948-49. He was made a Marshal of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in 1955.After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Chen became mayor of Shanghai. He also served as vice premier from 1954 to 1972 and foreign minister from 1958 to 1972 and president of the China Foreign Affairs University from 1961 to 1969. During the Cultural Revolution, he was purged in 1967, but not officially dismissed, so Zhou Enlai performed the duties of foreign minister in his place.陈毅出生在四川乐至县一个中等富裕的家庭。 在游击战的时候陈毅和林彪是战友,并在抗日战争时期担任新四军的司令(1937-1945年),内战时期,他曾率领先锋部队反攻山东,后来又率领共军在淮海战役中大败国军,在1948至1949年解放了长江下游地区。在1955年被授予解放军元帅军衔。 中华人民共和国建国以来,陈毅担任上海市长。1954年至1972年他担任过国务院副总理,1958年至1972年担任过外长,1961年至1969年担任中国外交学院院长。文化大革命期间,他在1967年被除名,但没有被正式解雇,所以周恩来暂时接替他担任外交部长的职务。 /200908/82547Over three million people will do their Christmas shopping entirely online this year without once visiting an actual shop, a poll has found.一项民调发现,今年圣诞,超过300万英国人将在网上采购所有过节物品,一家实体店都不会去。Overcrowding and long queues in shops are forcing people away from the high street as the hassle of Christmas shopping becomes too much.每逢圣诞购物季,商店里总是挤满了人,排起长队,不胜其烦的人们被迫放弃去商业街购物。The number of people turning their backs on the high street is almost one million higher than it was last year, according to the poll by YouGov.根据民调机构YouGov进行的调查,今年选择不在商业街购物的人数比去年高出近100万。Last Christmas 2.4 million shoppers did not do any of their shopping in actual shops. The figure this year is predicted to be around 3.4 million, equivalent to around 7 percent of the adult population.去年圣诞,有240万购物者没有在实体店买过东西。今年,这一数字预计将达到340万左右,约占英国成年人总数的7%。Over a third of people said that the main turn-off about shopping on the high street is over-crowding. Meanwhile almost a quarter said that long queues at the check-out are the worst thing about it.超过三分之一的人称让人对逛商业街兴趣大减的主要原因就是人群拥挤。同时,近四分之一的人认为最糟糕的就是结账处队伍排起长龙。Of the 2,065 people polled, even those who are still taking to the shops plan to spend less time in them this Christmas.在2065名被调查者中,就连那些仍喜欢去实体店购物的人也计划今年圣诞不会花太多时间逛商店。Around 31 percent of shoppers who plan to spend at least some time on the high street will spend less than half of their shopping time in actual shops, using the rest of the time to shop remotely via the internet. This compares to 28 percent of people last year. Meanwhile the proportion of people spending over half of their shopping time in high street shops has dropped from 41 percent last year to 39 percent this year.约31%的购物者计划多少也要去商业街逛一逛,不过他们只打算花不到一半时间去实体店购物,余下的时间用于网购。而去年持同样想法的购物者比例为28%。与此同时,把一半以上的购物时间用于逛商业街的消费者比例从去年的41%降到今年的39%。Just two percent of people said that they are looking forward to dealing with store staff this festive season.仅有2%的人表示,希望在这个圣诞季去商店购物。Guy Boxall, senior product marketing manager at Casio Business Solutions Division, which commissioned the research from YouGov, said that despite the fall in people visiting the high street, humans are “social creatures” who actually like spending time together.卡西欧业务方案部产品营销高级经理盖伊#8226;波克索尔委托YouGov进行了此次调查。他表示,尽管去商业街购物的人数量锐减,但人类毕竟是“社会动物”,还是喜欢在一起消磨时间。“Although the high street is facing a big challenge Christmas, retailers should see this research as a challenge to improve the in-store shopping experience, rather than the nail in the coffin. We are social creatures, and the desire to spend time with each other, particularly at Christmas, is never going to go away,” said Mr Boxall.波克索尔说道:“尽管商业街面临一次圣诞大挑战,但零售商们应将这一调查结果视为一次挑战,借以提升消费者的店内购物体验,而不是把调查结果看成致命打击。要知道我们是社会性动物,渴望在一起共度时光,尤其是在圣诞节,这份渴望永远都不会减退。”The poll found that people’s favourite aspects of Christmas shopping on the high street are being able to “wander around” looking for inspiration and being able to see and touch products. People were also keen on being able to carry products home, which is not possible when they order online.民调发现人们喜欢去商业街购物的主要原因是,通过“逛一逛”寻求鼓舞或者亲眼见见、亲手摸摸产品。人们也喜欢把产品带回家的感觉,而这种感觉是网上购物所体验不到的。 /201212/215495More Americans are in favor of gay marriage, and more place the importance of gun owner rights above gun control, according to a new Pew Research Center poll.皮尤调查中心的投票结果显示,越来越多的美国人持同性恋婚姻,同时,越来越多的美国人认为持权利比械管制重要。The poll’s findings indicate landmark shifts in opinion for both issues, marking the culmination of trends that have built up over the past several years.此次投票结果表明,在这两个问题上民众意见有了重大转变,这标志着近年来形成的两种潮流达到了顶峰。Currently, 49% of Americans believe it’s more important to protect the rights of gun owners, and 47% are in favor of legalizing gay marriage. Though neither are amajority, those in favor of both policies outnumber those against, with 45% placing gun control above gun ownership and 43% in opposition to gay marriage.目前,49%的美国人认为保护民众持权利更为重要,同时47%的美国人持同性婚姻合法化。虽然两项投票结果都没有占多数,但是持这两项政策的人数超过了反对的人数。其中仅45%的美国人认为械管制更重要,43%的人反对同性婚姻。Including data since 2003, opposition to gay marriage reached its peak in 2004, as the topic reached the forefront of the year’s campaigns, with state amendments and the possibility of constitutional prohibition building steam. But public opinion has shifted significantly, most particularly in regard to those strongly in favor and against gay marriage.该调查收集了自2003年以来的数据,调查发现人们对同性恋婚姻的反对在2004年达到了高潮。这个话题与各州修正案以及宪法可能禁止修建蒸汽设备的话题,一起成为当年各类游行的主题。但是,公众的意见已发生重大转变,尤其是那些强烈持和反对同性婚姻的人。Strong opposition, ever since its peak of 38% in December 2004, had fluctuated around 30% until 2010, when it began its slow descent to its current22%. Strong support, which was as low as 8% in 2004, has risen to equal the opposition at 22%.在2004年12月,同性婚姻的反对率达到38%的顶峰后,一直徘徊在30%左右,直到2010年,反对率开始下降至目前的22%。在2004年,坚决持同性婚姻的比例只有8%,而目前则升至22%,与反对者人数相当。The percentage drop in the opposition of gay marriage was conveniently equal in both those under the age of 30 and those at or above the age of 65, at 18%, though 56% of the older generation still are against it, compared to just 30% of their younger counterparts.在年龄小于30和大于65的年龄层中,同性婚姻反对率均降低了18%,尽管56%的年长一代仍然持反对态度。相较之下,年轻人群的反对率仅为30%。Stretching back to 1993, Pew has found a consistently sizeable plurality, if notmajority, of Americans placed more importance on gun ownership, peaking at 66% in 2000. Since then, that number has seen a steady decline, hitting 49% both in 2012 and 2011.追溯至1993年,皮尤调查发现,即便不是大多数,也有相当数量的美国人一直持持权利,这个数字在2000年达到了顶峰,为66%。自此,这项数字一直持续降低,在2012和2011年的时候降到了49%。That said, what does this shift mean for the upcoming elections? Obviously the sentiments of Americans are changing, but the implications of those changes look to be incremental in influencing the electoral results.那么,这种转变对即将到来的总统大选意味着什么呢?显然,美国人的观点在转变,而这些转变中隐含的意义将越来越多地对选举结果产生影响。An earlier Pew poll found that 28% place gay marriage as “very important” to their vote, and 47% gave gun control the same weight. As has been said before, and will be said again before the polls close, it’s economy that trumps all matters, regardless of the changing tides toward gun-owning gay couples.皮尤早前的一次投票显示28%的人认为同性恋婚姻的问题会很大程度影响他们的投票,47%的人则认为械管制是同样重要的影响因素。但正如之前所说,而且在调查末尾还将再次提到的,经济因素盖过一切,无论人们对持权利或同性恋婚姻的态度发生了怎样的变化。Pew’s survey was conducted via telephone interviews among 3,0008 adults nationwide between April 4-15, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.9-3.0%.皮尤这次的调查是在4月4日至15日,通过电话采访了30008名美国各地的成人,误差范围为正负2.9-3.0%。 /201206/185611

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