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Peter joined the army when he was eighteen, and for several months he was taught how to be a good soldier. He did quite well in everything except shooting.One day he and his friends were practicing their shooting, and all of them were doing quite well except Peter. 彼得十八岁那年参了军,他需要参加几个月的学习以成为一名好士兵。彼得在其他方面都做得很好,但是射击不行。一天他和伙伴们练习射击,除了彼得其他人都没有问题。After he had shot at the target nine times and had not hit it once, the officer who was trying to teach the young soldiers to shoot said, You#39;re quite hopeless, Peter! Don#39;t waste your last bullet too! Go behind that wall and shoot yourself with it!他射了九次,一次也没有命中目标。这时,教新兵射击的教官说:彼得,你看来是没希望了,不要连最后一发子弹都浪费掉!去那堵墙后面用它向自己打一吧。Peter felt ashamed. He went behind the wall, and a few seconds later the officer and the other young soldiers heard the sound of a shot.Heavens! The officer said. Has that silly man really shot himself?He ran behind the wall anxiously, but Peter was all right. I#39;m sorry, sir, he said, but I missed again.彼得感到非常惭愧。他走到那堵墙后面。几分钟后,教官和新兵们听到一声响。上帝!教官叫起来,难道那个笨蛋真的朝自己开了?他急忙跑到那堵墙后面,发现彼得安然无恙。对不起,长官,他说,我还是没有命中。 /201306/242564。

  • Loneliness is a feeling I know very well. I live in an apartment with no one but my dog, and I don’t get a whole lot of company because most of my friends have moved to another town, got married and had a family, or simply lost touch due to life happening. As someone who considers himself a loner, I loved the peace and quiet at first, but I found myself feeling very lonely within a few months.我对孤独有着切身体会:一人一室一,少有陪伴。许多朋友都搬到了其他城市,结婚生子过日子,有些也因生活变迁而失去了联系。我自认为是个独行侠,刚开始也很享受平和与安静;可接下来几个月,我发现自己常常感到孤独。My space went from clean to chaos, my productivity crashed and burned, my thoughts took a turn for the worse, and I couldn’t find much interest in anything more than watching movies on Netflix. After living a few months in a haze of sloth, I realized I had a serious problem and decided to learn how to live a happy life alone. This article tackles six key things I learned along the way.房间开始变得凌乱不堪、效率低下、情绪低落,除了在Netflix上看电影,我对任何事都提不起兴趣。过了几个月的混沌日子后,我感到自己很有问题,必须学会一个人也能过得开心才行。下面就是我领悟到的六个方法。1. Take Care of Your Home保持房间整洁When you’re not around other people, it is easy to lose interest in tidying up your home. You might find yourself with a sky high pile of dishes and mountains of clutter everywhere you turn if you’re not careful. Even if you don’t have a roommate or company that frequently walks in your door, it is in your best interest to clean house at least once per week.一个人生活时,很容易马虎应付房间整理。如果得过且过,家里很快就堆了成叠的盘子和杂物。哪怕很少有室友或朋友来串门,每周至少也得打扫一次房间。If your home is a disorganized wreck, expect to feel stressed out as soon as you walk in the door. A clean home free from clutter will help you feel happy and organized.要是家里乱七八糟,一进门肯定会感到头大。干净整洁的房间才会使你井然有序、心情愉悦。2. Find Beauty in the Ordinary从平凡中发现美好If you don’t see beauty in your world, you’re not looking hard enough. If you’re home alone and feeling down, walk outside and spend some time with nature. Watch the birds fly and admire their elaborate flight formation. Listen to dogs barking at each other in the neighborhood and think to yourself, “I wonder what they could possibly be talking about?”觉得自己的世界毫无美好可言?那你肯定没用心发掘。当你独自蜗居在家、感到心情抑郁时,何不出门多接触大自然?看小鸟掠过天空,感叹它们高超的飞翔技术;听邻里儿相互吠叫,猜测“这些家伙都在讨论啥?”Look at that big, old tree that is the size of a giant (and if you’re feeling limber, why not try to climb it?). Plant some flowers, a vegetable garden, or a small tree in your back yard. Go to the park, walk on a nature trail, clear your thoughts, listen to the sounds of the forest, and be in awe of the beauty that’s right in front of you.仰望那棵硕壮老树,想象它是一个巨人,要是身手灵活,还可以试试爬上去;在后园种点花草蔬菜或小树;去公园散散步,边聆听森林呼吸边整理思绪,为眼前美景而惊叹。3. Watch Out for Noisy Thoughts谨防胡思乱想Your thoughts can be your best friend and worst enemy. Have you ever noticed that if you find yourself thinking even a single negative thought, it inevitably spirals out of control until you have a nasty chorus of Mental Monsters taking over your brain? If you find yourself thinking, “I feel so lonely right now,” it’s easy to keep that thought process going in the wrong direction until thoughts like, “I will always be alone,” or “no one will ever love me,” creep up on you.思想既是益友又是劲敌。你注意到没有:只要脑中闪过一丝消极念头,就会引起恶性循环,直到自己完全被心理恶魔打倒才罢休?当你自认为“我此刻很孤独”时,消极想法便很容易蔓延,最后你甚至觉得“我永远都会这么孤单”或“永远也不会有人爱上我”。Be aware of what you’re thinking about and stop your negative thoughts before they grow into Mental Monsters that are much harder to control. If you find yourself stressing out, do something that relaxes you. Light some candles or incense, take a nice hot bubble bath, perform some gentle yoga poses, or play soothing music.因此,你必须留意自己的想法,谨防消极念头演变成无法控制的心理恶魔。紧张烦躁时,去做点能让自己放松的事情。点上蜡烛熏香,泡个热腾的泡泡澡,练练瑜伽,或奏一曲舒缓的音乐。4. Reduce Mindless Consumption减少漫无目的的损耗Being aware of world events is totally okay, but becoming addicted to the news is a sure-fire way to sink your mood. Limit your news consumption to a small handful of articles per day because there is no reason to bury yourself in depressing news stories for hours on end.了解世界新闻无可厚非,但完全沉浸其中无疑是自讨无趣。每天限制只读几篇新闻报道,毕竟,没必要把时间浪费在众多负面新闻中。Watching television is fine in moderation, but spending all of your free hours in front of the tube will do nothing to help you grow or feel better. Read a classic novel you adored in high school, go to a local community theater to enjoy a racy comedy or Shakespearean tragedy, and exercise at least every other day to keep your mind and body at the top of their game.适当看看电视也挺不错,但若把所有闲暇时间都耗在电视机面前,既不利于成长,也影响情绪。不如读一本高中就喜欢的经典小说,去社区剧院看一场欢乐喜剧或莎翁悲剧,隔天锻炼健身,让身心永远保持良好状态。5. Create Something of Value创造价值The best way to feel happy alone is to spend your time creating something that brings you joy. You could write a novel or self-help book and self-publish it on Amazon, start a blog about a topic that fascinates you, go the the park and paint a landscape to hang on your wall, or learn a new language, like German or Spanish.单身想要过得开心,最好的办法就是创造能给自己带来快乐的东西。你可以尝试写小说或自助读本,然后在亚马逊上出版;或针对喜欢的话题开一栏客,去公园写生并把画作挂在墙上,学一门新语言(例如德语或西班牙语)。Sometimes it is hard to motivate ourselves to get to work creating at home, so if you’re feeling a lack of inspiration, pack up your notebook and laptop for a field-trip to a park, coffee shop, or downtown bench. A simple change of scenery can do wonders for your productivity.有时一个人在家往往缺乏主动创新的动力,所以,要是觉得没灵感,可以带上电脑和笔记本,去公园、咖啡馆或市内长椅坐坐。简单的环境改变也能大大提高效率。6. Treat Yourself to a Hot Date与自己约会Who says you can’t go to a movie or eat out by yourself? I love treating myself to hot dates because I can choose to go wherever I desire without considering anyone else’s opinion. Going out by yourself will help you become comfortable with being alone.谁说单身就不能看电影或吃大餐了?我就很喜欢和自己约会。因为我可以随心选择自己喜欢的地方,不必顾虑他人想法。一个人出行可以让你更自在地享受单身状态。Have you ever felt so lonely that you didn’t know what to do with yourself?有时候,你是不是觉得自己特孤单,真不知道该怎么办?If so, what did you do about it? Having friends and family is great but we all need to learn how to live a happy life alone. Please share any tips you have for the single folks who are ing this!这时你是怎么做的呢?身边有亲人朋友陪伴固然美好,但我们也应该学会一个人也能过得开心。如果你有什么建议给单身朋友,请分享吧! /201310/260332。
  • Apart from its showier signifiers of wealth, a wholesome enthusiasm suffuses the Oslo art scene, perhaps because of its geographic isolation, extreme climate and high cost of living. At the April reopening party of Kunstnernes Hus (Artists#39; House)-a club across the street from the Royal Palace-more than 100 people waited in line outside the door. Inside, Karl Holmqvist-one of the most famous artists in Sweden-performed onstage. #39;Who runs the world? Girrrrls,#39; he bleated into the microphone. Half the room watched while the other half talked giddily over beers from Dronebrygg, an Oslo-based artist-run microbrewery. 除了巨大的资金持,奥斯陆的艺术圈弥漫着积极向上的热情,这一景象的产生原因可能在于奥斯陆偏远的地理位置、极端的气候以及高昂的生活开销。今年四月,皇家宫殿(Royal Palace)对面的艺术家中心(Kunsternes Hus)举办重新开放聚会时,有一百多人在门外等场。室内,瑞典最红的艺人之一Karl Holmqvist重新演绎了碧昂斯的《女孩最大》(Run the World(Girls))。一半观众欣赏了表演,另一半则嘻嘻哈哈地聊着天,喝着由艺术家经营的本地小啤酒厂Dronebrygg生产的啤酒。 STATOIL KEEPS REGIONAL headquarters in Fornebu, an office park rising on the outskirts of town that recalls the corporate anomie of Paris#39;s La Défense. In 2007, Statoil merged with the oil and gas division of Norsk Hydro and, in the merger, took over some of that company#39;s art collection. Bjarne Vaaga, an art historian and consultant with the Statoil Art Program, focuses on acquiring works from emerging Norwegian and international artists for the company. #39;I think it was very good advice from Edvard Munch: He said, #39;Only buy art from living artists,#39; #39; says Vaaga. Indeed, the company seizes every opportunity to showcase its collection: hanging work in its offshore rigs and throughout its office buildings from Houston to Stavanger. A 12,900-square-foot installation by Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist plays on the underside of the Fornebu office#39;s main entryway. Nearby sits a spherical sculpture by Danish-Icelandic artist #211;lafur Elíasson. Once construction is complete, Ekblad and Standard (Oslo) artist Gardar Eide Einarsson will also have works on display around the Fornebu campus. 挪威国家石油公司(STATOIL)的区域总部在Fornebu。公司的大楼在市郊拔地而起,很有法国巴黎拉德芳斯站(La Defense)的感觉。2007年,挪威国家石油公司兼并了挪威海德鲁公司(Norsk Hydro)的石油及天然气部,并在兼并的过程中接管了一部分该公司的艺术藏品。挪威国家石油公司艺术项目的艺术史学家兼顾问Bjarne Vaaga让公司把目光投向挪威新兴艺术家以及国际艺术家。Vaaga说:“我觉得爱德华#12539;蒙克(Edvard Munch)说的很好,‘只从活着的艺术家手中购买艺术品。’”确实,这个公司不放过任何展示自己艺术收藏的机会:不论是离岸 井上,还是其在休斯顿亦或是斯塔万格(Stavanger)的办公室大楼,都挂有艺术品。Forbune办公室的主要通道的地面有一个由瑞士艺术家皮皮鲁提#12539;瑞斯特(Pipilotti Rist)设计的足有12,900平方英尺(约1,198平方米)的视频装置。其附近则有一座由一名丹麦裔冰岛艺术家设计的球状雕塑。一旦公司建筑完工,艾克巴莱德和Standard (Oslo)的艺术家加达#12539;埃德#12539;埃纳尔松(Gardar Eide Einarsson)的作品就会入驻其间。 The corporate interests at play and the bureaucracy surrounding the subsidies call into question the realness of the Norwegian art market: Is it really just a bubble of vainglorious ambition? The cynical view, which people voice out of the corner of their mouths, is that artists#39; stipends are cheaper for the government than unemployment benefits. But many disagree. Over green tea and carrot soup, Marta Kuzma, the American director of Norway#39;s Office for Contemporary Art (OCA), explains how public financing has breathed genuine creative life into the city. #39;I think when people are feeling positive in a community and a community is building, it#39;s very creatively free,#39; she says. #39;A community creates a vibe and an impetus to be with one another.#39; 企业的收购以及官方的补贴让人们不禁质疑挪威艺术市场的真实程度:这种野心是否太虚荣?人们冷嘲热讽,说政府觉得给艺术家补贴比发放失业补助金更便宜。但也有许多人并不同意。挪威当代艺术局(Office for Contemporary Art, 简称OCA)的美国主任玛塔#12539;库兹玛(Marta Kuzma)就着绿茶和胡萝卜汤,解释了公共财政持如何将艺术创意之风吹入了城市生活中,“我觉得只要人们觉得在一个团体里感觉良好,这个团体又在成长,创作就会更自由。而一个团体也会培养出自己的气场和动力,跟其它团体共同成长。” Before joining OCA eight years ago, Kuzma held a long line of top-tier curatorial posts stretching from Washington, D.C. to Kiev, including curator and agent for the last Documenta art fair in Kassel, Germany. At OCA, her job is to cultivate a unique, internationally heard voice for Norway. The Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs pooled money to start OCA in 2001, as what Kuzma calls an #39;object of curiosity.#39; One of the organization#39;s aims is to give artists and curators from around the world an incentive to stay longer than 24 hours in Oslo-to make the capital more than just a quaint stopover on the international circuit. In that regard, Norway has catching up to do with the likes of Switzerland, Germany and Austria, Kuzma says. But when austerity means the slashing of cultural funding across Europe, Norway is well positioned to join those countries better known historically for promoting the arts. 八年前库兹玛还未加入OCA的时候,她在不同地方担任过顶级艺术管理职位:从华盛顿特区到基辅(Kiev),包括去年的卡塞尔文献展(Documenta Art Fair in Kassel),都留下了她的足迹。在OCA,她的职责是培养挪威的独特性,并将其推广到全世界。挪威文化部与外交部(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)筹集了资金,于2001年成立了OCA,它被库兹玛戏称为“好奇心的产物”。这一组织的目标之一便是给来自全世界的艺术家和馆长一个留在奥斯陆的理由,让这座首都不仅仅是国际航线的中转站。库兹玛说,在这一点上,挪威已迎头赶上了瑞士、德国以及奥地利。但是,当经济下滑导致整个欧洲艺术基金严重缩水时,挪威已充分准备好与那些在艺术上有很高造诣的国家结为联盟。 For his part, Furnesvik has found it easiest to promote Norwegian artists as a gallerist and businessman working in the private sector. Not unlike the shipping companies that enjoy easy access to the North Sea, Norway is a base of operations for Furnesvik, not a market. He says 75 percent of the work sold at Standard (Oslo) leaves the country. #39;The local market has never been the reason the gallery started,#39; he says. With few exceptions, Standard (Oslo) has launched the careers of the most internationally sought-after living Norwegian artists-Fredrik Vaerslev, Matias Faldbakken and Einarsson-and boosted the international profile of the American artists it represents, like Tauba Auerbach, Alex Hubbard and Josh Smith. According to Furnesvik, for certain artists, like Faldbakken, there#39;s more global demand for the work than the gallery could possibly supply. Last spring, days before Furnesvik#39;s 40th birthday, Standard (Oslo) expanded into a 8,400-square-foot white-cube space. Furnesvik发现推广挪威艺术家最简单的方法就是把他们打造成艺廊经营者以及私有领域的商人。挪威与那些可以用便捷方式到达北海的航运公司并无不同,对Furnesvik来说,挪威更像是操作基地,而非市场。他说,Standard (Oslo)售出作品的75%都已经被带出挪威,“当地市场从来就不是艺廊开张的原因。”但是也有例外。Standard (Oslo)成功地帮助了一些挪威最当红的国际艺术家开启事业大门,如Fredrik Vaerslev,Matias Faldbakken以及埃纳尔松,也提升了其代表的美国艺术家的国际形象,如托巴#12539;奥尔巴赫(Tauba Auerbach),亚历克斯#12539;哈伯德(Alex Hubbard)以及乔希#12539;史密斯(Josh Smith)。据Furnesvik所说,对一些类似Faldbakken的艺术家来说,他们作品的国际需求,艺廊还远不能满足。去年春天,就在Furnesvik 40岁生日的几天前,Standard (Oslo)扩展出了了一个有8,400平方英尺(约780平方米)的白色立方型空间。 While artists, gallerists and even the government have begun to voice their artistic ambitions internationally, a serious class of Norwegian art collector has yet to emerge. It#39;s one reason why a gallery of Standard (Oslo)#39;s caliber has to conduct so much business abroad. Given the country#39;s middle-class ethos of equality, collecting contemporary art isn#39;t an obvious exercise for the young moneyed class. (The oft-ed Law of Jante, an informal Scandinavian social code coined by the author Aksel Sandemose in 1933, discourages citizens from rising above his or her social station.) #39;If you go to New York, the financial industry is the biggest thing,#39; says Furnesvik. #39;Within that, if you are to be considered an educated person, you have to aspire to collect art. It#39;s somehow expected of you, on the same level as wearing a tie. There is none of that in Norway. It#39;s a culture of equality.#39; 虽然艺术家、艺廊经营者乃至政府都已经向世界宣告了他们的艺术野心,但是挪威并没有出现真正的艺术收藏阶层。这是Standard (Oslo)的艺术品大量外销的原因之一。挪威的中产阶级尊崇平等的理念,所以新贵一族收藏当代艺术作品就显得有些不合时宜(广为流传的詹代法则(Law of Jante)虽不算正式,但也认为公民不应该有超出其社会层次的行为。这一斯堪的纳维亚社会法则由阿克塞尔#12539;桑德莫斯(Aksel Sandemose)于1933年提出)。Furnesvik说,“如果你去纽约,最强的是金融行业。同样的道理,如果你想让别人觉得你受过良好教育,你必须得收藏艺术品。这是社会对你的期待,就像出席正式场合要戴领带一样。在挪威没有这些要求,这里的文化就是平等。” Perhaps it#39;s no surprise that Petter Snare, a rare Norwegian collector, worked in the art world for a time with Furnesvik. Snare acquired his first works in the #39;90s as a law student in Bergen and later helped launch Standard (Oslo) in 2005 before selling his share two years later and returning to his legal career. In his free time, he runs an art book publisher, Teknisk Industri. Each book he publishes is almost completely financed by the government, according to Snare. He also sits on the board of many public and private art institutions across the country, including the Bergen Kunsthall and the Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond, an artists#39; relief fund dating back to the #39;40s supported by a 5-percent fee levied on all visual artwork publicly sold in the country. 也许彼得#12539;斯奈尔(Petter Snare)这一挪威少有的收藏家曾同Furnesvik一同合作过一段时间并不奇怪。斯奈尔在上世纪90年代得到了他第一件藏品。彼时他还是卑尔根的一名法律学生。2005年,他帮助成立了Standard (Oslo),两年后,他卖出了自己的股份,重回法律行业。在闲暇时间,他经营一家名叫TekniskIndustri的艺术书籍出版社。他说,他出版的每本书几乎都是政府出资。他同时也是挪威各地公共或私人艺术机构的董事会成员,这些机构包括Bergen Kunsthall以及Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond;后者是一项成立于40年代的艺术家救助基金,国内所有公开销售的视觉艺术作品的百分之五收入会用于该基金。 #39;Contemporary art as a social marker, at least in Norway, is something new,#39; Snare says over a glass of beer in the chandeliered lobby of downtown#39;s Hotel Bristol. #39;Norwegians are mainly trying to be less flashy. It might be an urban myth, but there are all these stories about shipping people in Norway having huge amounts of money and driving themselves to the airport in a Nissan and being picked up by a Rolls-Royce at London Heathrow.#39; 斯奈尔在市中心装有华丽吊灯的布里斯托酒店(Hotel Bristol)大厅,一边喝着啤酒一边说道:“把当代艺术当作社会标志,至少在挪威,是一件很新鲜的事。挪威人一般不愿意张扬。可能这是个都市传奇,但是有些故事讲的就是挪威一些搞航运的人积累了大量的财富,开着尼桑轿车(Nissan)去机场,然后在伦敦西斯罗机场(Heathrow)被接机的人护送上劳斯莱斯(Rolls-Royce)。” If the narrative about somewhat provincial Norwegians going out into the world has, in the last two decades, found its way out of an awkward adolescence, the reverse migration is just beginning. The American gallerist Esperanza Rosales moved to Oslo from Brussels in the fall of 2011 to do something unheard of: launch a commercial gallery as an outsider. She first visited Oslo to attend an event hosted by OCA. During her stay, she met Stian Eide Kluge and Steffen H#229;ndlykken, two Norwegian artists launching a gallery of their own called 1857 in Gr#248;nland, an immigrant neighborhood near the train station. The space they chose was a battered log cabin, the erstwhile operating headquarters for the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. The cabin was full of trash, and snow fell through the crumbling roof. #39;Something about that kind of spirit,#39; say Rosales, #39;this particular initiative they have to take something that was falling apart and fix it up, really stuck in my mind.#39; 如果这个讲述淳 的挪威人走进大千世界的故事在过去二十年就已经成为了现实的话,那么新移民进入挪威则是新的潮流。埃斯佩兰萨#12539;罗萨莱斯(Esperanza Rosales)在2011年秋天从布鲁塞尔移居奥斯陆,并且做了一件闻所未闻的事:以外行人的身份开了一家商业艺廊。她与奥斯陆的初次邂逅是来参加OCA举办的活动。在她停留期间,她见到了两个开办自己艺廊的挪威艺术家。这家艺廊名叫1857,位于靠近火车站的移民聚集地。他们选用的空间是一个破旧的木屋,雪花会从摇摇欲坠的屋顶上 下来。罗萨莱斯说:“他们身上的那种精神,那种要把濒临溃败的事物拯救回来的动力,很叫我难忘。” #39;Norway, there are things I love about it, but it#39;s very severe,#39; she says. She#39;s y with examples of the baffling cost of running a business within the country#39;s economy. #39;I once went to the post office to buy an envelope and a five-pack costs 65 U.S. dollars. They have local postage on them aly, but still that#39;s a lot.#39; 她说:“挪威有我爱的地方,但是现在日子也不好过。”挪威经济已受创,做生意成本很高,她给了些例子:“一次我去邮局买信封,一套五个装的信封居然要花65美元(约400人民币)。信封上已贴有当地邮票,可是价格仍然太贵了。” In Oslo there#39;s an incredible will to make things happen despite the odds-a community survival instinct, part of the bully attitude it takes to survive so far north. After two months, Rosales was able to negotiate free rent on a warren of lower level rooms below the Gr#248;nland Menighetshus, a former congregational hall built in 1913. Her program so far has included work by Ekblad and another Norwegian artist Lars Laumann, as well as by young artists from more established art capitals like Berlin and London. #39;I realized there was room for another commercial gallery, or perhaps one that could have a very different profile than Standard,#39; she says. #39;A commercial gallery with the spirit of a project space.#39; According to her agreement, she#39;ll begin paying rent there when the gallery starts turning a profit. In the meantime she#39;s investigating the possibility of claiming more space in a nearby prison. 奥斯陆有种排除万难坚持到最后的精神――这既是一个族群的本能,一定程度上也是在如此靠北的地方生存下来必备的态度。两个月后,罗萨莱斯在一个稍低档些的房子谈判自己的免费房租。这个房屋原来是会议大厅,首建于1913年。她的项目目前包括了艾克布莱德和另一位挪威艺术家拉尔斯#12539;劳曼(Lars Laumann)的作品,以及来自比较成熟的艺术之都如柏林和伦敦的艺术家作品。她说:“我意识到还有空间经营另一个商业艺廊。或许是一个跟Standard大相径庭,并且将商业艺廊和项目空间的精神结合起来的艺廊。”根据协议,当艺廊开始盈利的时候,她就要开始交房租了。同时,她也正在调查是否旁边的监狱能够提供更多空间。 Rosales#39;s gallery, called VI, VII, takes its name from the British colloquialism #39;at sixes and sevens.#39; #39;It means that someone is at a point of confusion, maybe making a bad choice or they#39;re showing recklessness,#39; she says. #39;The history of this is a little unclear, but some people think it came out of dice-throwing games-when somebody would bet everything they had on the next throw of the dice, and sometimes lose. I liked that it could be as total stupidity or total courage.#39; 罗萨莱斯的艺廊叫作VI, VII。这两个名字来源于俗语“六神无主”和“七上八下”(译者注:原文为sixes and sevens,意为乱七八糟)。她说:“这些短语表达的是人处在混沌的状态,这样人可能会做一些不好的决定,或者做出轻率鲁莽的事。这些短语的词源我不是很清楚,但是一些人觉得可能起源于丢骰子的游戏。有人下了所有的筹码,寄希望于下一次投骰子,但是却输了。我喜欢它们是因为它们代表的就是彻底的愚蠢,或者彻底的勇气。” /201309/257002。
  • Father: Oh, Jack, you have slept away the whole morning. Don#39;t you know you are wasting time?父亲:噢,杰克,你又睡了一上午。难道你不知道你这是在浪费时间吗?Jack: Yes, Dad. But I#39;ve saved you a meal, haven#39; I?杰克:我知道,爸爸。可我还给您节省了一顿饭呢,是不是?。
  • Apple on Tuesday sent colorful invites for a Sept. 10 event at the company#39;s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., a big hint that the iPhone maker plans to unveil a new line of smartphones that breaks away from its traditional black-and-white color scheme.苹果公司已在周二发出色邀请函,确认将于9月10日在苹果公司总部加利福尼亚州库比蒂诺举行发布会。市场广泛预计该公司将在此次发布会上推出下一代iPhone智能手机,突破传统黑白两色设计。;This should brighten everyone#39;s day,; the invitation s. The event starts at 1 p.m. Rumors about a Sept. 10 event emerged last month when All Things D, citing sources familiar with Apple#39;s plans, reported that Apple would be unveiling the next edition of the iPhone on that date.邀请函上写道:“这一天,注定是光夺目的一天”。发布会将在下午1点开始。美国科技客AllThingsD曾在上月报道称,苹果公司将在9月10日召开发布会。据此前的传闻和曝光消息称,苹果公司将在此次发布会上推出下一代iPhone系列。The invitation features a white Apple logo against a background of colorful circles, lending credibility to the rumors that the next iPhone, widely referred to as the iPhone 5S, will come in several new colors. In recent weeks, rumors have been swirling that the iPhone 5S will come in gold and graphite color options, alongside the existing white and black models.邀请函的设计是白色苹果公司图标和色圆圈背景,明此前传言下一代iPhone手机,即广为人知的iPhone5S将推出多种色的消息正确无误。最近几周,有人传言说iPhone5S还将推出金色和石墨色的外观供人选择。Apple insider Sonny Dickson last week published a gallery of photos on his website, showing what he claims is the new ;gray or graphite color with black trim.; Meanwhile, rumors about the gold iPhone ramped up last month when several credible news outlets confirmed that Cupertino will indeed add a champagne-hued color option to its iPhone lineup. Other iPhone 5S rumors tip a new A7 chip and a convex home button with a space for a fingerprint sensor.苹果公司知情人士索尼·迪克森上周在其网站上发不一系列照片,展示出他所说的新型“灰色和石墨色中带着黑色装点”。同时,上月还有传言说iPhone会推出金色手机,后有几家高信誉度新闻媒体报道苹果公司的确会出品一款香槟色调手机,实了这一传言。还有其他消息称,新版A7芯片和凸出的主页按钮以及指纹识别技术都会亮相发布会。The colorful circles may also be a nod to the iPhone#39;s lower-cost cousin, dubbed the iPhone 5C, which Apple is also rumored to be prepping for release. According to recent reports, the iPhone 5C may be priced at around 9 off-contract and come with at least five multi-colored back enclosures, including blue, red, yellow, green, and white.邀请函上的多圆圈也实,iPhone低价版手机即iPhone5C也会出现在发布会上。此前也有传言说苹果公司将举行iPhone 5C发布会。根据最近报道,无合约版iPhone 5C售价大概在399美元左右,机身后盖至少有5种颜色,包括蓝色、红色、黄色、绿色和白色。 /201309/255352。
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