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上海市治疗肛裂哪家医院好排名哪里静安区治疗腹胀哪家医院好排名哪里Theres an elevator.Its not gonna have power to it, this, though.那里有部电梯 肯定没有通电 If we get into the shaft,you can actually use this to get down.如果我们可以进入竖井 就可以利用这里下楼Elevators usually have a firemens emergency access point.电梯通常有个给消防员使用的紧急开关Its probably this. Lets see.应该是这里 试试And they have this point just so firemen can get into lifts when theres no power to it.有了这个紧急开关 消防员 可以在断电的情况下进入竖井 Lets see if we can trigger the catch on this.Steady, steady, steady.看看是不是能扳得动它 当心 当心 当心Theres definitely no lift on this floor.there must be at least seven floors down there.These elevator cables could be one option.电梯肯定不在这楼 电梯离这里至少有七层楼 需要想办法下楼These elevator cables could be one option.The problem is that its just grease city on there.可以利用电梯的缆绳 问题是这上面涂了许多润滑油 Its gonna be so slippy.Need something just to give a bit of friction on that.会非常滑 需要别的东西增加擦力and Ive found just the thing.Use this fire hose.这里我找到了好东西 用这个消防软管The tough material of this fire hose will protect my hands and forearms and create friction on the greasy cables.软管粗糙的布料可以保护我的手和前臂 还能增加油乎乎的电缆的擦力Okay.Gee whiz. Not the time to look down.Im 80 foot up and need to get a grip.好了 天呐 这时就不该往下看 这有24米多高 一定得抓牢了201609/469203上海中医药大学附属龙华医院肛肠外科 Imagine you take two dogs and put them in two different areas...设想一下,把两只小放在两个不同的地方…You shock the first dog and you give him an option to escape.电击第一只小,让它可以选择逃跑。He tries to escape, hes successful, and he gets away from the shocks.它尝试并成功逃离了电击。The second dog however, you put in a place where no matter what he does, he cannot escape the shocks.然而第二只小,把它放在一个无论做什么都无法逃脱的地方。He soon figures out that theres nothing he can do, he gives up, and hell just sit there and accept the shocks.它很快就发现什么也做不了,于是放弃了,坐在那默默承受。Now you take these two dogs and put them in two new areas again, but this time they can both escape.现在把它们放在两个新地方,但这次它们都可以逃走。The first dog, who had learned that he was able to escape, will get out of there like usual.第一只已经学会逃跑的小,会像往常一样逃离那里。But the second dog will just lay there and accept the shocks, even though in this new environment he could just escape.但是第二只小就只会趴那继续承受,尽管这次它可以逃跑。This is what is known as learned helplessness, and you probably know people who act like the helpless dog.这就是习得无助,你可能知道有些人的行为很像那只无助的小。The opposite of this is learned optimism.与之相反的是习得乐观。Learned Optimism is basically the idea that you can learn to be optimistic, and positive, and happy.习得乐观基本的就是你可以学会乐观,积极和高兴。You can cultivate these things.你可以培养这些心态。And this is exactly what Seligman was trying to do, by running a workshop.塞利格曼通过运行工作组来尝试这种培养。The results of the workshop were promising...结果很有前景。Thirty-two percent of the students in the control group had a moderate to控制组中32%的学生有中度severe episode of depression in contrast to 22 percent of the group that was in the workshop.到重度的抑郁症状,对比来看,工作组中的比例占有22%。Also... 15 percent of the controls had an episode of generalized anxiety disorder而且…控制组中15%的学生有广泛性焦虑症的症状versus only 7 percent of people who took the workshop.工作组中的这部分比例只有7%。They also found that it was the change from pessimism to optimism that caused the prevention of depression and anxiety.他们还发现从悲观到乐观的转变,阻止了抑郁和焦虑的发展。And these studies are great, but even when I look at my own life, happiness, positivity, optimism...这些研究很棒,但即使当我审视自己生活的时候,高兴,积极,乐观…These are the things that Ive had to learn and that I have to keep cultivating.这些是我不得不学习并一直在培养的东西。When I was a kid, I hated my life. I was constantly depressed and anxious.当我还是个孩子的时候,我讨厌生活。一直很沮丧和焦虑。I had suicidal thoughts for the majority of my childhood.我童年的大部分时间里都有自杀的想法。But thats all gone now and my life just keeps getting better, but this is something that you need to put effort into.但现在那些都消失了,我的生活也越来越好,但是这是一件值得你为之努力的事情。This is something that can be learned. So now lets look at the benefits of optimism...这也是值得学习的。所以我们来看一下乐观的好处…Optimists on average achieve more, have better overall health, and just lead a more enjoyable life.通常来说乐观者会获得更多,身体更健康,生活更愉悦。Pessimists, on the other hand, are more likely to give up, are more likely to suffer from depression,另一方面,悲观者更有可能放弃,也更容易沮丧,and just lead a not really enjoyable life.所以生活也不是那么愉悦。And the big difference between pessimists and optimists悲观者和乐观者的最大差距comes from their explanatory styles about whether things are permanent, pervasive, and personal...在于他们对于事物永久性,普遍性以及个体性的归因方式…So lets say you walk up to a girl, and you just get humiliated and rejected...比如你靠近一个女孩,受到了羞辱还被拒绝了…If youre a pessimist youll think that its permanent: Ill never be able to attract a girl.如果你是个悲观者,你就会认为那是永久的:我从来都不能吸引女生。If youre an optimist, youll think that it isnt permanent: There are going to be plenty of girls who like me.如果你是个乐观者,你会想那不是永久的:以后会有很多女生喜欢我的。If youre a pessimist youll think that its pervasive: Im just not an interesting person.如果你是个悲观者,你会认为那是个普遍现象:我是个很无聊的人。If youre an optimist, youll think that it isnt pervasive:如果你是个乐观者,你会想那不是普遍的:It was just one isolated situation. It doesnt mean that Im not interesting.只是个例罢了。并不意味着我很无趣。If youre a pessimist youll think that its personal: Im ugly. Of course shes going to humiliate me.如果你是个悲观者,你会认为那是个人原因:我很丑。她当然会羞辱我。If youre an optimist, youll think that it isnt personal: Well, she might have been in a bad mood...如果你是个乐观者,你会觉得那不是个人原因:可能是她的心情不好…And Ive seen this so many times. If you have a pessimistic explanatory style, youre going to have your soul crushed.我见过很多次这种情况。如果你用悲观的归因方式,你的灵魂会受到创伤。Every single friend Ive had who was good with women always had an optimistic explanatory style.我认识的每一个和女性相处很好的朋友都具有乐观的归因方式。So optimism is much more helpful to you than pessimism but you also NEED BALANCE,所以乐观主义比悲观主义对你的帮助要大,但是你也需要平衡二者,Just like with everything else, YOU NEED BALANCE…和其他事物一样,你需要平衡…Otherwise, you can get really delusional and actually end up hurting yourself.否则,你会变得妄想,而且会伤害到自己。Imagine if you have a really bad business idea and youre just a naive optimist…想象一下如果你有一个非常差劲的生意点子,你只是一个幼稚的乐观主义者…The business isnt going anywhere and you say, ;Well, this isnt permanent...;生意发展并不好,你说,“这种情况不会持续很久的…”And you keep wasting resources on a stupid idea.然后你继续在这个糟糕的点子上浪费资源。Youve put in six months aly and it hasnt gone anywhere and you say,你已经投入了六个月的时间,依然没有进展,你说,;Well, its just this part of the project thats slow, but the project as a whole is amazing.;“嗯,只是项目的这一部分进展比较慢,但是从整体上来看这个项目还是不错的。”Or you try to get support and no one wants to go along with your terrible idea and you say,或者是,你想获得持,但没人愿意附和你那个糟糕的想法,你会说,;Well, they were probably just in a bad mood today.;“可能他们只是今天心情不好吧。”I dont know if I would call this person an optimist or just an idiot.我真不知道是应该把他称之为乐观主义者呢,还是笨蛋。The biggest problem with optimism is when its not balanced,乐观主义最大的问题就是在它没有得到平衡的时候,because you might end up not taking responsibility when you need to.因为你可能最终没有承担应有的责任。So I would absolutely recommend being optimistic but at the same time balancing it out with pessimism,所以我肯定还是建议要保持乐观理念,但是同时要维护好它和悲观主义的平衡,or not even pessimism in my opinion, but just simply realism.或者是在我看来不叫悲观主义,可以简单理解为现实主义。201706/515716TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/461822徐汇区治疗痔疮哪家医院好排名哪里

崇明县治疗混合痔哪家医院好排名哪里栏目简介:A home-visit program operated by the Shanghai Foreign Affairs office has become popular among foreign tourists who want to experience a local lifestyle. They recently added accommodation services, however, few tourists say they would stay for the night. Sun Caiqin finds out why.201704/499898上海肛泰肛肠医院在什么位置 金山区肛肠科哪家医院好排名哪里

上海肛肠门诊TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441501 The U.S. is expected to test its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, or THAAD, sometime in the next few days.美国将在今后几天测试其终端高空区域防御系统或称萨德。The test has been planned for months, though its exact date wont be announced until after it happens.测试已经计划了数月,虽然直至测试前其确切日期不会宣布。The test takes on a new meaning in light of recent intercontinental ballistic missile tests out of North Korea.因为最近朝鲜进行了洲际弹道导弹试验,此次测试具有新的含义。North Korea has conducted almost a dozen missile tests so far this year — at least, thats how many we know of.到目前为止,今年朝鲜已经进行了差不多一打导弹试验,至少那是我们知道的。Most recently, North Korea claimed its first successful ICBM launch ever. Kim Jong-un reportedly ordered it on the eve of July 4, Americas Independence Day.最近,朝鲜声称首次成功发射洲际弹道导弹。据报道,金正恩在7月4日美国独立日前夕下令。THAAD uses radar to detect incoming short- and medium-range ballistic missiles both inside and outside Earths atmosphere. Then, an interceptor is launched to destroy the incoming threat.萨德通过雷达在地球大气层内外监测进入的短、中程弹道导弹,然后发射拦截器摧毁来袭威胁。The defense system isnt designed to take on the kind of intercontinental missile North Korea launched, though.然而,该防御系统不是设计用来应对朝鲜发射的洲际导弹。The looming U.S. test will reportedly happen in Alaska. Officials from the Department of Defense said the THAAD system will go up against an intermediate-range ballistic missile.据报道,美国即将在阿拉斯加进行测试。国防部官员表示,萨德系统将拦截一枚中程弹道导弹。译文属。201707/517099上海市第一人民医院肛肠痔疮便血肛门异物治疗好吗闵行区治疗肛门瘙痒医院



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