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重庆第二医院剖腹产需多少钱合川永川区妇科整形哪家医院最好的云阳奉节巫山县人民妇幼保健中医院妇科 第一句:We wish you will reconsider your price and give a new bid so that there could be a possibility for us to meet halfway.我们希望你们能够再考虑一下你们的价格,重新出价让我们有可能找到一个中间价。A: We hope you will consider our counter-offer most favorably and tell us your decision at your earliest convenience.我们希望价格可以更加优惠,并且早日告知我们你方的决定。B: So you cant accept the offer?也就是说你方不能接受这个报价?A: Yes. We wish you will reconsider your price and give a new bid so that there could be a possibility for us to meet halfway.是的。我们希望你们能够再考虑一下你们的价格,重新出价让我们有可能找到一个中间价。第二句:Your competitors are offering lower prices and unless you can reduce your ations, we have to buy elsewhere.你们的竞争对手的价格更低,除非你们降低价格,否则我们要选择其他的合作伙伴。A: Your competitors are offering lower prices and unless you can reduce your ations, we have to buy elsewhere.你们的竞争对手的价格更低,除非你们降低价格,否则我们要选择其他的合作伙伴。B: We will think about it.我们会考虑的。其他表达法:We didnt expect that the discount you offered would be so low.我们没有想到您的折扣那么低。 /201207/192172A:At today's teambuilding workshop,you'll have lots of opportunities to get to konw your co-workers better.We hope you can learn to build on every one's strengths and weaknesses,and jell together to create a seamless and efficient team.But first,we're going to have an icebreaker to get everyone warmed up.Now,first,take a look at who is at your table with you.Do you see anymore you don't konw?Maybe one or two people you've nver met?This is your chance,We'll give you two minutes to mingle and find at least three new faces.Talk until you find something in common with each other,then move on.We'll see who can find the most new friends in the least amount of time.Ready?GO! /11/90178重庆好的药流要多少钱

重庆早孕尿检多少钱重医附二院引产多少钱 A photo of Michelle Obama rockinher hair natural popped up on Twitter this week, unleashing lots of applause and shrugs from people who don’t understand why anyone wants to talk about her hair.本周,一张米歇尔?奥巴马顶着一头自来卷的照片出现在推特 引来了蜂拥而至的赞赏,但也有一些人对此感到不解,不知道为何会有人想要谈论米歇尔的头发。The chatter started with this tweet.争议开始于这条推特。“That picture is recent!Obama’s hair stylist, Johnny Wright, confirms to Refinery 29’s Khalea Underwood.“这张照片是最近拍的!”奥巴马的发型师约翰赖特向Refinery 29潮流网站的安德伍德确认道。“She just got back from vacation, I think, on Friday. I’m not sure if it was her going to the airport or coming back. But that is her, and it is recent.”“我想,她周五刚度假回来。我不确定照片中她是在前往机场的路上还是在回家途中,但能确定的是,照片肯定是她本人,并且是最近拍的。”Wright, who did not join FLOTUS on her getaway, said her hair was blown straight before she left.赖特没有陪同奥巴马夫人去度假,但称她的头发在出发前是吹直了的。“I guess she got in the water or something, and she didn’t feel like straightening it herself,he said. “People want a more sexy answer, but that’s really what it is. I’m not with her.”“我猜测,她可能进行水下活动之类的,之后又不想自己再去吹直。”他说,“大众可能期盼得到一个更迷人的,但这就是事实。因为我没有陪同,所以头发才没吹直。”The photo was breaking news in style circles. People couldn’t easily recall the last time they saw Obama wearing her hair natural or whether she ever had while she was in the White House.这张照片在时尚界成为了爆炸性新闻。人们很难想起,上一次看到奥巴马夫人头发自来卷是什么时候的事了——又或者在白宫时她是否曾留过自来卷。“Throughout the eight years of her husband’s presidency, Michelle Obama wore her hair relaxed, straightened and blown out as First Lady,Elle magazine pointed out.《世界时装之苑》杂志指出,“在她丈夫出任总统年里,米歇尔?奥巴马作为第一夫人,头发总是拉直并吹得很蓬松。”“We’ve seen her sport the pin-straight lob, the pulled-back updos and wavy tresses, but we’ve never seen her hair in its natural state.”“我们看到过她拉直的长波波头、后梳的盘发和波浪卷发的造型,但我们从未看到过她自来卷时的样子。”Seeing her hair natural, Underwood argues, is important at a time when workplaces ban dlocks and black women are often mocked for their hair. She and others responded to the photo with discussions, many based on personal experiences, about why black women often feel they have to wear their hair a certain way to be respected.安德伍德认为,如今职场禁止长发绺,黑人女性常因头发而遭到嘲笑。在这种时刻,人们能看到奥巴马夫人头发自来卷的样子是非常重要的。安德伍德和其他人对照片展开了讨论,许多人都联系自身经历,探讨为何黑人女性总觉得必须要将自己的头发弄成特定的样子,才能得到尊重。Others, though, are angry that this conversation is even happening at all.然而,其他一些人对甚至需要进行这场讨论感到愤怒。Wow @thismornings US gossip guy talking about Michelle Obamas hair哇@今天早上 美国的八卦爱好者谈论起了米歇尔?奥巴马的头发When will MSM learn to NOT comment on Black Womens hair什么时候主流媒体才能学会不去黑人女性的头发Sarah (@sazzy69) April 6, 2017莎拉 (@sazzy69) 2017.4.6After that photo surfaced, Danielle DeCourcey, a staff writer at ATTN:, did a Google image search of “unprofessional hair,and most of the photos that popped up were of black women with natural hairstyles.这张照片曝光后,ATTN:网站的特约撰稿人丹妮德库西用谷歌图片搜索“不职业的发型”时,显示出的图片中,大多数都是自来卷的黑人女性。When she Googled “professional hairstyles,the overwhelming results were photos of white women with straight hair.而当她使用谷歌搜索“职业发型”时,大多数的结果都是白人女性直发的图片。“I do think that a woman of her complexion, with her figure and her hair texture, has given a whole lot of other women a chance to look in the mirror and say ‘I am beautiful, toobecause I have somebody representing me,Wright said.赖特说:“我认为,像米歇奥巴马这样肤色、身材和发质的女性能够让许多其他女性有机会去审视镜子中的自己,并且说‘我也很漂亮’,因为她们拥有了自己的代言人。”“Her husband was the leader of the US. She represented this country very well, and her platform was pure and from the heart. Having this conversation about her hair texture is totally justifiable.”“米歇尔?奥巴马的丈夫曾经是美国的领导者。她也曾是美国的优秀代言人,并且她的传播平台纯粹、发自内心。因此,讨论奥巴马夫人头发完全无可厚非。”Wright said Obama’s hair has been natural the last seven years “I stopped doing her relaxer the first year of the administrationand she’s always embraced it.赖特说,过去7年里,奥巴马夫人的头发都是自来卷的——“在白宫的第一年我就不再给她用顺发剂了。”——而她总是对此欣然接受。She simply preferred wearing it straight, he said, and that had nothing to do with her trying to avoid the curls, or criticism.她只是更喜欢直发,他说道,但这完全不是因为她想要避免卷发,或者免受批评。来 /201704/505646垫江忠县开县处女膜修复多少钱

重庆不孕不育检查的医院 5 薪水太低3句英文任你选Working so hard for such a small salary, it just isnt worth it.工作这么辛苦却领这么点薪水,实在是不值得。 Ive noticed that people in comparable jobs get paid more than I do.我发现做同等工作的同事薪水比我高。This job stinks: stupid boss, hard work, and low pay.这个工作差劲透顶:老板蠢,工作苦,薪水又低。半个句型要记牢it be worth ~(值得……)Tip:worth意为;值得……,有……的价值的;等,常常用作形容词,在句中一般作表语,有时也可用作定语,如 a place worth seeing (值得一看的地方) , a dictionary worth $ 50 (一本价值50美元的词典)等。worth用作表语时,不能单独使用,其后通常接动词的-ing形式,而不能接动词不定式。常用的句式有:(1) ;主语+be +worth+动词的-ing形式+……;此时,句子的主语就是worth之后动词-ing形式的逻辑宾语。例如 He isnt worth getting angry with. (犯不上跟他生气。)[注意]动词的-ing形式之后的介词不可省去。worth后, 面的动词-ing形式一般用主动形式表示被动意义,而不能直接用其被动形式。(2) ;It (形式主语) + be + worth +动词的-ing形式+……;例如 This book is worth ing. It is worth ing this book. This book is well worth ing. (这本书值得一读。) /201509/392942重庆人流那里好重庆市产妇做检查哪家医院好



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