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Ann: That brilliant! We can name the grades of motor oil by where they come from.James: [Joking] “Mr. Mechanic, Id like a nice Venezuelan blend this morning.”Ann: “I think the Saudi Arabian will hit the spot today.”James:But really, maybe this can work. Everyone loves coffee, and everyone needs motor oil.Ann: A match made in heaven.参考译文:小 安:太赞了!我们可以用机油的产国命名,以区分等级詹姆士:(开玩笑)「技师先生,我今天早上想来点委内瑞拉特调」小 安:「我想今天来点沙特阿拉伯口味挺合胃口的」詹姆士:但说真的,或许这行得通人人都爱咖啡,人人也都需要机油小 安:真是天作之合啊重点词汇:mechanic (n.)机械工,修理工The mechanic is fixing my car.机械工正在修我的车blend (n.)综合,混合,此指「综合咖啡豆」This is a nice espresso blend.这是一包不错的义式浓缩综合咖啡豆Venezuelan (a.)委内瑞拉的;Saudi Arabian (a.) 沙特阿拉伯的委内瑞拉和沙特阿拉伯都是石油产国,所以James和Ann故意模仿咖啡以产地命名的作法,把指定机油的话说得像是在点咖啡Venezuelan politics have been very complicated lately.委内瑞拉的政治最近很纷杂hit the spot(食物)合某人胃口,恰到好处A: Are you full yet?你饱了吗?B: Yes, that really hit the spot.是的,完全满足我的胃口 733。

In the News: The Nobel Effect, dangerous bicycle helmets; to talk someone out of something vs. to have it out with someone; Ill wait you vs. Ill be waiting you; mixtureWords:Nobel Prizeto stick aroundbragging rightsto be buffeted againstadversitysubsequentpinnaclehelmetto be put at riskto be struck byto talk (someone) out of (something)to have it out with (someone)Ill wait youIll be waiting youmixture 3197。

Cannibis Cure? 大麻治痤疮? Chemicals found in marijuana may have skin-healing effects Well, most of us know that marijuana is an illegal mind-altering substance. But could it also be a miracle cure everything from acne to skin cancer? According to a new study, it's possible. And the good news is, you don't even have to smoke the drug to get its benefits. Joining us now, Dr.Rob Ashton.Hi,Dr.Good morning, Megan.All right. So the reason you don't have to smoke the drug is because you make the drug in your own body? Well, there are what they call endogenous cannabinoids in our body, um, and these substances were actually found many years ago around 199 that they found these substances when they were studying sort of the effects of marijuana on our body. And its, the structure is similar to that, that found in the marijuana plant.All right. So we make something that is akin to marijuana and it is helpful to our skin in many different ways, ah, the question is, how can we make more of it? Can we bottle it? Can it be bought?I mean what can we do to sort of capitalize on our own pot-making hormones?Well, first of all, I mean, this was a study that was done in a, in what we say, the Petri dish, so the question is, you know, can it work in our body and doesn't have an effect on skin? They are not sure, I mean, they look at some glands in the Petri Dish and see how the oils were affected by it. So, we don't really know what the effects are. This is incredibly early bench-top research that was just being published now. So what the long-term use of it is, we don't know. I wouldn't go out and buy marijuana illegally and put it on your body, because right now, we have no, no-known effects of that.Well, that’s the other question, that is, it's a, well don't wanna encourage me to take drugs,(correct), but if this is true, and there is this m of marijuana that can be helpful to your skin, ah, well, what is the means of ingesting it? It, Does one smoke, or does one, or are they gonna put it in a cream that we can rub on ourselves?Yeah, well, first of all, they would break down the products and use parts of it that would be able to be used to put on the skin. If that's it all possible, it wouldn't be taking the plant probably breaking it down, I mean, like we do from many plants, I mean, all of our, all of our medications do come in many ways from plant-arised substances which are then synthesized in different ways. So, again, they would not be taking the plant and selling it to be rubbing on your body. There would be a pharmaceutical company that would be able to break it down and do something with it.You know, my esteemed co-anchor is telling me that the men he knew in college, who were engaging in this, all had bad skin.Well, as we say, it has lots of effects from, you know, the lung damage to everything else. So, again, we do not recommend in any way, shape or m.So you still look great, but your lungs look awful.Absolutely.Does the cream give you the munchies too?No.Alright, Dr.Rob Ashton, thanks some much being here. (You are welcome.) And Happy th July. (You too.)Seeya. All the stoners had acne in, you know, the 70s.But you were pointing out maybe it would have been worse if they hadn't been doing that drug.Here you go. The gon you had might have been worse then.I'm thinking, you know what, just stick with like a nice moisturizer and dab so, better that I use.Yep, you’ve gotta hydrate your skin, that's key, OK.Yeah, you do? Ah... acne an inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin; characterized by papules or pustules or comedonesendogenous derived or originating internallycannabinoids 【医】大麻素类 Petri dish a shallow dish used to culture bacteria glands any of various organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and release it through ducts or directly into the bloodstream 59581。

human resources人力资源,firm公司Letter of RecommendationWhen Peters learned that he was being fired, he went to see the head of human resources. "Since I've been with the firm so long," he said, "I think I deserve at least a letter of recommendation."The human resources director agreed and said he'd have the letter the next day. The following morning, Peters found a letter on his desk. It , "Jonathan Peters worked our company years. When he left us, we were very satisfied."推荐信彼得斯听说自己被解雇了,便去见人力资源部的头头“既然我在公司干了这么久,”他说,“我想至少该给我一封推荐信”人力资源部主任同意了,并说他第二天就可拿到该信第二天早上,彼得斯在他的桌子上看一封信,上面写道:“乔纳森·彼得斯在我们公司干了年当他离去的时候,我们很满意”1. recommendation推荐speak in recommendation of sb.口头引荐某人;recommendation food关于饮食的推荐;a glowing recommendation热烈的推荐This method deserves recommendation.这种做法值得提倡Self-praise is no recommendation.自夸不足为自荐. head领导head在不同语境下搭配不同的词有很多含义:head teacher高级教师;chapter head 每章正文前的标题;head current逆流3. human resources人力资源我们常见的缩写HR指的就是human resources. develop human resources开发人才资源.firm公司也可以作形容词,是“坚强的”的意思:firm leadership坚强的领导“固定的”:a firm bargain固定的出价“紧紧的”: a firm grasp紧紧的一握“坚定的”:He didn’t stand firm.他站不稳立场5.deserve应得,值得deserve ation值得引;deserve admiration值得钦佩.You deserve it.这是你应得的You deserve this success.你的成功当之无愧6.satisfied满意perfectly satisfied遂心如意;self-satisfied thief自鸣得意的小偷;feel quite self-satisfied心中飘飘然 9。

admire欣赏,tribal部落的,eagle鹰,warrior勇士Not An Eye WitnessVisiting the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C, I was admiring a beautiful tribal elder headdress decorated with eagle feathers. A man came up to me and identified himself as Native American. “Do you know how warriors got those?” the man asked, pointing to the feathers.“They covered a hole with brush, tied a live rabbit on top of it and hid underneath. When an eagle swooped down the kill, they would grab its wing or tail.”“Fascinating,” I said. “Did you see it yourself?”“Actually, no,” the man confessed. “I saw it on the Discovery Channel.”不是亲眼所见在华盛顿参观的美国印第安人物馆的时候,我非常欣赏一件漂亮的用老鹰羽毛装饰的部落长老的头饰一个男子走上前来,说他是美国的原住民他指着羽毛问我:“你知道勇士们怎么得到这些羽毛的吗?他们在一个洞上面盖上树枝,在树枝上拴一只活兔子,而他们自己藏在洞里面当老鹰俯冲下来的时候,他们就抓住它的翅膀或者尾巴”我说:“真神奇你是亲眼看见的吗?”那个男子承认:“其实不是我是从电视节目Discovery里看到的”1.admire欣赏、钦佩admire sb.’s capacity work钦佩某人的工作能力“称赞”:He got to admire her new hat.他忘了称赞她的新帽子“(常作反语)感到惊奇”:I admire your audacity.对你的厚颜我不胜惊讶.tribal部落的tribal customs部落习俗;a tribal war部落战争3.identify认为,识别,鉴定The light was too dim me to identify her.光线太暗,我没法认出她“认为等同于”:He identifies beauty with goodness.他认为美即善“使与有关联”:That politician is too closely identified with the mer government.那个政治家与前政府的关系过于密切.warrior勇士、鼓吹战争的人a cold warrior冷战专家5.swoop飞扑还有“下降”的意思:Air ce planes swooped low over the target.空军的战机在目标上空低飞还有“吮吸”的意思:swoop in a hot swallow吸入一口烫的东西6.fascinating迷人的a fascinating woman迷人的女子The story of his adventures was fascinating to listen to.听他讲他的冒险经历真有趣极了 9。

The Mamp;M ContainerMamp;M收纳盒She loved Mamp;M candy. She went to the Mamp;M store in New York City. The store has three floors. Each floor has many Mamp;M items. There are Mamp;M coffee cups. There are Mamp;M pillows. There are Mamp;M T-shirts. She bought an Mamp;M snack container. She bought a pound of red Mamp;Ms. ;Ill put my Mamp;Ms into this container. Ill eat the Mamp;Ms when I need energy,; she thought. She went home. She put the snack container on the coffee table. What this, she wondered. She saw tiny scratches. She saw many tiny scratches on the lid. It was a brand new lid. It was a brand new container. She didnt want a lid with scratches. She went back to the store. She would exchange her lid a lid with no scratches. She looked at all the lids on all the containers. Every one of them had many tiny scratches.她喜欢吃Mamp;M豆她前往了纽约城的Mamp;M商店商店有三层每层都售卖许多Mamp;M产品有Mamp;M咖啡杯Mamp;M枕头Mamp;M体恤衫她买了一个Mamp;M小吃收纳盒她又买了一磅Mamp;M红豆她想着:“我要将Mamp;M豆放在收纳盒里当我需要能量时,我就会吃它她回了家她将小吃收纳盒放在了咖啡桌上她疑惑的想,这是什么她在上面看见了许多小刮痕她在盖子上看见了许多小刮痕这个盖子是新的这个收纳盒是新的她不想要一个全是刮痕的盖子她回到了商店她想换一个没有刮痕的盖子她看了所有收纳盒的盖子所有盖子上面都有刮痕译文属原创,,不得转载。

American Presidents-James Monroe; to oppress versus to suppress versus to repress; fruit and vegetables versus fruits and vegetables; file not sentfile not supportedWords:delegateto appointgovernorenvoySecretary of Stateprosperityeign affairsWestern Hemisphereto colonizedoctrineto be in debtto reimburseto oppressto suppressto repress 6。

!MDOWG#U!SUWkPT)k|GB#_*uZntCXX;FRSAO[sVAcYWBacaUp, down. Up, down. Billy was doing pushups. His arms were bent. His palms were on the ground. His toes were on the ground. His back was straight. His belly was close to the ground. His nose was close to the ground. Then he straightened his arms. Now his nose was almost two feet above the ground. His back was straight. His arms were straight. His head was higher than his feet. His feet were lower than his head. That was one pushup. Then Billy bent his arms. His nose and belly almost touched the ground. Then he straightened his arms again. That was another pushup. Billy did eight more pushups. He did ten pushups. He did ten pushups every day.~ueF,L3EJ~dumcFKci~@Hf^^!KbgqMXOkD*D+t_m8v90lV1;V 397883。

The Pentagon plans to shoot down a disabled spy satellite to prevent a potential deadly gas leak, officials said.Upon notification of the descending NRO satellite, the President and his national and homeland security advisors reviewed the options available to us, to mitigate risk from the descending satellite. As background, I'd like to note that over the past 30-plus years, uh, there have been many satellites and other man-made objects falling from space of course, uh, they’ve fallen uh, with very little damage and no injuries. Uh, what makes this case a little bit different however, and in particular the President in his consideration, uh, was the likelihood that the satellite upon descent to the Earth’s surface, could release much of its thousand-plus pounds of hydrazine fuel as a toxic gas. The likelihood of the satellite falling in a populated area is small, and the extent and duration of toxic hydrazine in the atmosphere would be quite limited, nevertheless, if the satellite did fall in a populated area, there was a possibility of death or injury to human beings, beyond that associated with the fall of satellites and other space uh, objects normally, if we can use that word, specifically, there was enough of a risk the President to be quite concerned about human life, and on that basis, he asked us to review our options. WORDS IN THE NEWS 1. NRO : National Reconnaissance OfficeThe National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) helps the US practice the first rule of warfare: Know thine enemy. Called the "nation's eyes and ears in space," the Department of Defense agency designs, builds, and operates US reconnaissance satellites the Central Intelligence Agency and the DoD. . mitigate : verbTo mitigate something means to make it less unpleasant, serious, or painful. (MAL) 596。